A Sam Adams Tour, A Red Sox Game, & Finding A Place To Crash! (MA) “DAY 332” – 6/1/11

June 5, 2011 - 8:10 pm - (MA) “DAY 332” - Week 48 (For Real) - State 45

Unfortunately for me I woke up in my car again this morning in another hotel parking lot.  Although I don’t sleep that bad in my car it’s still living in a car which isn’t that comfortable.  🙁

So, after waking up at 8 am and getting my act together, I went to the nearest Starbucks to get some writing done while also trying to figure out what I was gonna do for the day.  Then, while I was writing my friend Pat from Florida called me and told me about the Sam Adams Brewery tour that runs from 10-4pm everyday.  It’s a plan.

Sam Adams Tour
I got to the Sam Adams brewery in Boston a little before 11 am and walked in to check out how this brewery tour works. (I read that it was free.) 🙂  Well, after checking with the guy at the desk I found out the tour was free but a suggested $2 donation is customary.  Perfect!

F.Y.I. - I don’t remember exactly which charities the donations go to but I think the money was split up between 2 local Boston causes.  Also, 100% of the money donated was passed on.

Sam Adams Brewery Tour
The tour I was apart of stated at 11:00 am and lasted for about 45 minutes.  It was actually really interesting as our guide (Mike) told us everything about Sam Adams.  Not to mention,  he was funny and entertaining the whole time.  Nice job Mike!

Basically, the beginning of the tour was the seeing, tasting, and touching of all the ingredients it takes to makes beer.  Then, we saw where all those ingredients were mixed together with water and stored.  And lastly, we got to sit in a bar and drink a few pitchers of fresh Sam Adams beer.  Not bad! 😉

Leaving The Brewery
It was around noon when I left the brewery and had to decided what I was now gonna do for the day. (I had nowhere to stay so I had to be doing something.)  So, while I was driving I heard on the radio that the Red Sox were playing at 1:35 pm at Fenway.  Huh? Maybe I’ll do that again.

F.Y.I. - Even though the game seemed like a no-brainer because I had nothing else to do, I just saw a Red Sox game last night so I wasn’t 100% sold on going even though I kept driving in the direction of the stadium.

Stopping At Boston University, I Thought?
As I was driving toward Fenway I saw a college on my right that I thought was B.U.  So, since I was in crazy traffic I turned off of my route and found the entrance to campus.  There was so much traffic, I wasn’t paying attention to the signs and could just tell it was  a college campus in Boston.

F.Y.I. - The reason I wanted to stop at B.U. anyway (other than just to check out the campus) was because a friend of mine knows a professor there that he thought might be interested in my story and could possibly help me out moving forward.

Anyway, as it turned out I wasn’t on B.U’s campus, I was at some other college (Emmanuel College).  So, since traffic was crazy in the area and I had nowhere to go anyway, I decided to check out this school and see what it was all about.

The problem was... they don’t let people park in their lot unless you go to school here or have an appointment.  So, after talking with the right people, I got a parking pass that lasted until 4 pm.  Nice!  Now, I don’t have to sit in traffic and can do something in the city.

Walking Around Boston
It was 1 pm-ish when I started my journey around the city but it was a hot day out today, so I had find somewhere to actually walk to instead of just walking aimlessly through Boston. (It was 80 degrees or hotter.)

Then, as I kept moving, I wound up walking right into Fenway Park. (When I went to Yesterday’s game I came in from the other side of the stadium so I didn’t even realize I was that close to Fenway when I started my walk today.)  Ah ha, I’m starting to figure out this city’s layout now. 🙂

Another Red Sox Game?
Even though I was right outside of Fenway, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the game today because I just saw one yesterday and really didn’t want to put in any effort to finding a ticket and whatnot. (Buying a ticket didn’t seem like an option as the cheapest one I was offered yesterday was $50.)

Finding A Ticket
But then as I was minding my own business walking around the stadium (meaning not asking around for a ticket or anything), a guy approached me and asked me if I needed a single.

I said, I’m the guy you’re looking for, I only have like $10 to spend today.  The guy then looked at me and said that’s fine, I’ll take $10.  Really?  I wasn’t expecting that but since it was just $10 I bought the ticket and entered the game.  Nice!  Let’s go Sox! (White Sox that is!) 😉

My Seat Today
My seat for today’s game turned out to be a great one as it was about 6 rows from the field down the right field line near Pesky’s pole.  Not bad!   Now, unlike most games I go, I didn’t walk around at all today because I did that at yesterday’s game.

So, for today’s contest all I did was watch the game like a normal fan would from the seat I purchased.  This is a huge change of pace for me but it was nice to just enjoy the game itself for once this year. 😉

Watching The Game
I could go into a bunch of a details about the game but since it was almost a week ago now, all I’ll write is that it was a close and exciting contest that the Red Sox lost.  Nice! (I’ve been to two Red Sox games and they lost both. Huh? Maybe I’ve just figured something out here.) Go Yanks! 😉

Leaving The Game Early
I gotta tell ya that sitting in one seat, in the sun, during a day game is definitely not comfortable.   And since I had to be back to my parking spot around 4 pm, I decided to leave the game early and head back to my car around the 8th inning. (My left arm was already sunburned.)

Pat Finds Me A Place To Stay
Anyway, as I was walking back to my car, I called my friend Pat from Florida and started to talk to him about our fantasy baseball team when he told me that his cousin Johnny who lives in Boston said I could crash at his place tonight after he gets off of work.  Awesome!  I really a need a place to lay my head down tonight.  Thanks Pat!

Driving To Johnny’s
It was after 4 pm when I left my parking spot at the college and headed in the direction of where Johnny lives.  The reason I just headed in that in direction and not right to Johnny’s is because he's still at work until after 7 pm, so until then I still have nowhere to go.

Johnny Gets Home
Right around 7 pm Johnny got home from work and when he arrived I was already waiting down the street in the Rooster mobile for him.  (I was  watching MLB.TV on the computer.) Perfect timing. (I wasn’t there the whole time but a few minutes after I parked he showed up.)

Now, since I have never met Johnny before (maybe once for a few minutes in Florida about 4 years ago), we just hung out in his living room talking about whatever for an hour or two.

F.Y.I. - Johnny lives in a studio apartment so his bedroom and living room are the same room.  This set up is what makes letting me stay here even more cool of him!  Seriously, I have life long friends that wouldn’t let me stay in their place if it was a studio apartment.  So, for Johnny who I just met to do that for me is amazing!  Thank you!

A Huge Storm Rolls In
I’m sure everybody has already read/heard about this in the news last week but tonight (in my world) a tornado ripped through Massachusetts and almost made it to where I was staying.  I gotta tell ya this was a nasty storm and the tornado didn’t even hit us.

So, for the rest of the night, Johnny and I just watched some TV while we also kept looking out the window at the storm.  It was so wild outside that we had to keep looking.  Plus, right outside his place it seemed as if a tree was gonna snap right in half and fall into his 4th story window.  For real!

Falling Asleep Early
I’d say it was about 10-11 pm when both Johnny and I crashed out for the night.  He went to sleep at that time because he worked a 12 hours day today and has to do it again tomorrow.  Whereas, I slept in my car last night so I needed a good night’s rest too. 😉

Well... that was my day.  But before I end this post, I really have to send out a sincere thank you to Pat for looking out for me when I was in desperate need for a place to stay.

And of course, I sincere thank you to Johnny as well for letting me stay here.  You guys both kick ass! (Pat you're still fired as pitching coach of the Silver Roosters though!) 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Glad your back to writing.

  2. kyle sheppard(owen olearys bartender)southboro mass. says:

    rooster! been keeping posted on your adventure. saw the posts you put up about myself, owens, and the peeps from the area, very much aprciated of the postive great comments you write and been inspired bye this great story and adventure you have been experiencing. im sorry we couldnt hook up for the sox game! bye also sorry that the sox have given your yanks a whooping the last two nights!!! lol good to meet ya thank you and good luck!!!!

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