A RENAISSANCE MAN! Charity Work Then Poker! (MI) “Day 26” – 7/30/10

July 30, 2010 - 11:35 am - (MI) “DAY 26”
These last couple of days have been so wild I have no idea how I can keep up this pace.  As readers, you must be thinking, “how can he top that?”  And... I agree!  The bar is being set to high.

If it does keep up, I’m gonna have to F%&k an alien on the moon for anybody to be shocked! 🙂   So...   if anybody knows a cute alien let me know... I’m working on a ride in a spaceship!

Thanks Wendy!

After writing yesterday’s post (“DAY 25”), I drove to Detroit (40 min.) to do some charity work.

F.Y.I - I have a friend back in N.J. (Wendy), who helps me arrange all the charity gigs I do.  Basically, how it works is... she emails, calls, or whatever the different charity organizations in the next city I will be in.  After she finds one that will let me volunteer, she sends me an email with all the information (date, time, etc..).

Truthfully, I don’t even look at it until the day of and even then, all I do is find the address and the time I should be there.  I just don’t look ahead that much, I’ll figure it out as it happens... that’s the way I’ve been doing things on this trip!

Anyway, I tell you this because when I arrived in Detroit all I knew was that I was to be working in a soup kitchen of some kind.  Since I’ve already done that in Wilmington, DE and Washington D.C... I figured it would be similar.  Well... I was wrong!

Mrs. Flowers

Let me explain.  When I arrived at the Genesis House (4 pm), the first thing I did was check in at the front desk.  A nice lady named Mrs. Flowers greeted me and figured out where I would be working.  After a few seconds, she realized I was there to help out in the kitchen.

O.K., it is gonna be like D.C. or Wilmington.  She then walked me to another building that was across a courtyard.  Along the way, I started to realize I haven’t seen a guy yet.  No biggie, a lot of women work helpful jobs (teachers, Nurses, etc..).

Kathy ,Cheryl

A two minute walk later, we arrived at the location I would be working in.  As I walked into the building I noticed two more women (Kathy, Cheryl) working at a make shift security desk.  Huh?...

As I got closer, one of the women yelled “ Man on the Floor!”.  It was at this moment, that I realized I may be at a all women’s facility.  I walked into the kitchen and saw only women working there.

Joanne, Me "Rooster", Mrs. Jones

The two women working in the kitchen looked me up and down like I was in the wrong place.  Then, one of them said “We have a man working with us today!?”  I was know almost certain I was in a all women’s shelter of some kind.

So I walked back out to the area where the two women yelled “Man on the Floor!”  I started to talk with them to figure out where I was and what they did here.  The ladies were very nice and explained to me that it was a state-run Women’s Facility where ladies with drug addictions can come to get sober.

The way the program works is that anybody can apply to be apart of the program, although some of the people there were sent by the court system after they were released from jail.

It’s a 3-Step program.  They live in the house and can not leave for a determined amount of time.  They do chores, go to meetings, and most importantly... fight the urge to do drugs!  Things are starting to make more sense.

Cool, I’m helping out people who really need it.  People who are getting another shot at life, people who haven’t had much support, people who can’t do it on their own at this point.  Nice!  I hope I help in some way even if it’s just the fact they haven’t seen a man in weeks ;)!

So, I put on my apron and hair net and started working in the kitchen with Mrs. Jones.  Mrs. Jones is a nice lady with a real big smile and an even a bigger heart!  Every women that walked in to get food from us had a conversation of some kind with her.

You could tell by the banter, that they trusted her and enjoyed her positive demeanor.  Her smile is contagious!  Mrs. Jones and I worked together to serve the food.  She plated the main course while I gave out the sides (french fries or veggies).

We only served around 20 meals because that’s the amount of women they had staying with them at this time.  The facility can hold up to 30 women and children, if needed though.  

My time was about over when one of the women being treated wanted to leave with me.  She said “ Rooster, let’s get in the chicken car you got outside and hit the road together!”  I laughed as I thought about how I can’t find a date anywhere... maybe THIS IS the perfect place to find one... Just kidding :)!

I didn’t take a picture of her, she’s recovering and I respect that :).  It was time to go, so I said my good byes, slipped that women my number (;) J.K.) and headed back to Ann Arbor to hang out with J.T.

As I was driving through Detroit I was able to see for my own eyes how bad the town really is.  When you see clips of Detroit in the news or the movies, it always looks like a run down shit hole.  Well... the news isn’t lying!

Now, I’m not suggesting that all of Detroit is a falling apart but the 5 mile area I drove through was as run down as any city I have ever seen in my life!  It didn’t matter which side street I drove on, there would be a few nice houses followed by a run down, broken windowed, abandoned home.

I didn’t drive straight to the highway cause I had to see if this was only in the area I was in.  It wasn’t!  Every street was the same.  Again, I didn’t drive through all of Detroit to find the one rich area with mIllion dollar homes but the area I was in, looked like a riot happened yesterday!


Man Thinking...

Instead of staying in Detroit and going straight to the MGM Grand, I went back to Ann Arbor to watch the Yankee game with J.T.  Our plan was... well ... we had no plan because J.T. CANT MAKE A DECISION TO SAVE HIS LIFE!

I didn’t care what we did, I’m a open book.   I asked J.T. countless times what he wanted to do.  Do you want to go to the casino (MGM, Detroit), do you wanna go to the bars in Ann Arbor, do you wanna go to the local poker room (Heidelberg), or do you wanna stay in and study?  It’s all good by me...           JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

Three hours later, the Yankee game ended and we still didn’t have a plan.  It was then I knew I had to decide for myself.  I told J.T. I was going to play poker at Heidelberg (Ann Arbor).  He finally got up to “possibly” get into the shower when he said cool, I’ll meet you down there in my car in a hour.  

Heidelberg Poker Room
I was cool with that and headed out to make a living.  I got to Heidelberg around 10:15 pm where there was only one table going so I put my name on the waiting list (I was 2cd up).

Now, this place closes at 2 am and it’s a Friday... I started to realize that I might not get on this table until midnight or later, if at all.  I had been waiting 30 minutes when the guy ahead of me got called, I’m next up.  Nice!

I walked over to the table and asked everybody if anyone thought they might be leaving soon.  Nobody responded.  I knew now, I had to leave here if I wanted to play tonight so I called JT and asked him if he wanted to go to MGM.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand, Detroit
That’s where he wanted to go, if anywhere so he was cool with it.  I met him back at the place, then we headed off to Detroit.  We got there at midnight and went straight to the poker room.

When I was here on Monday, it was dead (3 tables going), but it’s Friday and the place was


filled.  Again, I was on a waiting list (13th or so).  J.T and I hit the bar!  Unfortunately for us, it was Bollywood night or something and the music was super loud and terrible!

I ordered some chicken skewers and tried to block out the music while I waited for my name to be called.  Before I even got my order (thank God!), I was seated in a 1-2 NL game.


I bought in for $200 and my first hand was (2, 3) off suit.  You have to post to play so I saw the flop and folded after somebody bet.

The table seemed easy, it was after midnight on a Friday, a great time to work!  People are drunk, out for the night, looking a good time and not really caring if they win or lose... just that they had a good time.  A perfect time for me to play.

The first hour I was up around $40 but didn’t see much action.  I didn’t get many hands and the table was playing slow.  One by one people started to leave until they finally broke our game and seated us at full tables.  (I hate playing short handed, so I was happy :).)

The next table I was moved to was perfect.  A lot of loose players making TV style bets at big pots.  NICE!  This is exactly the type of table I love (RON (Rahway) POKER LOL :)).

As I always do, I waited until I got good hands before I saw any action.  The first hand I played (for money other than $2) was (A, Q) off suit.  I raised to $10, I got a few callers before the guy on the button position raised to $30.  I knew it was a position raise (he had done it a few times already) so I called $20 more.

The flop came (7H, 8C, 9H), I checked it and he pushed all in, I knew he would.  I folded but I told the guy I would catch him if he kept making moves on me like that.

Sure enough, a few hands later I had pocket 5’s (5,5).  Somebody raised to $7 and a few of us called (that guy included).  The flop was (10C, 5 D, 3 C), NICE!  I hit a set (3 of a kind).  The same guy as before lead out with a $30 bet.  I took my time and smooth called the $30.

Me "Rooster" and J.T.

Everybody else folded.  The turn... Ace of diamonds.  He pushed all in, I insta called and he showed (10, 9) off suit.  I took down the pot and left the table shortly after up $170.

I then texted J.T. who was at the food court using his comp dollars to buy anything and everything.  When I got there he had 4 to go boxes filled with desserts.  Are you trying to kill me JT?!


We were both tired and ready for bed so it was time to leave (3 am).

Another positive outing, that’s all I can hope for!

The poll may be right, I’m not working out as much now that I’m not with John (DE).  It's not that I'm not working out at all,  just not as much as I was.  I have to get refocused!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Busy day and night. You don’t need Hot Yoga, your looking thinner already. Keep doin what your doin!!

  2. bennervous says:

    I love it, Dave. As soon as I read “…a lot of loose players…,” I was thinking how you love those games and how you love playing vs. that style…MY style (among many others)….and that was before I even read your “Ron Poker” comment.
    Well, we had some sick action with me and Jon Jon right next to each other on Friday night. After I was down and pushed “one last time” with $31, and eventually turned that into over $500, Jon Jon comes in. Of course, I can’t go home. Crazy vs. crazier. I am not sure who was crazy and who was crazier, but all my chips went to him at the end…I will spare you the details of the hand.
    Your stories are great. I am totally captivated by your trip and website. Keep it up. I’m on to read the David Arquette post now.


  3. bopp says:

    hey hey!! when you come to az I am taking you to the new casino to play your poker….. I might even get in on it! miss ya

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