A Normal Sunday & Finding A Poker Game! (NH) “DAY 315” – 5/15/11

May 17, 2011 - 12:45 pm - (NH) “DAY 315” - Week 46 - State 43

Going to bed relatively early last night (12:30 am) worked out well for me today because the third Sunday of every month here in Rollingsford, NH the people of this community go to the local American Legion for breakfast.

F.Y.I. - I’m not much of a morning eater as I usually don’t have my first meal of the day until 4-5 pm or later.  Even when I wasn’t on this trip, I rarely ever eat breakfast at breakfast time and only sometimes have lunch at lunchtime.  And my lunch time is about 3 pm.

I tell you all this because today I decided to eat breakfast at breakfast time with everybody else here in Rollingsford.  Nice!  Plus, I’ll get an early start to the day even though it is raining out and there won’t be much to do outside.

The American Legion
The Sunday breakfast at the Legion started 7 am but we didn’t get there until 10 am-ish. (We stopped at Scott’s sister’s house (Kelly) before we arrived and picked up some of her kids.  Kelly also drove and had some of her other kids with her. She has 5 of them.)

Anyway, when we got to the Legion we waited outside in the cold drizzle because we didn’t see Kelly and the other kids enter, but they did through different door than the one we were at. (After a minute or two we walked in and saw them in line waiting for us.)

Breakfast Menu
The menu for breakfast was pretty basic but everything looked and smelled good.  Not to mention, it was only $5 for a full plate of food plus all the juice and coffee you could drink.  Not bad.  But for me, it turned out to be free as Amy paid for my meal.  Thank you so much Amy and Scott! (They're together so it's from both.) 🙂

After we ordered at the counter, the whole group picked out a table and sat down as we waited on our breakfast to be made. (There was a bunch of us there, Scott, Amy, Kelly, 4 of her kids, Scott’s Mom, one of their friends Andrea, and me.)

Eating Breakfast With Everybody
Like I said, I’m not much of a morning eater but I must have been hungry because I ate my whole plate of food and was first to finish. (Hey, it was good.) 🙂  Since I was done I first, I sat there talking with with everybody while they finished up their breakfast as well.

Leaving The Legion
When we (Amy, Scott, and I) left their house in the morning, I brought my own car with me in case I wanted to drive around and check out New Hampshire after breakfast ended.  Well, I’m glad I did because I stuck around a little longer after everybody else left to see the scenery.

Taking Pictures Of Maine
Right out side of where I had breakfast was a lake (I think).  If not, it was a big pond or something.  Either way, on the other side of the body of water was Maine.  Cool!  Here I am in New Hampshire and just a few hundred yards away is Maine.

F.Y.I. - The good thing about Maine being so close is that I can see both states (Maine and New Hampshire) over the next 10 days from this area.  It’s kinda like when I was in Iowa/Nebraska where Omaha and Council Bluffs are essentially one big city even though there are in two different states.

Back To Amy & Scott’s
Although I stayed and took a few pictures, I wasn’t that far behind Amy and Scott because it was raining out and I didn’t want to stand outside any longer than I had to in order to get some good pics.

So, since it was so nasty out and Sunday, today became one of those days where you just sit inside and do whatever. (I decided to catch up on my writing, Amy sat around with the dogs while she did some work her laptop, and Scott did some work on a room he is finishing up on.)

Helping Scott Out
After a few hours of writing I needed to take a break, so I asked Scott if he needed any help in the room he’s working on. (I told him I have little to no experience in anything he’s doing out here. I’ve said it before but I’m not handy at all!)

Being forewarned, Scott put me to work with a sander on the windows he installed in the new addition to his house.  Basically, I had a electronic sander and all I did was sand down all the wood on the windows so it could be stained  afterwards.  I don't know but I think I did good job. 😉

Saying Good-Bye To Amy
When I got done sanding all the windows, I took a break to look for a poker room in the area.  After a quick internet search I found a charity poker room under 10 minutes away at a local bowling alley. (Amy and Scott both had no idea there was even a poker room in NH period, let alone 5 minutes away in Dover.)

So, since I decided to go play in the 7 pm poker tournament they run there on Sunday night, I said good-bye to Amy because at 3 am (Monday morning) she is leaving to go back to D.C. for the week to work. (I’m staying here with Scott all week until she gets back, so I’ll see her again.)  Thank you both for everything!

Dover Bowl
It was 6:45 pm when I left the house and drove to Dover Bowl.  Like I said, it’s not far away so I made in plenty of time to sign up for the 7 pm poker tournament.  The way this place was set up was that there was a normal bowling alley and in a side room was the poker room.

How Poker Is Legal In New Hampshire
The reason poker is legal in NH is because it is a game of chance.  Plus, every poker room is basically working under the umbrella of a charitable organization as 25% of the tournament funds collected go toward different charities.  Got it.

F.Y.I. - They do also run cash games here but the biggest game allowed is a 1-4 limit game.  It’s basically a 2-4 limit game but you can bet anywhere from 1-4 dollars per card.

Playing In A $40 Poker Tournament
Here’s the need to knows.  The tournament was $40 per player with no re-buys or add-ons.  There was 26 people entered, 4 places paid, 10,000 in starting chips, 20 minute blinds, and I think that’s it.  Got it.

Since it was tournament where you had a lot of starting chips, I played looser early and tighter as the blinds went up.  I could go into all the hands I played in the first hours but I did ok and had more chips than when I started by the time hour 2 rolled around.

Final Table
Again, I could go on and on about all the hands I played, but long story short, I made it to the final table where I was kinda short stacked. (I still had like 12, 000 in chips but that put me at like 7th at the table out of the 10 people left.)

Taking 4th
I can’t really complain because I wound up taking 4th while making $20 and I had a good time but, I made a quick call against a really drunk girl who had less chips than me (not by much though) that cost me my tournament life.

Here’s the hand.  There are 4 people left and I’m 2nd in chips. (I fought from last at the table to second in chips.)  Anyway, I’m in the button with (A,10) of diamonds so I raised the blinds to 24,000 (3x the blinds).  The little blind folded and then the girl in the big blind who was drunk and erratic pushed All-In.

Without even asking for a count or anything, I just said call because she was wasted.  Well... she had (A,J) and I was dominated.  Nothing came for me and I was left with 9,000 chips from 50K+.  I was eliminated a few hands later when ironically enough, I had (A,J) and lost to somebody else’s (A,9) of diamonds. (9 hit and then the flush.)

Calling It A Night
After I got eliminated, I left and went back to Amy and Scott’s rather than play in the small cash game they had going on. (There were 3 players playing 1-4 limit.)

Well, that was my day. I had a great breakfast with my new friends in New Hampshire, I helped out around the house (a little), and then found a poker game where I won $20.  It’s not the craziest day I’ve had, but I had fun and even made some gas money. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Rainy Sunday to do nothing earth shattering.
    My kind of day !!!!!

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