A National Radio Interview (7:45 am Eastern)! (MS) “NO DAY- Well Today Friday” – 2/18/11

February 18, 2011 - 12:40 am - (MS) “NO DAY” - Information Post

Hello loyal readers, for the next few days, I have changed the slider bar above (the one with the last 5 posts) to some of my most memorable days during the trip.  So, if you are looking for an easy way to find my past posts, just click on the ROAD STORIES tab on the front page (top menu).

I am doing this because today (Friday, 2/18/11) I am going to be a guest on a Nationally syndicated radio show.  The interview is at 6:45 am central time, my time zone (7:45 am Eastern) and the show is named DayBreak USA hosted by Scott West.

F.Y.I. - Below (in red) is a link to their website where I found out the information I’m telling you.  This information on their website is really all I know about the interview myself except it will be 8 minutes long. 

DayBreak USA hosted by Scott West

Anyway, I’m hoping that many new people will come by to check out what I have been doing, so I am putting some of my best days is the slider instead of my most recent days.  I hope those stories will grab their attention and get them reading. 🙂

Sorry for the change after 228 days but it’s just for a few days, then it will be back to the way it was.  (Left: Me and The Pres., Barack Obama)

It’s after 1 am right now and in just 5 hours and change I will be on air.  After that I will doing charity work from 8 am - noon at Loaves & Fishes (some kind of homeless shelter).

Then, when I’m finished with all that... I am homeless again as I don’t have anywhere to stay for the weekend.  Other than that, my Thursday “DAY 228” will be up sometime Friday afternoon.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Rose says:

    Just heard your interview with Scott, and REALLY enjoyed it! You go, Rooster!!!!

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    How do we hear it? Is it on his website or do we need to download the podcast? Hope you did well!!

  3. dave says:

    If it’s not real easy (I haven’t checked), don’t worry I’ve have a link to it soon.

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