A Sex Museum and Lagasse’s Stadium! (Vegas) “DAY 155” – 12/6/10

December 7, 2010 - 11:43 am - (Vegas) “DAY 155”

I got up this morning at 9 am and immediately texted my friend Jim who works out here for Harrah’s.  I was pushing my favors, but I was in a tight spot, so I asked him one more time if he could get another good deal on a room for me, anywhere. (right: Jim as a kid with our good friend Chris.)

Jim is a great guy as he texted me back and told me he got me a room (where I was, Imperial Palace) for just $30 for the night.  Sweet!  I don’t even have to change rooms! 🙂  Thank you for everything Jim!

Running Errands
After going to the front desk, I paid for my room and got new keys.  Then, I got my car from the Valet and ran a few errands I had to take care of.  The first thing I did was go to Target and buy a few utility items I needed.  Then, I went to the post office and sent out a letter I’ve had to mail for a week.

After that, I was leaving the post office parking lot when I noticed a Sex Museum across the street (only in Vegas is a Sex Museum across the street from a government building).  LOL

The Erotic Heritage Museum & Worlds Largest Display Of Erotic Art/Sex Toys
Now, after you see a sign for the Worlds Largest Display of Erotic Art... your first instinct is to pull over and check it out.  Right?  Well... my was.  So I pulled over to check it out. 🙂

Inside this massive building were many displays of exotic art (obviously), the history of sex toys, a library dedicated to the history of sex, a wedding chapel, and the Exotic Heritage Museum.  There was a lot of stuff in there.

When you walk in, the first thing you see is a statue of a naked woman (waste down) asking for donations.  (I only give donations to woman who have a full body, sorry. ;)) Next to that, was a sign with the prices for the museum ($15 for adults, $10 for students).

Then, I was greeted by the woman who runs the place.  She was very nice as she showed me around and gave me a quick bio of all the exhibits.

Taking The Quick Free Tour
First,  she showed me where the Museum was and how it was set-up.  Here’s how it went; you start off by walking past a hot card-board cut-out of Jesse James (a porn start I think) where you would normally pay.

Then you walk through a hallway which resembles different “Red Light Districts” from around the world.  Along the walls of the hallway are different pictures, posters, and tons of neon signs selling sex.  (Although no sex is sold here, it’s just a museum.) 😉

As you get to the end of the hallway, you see a huge display of the First Amendment!  They put this there because that is the reason the museum has the right to exist.  The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech and expression along with a lot of other stuff.  Anyway, it cool to see it there next to the world’s largest display of well... sex everything!

Actual Entrance To The Museum
Now, although I did get to walk in and see the museum briefly, this is where the free tour ended.  (There wasn’t even suppose to be a free tour, but after talking with the lady about my journey, she agreed to show me around, I think because she was bored.) 😉

The cool thing about the entrance was, right above the door way was a bright neon sign that said, “Jesus Loves You”.  Like I said, I did get go in but I didn’t stay in that area to long.

The Rest Of The Tour - Wedding Chapel
As I was walking back back to where I entered, I stopped to check out the wedding chapel they had inside the building.  It was definitely and erotic wedding chapel as right next to the alter was a big red bed with satin sheets.  Sexy-time!

Then, over on the wall across from the Wedding Chapel was a bunch of painting of naked woman or half-naked.  There were very colorful as they jumped of the wall as you walked by.  Directly across from that display was the library which had over 1000 books about sex.

Lastly, because no sex museum could be without it... there was a Ron Jeremy fortune teller machine like the one from the movie “Big” (with Tom Hanks).

I had to tale double take as I walked by it, because I thought to myself... Why is Zultar in here?  Then I looked closer and realized it was Ron Jeremy under the magical hat. LOL 🙂

Leaving The Museum
After getting my fortune told by “The Mighty Hedgehog”, I walked around and took a few more pictures before I left to find a barbershop. (I don’t need a haircut per-se’, but I do need the hair on back of neck removed so I don’t look like the homeless person I am. 😉

I drove around for a bit but then saw a barbershop a few blocks off of the strip.  Perfect!  A barbershop will be the right price for a clean-up, whereas a hairdresser in the casino is closer to $25 for a trim.  This is a no-brainer.

There was a little bit of a wait but it went fast because during that time, I took a bunch of pictures of the shop.  The shop was owned by a boxing fan because everywhere you looked, there was a poster or a picture or something having to do with boxing.

It was my turn, so I negotiated with owner on how much my trim would be.  I only needed the back of neck cleaned up so I offered him $5.  He wanted $7, but agreed to the $5.  Thanks Pal!  (They did a good job and it took about 5 min, very through.) 🙂

Hash House A Go-Go... To Go
When I got back to the hotel (Imperial Palace), I went to get some lunch at Hash House A-Go-Go.  I have never eaten here but from what I’ve heard, it has great freshly made food and the portions are huge!

After looking at the menu, the only thing that jumped off of the page to me (I’m a picky eater) was 1 lb cheeseburger stuffed with bacon and mashed potatoes (that 1lb is just the meat).

I was still very busy so instead of eating it there, I got it to go and ate it in my room.  (Well, tried to eat it, I only got through a little over half of it.) 😉  While I was eating, I was writing and figuring my plan for the next few weeks.

F.Y.I. - My route has changed a little.  Instead of going to Utah, then Denver, Co. followed by Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’m going to Utah, then Albuquerque, followed by Denver.

This small change saves me 170 miles of driving as well puts me in cities where there will be football games while I’m there.  (In N.M., I’m going to the New Mexico Bowl on 12/18, then I’ll be in Denver for X-Mas where I have friends, and on top of that, on 12/26 the Broncos are at home.  Nice!

MNF - Lagasse’s Stadium
My day was flying by and next thing I knew... it was Monday Night Football time!  So I went downstairs (In my hotel) and bet $100 on the Pats -4. (I wanted the Jets to win but after hearing every announcer all over the Jets nuts... I knew the Pats would kill’em.  It works like that for some reason.)

Anyway, after placing my bet, I walked a few casinos down to the Palazzo where Emeril Lagasse opened a sports bar called Lagasse’s Stadium.  I had heard great things about the place but I knew it would also be expensive. 🙁

Palazzo Hotel & Casino
As I was walking through the Palazzo to the sports bar, you can smell how nice it is in here.  Truthfully, the air smelled so wonderful, it was unlike the smell of any other casino I have every been in.  Real nice! 🙂

Also, they had a beautiful holiday time display set-up in the middle of the lobby.  It had a massive centerpiece that has to be 100 feet high.  In my opinion, this maybe the nicest casino in Las Vegas.

Finding Lagasse’s Stadium
After walking through the Palazzo for a few minutes, I finally found my way to Emeril’s place.  When I walked in (5 min before kickoff), I couldn’t find a seat anywhere, not even in the bar!  Bamn!  (A play on words. ;))

I had walked around the whole place and nothing... not even an empty table with a bad view of the game.  The reason for that was, there wasn’t a bad view of the game here.  There are so many TV’s and the main area is set up like a movie theater.  Awesome!

Blackjack... Bam!
Still, I wanted to be comfortable and the only place I could find a seat was at a blackjack table set up inside the sports bar. (Oh no!) So, I decided to sit down and play with just $50 and if I got up $50, I get out of Dodge and leave.

I wound up playing for half of the 1st quarter when I realized I wasn’t even watching the game, so cashed out (+$15) and headed back to the hotel so I could actually watch the game.  Take that Emeril, Bam!

Imperial Palace
The rest of my night wasn’t that exciting as I watched the rest of the MNF game (I won my bet, Pats won 45-3, Nice!) and then went back up to my room where I crashed out early.  I woke up at 3 am and packed up my stuff before going back to bed for a few more hours.

Tomorrow, I leave for Utah where I have 3 day comped ski weekend (during the week though, Tues- Fri. ;)).  The ride isn’t that far (3 hours) but I still want to get up early and hit the road before afternoon traffic starts up.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like a nice day. Sex museum,won a few bets, and won at BJ, a haircut and off to Utah. Nice!!!
    Jill & I stayed at the Palazzo the last 2 times in Vegas. The hotel is great.It is one of the nicer hotels in Vegas.
    Let’s see what’s in store for you in Albequerque?
    Have a great trip.

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