A Nebraska Cornhusker Football Game! (NE) “DAY 83” – 9/25/10

James and John

September 26, 2010 - 12:09 pm - (NE) "DAY 83"

I do not have time to write yesterday's post in detail because I am in Lincoln at James brother's house (John) and they are leaving to head back to Omaha in 5 minutes.  I am headed to Denver, Colorado to hang out with one of my best friends Sadie for 2 days.  I need a vacation from not knowing nobody!  Thank you Sadie!

Herbie and Me "Rooster"

Nebraska Football Game

I have so much to write and so many pictures to show you but I do not have the time.  Real quick though.  I saw the game with 85,000 other people!  The place was packed to the gills!  I took a picture with every mascot on the field (Herbie, Lil Red, and even the Jackrabbit for South Dakota.

I drank, cheered, and even shot a hot dog 100 yds into the stands.  Yes, I shot a hot dog gun into the stands!  The Cornhuskers won and then we went to the bars.  After that, it went bad as I waited for a cab for over 2 hours.  Damn!

I got back to John's place at 4 am and slept on his couch.  Thanks John!  Now, here I am rushing to get

Thanks john

out the door so he can keave and I can head to Denver (7  hours away).

I will write the full post when I arrive in Denver but I had a blast!  Thanks James!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Aunt Donna says:

    HI David. Your journey is really something! I’m rooting for you behind the scenes. You’ll get a birthday check from me! Promise! Now that I’m finally back at work I can do that-The summer was a bit rough not teaching summer school and no extra income for 3 months-But who’s complaining! I didn’t work and that was great!! I’ll forward you some family pics from Jenna’s Bat-Mitzvah this Sat. out on Long Island unless Dad sends them to you. Keep on trucking! Did I tell you I have a stuffed Rooster for you. I’ll give it to Joy to hold onto for you at some point!! That’s a story of how I got it. A silly one!

    Love ya-Aunt Donna

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