A Relaxing NFL Sunday! (WA) “DAY 105” – 10/17/10

October 18, 2010 - 11:56 am - (WA) “DAY 105”

I tell you this... NFL Football at 10 am sucks!  I have lived on the west coast before (CA, AZ) so I have already lived through this un-godly hour to watch pro-football but it has been a while and I just remembered how much I hated it! 🙁

What makes it even worse now is that I have to write my daily post, so the whole time the games are on... I am working!  It is the worst but... if I don’t write everyday then I’m just traveling freeloading bum.  So... it is what it is. 😉


Waking Up & NFL Football
Casey woke me up at 9:40 am because as I just mentioned... NFL games start at 10 am. WHY!!!  So I took a quick shower, got changed, and headed out the door with Casey to his best friend’s house Bode.

Bode’s Place
I have met Bode before and even hung out with him for few days about 5 years ago  (When Casey married Lisa).  I was at the wedding and hung out with Bode during the few days I was there.  He’s a cool dude!

F.Y.I. - All these guys are big Seattle Sports Fans and live and die by the outcome of the game.  The Seahawks were playing at 10 am vs. the Bears so when we (Casey and I) got there... Bode and his buddy (Jeff) were already a few beers deep ready to cheer on their beloved Hawks. 🙂  Oh yeah... Go Sonics! LOL 😉

Anyway, we arrived at Bode's and he had a cool set up.  He had a monster TV with all the games except... since the Seahawks were on... we mostly just watched that game although... when it went to commercial they would flip it to the Steeler’s game for me.

I’m lucky I got to see that much of Steeler’s game because they are bitter fans who are still angry about when we (The Steeler’s) beat them in the Super Bowl a few years ago.  The Ref’s did a great job in that game and didn’t blow any calls! 😉  The Steeler’s were just better!  Deal with with it! 🙂

Casey and Me "Rooster"

It really didn’t matter though because the whole time I was there, I was writing and uploading pictures from the Husky game I was at last night (Saturday).

Casey had to leave Bode’s around 2 pm for family party but I hadn’t finished writing yet, so I just stayed at Bode’s and watched the rest of the late games.  (That’s how cool Bode is, he was just like... “Let Rooster stay here, I don’t care.”)

The 1 pm games ended (4 pm on east coast) and I was so tired... I took a nap on Bode’s couch.  Zzzzzzzz.  I think he passed out for a bit too.  Anyway, I woke up around 5:30 pm, thanked Bode, and headed back to Casey's.

Lisa, Brooklyn, McDonalds

Casey’s - Late Game & TV
I got back to Casey’s and nobody was there.  Then, a few minutes after I got in, Casey and his family got back home.... they even had dinner for me.  Come on!  People are so awesome!  Thanks Casey!

We ate dinner and hung in the living room while we relaxed and watched some TV.  Ahhh... a normal relaxing Sunday! 🙂  I’ve been waiting for a day like for almost 60 days!

Casey and Lisa had to be at work in the morning and Brooklyn had school, so they all went to bed around 9 -10 pm.  I had the place to myself, so I caught up on some TV shows I have missed and started to re-organize my things from the car.

I stayed up until a little after 2 am and then went to bed happy as a clam!

Why does that saying exist???  How happy are clams?  And... is it even a saying??? Or did I just make it up?  I’m not sure but none-the-less... I’m happy as a clam!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Angel says:

    Hey Rooster, it’s Angel, a dealer at the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor, been following you since then, it’s been neat 🙂

    Anyways, from http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=happy :

    “Happy as a clam (1630s) was originally happy as a clam in the mud at high tide, when it can’t be dug up and eaten.”

    Have a great day, can’t wait to see more poker 🙂


  2. DAD says:

    How about “I’m as happy as a Clown” or the wealthiest, “Bill Gates”!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dave says:

    Thank you for the info. 🙂 And.. It’s cool you are still checkin in on me. I miss the Heidleberg room!

  4. Brian Meltzer says:

    how about a picture of whats going on inside that car? a little behind the scnes – i read everyday and have seen your dad 2x since you started, funeral (birdie) and bat mitzvah (Jena – Carrie & Marty’s grandaughter) – but that car is like the Bat Mobile at this point, lets see how yo uhave it packed and organized

  5. dave says:

    You got it! A good suggestion! 🙂

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