A Post Just For Mike Even Though He’s A Ball-Busting S.O.B! (SC) “NO DAY” – 3/23/11

March 22, 2011 - 7:30 pm - (SC) “NO DAY”

The reason I am writing this post is because one of my most loyal readers, who happens to also be a ball-buster wrote me a message with a bunch of questions. But also, I am writing it just incase anybody else has had the same questions and didn’t ask.

I will hopefully clear this up for good as Mike (the reader) has asked the same questions in different forms throughout the past 260 days. I have answered them as they came in but I guess he needs to hear it again.

Below in quotations and italicized is what he wrote to me in his last message.  It’s broken up so I can answer each part separately.  With that said, here we go.

Mike’s First Bunch Of Questions

“So how much money have you won at poker on the trip total? Are you up or down? How many poker sessions have you put in? When I spoke with you at the poker table you said you were going to document it all. You have failed to do so.”

My Answer:
Let's start with the last statement he made in that paragraph. “When I spoke with you at the poker table you said you were going to document it all. You have failed to do so.”

Really! I have written almost every minute, of every day, for 260 days straight.  Not only can you look back to every post and see how I did in poker, you can also see what I did every single day for almost 9 months!

The first part, “So how much money have you won at poker on the trip total? Are you up or down? How many poker sessions have you put in?"

Unfortunately, to get the exact amount I’ve won I’ve have to go back to each post and calculate it myself because after about 30-40 days, the running total ended.  Jeremy was doing that for me, but then he went on vacation for a week and it all ended.

F.Y.I. - Jeremy didn’t have internet or cell phone service that week, so the running total was halted.  Then, when he got back, he was busy with his real life and since I didn’t know how to work the program he installed, the running total ended.

But, I am up on the trip or I wouldn’t be here.  I haven’t won as much I would have liked because when I get up even a little, I’m scared to loose it back.  Hey, $50 is almost 2 more days for me and that hurts my game at the table.

If that answer isn’t good enough for you Mike, than if you want to, you can help me out and go through each post (where my totals are all documented) and get a running total for me.  Thanks Mike! 😉

Mike’s Next Statement
“Look on your website the original plan, you have failed to carry through on this rooster.  The trip should be titled how to rape my friends and innocent people across the country!!!”

My Response:
There is so much to say to such an idiotic comment, but I’ll try and keep it short.  I’ll start with his first remark. “Look on your website the original plan, you have failed to carry through on this rooster.”

I don’t even know what you are referring to on this last statement because nowhere in “The Original Plan” does it talk about a running poker total.  Enough said.  Now for your other ridiculous comment. “The trip should be titled how to rape my friends and innocent people across the country!!!”

Obviously you have no idea what a good friend is or do not have good friends of your own because friends help each other when they are in need.  Especially when they are working hard, doing good in the world, and need some help.

Also, every single person that has helped me on this trip (that I was previously friends with), I have helped out or done things for in my lifetime.  Do you really think that many people would help out a user, a taker, or somebody who wouldn’t give it right back to them if they had it.

I’ve always been a very good and generous friend to anybody who I have considered my boy (or girl).  My motto has always been to all my good friends, if I have $10, then you have $5.  Trust me, if I somehow I make a ton of money off of this, nobody will be forgotten!  Except maybe you. 😉 LOL  (I still can’t help but like you and Jeremy thinks you’re the best!)

I won’t even address your stupid statement about me and the people I have met who have helped me out along the way except to say...  I haven't lied to anyone and I have asked anybody for charity or money.  All I've done is been myself and people have responded they way they have.  Thank you All!

Are you just jealous that I have a personality that makes friends so easily?  Sounds like you are.  People in this country are great and the karma from the charity I work I have done just comes back to me.

And not just the charity work I write about, I’ve helped countless people along the way whenever I can. I’ve carried numerous items for people at stores to their cars, given homeless people money, food, or water, and in general have been helpful to anybody I have seen that needed it that I could help.

Mike’s Next Rant
“Tampa did not play poker Miami played once Alabama did not play Louisiana think u played once or twice 2 weeks in Texas played 0 Oklahoma think you played once and Arkansas did not play did not play in Utah did not play played 1 or twice in Denver Arizona think you played twice Ohio did not play!!!!! I plan on hitting as many poker establishments as I can, weather it be at casinos, poker parlors, or even home games to try to earn enough money to make it to the next city and beyond.... your words not rooster not mine”

My Response:
Exactly... it’s right there in my quote you used from my Original Plan.  Thank you! 🙂  I plan on hitting as many poker establishments as I can TO TRY TO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT CITY AND BEYOND.  Haven’t I been making it to the next city and beyond.  That’s what the poker is for... a means to an end.

Also, I have hit as many poker establishments as I could find throughout the country. (I haven’t been to them all, but I have countless different players cards from the trip.) States that had none like all the ones you mentioned are states I didn’t play in.

And... I already explained it to you specifically in a post why I haven’t played in a home game.  But for you Mike... I’ll do it again.  The risk isn’t worth the reward.  My safety matters to me and home games could be dicey.  Also, I haven’t needed to as I am 261 days into the trip.

Plus, where does it say I’m gonna play every day, in every city, in every state.  No, it says.... I plan on hitting as many poker games (paraphrased) to try and make it to the next city and beyond!  I’ve done that.

Mike’s Next Statement Of Hate
“No gym membership no dates on Saturday mabey 2 or 3 dates and were pathetic throughout the trip.  See biggest attraction you failed to do this majority of place.”

My Response:
What this last statement refers to is my list of things I wrote that I said... I WOULD TRY and ACCOMPLISH!  Not what I will do, not what I must do, WHAT I WILL TRY AND ACCOMPLISH!  Heres the exact statement I made. “In each of the 48 Continental United States I will try and accomplish these goals.”  Try! Try! Try!  And that I have!

Plus... that’s why “The Original Plan” is named “The Original Plan” and not “The Only Plan”!

Also, when I wrote that up, it was before I even left New Jersey when I had no idea what I was in for.  I actually thought I would be looking for things to do and might be bored on this trip.  How wrong I was!

The reason I don’t have as much time as I thought was because I never factored in the amount of writing/picture uploading I would be doing.  I write/post at least 3-4 hours a day and somedays... it’s as much 18 hours which has happened a few times.  This was an oversight on my part.

Dating This Year
Now, I’ll be more specific to the actual comments you made.  I’ve already explained the date part a few times, but for you Mike... I will do it again.  Yes, I would have liked to have found a date in each city, but I was only looking for good girls.  Not the usual whores I’ve dated most of my life. 😉

As I've found out, this year,  good girls usually don’t date somebody so quickly. (I'm sure some do but not with the qualities I have.)  Especially... when they are broke and not to good looking.  And again, I have never really dated good girls so I found this out along the way as well.

F.Y.I. - There have been many dirty girls I have passed up along the way (probably at least 10.)  I just passed up a hot one in Georgia and I’m happy about it.

Not to mention, there are at least 5 girls I still kept in contact with from my time around the country.  These are some of the good girls who wouldn’t date me then, but after knowing me now for a bunch of months, I think they would date me now if I lived there area.  That’s why they are good girls and not the whores I’m used to sleeping with in 5 minutes. 🙂

The Gym
No excuses!  I wish I had worked out all year long.  It disappoints me too that I have not gotten back into the shape I used to be in and have been in for most of my life.  That’s why I have worked out the past two days and I hope this trend continues for the rest of my journey.  We’ll see. 😉

The Cities Biggest Attraction
I may not have done this in every city but I have done this in most.  A lot of the time, the city biggest attraction was the sporting event I was at or the festival I attended.  And some cities I lived in just didn’t have a biggest attraction, just a lot of attractions and I picked one.

Mike’s Last Statement... Whew! 😉
“How come you are not plYing very much poker you told me you rarely have a loosing week. Looks like poker is not nearly as profitable as you originally made it out to be for yourself huh? Mabey I’m just missing something, who knows, explain yourself. I have read every post since your start and at one point in time loved what you were doing the more I read the more the more disgusted I have been getting.”

My Response:
Let me start by saying... this was/is not a poker trip, never has been, never said it was!  Poker was/is a potential means to an end. My goal was not to become a professional poker player... it was to make it around the country and that I have done!

I’d tried to live by two rules when it comes to gambling (any form) when I’m in a casino or when I do anything this year for that matter.  1.) Do I have enough to write a good story.  And 2.) Do I have enough money to make it another day.  If I can answer yes to both questions... I get out of Dodge and live for another day.

F.Y.I. - One of my life long friends (Pat) gave me that advice before I left.  It has been a lifesaver and it has worked out because here I am in South Carolina. 🙂 Thanks Pat!

And poker has done exactly what I have hoped it would do for me as I am 261 days in and still going.  Basically when I’ve needed money on this trip, I’ve tried to find a place to play or when it was the only thing to do in town that week.

Not to mention, playing poker with your last dollars (whether it is $2,000 or $500) is stressful and not fun at all.  I’ve not enjoyed playing for some time now, so if I can make it another day and not deal with the added pressure of a must win, I’ll do that in a second.

But the last real loss I can remember was in Miami.  Other than that I’ve been winning small amounts each time when I played.  And that’s what I’ve needed to do to get by, as here I am in Myrtle Beach 261 days later much further than anybody expected I’d get, even myself! 🙂

My Final Thoughts
The fact I even took this much time to answer all your B.S. remarks should tell you how much work I put into this and how seriously I’ve taken my journey this year.

To give somebody who’s a hater, that just like’s busting my balls, this much of my time is just playing into your hands.  So this is the last time I will defend my trip and what I’ve done.  I will answer any other questions you have if there are any, but it seems you only like to hate on what I’ve accomplished on such little resources.

I'm not saying you are not but... Enjoy your life because I love and am enjoying mine! 🙂

P.S. - To all my readers, I asked Mike in a personal email many months ago to send me a picture of himself so I could put him on the site.  But... he never answered that email and never sent me a picture.  I guess I'm just the type of guy who doesn't mind putting himself out there for all to judge... while somebody like Mike prefers to stay in the shadows and hate on people (or just me) in anonymity.

Thanks for reading


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  1. John says:

    When you write, there are often typos or mis-used phrases, but Mike makes you look like Shakespeare! Don’t let him bug you…the rest of us are enjoying your trip.

  2. Winona says:

    Dave my love…
    If along this awesome trip you have only met one bad seed consider yourself a wonderful success! People LOVE to hate on other people. It seems you have not given but only one a reason to dislike you, and you have met more than most of us will in a lifetime. I love reading your posts. And I’m exciting you are making your way back to the northeast. 🙂

  3. dave says:

    If didn’t see typoeis… 😉 you’d know somebody else was writing for me that day. 🙂 Thanks John!

  4. dave says:

    Thank you Winnie! Your are the best and I can’t wait to hang out with everybody in NJ soon! 🙂

  5. JD says:

    Good response, Dave. Mike can go scratch…..we’re all rooting for you! Don’t be discouraged by him, he’s just a bitter man who is still lving in his momma’s basement wishing he could see a fraction of what you’ve seen over the last 9 months. Keep up the good “work” (even though I don’t buy the work aspect) and keep on keeping on.

    P.S. – Did you ever think that Mike might actually be Jeremy just pushing your buttons for the last 9 months? Sorry I missed ur call the other day……

  6. Mom says:

    My son’s right,he has dated some whores!
    Love, Mom

  7. Dad says:

    Rooster,you don’t have to explain.

  8. Ryan says:

    dont waste time on someone like this again, tell your stories

  9. Mike says:


    I am not sure why you are so defensive over the questions I asked you? I am not sorrt for the questions I ask nor are they meant to be rude. Bottom Line I think there is something fishy about your journey. What I mean by that is I think there is stuff you do not tell your readers. For instance the fact that you this journey would have been long over if you did not win your suicide pool. I think you won close to 2200. Rooster I am trying to keep your story honest and get to the bottomof it as far as financially being able to accomplish it. That is why I ask about your finances so much. If you only have about 900 left and have to travel as much as you do, whither gas at the price it is I’m just trying to see his its actually possible. In top of that your shelling out bare minimum 20 dollars a night atleast 10 -16 a month. Everything do g t

  10. Mike says:

    Guess this is gonna be a 2 post reaponse, bumped the publish button on phone.
    But anyway I’m just trying to check and make sure your being completely honest about your journey. It is an impressive journey if everything is true…. I have my doubts about the financial aspect. You were not as vague as you are now about that aspect of the trip when you originally started to post and when I met you in Delaware. As far as your are the kind of guy who shares his money say you have 10 dollars and your friend gets half of that. Well rooster that is easy to say when you have friends who for the most part don’t make you pay for anything. so you have 90/ some dollars left how much are you going to spend on the friend who you stay with next, half that moneys their right? It’s easy to talk a big game. As far as living in my moms basement, I wish I did, her basement is very nice. As far as not revealing myself to you, you are more then welcome to crash at my house if your anywhere near Scranton, pa on your journey. I would even by your free loading ass some dinner. There are also 2 casino nearby, one 15 minutes the other 40 minutes. But then again I don’t know if you even play poker anymore. As far as my grammar, who ever commented on it, I could careless l as I am writing on my phone at work.

  11. G says:

    What happened Mike? Is your internet connection in your parents basement not working? We all know you have nothing better to do so be man and defend yourself or just keep looking at internet porn in the basement and tell stories of whatever bar your in about what you could of been or should of been. Have another drink in your lonely basement I hope it’s filled with radon!

  12. Geri says:

    Mike is a dumb @%$#. He’s sooo jealous of what you have accomplished, & are still accomplishing. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, least of all a cretin like dumb @%$#.
    PS You have tons of followers who think you’re the best.

  13. slowman says:

    Dave- Anyone can try and poke holes in a story. Only a few have a story worth telling.

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