A Monday Night Football Game & Car Troubles! (AZ) “DAYS 148 & 149” – 11/29/10, 11/30/10

November 29, 2010 - 3:32 pm  - (AZ) “DAY 148”

I woke up this morning (8 am) and the first thing I saw was a note from Lindsey wishing me well and saying good-bye. 🙂  You’re awesome Lindsey!  She wrote the note because it’s Monday morning and I’m suppose to leave for Las Vegas today (again). 😉

The problem... there always is... I have many decisions to make about my car and I won’t know my options until I speak with Jeremy at the Auto Body shop today.  (He gets in at 9 am.)  Also, since I was up early, I started writing “DAY147”.

Plus, I decided last night I was going to the Monday Night Football game in AZ (tonight), so I wasn’t leaving until Tuesday morning anyway.  I had a lot of stuff going on... 😉

Auto Body Shop - Jeremy
I got down to the auto body shop and after speaking with Jeremy, I decided to get some of my car fixed.  I wanted to get it all done but he is so busy from a hail storm (a month ago in AZ), that he couldn’t give me an exact date.

After talking with him further, he said he could fix part of my car this morning and later in the afternoon, a friend of his could work on the rest of it.  (My car would be 60% fixed, not painted.)  I agreed as Jeremy went to work on my car.

While he fixed my door, I took a few pictures of a awesome photo he had in his office of different movie Mob Boss’s.  It was super cool and I had never seen it before (I thought I had seen all of these type pictures.) 😉

It was around 10:30 am when Jeremy finished, so I thanked him and called his buddy (Eddie) to see when I could go to his shop and get my car aligned.  He said to stop down around 12:30 pm so I went back to Mike’s and kept writing.

When I got back to Mike’s, I continued writing, organized my things, did some laundry, and figured out the plan for the MNF game later.  (I didn’t have tickets but Curt was working on getting some, plus RB’s girlfriend didn’t feel well so Curt and I might get 2 tickets from RB.)  It was up in the air but I wasn’t worried. 🙂

Auto Shop - Eddie’s
I got to Eddie’s shop around 12:30 pm but he was still busy working on a bunch of cars so he told me to come back in an hour.  (He was a real cool guy from Brooklyn but I could tell he was frustrated.  I guess it was easy to tell because he punched a tool box while I was there.) 😉

It didn’t bother me any, it actually made me like him more.  I like a guy with a fiery temper, it reminds me of home! 🙂  Anyway, to kill some time, I went to Chili’s and ate lunch, then went back to Eddie’s shop.  (Lunch was good and the service was great!)

Eddie’s Again
When I got back to the shop, Eddie had calmed down as he explained to me why he was so frustrated. (Normal craziness, but I get it.)  Then, he immediately got my car up on the lift to align my tires.  (My car was pulling right since the accident.)

Like I said, I liked Eddie as he reminded me of any number of my friends from back home.  I mention that because it made me trust him with my car which is super important when you have as much car knowledge as I do (NONE).

After doing whatever it is he did to align my car (sensors and whatnot, again I have no car knowledge), I spoke to Eddie in his office about my trip.  He was interested in what I was doing and said to me, “If I ever need anything, to give him a call and he would help out!”  Thanks Eddie, you da man!

Meeting Up With Curt - (MNF Game)
By the time I was done at Eddie’s, I only had time to drive back to Mike’s and get ready for the game.  As soon as I was finished getting dressed, Curt arrived and had a nice surprise.

He not only got us tickets for the game but somehow wound up with 2 sets of tickets.   (RB or Lebs texted Curt to tell him that we could have 2 tickets for the game because their girls weren’t going and almost simultaneously he got a text from another friend saying he had 2 tickets for him too.)  Curt makes thing happen! 🙂

Drive To The Game
We were on the road for the game by 4:30 pm (game time: 6:30 pm) but with the new stadium all the way in Glendale (about 40 miles away) and rush hour traffic, it took us forever to get there!

Ahhh!  Why did the people of Arizona agree to build the new stadium this far from civilization!  (This was the last new stadium built by the tax payers completely, I think.)

Anyway, after fighting through the traffic, we finally arrived at the stadium around 6 pm.  I say arrived because by the time we parked, it was closer to 6:15 pm.  (It was so confusing we even parked in a further lot than the parking pass said, at that point we just wanted to park.)

When we left at 4:30 pm, our plan was to meet up with Lebs and RB in the parking lot and tailgate before we went in to see the worst MNF match-up imaginable.  Lebs had bought some liquor and Curt bought us some beer.

But since we got there so late, Curt and I only had time to slam a beer a two in the parking lot before we met up Leb and RB and who gave up on us and went to a bar near the stadium.  (I don’t blame them, it was cold and nobody was tailgating at that time.)

Pre-Gaming At The Bar - McFadden’s
After walking for what seemed like forever, we got to Westgate.  Westgate is an area where a bunch of bars and shops are near the stadium.  McFadden’s is on the corner of the street and Westgate.  Got the scene. 🙂

Waiting for us at the bar was RB and Lebers (Lebs).  They were having a couple of casual cocktails when we arrived so Curt and I joined them as we all did a MNF shot of tequila!  Ahhh!  No bueno!  🙂

The game was about to kick-off but there was 2 hot girls sitting by themselves at the bar... Hum... Two hot girls or 2 bad football teams?  Enough said, so I went over, talked with the girls, and got a picture with them for the site.  Thanks girls, wish we still had the 2 extra tickets for ya. 🙂

Ticket Situation
The game had already started by now, so RB gave Curt and I two tickets for the game so we could sit with him and Lebs.  Thanks RB but really... the Thank You goes out to his girlfriend Amanda who’s tickets they actually were.  So... Thanks Amanda!  Feel better! 🙂

F.Y.I. - Curt gave his extra 2 tickets to a friend of his (Brandon), but we had them on us.  So, we had to wait for him and his wife to arrive to give them the tickets and since RB and Lebs gave us our tickets, they went inside to the game while Curt and I waited for his friend to arrive.  So wordy... my bad! 🙁

Curt’s Friend Arrives
It took a lot longer than I would have hoped but Curt’s friend (and wife) showed up just before the 2nd quarter started.  I normally would have been frustrated, but when Brandon showed up, he was so excited to be there as it was his first ever pro football game! Nice!

Brandon’s energy was contagious as I instantly went from slightly bothered to completely happy that we waited for him.  (He was a real cool dude.)  None-the-less, his tickets weren’t with us, so I only hung out with him for a minute before I left for our seats with RB and Lebs.

Entering The Stadium
After waiting in a long line to get through a security checkpoint, I gave my ticket to the ticket guy and walked into University of Phoenix Stadium.  It’s a pretty nice stadium except it’s just so far away from civilization!

As I entered, I was handed a white Cardinal Flag to wave during the game.  (I’m not a fan but I took one anyway as a souvenir.) 😉  After walking around for a little bit, I found our seats which were real good (about 15 rows from the field). 🙂

Lebs and RB were already in the stadium but not at the seats, so I waited for them while I watched the game by myself.  (Curt was hanging with Brandon for a bit.)  I didn’t care, it gave me time to get some pictures of the stadium and crowd.

The Stadium Itself
University of Phoenix stadium is a real nice venue with many new features.  One such feature is, it has a retractable roof which is for when it’s to hot (they say), but it was closed tonight because 35 degrees is to cold for Arizona folk.  LOL

Other than that, it’s your basic new stadium with all the bells and whistles.  The cool thing tonight was... it was packed with fans!  It was a sell-out as the whole place was dressed in red.  That’s because SF and AZ both wear red, so everybody was in red for one team or the other.

Me & The Guys
Tonight, I watched the game like a normal person as I stayed in one seat the whole time and didn’t even attempt to get on the field.  I was with good friends in good seats and it was fun enough to hang out with them and enjoy the Cardinals get blasted!

Not Doing What I Do- Mascot/Cheerleaders
Plus, the Cardinals mascot was almost non existent as he showed himself for a total of 5 minutes the whole game when he shot t-shirts into the crowd.  What is he there for if not to be a part of the game and crowd.  Big Red is the worst!

And... although the cheerleaders were hot, they stood so far from the first row that they couldn’t even hear a fan from the front row.  Again... what a waste!

The Game
As I already alluded to, the Cardinal suck as they never even showed up to a home Monday Night Football game.  The 49ers jumped on them early and never let up as the Cardinal looked bad all night long!

The four of us stayed until the end of the game even though the outcome was never in question.  Why not?  I only get to hang out with these guys a few times a year so where else do I have to be. 🙂

Oh Yeah!  Halftime

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the band “Lighthouse”, they may have been the part of the game. They performed a few songs at halftime as the Cardinals cheerleaders danced around the make shift stage built on the 50 yard line of the field.  Not bad!

End Of The Game
Like I said, we stayed until the game ended and when it was over, I owed RB $20 because I bet the game with him (he had SF).  Ahhh!  He’s a generous dude as he wouldn’t accept my $20 and just laughed at what a “Mush” I am!

After that, I said good-bye to Lebs and RB as it would be the last time I would see them on this trip.  Then, Curt and I walked back to the car so we could drive home over an hour back to the Scottsdale area.

Back To Mike’s
We got back to Mike’s around 11 pm and Curt gave me some more presents for the road from his trunk of goodies.  Some razors, sprays, food bars, etc... He always has something in that trunk. 🙂

After that, I said bye to Curt but it may not be for long because he may meet me in Utah in a week or so.  There maybe a ski weekend on the horizon, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I had a great time and was glad I stayed another day so I could see a MNF game with my friends... even if it was the (4-7) 49ers vs. the (3-8) Cardinals! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

November 30, 2010 - 2:04 pm - (AZ) “DAY 149”

Last night when I drove home from the game, I noticed that for whatever reason... my alignment was still off.  I wasn’t worried though, Eddie was good guy so I’ll just go back down to his shop and have him look at it again.

With that said, that’s all I had to do this morning before I left to go to Vegas.  So I got up at 9 am and called down to his shop but he didn’t answer.  I didn’t mind as I still had to pack up all my things as well catch up on writing and uploading pics.

As I was doing what I had to do, I kept calling down to Eddie’s shop to see if he had time to look at my car again but never answered.  Ahhh!  I guess I’m gonna have to just drive down there and talk to him in person.

F.Y.I. - I didn’t want to drive there because it’s 7 miles south of where I’m going (Vegas) and if he’s not there or can’t help me, it’s a waste of my time and gas.  Both of which, I’m short on right on. 😉

Eddie’s Shop
Before I knew it, it was after 12 pm so I headed to his shop and talked with Eddie in person.  When I got there, he was super busy and frustrated again!  He was still cool with me, as he said he could help me out but not until 4 pm.  Ok, it is what it is.

I knew I had to wait for him because my alignment was now worse than it was when I brought into him to begin with.  So I went back to Mikes and kept writing.

Mike’s House
While I was writing, Lindsey came home from work and we got to hang out again before I left.  She was doing laundry and cleaning, I was organizing my things and writing but while we each did our own things we talked about whatever.

Lindsey’s Bad Dress 😉
During this time, Lindsey was trying on dresses for a wedding she has to go to.  She asked me about this dress she was gonna wear and I’’m not a fashion guy... but she looked like a stocky vampire chick!  She is very sexy and curvy but in that dress... ehh!

I joked with Lindsey about it as she promised me she wouldn’t ever wear it and then... 5 minutes later... I asked her to put it on again so I could take a picture of it! lol 🙂

Before I knew it, it was 3:30 pm, so I said my good-byes to Lindsey and thanked her for everything.  Then, I went back to Eddie’s to see if he could fix my car today.

Eddie’s Again  - My Car Gets Fixed 🙂
I went back to Eddie’s and after trying a few different things to get my alignment right, he told me we needed to rotate the tires in order to get it dead solid perfect.  Perfect, that’s exactly what I want.  This shouldn’t be to hard, right?

But my car has locks on the wheels and the key is somewhere in the car.  You see where this is headed... I didn’t know where the key was!  AHHH!  We looked everywhere, the trunk, the glove, under everything, but it was nowhere!

Eddie told me he could help me if I could find the key but if not, not to let it ruin my trip and just keep on truck’in.  Thanks Eddie.  I was leaving his place when I called my Mom and asked her if she knew where it was (it was her car).

She said she did, she hide it in the car so she wouldn’t lose it.  Ahhh... the irony! 😉  Now that I had the key, I went back Eddie’s and he did as he said and fixed my car perfectly!   Thank you very much bro, it was a lot of work for the deal you gave me!

Off To Vegas
It was getting dark by now and I was still gonna stop by Deniro’s to say good-bye to him, Cooper, and Tony D.  (They were meeting me there before I left.)

After hanging with the guys for a little bit, next thing I knew it was real dark out and the last thing I wanted to do was drive through the desert in the middle of the night.  So, I asked Deniro if I could crash here and bounce first thing in the am (6 am).

He said no problem, so that was the new plan.  The four of us didn’t hang long as Tony D had to be home to see is family and Coop had to get back to his girl.  So Deniro and I hung out and watched movies until I crashed out real early on his couch.

It was an uneventful day but I got to say to good-bye to my boys and I’m leaving with a fully repaired car.  Both things I wanted to do before I left, so I guess it worked out except I won’t be in Vegas until Wednesday now!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Yesterday, Hot Rod Hundley, today Kurt, RB, TD, Dinero, Lindsey and the list goes on!!!
    Life is good for the Rooster.

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