A Real Tough Day Playing Poker & Sleeping In My Car! (KY-IN) “DAY 281” – 4/12/11

April 13, 2011 - 11:41 pm - (KY/IN) “DAY 282” - Week 42 - State 38

After a successful day yesterday, I woke up around 10 am this morning so I could get some writing done before I have to leave my room (checkout is 12:30 pm).

The thing about writing this morning is that I do not have Wi-Fi in my room because it cost $12 per 24 hours and since I knew I had to be out off my room by noon-ish, I didn’t purchase it.  What I’m trying to say is, that when I finish writing my Sunday I still have to go somewhere to post it with pics.

And... once I leave my room, I’m back to the grind of not having anywhere to stay.  At this point, I’m thinking about staying in my car tonight (in the casino parking lot) and trying to get a comped room for Wednesday. (I’ll play poker all night and try to make some money.)

Finding A Place With Wi-Fi

I left my room when the maid finally knocked on my door and then drove to find anywhere that had a free Wi-Fi connection.  My GPS was acting up because of the river or something, so I just dove until I found some any stores. (The first stores I saw were 8 miles away.)

So, after talking to a lady at a coffee shop that was closing, she told there was a library a few blocks away that had free Wi-Fi and was open.

Writing At The Library
When I got the library I knew I was at the right place because the lady told me there was a big piece of artwork out front.  Anyway, I sat in the library for a few hours while I finished posting my “DAY 280” and when I was done, I left to head back to the Horseshoe Casino.

Back To The Horseshoe For Poker
I walked into the poker room today with the goal of making a few bucks while also killing a lot of time. (I have no where to stay tonight and need to be somewhere.)  So, I bought into a 3-6 limit game rather than playing 1-2 NL. (In NL you can go bust in one hand.)

Well... I guess I should have played NL because 2 hours later, I had lost my buy in ($100) and now had to decide if I should go back into my pocket for more. While I was deciding on what I wanted to do, I realized that there was poker tournament starting in 45 minutes (7 pm).

Talking With Ron From NJ
With my money running low and a tournament starting in 45 minutes, I figured that was the way to go. (If somehow I can win it, I’ll be right back where I need to be financially.)  The problem... $90 for a tourney right now is a little steep for me, heck it’s almost 20% of net worth. 😉

So, knowing it was a Tuesday night (poker night back home at the club), I text one of my friends who plays there and is a everyday reader (Ron).  After a few texts, I finally called Ron and after a quick conversation, he said he’d sponsor me in the tournament (50-50 partners).  Thank you so much Ron!

While I was on the phone with Ron, I found out that he has recently been sick and just got out of the hospital.  So, right now I’ll like to take this time to wish Ron well and for a speedy recovery!  You’ll be OK buddy, remember.... only the good die young! 😉 LOL JK

Playing In The Tournament
The tournament started at 7 pm and that’s when Ron and I got off the phone, so I had ro run to the poker room to make sure I didn’t miss any hands. (I don’t like missing hands in a tourney because any hand could the one you double up on.) 😉

Anyway, the need to knows.  This tourney had a $80 buy-in plus $10 extra for 4,000 more in chips (12,000 total), there were 53 people entered, 20 minute blinds, and I think the top 5 were paid.  (The fact that I don’t know is already a bad sign for this story, huh?) 🙁

How I Did

I could write a few pages about how this tournament went for me but instead I’ll make it short and sweet.  I played in the event for over 2 hours and never got a good hand.  No pocket pairs over 7’s, no A-K, no A-Q, etc... Basically, I wasn’t getting any playable hands.

Still, I grinded my way to 27 people left before my pocket 10’s (best hand I had seen) got beat by (A,9) off-suit.  I was in the button and the big blind called my All-in, a Ace hit the turn and you know the rest... 🙁

Now What Do I Do?
After getting knocked out of the tournament, there I was sitting in my living room (the parking garage) with just $10 in my wallet and nowhere to stay the night.  Ugh!   Starting to mentally unravel, I got out of my car and went back in the casino to find a casino host to see if I could room comped for Wednesday.

Getting A Comped Room For Wednesday
It took a little while, but about 30 minutes later I found the right guy and he did comp me a room for Wednesday which by now was only 12 hours away until an early check-in.  That works.  Now, all I have to do is make it through the night.  We’ll see. 😉

Back To The Poker Room
Now, today I have already lost $190 but $90 of that I’m getting back from Ron (tourney sponsorship), so currently I have just $10 in my wallet. (I started the day with $200.)

So, instead of just sitting in my car in a parking lot, I decided to go to the ATM machine and take out another $100 so I can get back into a poker game.  Like I’ve said, I need to win and now I just need to win some of the money I lost back.  Oh no!

Losing Another $100
I sat back down in a 3-6 limit game and honestly... there is no story to tell as I lost every single hand I played until my $100 was gone.  No more is needed to be said, I just couldn’t win a hand. 🙁  (I didn’t even scoop a small pot during the losing.)

Back To My Car For The Night
After getting some food (I did get a comp for that), it was after 3 am so I went to my car to get some sleep and hopefully regroup from my -$200 day of poker (-$290 with Ron’s sponsorship).  This is a tough one to swallow. 🙁

So there I was sitting in parking garage 1 number 2E, with just $10 in my wallet (again), while basically living on a river which borders Kentucky and Indiana.  Ahhh... the highs and lows of a year long journey!

There’s not much more to say except... F$%K!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    So you should have about 400 left. I smell this trip ending soon…. bad beat or karma at its finest… oh wait remember your original plan to find a job in the city which you lost? What happened to that?

  2. Ryan says:

    I’ve been following you since we met at the Twins game. I am STILL reading your posts! Don’t let hatred or haters get you down!
    You’ve impacted many people on this trip and I’m psyched for what’s next for you!
    I think what bugs the haters the most is that the money DOESN’T eat you up… It is not your focus… People are. That’s fantastic!
    Keep your head up! You have a place to stay in Minnesota on Rooster journey 2.0!
    Take care!

  3. G says:

    Mike, I hope for your sake it won’t be in Delaware. Because if I was Dave I’d kick the living shit out of you. Then I would apologize to your parents on the way out of their house that I bloodied the carpet in their basement. They would most likely thank me and have me take your seat at the dinner table.

  4. Dad says:

    It’s nice to see people understand your journey.
    Poker is only a small part.

  5. bennervous says:

    I know all the readers love to hate Mike, but you have to admit that it IS entertaining…and this is coming from me — a good friend of Dave’s (although I also like to break balls at times). Mike also asks a lot of questions that others dont want to ask…questions that other people ask ME all the time about Rooster’s trip. Sure, Mike does so in a douchey way at times — but at the same time, it is often comical.
    Props to Mike for being true to yourself and for posting regardless of the backlash — this site is BETTER with you posting because otherwise it might be like a superhero movie without a villain; and props to Dave for posting Mike’s comments.

  6. Mike says:

    I love the fact that you have such animosity towards me. You still have that frat boy mentality, your almost 40 dude. Real tough making threats on internet brah…. your boy rooster knows where to find me, Scranton Pa. I have invited him many times for dinner and he can crash on my couch, and 2 casino’s close by. Oh yeah rooster thought you didn’t allow threats on site glad to see you are sticking to that.

  7. G says:

    Your talking about Scranton, SCRANTON, come on man your talking about Sranton,Scranton!. Come on Dwight don’t you got some paper to sell. We really talkning about SCRANTON? SCRANTON? Come on Dwight I mean “Mike the beat farmer” We talking about Scranton?

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