A Nebraska Football Game In Lincoln! (NE) “DAY 83” – 9/25/10 – & Traveling To Denver, Cororado! (NE-CO) “DAY 84” – 9/26/10

September 27, 2010 - 10:02 am - (NE) “DAY 83” & (NE-CO) “DAY 84”

For the first time on my trip, I will be writing two days worth of posts in one day.  The first part will be my Saturday in Lincoln at the football game.  The second part will be my Sunday leaving Lincoln and arriving in Denver, CO.

F.Y.I. - I just realized I wrote “MY” Saturday and “MY” Sunday as if nobody else can claim it.  This is my Saturday!  This my Sunday!  🙂 LOL  I was gonna change it but... it’s staying now that I’m laughing at it! 😉

“DAY 83” - My 1st Nebraska Cornhusker game in Lincoln, NE.
I woke up this morning at 11 am hungover, tired, and on James’s couch.  😉  Last night was wild time as we drank and partied until at least 4 am for James’s birthday!   So currently... I feel as if I was kicked in the head by a mule!  Damn Black Haus shots!

None-the-less, I have had to write “DAY 82” so I set up my laptop in the living room and did what I do everyday.  It was brutal on my mind having to recall all the details but I made it happen.  Thanks brain! 🙂

I was in a rush to get it done though because we (James and I) were headed to Lincoln to go see my 1st Cornhusker game on their home field.  (I have seen them play in the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, AZ.)  The game was at 6:15 pm and it was a hour away so we had to get on our horse in order to get some tailgating in.

Peter, Helman, Keeno

While I writing, one of James’s roommates Keeno made me lunch.  So cool!  During the 3 hours it took me to write mt post, I hung out with Keeno, Delman, James, Peter, and Mombo in the living room laughing and telling stories.  Thanks guys, I had a blast!

I finished posting around 2:30 pm and we left right after.  James was driving there with me but driving back with his brother who lives there (in Lincoln).  They have a family gathering on Sunday in Omaha.

Driving to Lincoln
The ride to Lincoln wasn’t far at all (less than an hour).  In stead of driving right to the stadium, we stopped at James brother house first.

We were staying there the night so we dropped off our things, then the three of us headed to the game.  Thanks James!


The ride to the stadium was about ten minutes from where James brother lived or as I found out later through a cab ride... 8 miles.  That’s for later in the story though.  Ahhhh!

Anyway, we looked for a parking spot and then walked to a bar so we could get some tailgating in before the game.  The bar was packed with Cornhusker fans!  Men, women, children... old, young,... rich, poor,... you get the picture... The whole state seemed to be there! 🙂

Finding a Ticket
During this time I was on a quest to get an affordable ticket.  On our walk up, all the scalpers I talked to were selling their cheapest single ticket for $65!  That’s way out of my price range!  I’m gonna have to do better than that...

Anyway, I walked around the whole bar (about 500 people) and asked anybody I could if they had an extra ticket.  Nobody did, they were all going to the game.  🙁

I thought that since Nebraska was playing South Dakota State that this would be easy but... I was wrong!  Everybody is fired up to see the game, they don’t care who the opponent is!

I was about at the point of giving up as it was getting close to game time and nobody budging on the price of a ticket when... dun, dun, dun... a college kid (U of N) who knew James walked over and started talking with us.  As he was about to leave, I asked him if he knew anybody who had an extra ticket.

He immediately said yes as he pulled a student ticket out of his back pocket.  He said I could have it for $20.  Nice!  The problem is... there always is... with a student ticket, you have to have a University of Nebraska student I.D. to present with your ticket when you enter.

If you do not have a student I.D., you have to get the ticket validated for an extra $20 or so.  Ahh... a $40 ticket!  I can’t really afford that either.  Then, the kid must have really wanted beer money because he reached in wallet and game his student ID as well.  Nice!

Now, I don’t look like Joseph Aldine but I’m not worried... I’ll get in one way or another. 😉 Thanks buddy!  F.Y.I. - After the game, I gave the ID to James to give back to Joe.

John, James, Me "Rooster"

Walking To The Stadium
On our walk to the stadium (James, John, and I), I met a more hot Cornhusker women.  Damn this state has hot girls everywhere!  I took a picture of them in front of a Nebraska banner and then kept walking toward the stadium.

F.Y.I. - James and John have season tickets so there are sitting on the other side of the stadium from where I am.  I have a student ticket and therefor I’m sitting in the student section.  I tell you this because at this point in the walk, we parted ways until after the game.  Well... the 4th quarter, but we’ll get to that in a bit. 🙂

I was know on my own and as I was walking, I saw a tailgating truck that was awesome!  It had everything you would want if you were a master tailgater.  There were cabinets, electricity, tons of food, beer (of course there was beer), and  2 TV’s.

One small TV for the cook, and a big flat screen in the back, under a tarp for the masses.  It was a sweet set up.  As I was looking at the truck the owners asked me if I wanted a beer and some food.

I took them up on there offer and hung out with them for a little while.  I had a burger, a beer, watched some TV, and became further intrenched in the Husker Nation!  I thanked them for everything and then left to find the student section of the stadium.

Getting In The Stadium
As I walking up to where the students had to enter, all you see was a sea of red!  Seriously, everybody there was wearing red (or black for the defense, they are called the blackshirts).

Anyway, like I said before I had to get into the stadium with Joe’s ID, so I had to be smooth during this time.  As I approached the entry area, I looked for the oldest ticket taker I could find.  Nothing against old people, I’m just hoping they think all us young whipper snappers look alike. 🙂

I found an old lady who looked like she fit the profile, so I went to her and... wala ... I got in no problem!  Since I had a student ticket... I was sitting in the student section.

The Student Section
Now, the student section of all games is always the craziest most fun area of the stadium but... it’s also the craziest part of the stadium! 😉

Student tickets aren’t assigned specifics seats so it’s a maylay to fins a seat in the student section.  On my walk through the stands up the isle to find a seat, I was getting claustrophobic and I don’t normally get that feeling.  It was just that packed with people and you could barely breath.

Top of the stadium looking out.

I finally found a seat in the last row of the stadium. Literally the last row... the last seat.  And... I had to basically push somebody out of it in order to claim it.

F.Y.I. - I say seat but as I found out, in the student section they never sit down during the game.  They stand on the bleachers for the whole time except for halftime.

My feet were tired by the end of the 1st quarter. 😉

The Shoe
That’s the one bad thing about the student section but the good things definitely out weigh the bad.  For instance, during every kick-off the whole student pulls a shoe out and holds it above there head until the ball is in the air.  There were 1000’s of shoes waving around!

I’m sure your all asking yourselves the same question I did while I watching this spectacIe and... I don’t know... I guess they all bring them with’em to the game.  😉

Then, the students have a chant for everything that happens (first downs, 3rd down plays, etc...).  It is a wild scene to say the least.

Like I said, I was in the last the row, last seat of the stadium, so I know it was packed.  Then, they announced the actual attendance, there was over 85,500 people there making it Nebraska’s 3rd largest city for the day!  Crazy!  Also, it was their 300+ consecutive sell out.

This sell out was different than any other sell out I had even been to in the sense that... this was a sell out in people, not just ticket sales!  What I mean is, when they announced there was 85,500+ people in attendance... there was really 85,500+ people in attendance!

Unbelievable!  And... their playing South Dakota St, a no name opponent in meaningless September blowout game.  No offense Jackrabbit fans... 😉

Red Balloons
Moving on, another really cool thing they do is let red balloons go into the air after a Nebraska player scores the teams first touchdown of the day.  There must have been over 10,000 red balloons flying through the air as Nebraska took a lead 7-0.

It was an amazing site to see!  The people here are so fanatical is it is insane.  Also they all have knowledge of the game.  I heard many women yelling about holding calls and pass interferences.  These fans know what’s going on, all of them! 🙂

You knew I'd find a way!

Flying Hot Dogs
Sitting (well standing ;)) next to me was a real cool girl named Chastity.  She was giving me the low down on all the in and outs of Nebraska football as well as the chants, etc... Then she told to look for flying hot dogs in the stadium.?  What?  Flying hot dogs?

Yeah!, she said as she looked at me like I was crazy.  Then, she explained to me how they shoot hot dogs into the stands at every game and everybody loves it.  (I have to find way to shoot this hot dog gun now! :))

Halftime Show
Halftime finally arrived and I was so happy because I finally got to sit down for a few minutes while the band played one of Journey’s songs.  I don’t remember which one.  At this point, I decided I would make a move to a better seat somehow or at least explore the stadium.

Getting On The Field
Like I told you, I was in the last row / last seat of stadium so I just continued to walk all the way down until I was at the filed entrance.  When I got there, I used my past media experiences (AZ ESPN radio host days) to have enough confidence to just walk right past security and onto the field.

Next thing I knew... there I was... 5 feet from the field!  Nice!  I then realized where I was and immediately left the field area and walked on the other side of the fence where the stands were.

I did this because I know the media (90% of them) aren’t allowed on the field until 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter and soon enough... I would be thrown of the whole area.  So better have some fun, than have no at all. 😉

Shooting The Hot Dog Bazooka
Anyway, as I walked around the fence, there is was... in all it’s glory... a hot dog cannon!  I couldn’t resist as I approached the gigantic man who ran the hot dog gun and asked if I could blast a hot dog into the stands.

This dude was huge, exactly the type of the guy you would hope was running a hot dog cannon machine! 😉  Anyway, he heard my story and said “ Jersey, come over here, you can shoot the hot dog gun.”  Sweet!  It didn’t hurt that I decided to wear a Cornhusker shirt to the game.

F.Y.I. - This is the first game I have been to that I didn’t wear my colors.  In the morning, James asked me to wear a Nebraska shirt and I agreed (he gave me one).  I did it because this state rocks and Nebraska football fans kick ass.  Plus they do not play WVU unless we met in bowl game.

Anyway, there I was in all my hot dog glory loading up a cannon with processed pig parts!  How cool is this!  Before I got ready to launch a piece of pork 100 yards into the stands (LOL) , I took a minute to rile up the crowd first and see who really wanted a flying piece of pig.

The crowd went crazy everywhere, so I pulled back the trigger, smiled my ass off, and blasted a dog 100 yards into a sea of the red!  I couldn’t tell who caught it, I was laughing so hard... 🙂 but I’m sure it tasted great!

Mascot Time
After shooting the hot dog gun (really... it has been all down hill from here because what can better than that! ;)), none-the-less, it was time to find the Nebraska mascots (they have two) so I could get a picture with them.

Before I spotted either of the Husker mascots, I saw the South Dakota Jackrabbit looking all sad, ( I don’t know how I knew, he just looked unhappy :().  So I approached him and told him there would be better days as we took a picture together.  Good luck next week Jackrabbit!

Herbie Husker

Herbie Husker
After consoling the Jackrabbit, I finally found one of Nebraska’s mascots, Herbie Husker.  Herbie has been the official mascot of Nebraska since 1974 and was named National Mascot of the year in 2005.  An honor just to be in the presence of such greatness ;), I graciously asked for a picture and Herbie asked.  Thanks Herbie!

Lil’ Red
Lil’ Red is the other Husker mascot.  He hasn’t been around as long but he has already won two National Mascot awards.  The first was being crowned champion at the NCAA National Mascot Competition in 1999 and the second was being selected (by the fans) into the 2007 Mascot Hall of Fame!

Also, my old radio partner Curt (and best friend) was always a huge fan of Lil’ Red.  He got a kick out seeing him bop around the stadium. 🙂

Anyway, I saw Lil’ Red by the cheerleaders (where else would stud like Lil’ Red be ;)) and asked he would take a picture with me.  Then, one of the hot cheerleaders took the picture for us, thanks hot Nebraska girl!

Well... I was there already and they looked great, so I got my picture taken with two of the girls from the squad.  Man... to be young and in college again.  Where’s “Cocoon” when you need it! LOL

The Nebraska Football Players
I was so close to the field I could walk right up to the players and talk to them.  I approached a few starters who were on the bench resting and gave them some encouragement.

They didn’t respond but did give me a thumbs up.  I missed that pic but took one of them right after as they turned around.  I then took a few more pictures of some of the players on the sidelines and then was off to find James and his brother John.

James and John

Finding James & John
Their tickets were on the opposite end of the stadium from where I was sitting earlier.  Before I went on my stadium adventure.  It was the 4th quarter so I walked to the area they were at and took a seat.

At this point in the game, some people had left the stadium so there was room but not may.  I’d say of the 85,500 in attendance, about 75,000 were still there.  Not bad for the 4th quarter against South Dakota St.

Anyway, I told the guys and surrounding fans that I just the hot dog into the stands and they all went nuts!  the couldn’t believe that my 1st Husker game I got to shoot the hot dog gun.  Not to mention, they could even understand how I got on the field. 😉

We stayed until the final play and even a little bit after as we waited for some of the crowd to disperse.  Those 75K who were there when I sat with James, stayed until the end as well.  These are great Fans!

Dancing With The Band
On our way out of the stadium, I noticed that the band played and danced all the way back to campus (I think).  I couldn’t resist so I hopped in line and danced with them for at least a block or two.  Why not... When in Rome... do as the Nebraskan’s do!  🙂

The Bar Scene
Now... not that a bad time at all but if there was point when I did, it was from now until I went to bed.  It’s nobodies fault but my own because I made a poor decision.  As we were leaving the stadium, John (James brother) said he was going home and asked us if we wanted a ride.  He had to study.

Now, I knew it then and I even said I should have left with John.  But... I decided to stay with James and hit the town (kinda).  We walked around for most of the night.  Really... we walked over 4 miles trying to meet up some girls James knew.

By the time we met them it was 11:30 pm, then we went back to their place so they could change,

Guy got beat up.

followed by another mile walk back to the bars.  It was 1 am and I hadn’t had a drink in hours.

Not to mention, I have a huge post to write and I’m leaving for Denver in the morning.  Why!!!  I should have left with John.  And... I didn’t even know the horrific cab situation yet!

Getting A Cab or Better Titled... Not Getting A Cab
I didn’t even go into the bar with James as I stayed outside and tried to line up a cab for us.  I thought it might take a bit, so I was getting a head start.  What I didn’t know was that there was 4 cabs for the whole town and no order to how they choose they clients.

I even asked the cops and they said to me... good luck with that and sent me to an area where you had to wait with the masses for one of the 4 cabs the town had to offer.

John's place


I got to the cab area around 1:15 am and two and half hours later... I finally jumped into a cab.  James wasn’t even with me, he was trying to get something-something from some chick he met up with. 😉

By the time I got back to John’s, it was after 4 am.  And... the cab cost me $30!  I don’t even like to spend on a room, let alone a cab ride.  But... I had a free place to crash, so I guess it’s a wash. 🙂

James rolled in at about 9 am after walking for hours to get home.  I don’t know his whole story but I think he made some bad decisions as well.  LOL

All in all, it was a great day and a very memorable experience!  Thanks James for showing a good time.  But next time... right to the downtown bar scene we go!


Thanks for reading!

September 27, 2010 - 2:43 pm - (NE-CO) “DAY 84”

I was woken at noon by John who told me and James that he was leaving to head to Omaha.  We had about 20 minutes to get our act together and leave.  It was cool, I knew that was the plan but I hadn’t written anything or downloaded any pictures.

With time as my enemy, I wrote the cliff notes of “DAY 83” and got in my car to head to Denver, Colorado.   It’s a 7 hour drive and I’m still tired and dirty! (I didn’t have time to shower.) 😉

As I have explained a few times, Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska are like one big city, so basically... I spent 2 weeks in Omaha.  During that time I got a real good feel the area and the people.

Cory, Mitch, Busey, Dennis, Me

With that said, I would live/move here for a year or two.  It’s a great area with everything except a pro sports team.  Eventually, the nothingness of surrounding area would get the best of me but it is a real cool city none-the-less. 😉

Cory, James, and Everybody Else I Met
Let me start with Cory.  My man... thank you for everything you did for me while I was in the Omaha area.  You treated me like a good friend from the first day we met and showed me a great time every time we went out!

Me, Taylor, Olivia, Cory

I only hung out with you for 14 days but it feels like we have stories that could cover a year or more!  And.. to all the people you introduced me (most notably: Lisa, Olivia,Taylor, Mitch, Busey, and Joel) it was awesome

James motor-boating!

hanging out with all of you and I wish nothing but the best of luck in life!

On to James, I met you same night as Cory and between the two of you, you made sure I had fun while I was in Omaha.  James, you opened your home to me as well as your brother home and for that... I am grateful!

Mombo and James

To all your friends and roommates, it cool was meeting you and when I come to town next time... we’ll throw our own Jersey Shore Party with an actual Jersey person!  LOL

Traveling To Denver, CO
In my original plan, I am suppose to be heading to Wyoming today, but the toll of not knowing


anybody or having a place to stay for so long is finally getting to me.  I”m not done by any means but I do need a vacation from my year long vacation. lol 😉

That’s why I’m headed to Denver.  Basically, I’m gonna to stay with another of one of best friends, Sadie.  While I’m there, all I’m gonna do is relax, do laundry, and have a some piece of mind for 2-3 days.  I'm with Sadie... I'll be good! 🙂

Sadie and Andy

F.Y.I. - Sadie and I have never dated or even hooked up.  We met in Arizona about 10 years ago and just hit off as friends.  We have never lost contact with each other regardless of where the other lived.

And to this day... I can honestly say that she is one of the best the girls in the whole world!  Any guy who dates her is one lucky dude!  I’m sure all the guys out there must think she is ugly but that’s far from the case... she is hot and motivated too!  A real catch!

The Ride
OK, enough of the promoting of Sadie ;), but it all true.  The drive was long and boring, very boring!  There was nothing for miles and miles and miles and miles... you get the idea.

It wasn’t that bad though because it was Sunday and I could listen to NFL football games and scores for most of my drive.  The Steelers kicked ass again!  3-0 Baby!

MY GPS SUCKS But Thank GOD My Dad Rocks!
For the 3rd time my GPS just went out while I was driving.  I know I must have a lemon GPS now because this shouldn’t happen ever time I am on a long drive in the middle of nowhere.

Matt, Dad, Dogs- Tati and Max

I called my Dad while I was en route to Denver and had him get directions of the computer for me.  Luckily, it’s mostly one long road all the way to Denver so my Dad just gave me the directions until I go to the Denver city limits.

Then, when I got there, I called him back as he stayed on the phone with me until I got all the way to Sadie’s house (about ten miles).  Thanks Dad!

Only pic I took of them

Sadie’s Place
I arrived at Sadie’s around 8 pm.  When I got there I was so happy to see her and be in a friendly familiar place.  By familiar, I mean with a great friend because I have never hung out with Sadie in Colorado before.

Me "Rooster" and Sadie

Anyway, she was home waiting for me with her boyfriend, Andy.  (Sadie also has a roommate who owns the house but she is out of town until tomorrow.)  They were drinking all day long... Sunday Funday!

Then, the three of us just hung out and bull shitted for the rest of the night.  Perfect!  A relaxing night with great people in a clean comfortable environment.  At about 10:30 pm Sadie and Andy called it a night and went to bed.

I hung out in the living room, watched TV, did some stuff on the computer, and then went to bed myself by about midnight.

I’m so happy to be here, to bad I’m leaving in a 2 days. 🙁  But it’s cool because at least I’ll be back here in a 6 weeks or so and get to really experience Denver and see Sadie again! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt says:

    It seems to me there are no super size options, deep fried cheese, or any other unhealthy foods accompanied but gyms and treadmills as far as the eye can see in Nebraska. There are a ton of hot women there it seems. There are nothing but 400 lb tanks in Columbus, going to class is like getting on stage with Jerry Springers fattest people on earth and proud of it. You’re a lucky man rooster.

  2. dave says:

    Very funny Matt! You’er the man!

  3. bennervous says:

    Dude — You are not skipping Wyoming (or any other state for that matter) — right??

    “Camp” was good…worth the $. I will tell u about it one day when I talk to you.

  4. dave says:

    No… not at all. 2 day vaca… that’s it

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