A Night At The Bars With An Old Friend From NJ! (NC) “DAY 268” – 3/29/11

March 30, 2011 - 3:02 pm - (NC) “DAY 268” - Week 39 - State 35

I woke up today sometime in the late morning and started writing my last two days.  I hate being behind, so my plan is to get all caught up before Wulf gets home for dinner tonight.

Writing Until Dinner Time
It did take all day, but by the time Wulf got home at 4 pm I was finished writing both of the posts I had to get done.  During the course of the my day though, I spoke with an old friend from NJ who I used to pal around with in high school (A.J. from Colonia).

Anyway, A.J. now lives in Raleigh and wants to take me out tonight to some bars in the area.  That sounded great, so my new plan is to eat dinner with Wulf and his family and then head to downtown Raleigh to go out with A.J. for the night and probably crash at his place.  Nice!

Dinner With The Wulf’s
Dinner was served early tonight because Jake had baseball practice to go to. (That works out perfect for me because I want to get A.J.’s around 7- 8 pm.)
So, after setting the table, Wulf, his kids, and I sat down for dinner.  Tonight we ate the leftovers from Sunday which was spaghetti and meatballs.  Perfect!  I’ve already said this, but I love spaghetti and meatballs so I couldn’t have been happier. 🙂

Getting Ready To Go Out With A.J.
After we finished eating, Wulf took his son to practice while I got ready to leave for A.J.’s for the night.  I wasn’t in a rush, so by 7 pm I was all dressed and ready to hit the town while wearing my ostrich skin boots! 🙂  What’s better than ostrich skin boots?  I know... nothing! 😉

Arriving At A.J’s
A.J. lives in downtown Raleigh which is about 20 minutes from Wulf’s house, so it wasn’t a far ride at all.  Now, I haven’t seen A.J. in person in about 10 years but as soon as I arrived, it was as if we were 18 years old again and still in Jersey.

What I’m saying is, he looked the same, he acted the same, and so do I.  We’re still the same guys we have always been... guys who like to have a good time and make others laugh! 🙂  In a nutshell, I’m happy to get to hang out with AJ tonight and hit the bars! Nice! 🙂

Catching Up
Like I said, I haven’t seen A.J. in years and for the most part we haven’t talked either.  So, for about an hour we just sat around his living room catching up while having a few cocktails. (It’s always real cool to catch up with somebody who you were friends with and don’t know much about anymore.) 🙂

Pre-Game Drinking
It was now after 8 pm, so A.J. started to get on the horn to see if any of his Raleigh friends were gonna hit the town with us on a Tuesday.  Most of his boys were busy, or tired, or had work in the morning, so it basically just me and A.J. for the night.

I’m totally cool with that as I’m down here to party with A.J. anyway.  Plus, two Jersey guys is all that is needed to have a good time at a bar in North Carolina.  I may be wrong, but with A.J. being one of those guys... I’m probably right. 😉

Giving A.J. A Present
Oh yeah, while we were drinking A.J. mentioned to me that he was a K.C. Royals fan and that he was going to their home opener in K.C. on Thursday. (That’s something I didn’t remember.)  Huh?

So, I went to my car real quick and got him a present I got while doing charity work when I was in Missouri.  Enjoy A.J. because opening day is the only day of the year when the Royals are still in first place. 😉

The Bars
A.J. lives in a good location bar wise as we didn’t have drive anywhere because a bunch of places were with-in walking distance. (That’s a good thing because we killed a half a bottle of vodka before we even left his place, I forgot the flavor but it was actually good.) 😉

Oh yeah, they hate McDonald's down here as they have a statue of a beat up chicken in the street calling out MceDee's.

The Flying Saucer
The first bar we hit tonight (we went to a lot) was called the Flying Saucer. (It was called the Flying Saucer because there were saucers all over the place.)  Anyway, before I even got to the bar A.J. already had a few drinks lined up for us.  It’s gonna be one of those nights. 🙂

Then, almost as quickly I started talking with two pretty girls (Brittany & Stephanie) who were seated at the bat next to us.  Hey... it’s like shooting fish in a barrel when you’re wearing ostrich skin boots. (Who by the way died of natural causes at the old age of 93, there was no cruelty to ostriches in the making of these boots.) 😉

But seriously...let’s be honest here... I may not be good looking, I may not have abs, and I may be poor, but... I do have ostrich skin boots so I use my strong suit. LOL 😉

On To Next Bar
Even though we were having fun at the Saucer and the girls were cool, A.J. and I left because one of his friends (Dean) showed up to drive us to another bar somewhere. I’m not sure the name of the next place but the bartender was named Ann and they had an open mic going on where local musicians could perform there own music.

Meeting Collin & His Girlfriend
As I was sitting at the bar having a few casual cocktails with an old friend, I noticed a girl biting a guys nails right next to me.  Yes, that’s what I saw.  I’m not sure what they were on (if anything), but I didn’t care as I decided to start a conversation with the dude (Collin) anyway.

As I spoke with Collin about what I was doing, his girlfriend (I’d assume) was just sitting there listening while crewing on his nails.  It was crazy. 🙂  Still, Collin was a deep guy and I enjoyed talking with him until we left for another bar.

The Next Bar
By now I was definitely a little buzzed, so I have no idea what the names of the bars we went to were called although I do have some pictures of the outside of different places.  So, since one of those pictures was of a bar called 5 O’Clock Sports Bar, I’ll say that’s where we are at now.  😉

Anyway, our bartender at this bar was named Katie and she was smoking hot!  She had super blue eyes, a sexy body, and I was drunk... so even she had a physical flaw, I wouldn’t have been able to tell anyway.  As it turns out (the picture tells no lies), she was as hot I thought she was. 🙂

North Carolina Has Some Hot Girls
For instance, another girl I met who was friends with A.J (and engaged) was hot too.  Then, later in the evening I hung out with, well... held a hot girls’ hair as she hurled outside the bar.  Hey, for just puking she looked real good too! 🙂

Late Night Diner
I’m pretty sure we closed down the bars and then in typical Jersey style hit a diner for some late night grub.  I didn’t order anything but A.J. ordered a few appetizers which in my eyes... magically appeared on the table. (I was real drunk by now.)

Passing Out At A.J.’s
Tonight I didn’t fall asleep at A.J’s, I passed out.  But before I fell to pieces and hit the hay, A.J. took a nose dive on his bed and passed out first.  I guess he got as drunk as I did. LOL

Thank You A.J!
Tonight was a great night and I really enjoyed tearing it up with a old friend from NJ.  Not to mention, A.J. wouldn’t let me pay for a thing as took care of the whole evening.  Thank you so much!  I appreciate it and had a blast! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Ostrich Boots, you got to love the irony.
    Sounded like a fun evening.

  2. AJ Plinio says:

    Had a blast on my end & hope I get to see you again before you leave. That bartender was smoking, you can’t really see the tattoos she had wrapped around her waist in that pic… I will try to find out more and report back.

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