A Remarkably Overwhelming Day! Even for Me! (OK) “DAY 202” – 1/22/11

January 24, 2011 - 5:18 pm - (OK) “DAY 202” - Week 29 - State 27

Before I even get started, let me tell you... Today was Remarkable and Overwhelming (even by my standards). 🙂  Better put, today was remarkably overwhelming in how awesome people are everywhere!  Especially, right here in the Norman/Oklahoma City area.

With that preface, let’s get to what will be a long but hopefully amazing read for you as it was an amazing day for me.  I just hope it translates as well on paper as it did in real life. 😉

My Day Begins
Since I went to bed late last night (after 4 am), I didn’t wake up until 11:15 am today which was now gonna put me in a writing hole.  Ahhh!  That’s because I have to be out of my room in 45 minutes and the Oklahoma U. Men’s basketball game starts at 12:30 pm.

So, after gathering up my stuff and getting ready for the day, I hopped in the Rooster mobile and headed off to the Sooner basketball game.  (The Lloyd Noble Center is only 2 miles from where I stayed so it was an easy ride.)

F.Y.I. - While I was getting ready, I spoke to one the guys (Andy or Geoff) I met last night who was going to the game today.  They were running late, so I was gonna catch up with them when I got into the game.  (Even though I don’t have a ticket yet.) 😉

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Colorado Buffalos - Parking

When I arrived at the stadium, I was happy to find out that parking was free and available.  Nice!  That’s one expense I don’t have to worry about now (or a far walk).  Now, I have to find a ticket for free or real cheap.  But I’m hoping for free.

Finding A Ticket
As I was walking up to the stadium, I was approached by/spoke to some scalpers about the ticket prices for the game.  I’m not buying one, I just have to see what they are going for.  Ya know, so I have an idea of what I’m up against.

After a few minutes of talking with them, I walked to the front of the stadium where with-in seconds I met Don Neal.  Now, I didn’t know Don but he happened to be one of the player’s Dad’s.

Anyway, he was out front of the stadium with extra tickets giving them away to anyone who needed them. What a cool guy!  Thank you Don!  (He had about 10 extra I think, not hundreds, just you have an idea of what was going on.)  Nice!  I’m in! 🙂

The Lloyd Noble Center
If you’re a regular reader, you know I have been to many stadiums and arenas, so it didn’t take long for me to realize this is a football school who doesn’t really care about the basketball team to much.

I say that because outside the arena there was nothing to take a picture of.  No statues, no sign, no nothing, just a parking lot.  I’d bet every dollar I’ll make for the rest of my life that the football stadium is filled to the gils with stuff. (I don’t know, I didn’t check it out but I’m sure it is.)

Inside The Arena

The arena itself wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t top notch either.  None-the-less, every seat in the house had a good view and the crowd that was there (half-empty) was loud and into the game. (These are the real fans, the ones at a Sat. afternoon game for a .500 team.)

Star Wars Day Staring Chewbacca
Yes, somehow someway, it was Star Wars day at the Oklahoma basketball game today.  What that actually meant was, a bunch of the Stars Wars characters were dressed in costume and did show appearances throughout the game.

In attendance were some Storm Troopers, Sand People, Boba Fettt, R2-D2, and Darth Vader (plus others).  But none of these people were the real actors, they were whoever dressed in movie quality costumes.

F.Y.I. - I thought it was real cool though because they walked around the arena and took pictures with kids, adults, whoever all game long.

Anyway, the star of the show was Chewbaka because the real Chewie was in attendance seated right on the court. (This guy was big, 7’3 or so.)  Also, as they announced him, they also said he would be signing autographed pictures after the game.  Nice!

National Anthem

There wasn’t anything to special about the singing of the National Anthem but the way most stadiums put the American flag up all over the arena on the scoreboards and whatnot, does look real cool!  It’s a sweet photo op. 🙂

Meeting The Guys
Sometime after tip off, I found my way over to where Andy and Geoff were sitting.  It wasn’t hard to find them because the stadium was half empty and they weren’t wearing red as were all the other the people in attendance (they were routing on the Buffalos).

F.Y.I. - Even though I was sitting was them, I was jumping around the stadium all game.  What I mean is, I was up to find the mascots, the Star Wars characters, the cheerleaders, and whatever else the arena had offer and the guys were there to route on Colorado.

Anyway, back to what happened.  As soon as I sat down with the guys, Andy pulled out a CU t-shirt and gave it to me as present to take with me as a souvenir for my trip.  People are so cool!  Thank you!

Watching The Game
The game itself wasn’t that bad as it stayed close almost the whole way.  Some of the players were pretty good but I didn’t know anybody on either team. (It’s tough to know the rosters of the mediocre schools in college basketball, there as just to many D-1 programs.)

After watching a few minutes of the game with the guys, I was off to do my thing and find the mascot.  It wasn’t gonna be to hard because the Sooner’s have two mascots (Boomer & Sooner) and they were out in the crowd all game having a good old time!  Yee haw!

Mascot Time (Boomer & Sooner)
I don’t know which one of them did it but one of them took my hat off my head and ate it. Then, he poked fun at me for the whole crowd to laugh at.  He was a good entertainer, that horse (Horse noise, naugh). 😉

After meeting one of them, I then met the other (again either Boomer or Sooner, I don’t know).  The second one was nicer to me as he didn’t eat my hat or make fun of me, actually he was even gonna make me a ballon animal.  For real, this was one talented horse! 🙂

Since I have now been to many stadiums and met many mascots, I can honestly say these two horses (as a team) are in the top 5 in mascot-ness. (Pete the Miner was better, The Oregon Beaver, Lil Red, and maybe a few others, but it’s close from there.)

F.Y.I. - Mascot-ness is a phrase I just coined (7 words ago) to describe all that a mascot does at the game from performance to costume to interaction with the fans, etc... 🙂

Star Wars Characters
Besides getting pictures with the two mascots, there were Star Wars characters walking around everywhere during parts of the game.  Really cool and I’m not even a Star Wars junkie, just someone who liked the movies as a normal fan would.

For all these pictures (me and Stars Wars characters), Andy was there with me as my photographer.  He was cool enough to run with me to where they were and then take all these stupid pictures. 😉  Thanks Andy!

Andy Gets Jumped
After the Star Wars pics, when we walking back to the seats to watch the game, Andy was jumped by the two Sooner Mascots!  Heck, he was wearing Buffalo colors in Norman so I couldn’t help him as he knew the risk he took when he walked in here. 😉 LOL

Getting On The Big Screen
Oh yeah, during the time that we were getting pictures with the Star Wars characters, they put us up on the big screen in the stadium.  Sweet!  Another stadium that was I was the jumbo-tron or whatever there monitors are called. 🙂

Halftime Arrives
Since I was doing so much, next thing I knew it was halftime.  Man time flies when you’re having fun! (I don’t remember the score but Oklahoma was up at the half.)

During halftime, there was another Star Wars thing on the court as well as the first appearance from R2-D2.  I knew he was coming out because I was on the court during halftime (2 feet away) and was standing next to the guy who had the remote control.  Ah ha!

Cheerleader Time
The reason I was near the court to begin with is because I was trying to get a picture with some hot Oklahoma cheerleaders.  Well, I wasn’t trying, I just walked down there and asked the girls if they would take a picture with me and they said no problem.  It was that easy. 🙂

The cheerleaders were talented as well as they were cheering like it was a football game all game long.  What I mean is, they were into the game and did a real good job of getting the crowd (who was in attendance) involved throughout.  You go girls!

Oh yeah, during Oklahoma free throw attempts, 2 cheerleaders stand on the court and do backflips with every foul shot made.  I had to tell you this because I got really cool pictures of a girl and guy cheerleader doing a mid-air flip after a foul shot was sunk. Sweet! 🙂

A Ridiculously Awesome Chance Encounter
As I was walking back to my seat from the court as halftime was ending, I thought I noticed the GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Sam Presti) in the crowd.  No way!  So, I stopped walking on the court area in the section where I noticed him and took a another look.

After a second glance and noticing he wasn’t wearing red, I was 75% sure it was the GM of the Thunder.  So I walked up to him and said, “You’re not who I think you are, are you?”  He responded that he was the GM and started talking with me.

I told him quickly what I was doing and how I just got into the OU game (players Dad gave me a ticket).  I could tell that him and his assistant were interested as they were laughing and smiling at my out-there-adventure.

Then, Sam (he's Sam to me now ;)) asked me what I was doing later and I told him I was going to his game (Thunder vs. Knicks).  He then said, “ How did you get a ticket?”  I responded, “I don’t have a ticket yet, you crazy.” 🙂

Then, Mr. Presti said,”You do now Rooster. I’ll do my part and leave a ticket for you at the will call window for tonight’s game.”  F&$King Unreal!  Are you kidding me!  This is so amazing and overwhelming, I didn’t even know what to say except, Thank you! 🙂

My Personal Thoughts
America is just so amazing and this trip is turning out so perfect even though when I left, I planned nothing.  What I mean is, I didn’t plan to be in Oklahoma City when the Knicks where gonna be here.  Heck, I didn’t even know until Friday at 5 pm that the Thunder played at home this weekend, let alone vs the Knicks.

I mean really... what are the odds that I would be here when the Knicks were playing, and then... get a free ticket to the game as a guest of the GM of the Thunder!  And that’s after getting a free ticket to OU game from a players Dad which even put me in position to meet the GM.  Are you kidding me!? 🙂

I could go on and on about the odds and randomness of my whole trip but the best thing I can say is... America is best place in the world and the people of this great nation are even better!  I know first hand, our country kicks ass! 🙂

The 2nd Half
After what I did in the first half of the game, it’s hard to imagine that there even is a second half.  None-the-less, the game continued on as the Sooners held a 3-8 point lead for most of the remaining 20 minutes.

It was a pretty good game to watch as the Buffalos kept cutting the lead back to 2 or 3 points but in the end, the crowd, the mascots, and the Star Wars characters were just to much for the Buffs as they fell on the road 67-60.

Blake Griffin’s Parents
In attendance for today’s game, was former OU star basketball player and current NBA rookie sensation Blake Griffin’s parents.  His parents have been in the media as of late (Kinda) because ESPN's Skip Bayless made statements about whether or not white people of America should take pride in Griffin’s accomplishments as a NBA stand-out player.

F.Y.I. - Griffin has a white red headed mother and a black father.

Anyway, since Griffen is on the verge of being one of the best NBA players in along time, I thought it would be cool to get a picture of myself and his parents.  So, as chance would have it, they got up to leave the game early and started to walk right toward where I was.

Perfect!  As the couple got to about 5 feet from, I asked Mr. Griffen if he and his wife would mind taking a picture with me.  Before I even got finished with my sentence, he said “No, we are leaving early because I have somewhere to be.”  As he walked right past me and stood there watching the game for another minute or two.

For real?  I’m not gonna bash the guy for not taking picture with me but it would have taken a shorter amount of time than him saying no.  And come on... he’s Blake Griffen’s Dad at a OU game, he has to think people might want a picture with him.  Take from this what you will. but for better or worse... it’s a moment I won’t forget it. 🙁

Leaving The Stadium Or Not
At this point, the game is over (3 pm) and I still have 4 hours to kill before the Thunder/Knicks game later that I now have a ticket for.  Thanks again Sam Presti.  Woo hoo! 🙂

Anyway, as I was getting ready to leave, I remembered that Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) was signing autographed pictures after the game.  Sweet, I’ll go do that to kill some time before I have to drive 30 miles north to OK City.

Chewbacca Line
Now, I don’t know how many people were in attendance but I’d say at least half of them stayed to get an autograph because the line was almost halfway around the arena.  Ahhh!

If I would have had anything else to do or a place to stay, I would have left, that’s how long the line was and how slow it was moving.  But the good thing was, the people around me in line were really cool.

So, for the next hour and change, myself and these guys got to talking about everything from Barry Switzer to my journey across America.  It was a very random group of people as we covered all area of men (old, young, married with kids, just out of college, and well me!) 🙂

Finally Reaching The Chewbacca Signing Room
Like I said, after more than an hour, we were finally in front of Movie greatness, the Mighty Wookie, Chubacca!  But even though we reached the room, we were still another ten minutes from meeting him, etc..

The good thing was, that once you got into this room, there were Star Wars characters all around that you could take pictures with before you met Chewie.

I personally had already gotten my picture taken with everybody they had except for Darth Vader (during the game), so I found the Dark Lord and finished my collage of Oklahoma Star Wars personal.

Meeting Chewie (Peter Mayhew)
When it was my turn to get an autographed picture of Chewie, I had a huge decision to make.  Which picture to do I choose from.  Huh?  They were all good but I choose the traditional headshot that Chewie would use to book another role. 😉

Donations From The Guys In Line
It was close to 4:30 pm when I was finally out of line and standing outside of the arena, when one by one, almost every person I had just met in line waiting for Chewie, walked up to me and handed me a donation (3 of the 4 men).  Thank you all! 🙂

People are so overwhelming and generous, it’s hard to even explain sometimes the gratitude I have for everybody who helps out.  Even if it’s just a dollar or a suggestion on where to go next, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Chili’s For Dinner In Oklahoma City

As you know already, now I have to drive north 30 miles to Oklahoma City for the Thunder/Knick game at 7 pm.  But since I have time to kill and some Chili’s gift certificates left, I went to closest Chili’s to the stadium.

While I was eating at Chili’s, I took that time to upload the pictures I just took at the OU game (248 of them).  I didn’t have time to name and file them but I’m glad I stored them because I realized my camera battery was low.  So I charged my stuff as I finished eating dinner.

Time was just flying by today as again, before I knew it, it was 6:20 pm and time to leave for the Knicks game in OK City.  Woo Hoo!  I still can’t believe how everything worked out today as I’m on my way to a Knicks game as a guest of the GM of the Thunder! 🙂

Arriving At The Stadium
I arrived at the Stadium at 6:45 pm after finding a free street parking spot just a few blocks away.  Nice!  The whole walk to the stadium though was through nothing but construction, construction, construction.

The mess never ended as the construction was even out front and around most of the stadium area. (They must be revamping the whole arena area.)  Because of the work being done, the outside of the arena wasn’t that nice.

The only thing I could find around the stadium that was real cool was a welcome to the stadium banner with a bunch of the players pictures on it.  I guess between the construction and them only being in OK City for 2 seasons, there just isn’t much to display yet.

Getting My Ticket
To be honest, the GM (Sam Presti), was such a real guy (cool and normal), I didn’t even think for one second that he would stiff me and leave me hanging at the window. (I only mention this because when I have told people in person about this (the past 2 days), they all immediately ask if the ticket was there.) Well... It was! 🙂

After getting my ticket (which happens to be 15 rows behind the Knick bench :)), I started to walk around the arena to take in the scene. Thanks again Mr. Presti!

Ford Arena
Now, for everything the outside wasn’t... the inside was.  The inside of this arena was rocking from the moment you walk in and hear a DJ blasting hip hop throughout the hallways.  (Yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah,... I want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed!, they say Yeah, yeah.... what a great song!” And a even better verse! 🙂 (Usher featuring Lil' Jon and Ludacris)

And the inside of the arena was extremely colorful, bright, and electric.  It was an awesome environment for an NBA basketball team.  On top of that, the crowd was loud, real loud as they are definitely happy to have a professional team in Oklahoma!

Now, if this day couldn’t be anymore perfect, are you ready for this... it was Rumble the Bison's 2nd Birthday today.  So in honor of his birthday, tonight there will be 10 different NBA mascots in attendance.  Are you kidding me!?  It’s like everything on this trip is meant to be! 🙂

Missing Out On The Mascots!  Damn!
If one thing did go wrong, it was my timing with the mascots because before tip-off they were in the hallway taking pictures with anybody who wanted.  Damn!  I could have had a picture with all 10 mascots at once!  What a photo that would have been!

Still, they are gonna be in attendance, so I guess I’ll get my pictures the old fashioned way... by chasing them around the stadium one by one until I get them all.  (That’s if they leave the court area all. We’ll see.) 😉

My Seat
For this game, my plan is not to move around (as I usually do) because I am a guest of the GM and don’t want to make any kind of scene at this game.  But, with that being said, I am still gonna route for the Knicks in a reasonable manner as well try and get as many cool pictures as I can!

Oh yeah, my seat is about 15 rows behind the Knicks bench and I’m sitting with some real cool people.  For starters, right behind me is a little girl, her Mom, and her hand puppet, so funny! 🙂 And to the left are a couple of cool guys as well.  But everybody I met was friendly.

Geoff From The CU Game & Casino
Once I got to my seat, Geoff (the guy I met yesterday and hung out with earlier) stopped by to say hi and give me a present (Riverwind Casino water bottle).  (He was working tonight at the game hosting clients until late in the 3rd quarter when he joined me for the rest of the game.)

Even though Geoff was working all game, he continued to stop down after each quarter to check in on me and make sure I was having fun.  On top of that, each time he brought me another present to take with me on my trip (t-shirt, McDonald’s gift card).

Thank you so much for everything Geoff!  You have a friend in the Rooster forever!  That is unless you turn into or get outed for being a child molester or something! 😉 Just kidding! 😉  I would still be your friend! LOL JK 🙂

National Anthem
This was 2nd National Anthem for the day and this singer was awesome!  He really sang the shit out of our Country’s favorite song! 🙂  Plus, as was the case at the OU game earlier, the USA flag’s all over the scoreboards and monitors made for an incredible environment!  Really sweet!

The Game Itself - 1st Half

For most of the first the half, the game went back and forth, but sometime in the 2nd quarter the Knicks made a little bit of a run and wound up with a lead 60-53.  Amaire Stottlemeir and cast were playing great ball, but I think he lead the Knicks to that 7 point lead. 🙂

Outside of the Knicks players which are who I was there to see, I was super impressed with the Thunder’s guard, Russell Westbrook.  He was so fast and strong, he was almost unstoppable.  A great player I never really knew about.

And then there’s Kevin Durant.  He may be one of the best player’s in the NBA right now.  This guy is lights out when he has an open shot, well... he’s lights out when ever he has the ball in his hands!  And by the end of the night, I would hate him! (basketball wise!)

As I told you earlier in this post, there were 10 NBA mascots here doing all kinds of crazy mascot stuff!  It was awesome!  Anyway, luckily for me, after the 10 mascots would do a mascot event on the court, some of the mascots would venture out into the crowd and do there mascot thing!

The Memphis Grizzlies
Once I noticed that, I was off and running around to get a picture with whoever I could a hold of.  The first mascot I encountered was The Memphis Grizzly Bear.

The Grizz was crazy as he kept taking off my Rooster hat and throwing it around the stadium.  For real, this scene with me and the Bear went on for over 5 minutes as he would almost give me my hat back and then throw it again into the crowd.

Then, when I finally though he would give it to me, he ate it! 🙂  Damn you Grizzly Bear!  During this time, I also got on the big screen in the arena (second time today, different building)!  Sweet! 🙂

The San Antonio Coyote

Right after I met the Bear, I went back to my seat where the San Antonio Coyote was doing his thing in my section.  This was perfect, I didn’t have to go anywhere.  All I had to do was stand up and get my picture with him!  Thanks Coyote! 🙂

The Indiana Pacer's Boomer
Sometime in the second half, the Pacer made his way into the stands and of course... I found my way into a picture with him.  The Pacer was a cool mascot as he was hanging out with a bunch of kids when he took a picture with me!  Reggie Miller still sucks though!

Lastly - The Thunder Bison
I hate to admit it because I was routing against the Thunder all night long but the Bison they have is the best pro mascot I have seen yet!  (Sorry Phoenix Suns Gorilla!)

He had an awesome costume, he was energetic, athletic, and didn’t stop performing or entertaining the crowd the whole game.  And... it was his birthday!   At some point, I met the Bison and checked his breath for alcohol.  He wasn’t even drunk on his birthday!

Man, this Bison is a real pro!  And after only 2 years on the job... this buffalo has a long and prosperous future ahead of him.  I don’t have the picture but a little kid gave him a signed birthday card with all the cheerleaders names on it. (I watched the little kid work his magic in the stands!) 🙂

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw all their cheerleaders!  These are the hottest group of pro cheerleaders I have seen on my trip!  I hate to say this for everybody to read, but the asses on the women were just unreal!  I couldn't take my eyes off their round perfect dairy airs! 🙂

On top of being super hot, there also put on a good show.  But the truth is... they could have stood there and yelled religious slurs at me and I still would thought they were best cheerleaders in the world!  That’s how good they looked!

Put it this way, I don’t have anything else to write about them but I’m still typing so I can fit more pictures of them in this post.  I hope all the men out there appreciate this extra paragraph! 🙂

Halftime Show- Mascots Perform
The halftime show was a tribute to Ramble's birthday as all 10 mascots performed at once.  Basically, it was a dunk-a-thon as every mascot did a bunch of spectacular dunks off a trampoline.

Again, I have so many great pictures of mascots flying through the air, but I don’t have much else to say, so the few I can fit in this post... will just have to do. 😉

Last Mascot Paragraph
Even though I have already written a few different things about the mascots, they still had one more trick up there mascot sleeve before the night ended.  Sometime during a second half timeout, the mascots returned to the court except this time... they were blow-up mascots!

I’m not exactly sure how to explain this but they were bobbling around the court doing different famous dance routines (Thriller dance, etc.).  It was an absolute riot as the whole place really seemed to enjoy the show! 🙂

Promotions During The Game
More than anything I wish this post was over already, but there is still so much more to write!  AHHH!  Anyway, I don’t know if it was because of the mascots birthday or not but they had more promotions and giveaways than any other game I have been at, by far!

There was a half court shot for money, a foul shot contest for money, a shooting giveaway for some electronic products, t-shirts thrown into the crowd all game, as well as t-shirts floating down from the sky during the game, and many many more.  There was at least 10 different things they did for the fans!  Awesome!

Finally, The End Of The Actual Game
By the time the game came down to it’s winding moments, the Knicks had a lead and it looked like they would hold off a very game and surging Thunder team.  That’s what it looked like.

Then, Kevin Durant and company put together one last run which resulted in a last second 3 point basket to win the game (Durant sank it right in front of the Knicks bench as well as right in front of me!)  Ahhh!  Almost a perfect night!

Thank You Again GM Sam Presti
Still, it was an amazing game and one that I will remember for the rest of my life!  For that... I send a thank you out to GM of Thunder Sam Presti.  You are a class act and obviously a generous man!  Good luck with the Thunder and if the Knicks don’t win the Title, I will always be routing for Oklahoma City Thunder!  I mean that. 🙂

Traveling From Oklahoma City, OK to Thackerville, OK
After the game ended and I got back to my car, it was 10 pm-ish.  Since I don’t have a place to stay here in Oklahoma City and I’m headed to Houston, Texas tomorrow, I figured I’d drive south two hours to Thackerville, OK which is on the OK-TX border.

Also, on the border is a casino called the Winstar which is why I even know Thackerville exists. (I tried to work out a room for the night but they are all sold out.)  I was still so pumped from my day and the Knicks game, that the drive went by in flash.

Arriving At Winstar Casino & Hotel

When I pulled into the Winstar casino around midnight, I immediately drove to the hotel parking lot to see if there was a good spot I could sleep in for the night. (I figured it would be safer than in the casino parking lot area.) 😉

After finding a good spot, I walked into the hotel entrance and proceeded to walk toward the poker room.  Now, my plan was to walk to the poker room, check it out, and then head back to my car to change and get ready for some poker.

The 3rd Biggest Casino In The World!

What I didn’t realize or know when I started walking to the poker room was that this was the biggest casino I have been in!  It was so massive that I walked over a mile and half to the get to the poker room!  (That’s how far I was told it was.)

To get to the poker room from where I was, I had to walk through the equivalence of 6 different casinos.  And basically, that’s how it was set up.  Each huge area had a theme from a different city from around the world.  Really cool!

They had a room for London, Paris, Beijing, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, and lastly they had a room for the Big Apple (New York)!  If I wanted to describe everything I saw, it could take 20 pages, it was that massive and busy!

Poker Room
After burning 500 calories, I finally arrived at the poker room.  For as big as the casino is, the poker wasn’t that big.  It wasn’t small but it was like a 7 inch penis on a 8 foot guy, it just looks small!  (They had about 50 tables or so.)

Anyway, I was tired and didn’t want to make tough decisions, so I bought into a 4-8 limit game with a $100.  The card Gods were on my side tonight as the first two hands I played, I flopped the nuts and took down each pot.  I was up $150 in just 5 minutes. Nice!

Since I was up more than I wanted to win (hoped for $100), I played even tighter than normal and waited for another no brainer hand.  That hand never came and after folding for about an hour or two, I cashed out because Rome wasn't built in day and left the poker room up $120.  Oh Yeah!

Sleeping In My Car
It was now after 3 am and since I didn’t want to be driving during the NFL play-off games tomorrow (Sunday), I was hoping to get a few hours of sleep in my car and then head off to Houston, Texas by 9 am.

I haven’t slept in my car since Iowa, so I was having some reservations about my safety when I saw a 80+ year old women sleeping in a car on the way to my car.  Heck, if a 80+ old woman isn’t scared... than no way I am gonna be!  Thanks elderly lady! 🙂

With my new found confidence, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and went to bed in the drivers seat of the Rooster mobile!

Well... that was my day.  Pretty normal right? 😉 LOL  After a day like this, I’m CERTAIN that money doesn’t buy happiness because I have nothing and I’m sleeping in my car, yet... I’m the happiest guy in the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

F.Y.I. - It is now 3:51 am and I have been working on this post since noon today (16 hours).  There are over 130 pictures in it and it's over 13 pages long!  Time for bed! Zzzzzzzz 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Unbelieveable Post Dave…I was lucky enough to talk to you inbetween OU and the Thunder when you filled me in…and it’s even better to read than to talk about…you’re right – Rooster Karma is definitely in play on this trip…now you get to be in Dallas with the Steelers…I’ll look for you at the 50 yd line during the coin flip

  2. jeremy from columbus says:

    I hope you gave Eddy Curry a piece of my mind if you were only 15 rows back. Great post man!

  3. DAD says:

    I traveled with you for that day, and I can’t believe how great a day it was for you. I even watched the Knicks that night and couldn’t believe they lost
    with ubder 2.0 to go. Reading it was even better than
    talking about it. The photo’s are super.
    Great Job to everyone who helped Rooster enjoy another 1 in a million day !!!!!!!!
    Dallas is next. Don’t bet against the Rooster.
    The odds are he’ll find a way into the game.
    GO STEELERS GO !!!!!!!

  4. bennervous says:

    Nice to see the comments coming in. Adam — LOL abt point abt him being on the 50 yd line for the coin flip. Funny thing is that I was thinking about how he will find his way into the Superbowl for free. If anyone can make that happen, it is Dave!!!
    Dave — I know you will try…you better!! Good luck!

  5. Is there any way you can upload all of your pictures from just OU.. and would you suggest living in Norman? My youtube account: Joman66.. Sorry, I accidentally typed in the wrong website..

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