A National Radio Interview, Charity Work, & Sleeping In My Car! (MS) “DAY 229” – 2/18/11

February 20, 2011 - 1:24 pm - (MS) “DAY 229” - Week 33 - State 30

I would love to say that I woke up today but the truth is... I really didn’t get much sleep at all.  The reason behind that is I have radio interview this morning (Day Break USA) at 6:45 am (my time Central).  The problem.... I’m Not A MORNING PERSON! 🙁

So, instead of getting 4 hours of sleep (waking up would be terrible), I decided to stay awake as long as I could and maybe take a quick nap right before I had to be on the air. (I fell asleep at 5 am and woke up at 6 am.)

DayBreak USA with Host: Scott West

After a quick nap, I stayed awake all the way until my interview time.  The problem... there always is... Nobody was answering the number they gave me to call for the interview.

And since I didn’t have any contact with the show’s producer this morning (we did email yesterday), I was wondering if something had happened and I was pushed back or cancelled.

Calling The Number Repetitively

None-the-less, I kept calling the number.  Nobody answered at 6:35 am, 6:37 am, 6:40 am, 6;43 am, 6:44 am.  At this point I’ve forgotten everything I had planned on saying and was just wondering what was going on.  Is it my fault? Do I have wrong the number? etc...

Still, even though it was less than a minute to interview time, I kept calling.  The, with less than a 45 seconds from when I was suppose to be on... somebody anwsered the phone and told me 30 seconds.  Great news but... Ahh I’m frazzled now! 🙁

My Interview
Before I knew it... I went from not knowing what happened to being on air!  Scott West is an extremely professional host with a great radio voice.

And, although he made feel comfortable and lead me into a bunch of stories... I  never really explained what I was doing or the amazing things that have happened to me.  Damn! (I have no pictures of this, obviously, so I'm putting up pics from balcony view.)

I must have been talking about something though because my 8 minute interview passed by in flash and before I knew it... my time was done (that’s when I realized I never got to say anything I had planned to say).  AHHH! 🙁

None-the-less, I had a great time and would like to sincerely send thanks to Scott West, Daybreak USA, Kristy (producer), and Kelli (Todd’s Wife).  All parties just mentioned had a hand in getting me on the show and for that... THANK YOU ALL! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Charity Work - Loaves & Fishes
The good thing about already being up (other than the National Interview), is that I had charity work scheduled for today starting between 8-9 am.  The bad thing about being up this early is... I have to be out of my room at noon and can’t get another comped room for the night.

F.Y.I. -
Yesterday I tried to get room anywhere for the weekend and everywhere (even the Isle) said they were booked up (for comped rooms) and the rooms they did have available were very expensive ($99 per the cheapest).  Oh no!

So, even though I had nowhere to stay once I was finished volunteering (8:30- Noon-ish, had to be out of my room at noon), I still got my tired body out of bed and went down to Loaves & Fished to help out. (I called the front desk and 1 pm checkout.)

Loaves & Fishes
I arrived at Loaves & Fishes at 8:30 am and as soon as I walked in... I knew I was needed becasue the only other person there was Betsy (the owner/GM or something).  She was by herself trying to do everything necessary to get lunch ready for later.

F.Y.I. -
The cook either quit or was fired or something because he/she wasn’t there and wasn’t coming in.

After finding that out as soon as I walked in, I had a pretty good idea what my job was gonna be for the day. 😉  I’m now head chef at Loaves & Fishes for the day! 🙂

Cooking For Lunch
Even though I was “Executive Head Chef Rooster”, I followed the menu that had for the day and made some-kind of meat pasta goulash.  Actually, all I did was cut up all the meat into smaller pieces and stir it around in a huge pan until it was cooked.

hgsdhasd added the exact seasoning 😉 to all the meat as I put the pieces I cut into a pan to be cooked.  Other than that, I helped make the pasta as well.  Somebody had to carry the big pot of boiling water over to the sink to have it drained. 😉

Others Do Show Up
About an hour after I arrived, Mary Anne and George both showed up to help out (they do everyday as I could tell).   Mary Anne was very sweet as she made all the sides for lunch as well helped me mix things together for the goulash stew I was creating.

George did everything else there from cleaning to organizing to the suppies to helping bring in donated food from somebodies car who showed up to help.  In baseball terms... he was the ultimate utility man!

About Loaves & Fishes

Just like everything else here in Biloxi 6 years ago... Loaves & Fishes was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina!  So the building I am currently helping out in wasn’t the original building.  That one was washed away in the storm. 🙁

And this building isn’t that good either as it too was destroyed by the massive hurricane that inileated this city a few years back.  So, even though this building stands, there are still signs left behind by Katrina everywhere you look (floors, walls, etc..).

F.Y.I. - It still amazes me how our country didn’t much about how the hurricane hit Biloxi but we knew everything about the flooding in New Orleans.  From what I’ve been told here, they got hit much much worse!  (The streets here were flooded as well for 15 miles in every direction.) (right: Biloxi after the Hurricane.)

Leaving Loaves & Fishes
After helping out for a few hours, I left Loaves & Fishes shortly after 11 am so I could get back to my room to shower and get all my things back in my car.  Before I left, I took a great picture with the people I worked with.  Thanks All!  And good luck to each and everyone of you!

Back To The Isle
After showering and organizing my things, I had 15 minutes to close my eyes and get some rest for I knew I had a long day ahead of me (nowhere to stay). (I had tried everywhere and the nearest cheap motel was miles away.)

Figuring Out What To Do?

So, here I am in Biloxi Mississippi for the my 5th day but tonight... I have do not have a comped room or any room for that matter.  What should I do?  Do I leave MS and head to Alabama early?  Do I look around one more time for a place stay?  Do I sleep in my car? Or do I not even worry about it and just go about my day?

After weighing my options, I did a combination of them excluding “leaving for Alabama” (I’ll wait at least another day.)  I figured I wouldn’t worry about it to much while I drove around town looking for another place and if nothing panned out... I’d sleep in my car.

Two Casino’s I Haven’t Hit Yet

When I first got to town (Monday), I went to almost all the casinos here before I found the Isle (which comped me for 4 days).  But, there was still two of them I hadn’t hit yet, so I stopped by each of them looking for a room or at least some free slot play for being a new member.

BoomTown Casino
The first of the two I stopped at was Boomtown Casino.  The problem with Boomtown was... they didn’t have a Hotel attached.  Still, I got a players card and after playing for few minutes with it (an older man used my card for me), I had $5 in free slot play (could have been up to $1000, that why I even tried for it.)

Long story short (to late), I played with $5 free dollars and turned in into $10 real dollars after winning a small amount on a slot machine.  Hey, I’ll take any amount.  $10 is better than no dollars! 😉

Imperial Palace (IP)
Imperial Palace was just a 100 yards away and they did have hotel rooms, but just like all the other places... they didn’t have a room for me at a price I could afford. 🙁 (Right: it was foggy this morning- 8-10 am)

Again thought, I still got a players card to see if I could get some free slot play.  But, after hearing their promotion, it would take to much slot play (by somebody else, not me) and the payout was $15 flat, so I didn’t attempt it.

Cage Fighting At The IP

It was now close to 4 pm when I realized there was a MMA Show happening here at the IP tonight (7 pm).  Time to see if I can get a Media Pass to the event.  After searching for the right person and finding him, he said it was to late to get media pass but I could still buy a ticket for $35 at the door (that wasn’t happening). 😉

Back To The isle
Since that wasn’t happening and by now... I was exhausted from running on very little sleep, so I drove back to Isle (where I felt most comfortable) and took a nap in my car for about an hour.  (I found a spot outside and crashed with a cool gulf. breeze on me.)

Waking Up In My Car
When I woke up in my car around 6 pm, I was real hungry from not eating all day, so I went into the Isle and played poker in their poker room knowing that after 2-3 hours I’ll be able to get an $11 comp for anything in their hotel (buffet is $14.99 tonight, I’ll pay the difference.)

Poker Room
Just like every other day I have been here, I sat in a 4-8 Hold’em limit game and bought in for $100.  My plan is to coast for a few hours and get a comp for some dinner.  Well... in poker... there is never a plan because you have no idea what will happen!

Losing Most Of My $100
After playing for just under an hour and losing every hand I was in, next thing I knew... I had just $4 of initial $100 buy-in left.

Normally if I was here to play poker (not get a food comp), I would buy back in for another $100 and see what happens, but since I was trying to just get a comp, I didn’t buy back in and just tried to hit a hot streak.  Hey, crazier things have happened!

My Comeback!
With just 4 chips in front of me, I started to make a comeback.  My first All-in hand was (J, 4) suited and by the time the cards were ran out... I hit a flush and had 20-ish chips in front of me.  Nice!  It begins! 🙂

I played real tight and after another hour of play... I had $36 of chips in front of me and enough time logged to get a comp.  Perfect!  Well... not perfect.  Perfect would have been winning the Bad Beat Jackpot during that time but considering where I was (4 chips), I’ll gladly take it.

Buffet Time
It was 8 pm-ish when I finally got to eat and eat I did!  I ate like an animal because I hadn’t eaten all day and wasn’t sure when I would eat again.  So, after 3-4 plates of buffet food (shrimp, crab legs, prime rib), I went back to poker room to try and complete my comeback.

Poker Comeback Continues
As I’ve said numerous times before, it’s hard to give play by play in limit games because everybody just calls to end.  So, real short and sweet... I played poker until 2 am and when it was all said and done... I turned my 4 chips into 131 chips and cashed out plus $31 for the day.   Woo hoo! 🙂

Sometimes a win like this is more mentally rewarding than winning a $100.  It’s because in time like this, I feel like I lost $100 that I have could have used on a room or something important.  So to get that back plus $31... feels great! 🙂

Sleeping In My Car

It was late and I was real tired so I headed to my car to crash out for as long as I could.  The good thing was, that it was real foggy out, so you couldn’t really see in anybody’s car unless you got up real close. 🙂

Surprisingly enough, I fell asleep in my car as if it was king size bed.  I guess was really just that tired.  The only time I woke up was around 5 am to use the little boys room (the lawn by the gulf). 😉  The rest happens tomorrow so... that’s it for today.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Radio interview,Charity work, packing, playing poker and roughing it in the Rooster Mobile over night, sounds like a good day to me. Get a good night sleep tonight !!!!!!

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