A Relaxing Day At Sadie’s! Nice! :) (CO) “DAY 85” – 9/27/10

September 28, 2010 - 9:26 am - (CO) “DAY 85”

I woke up this morning so happy I’m at Sadie’s place.  Ahhh... it’s so relieving to be around somebodyyou care about and vice versa.  Not to mention, I don’t have to worry about where I’m sleeping or who I’m hanging out with. 🙂  Nice!

Me "Rooster" and Sadie

Anyway, it was 9:30 am when Sadie left to pick up her roommate (Ali) from the airport.  She was stopping back home after that but then had to immediately go off to work.  She works for the democratic party as a fund raiser but I keep telling her to run for Mayor! 😉

After Sadie left for the day, I started mine.  As always... I had to write/post my life and since I had two days to capture...

I knew it would take me awhile.  It did and I didn’t finish posting “DAY 83 & 84” until 5:30 pm.  Whew!!!  Breaking up my day of writing was laundry.

Me "Rooster" and Craig

I needed it because I haven’t had time to clean my cloths since I stayed with Craig for a night in Sioux City, Iowa.  By the way, thanks again Craig!

Sadie and Ali
Sadie and Ali both got home at the same time (5:45 pm). It was perfect timing because I had just finished doing what I had to and was now free to just hang out with the girls. 🙂

Ali and Sadie

They were hungry for fish tacos from some Mexican restaurant they love but I’m not a Mexican food lover and especially not a seafood Mexican food lover... so I watched them eat dinner as I figured out something else.

Ali, Sadie, Ashley

During this time, we talked about life, their jobs, my travels, etc... It was so nice to have a normal relaxing day with Sadie!

It was about this time that I got in touch with a friend of friend who I have known for about 15 years now.  Wow!  I’m getting old!

Pat - Monkey’s Boy From College (Wesley, DE)
The first thing I’m gonna do is explain the dynamic of how I know Pat.  Pat is one of my best friend’s (Justin-Monkey) best friend from college.  Monkey and I have been friends since we were  2-3 years old.

Our older brothers are the same age, so we even hung out together as little kids.  Then, we went to elementary, middle, and high school together... you get the picture.  I’ve known Monkey my whole life!

Justin (Monkey), Nick, and ?

Anyway, over the course of life, I have hung out with Pat many times.  I first met him in Delaware at Wesley college where Monkey and him went to school, we partied like young maniacs back then. 😉

Monkey and a Seal

Then, I hung out with him again right here in Colorado when Monkey moved out here to live for a few years.  It was at this time, that Pat opened up a restaurant here in the Denver area... Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks!

Monkey and Pat worked day and night in that place making it what it has become today (more Pat than Monkey obviously)... A Denver staple for people who want good food!

Bill and Pat

I also hung with Pat a few other times, most notable a great night out in AZ with him and his Dad (Bill), his Dad was super cool!  Basically... he’s a great dude that I have known for many years although we aren’t best friends or anything like that.

None-the-less, I’m in his town (Denver), so I called Monkey to get Pat’s number to see what he was up to and how he is doing.  Monkey was busy, so I checked the internet and saw Pat now has multiple restaurants as well as a bar in the middle of downtown!  Sweet!

It's awesome to see he accomplished everything he set out to do when he moved to Colorado many years ago.  You go Pat!  At this point, Monkey got back to me and gave me Pat’s cell number.  Nice!

I called Pat and left him a message.  He called back shortly after as we spoke a little while about life, what he’s done, my trip etc... He then said I should go down to his bar in the middle of downtown, Pat’s Downtown Bar & Grill.  Awesome... he has a bar now too!

He told me if I wanted to, to go down there and check it out for Monday Night Football.  He couldn’t make

Sadie and Jeff

it out but said he’d call the manager to let them know I was coming.  (I didn’t know it at this point, but he told the manager Jeff to comp my whole time there!)  Thank you so much Pat!

We spoke for a few more minutes and decided we would meet up for lunch on Tuesday.    Perfect... I have something to do tomorrow while Sadie is working.  Things just work out sometimes! 🙂

Me "Rooster" and Sadie

Pat’s Downtown Bar & Grill
Sadie and I arrived at Pat’s Downtown Bar at about halftime if the Monday Night Football game.  Neither of us were in the mood to get trashed, so we just had a casual cocktail and a few appetizers while we watched the rest of the game.

Pat’s bar was awesome as it is perfectly located right in the middle of the downtown Denver bar scene.  Simply put, it’s the bar every guy has talked about owning at some point in their life, beer pong, TV’s everywhere, great food, etc...

Oh yeah... and whatever your favorite sports team was as a kid... is all over the place! He happens to be a Philly fan, so all that loser crap was splashed in every corner of the bar! 😉  Go Steelers!  Go Yanks!

Meeting A Cool Guy
While we were there we met just about everybody who was sitting at the bar.  It had a friendly atmosphere too. 🙂

Alex, Cory, Me "Rooster"

Anyway, I talked with the guy next me (Cory) for a awhile about my trip and after he asked a few questions about my finances... he told me to come down to his store tomorrow (Tuesday) so he could donate some money to me.

Are you serious?!  I was floored by this guy’s instant generosity.  Then, he gave me his card and said to stop down anytime after 11 am.  I looked down at the card and it was a Cannabis Store!  What?  A weed store!?

A have heard of these but never actually seen one, so this is should be something interesting to talk about tomorrow. 😉  Not to mention... he going to give me money to help with my travels!  This is unreal!  People are so cool.

F.Y.I. - I don’t care if he donates just $1, it’s the feeling I get when somebody helps me out.  It gives me an emotional lift to want to go on when I feel tired or when I feel like I just wont make it.

Back To Sadie’s
Anyway, like I said earlier, Sadie and I stayed til the end of the game and then headed back to her place.  I am here to relax and regroup, not to rage and explore Denver.  That will happen in about 6 weeks or so. 🙂

She went to bed shortly after we got back while I watched TV on the couch.  I watched some of the shows I miss, Two and Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, etc... then went to sleep on the couch around midnight comfortable as can be... 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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