A Snow Storm In Dallas & Hanging With Old Friends! (TX) “DAY 215” – 2/4/11

February 7, 2011 - 10:20 am - (TX) “DAY 215” - Week 31 - State 28

When I woke up this morning (Friday), I couldn’t believe my eyes because as I went to my car to get some cloths... I saw at least 4-5 inches of snow all over the place.

Holy cow!  Where am I?  NJ?... I did click my heals 3 times by accident this morning but that should have brought me to Kansas, right? 😉  Anyway, since it was still snowing and the roads were icy to begin with, I was definitely gonna be at the DeShan’s (Todd’s Parents house) a little while longer than I expected.

Hanging With The DeShan’s (Nancy, Randy, & Todd)
Now, my original plan for the day (before the snow storm) was to wake up, gather my stuff, and then head to my friend Mike’s house from NJ.  But, now that I’m snowed in, I’m just gonna write here at the Rusty Spur Ranch.  I love it!

I told you a little about this house yesterday, but this is a older style home complete with all the normal modern technology.  What I mean is, this place has internet, electricity, etc... but it’s also heated the old school way (hot stoves).

So, where I was writing was in one of the two heated rooms in the home.  I didn’t mind at all but to set the scene, everybody was in this smaller computer room doing there own thing while keeping warm. 🙂 (Sometime in the afternoon, their grandchildren stopped by.)

Helping Me Out
Even though I was writing my Thursday, I was also doing a few other things as well.  One of those things was fighting the parking the ticket I just yesterday.  Ahhh!  I got a ticket at 4:01 pm when the meter is free after 4 pm.

Since I wanted to mail in my evidence with my letter, I was trying to print the pictures I took of the meter and the corresponding signs in the area.  Got it?  The problem... the printer was acting up, so Randy and Nancy made it their mission to get their printer to work.

F.Y.I. - That’s how awesome they are.  They stopped everything and their new goal was getting me these photos of their printer.  Once I realized (after 30 minutes) that they were still trying for me, I told them it was OK but that didn’t stop them as they keep attempting until it finally worked (about 2 hours later).  Thank you!

It was around 1 pm when Todd and I realized that we could get the cars out of the driveway to leave but Nancy (Todd’s Mom) insisted we stay for lunch and eat a good meal before we leave.  Todd’s parents are so nice! 🙂

Now that we were staying longer, I got back to writing and talking with the DeShan’s while we (Todd, Randy, and I) waited for lunch.  (Nancy was cooking us some hamburgers and stuff.) 🙂

Anyway, after eating and packing up my things, Todd gave me a tour of the property even though there was almost 6 inches of snow on the ground.  It did make for some nice pictures but it was cold out!

Exploring Rusty Spur Ranch
I’m not exactly sure... but I think they own over 70 acres of land right here on this property.  They (Todd’s parents) own a real nice home compete with horses, barns, and whatnot.  Hey... it’s not the called the Rusty Spur Ranch for nothing! 😉

Also living on the property about 1/4-1/2 mile away is Todd’s brother.  I know this because we walked through the snow to his brother house so that Todd could show me the bridge his father (Randy) built by himself.

The Bridge
Over the past day, I have had a bunch of conversations with Randy and he has told me a few stories about building things.  The crazy thing is... each story starts with: I’ve never built a house before but I built this one, I’ve never built a barn before but I built that one, etc...

So when we got to the bridge, Todd told me how his Dad had never built a bridge but... he built this one.  This is amazing to me because I am least the handy guy (with hands ;)) in America.   Seriously, it was real cool to see.  Nice bridge Randy! 🙂

Saying Good-Bye
After Todd and I got done walking around the property, I headed back inside to say good-bye to Randy and Nancy.  Even though I was only here under a day, I felt extremely comfortable during that time and wished I could have stayed longer.

F.Y.I. - The Super Bowl weekend ahead of me is why I personally can’t stay longer.  There is just to much to do, see, and experience so I have to move on.

So, to the DeShan’s:  Thank you for taking me in and making me feel more than welcome.  That’s goes not only for Todd’s parents but also to Todd and Kelli who put me up on Wednesday.  All DeShan’s are kick-ass people!  Thank you! 🙂

Driving To Mike’s From NJ
The ride from the Rusty Spur ranch to Mike’s house was only supposed to be 20 minutes (12 miles) but with the way the weather is... it took me an hour or more.  Texas isn’t prepared for a week of ice storms followed by 6 inches of snow (in some areas).

Luckily for me, I grew up in weather like this, so I wasn’t bothered by it.  Still, it does suck because Super Bowl activities are far away and these roads are terrible!  So, it doesn’t make sense to even want to try to get to anywhere other Mike’s house for the rest of the day.

Mike’s House
By the time I arrived at Mike’s house it was close to 4 pm and when I pulled up... I saw Mike’s wife Donna shoveling the driveway.  She was in her PJ’s trying to clear the driveway of all the ice that had built up over the past few days.

F.Y.I. - I know both Mike and Donna from high school.  They were high school sweethearts who have stayed together ever since and somehow settled down in Texas.  So, for the first time on my trip, I know both people who own a place I’m staying in.  Nice!

Anyway, since Donna and I know the same people (have the same H.S. friends), she didn’t want me to take a picture of her while she was shoveling in PJ’s.  I completely understood, but I still wanted to mess around with her, so I snapped a few photos as she yelled at me, DAVE! LOL 🙂

Mike & Donna’s Family
It’s awesome to see how well they have done for themselves here in Texas.  They have a gorgeous home, two beautiful little girls (Adriana & Kaylee), and two of them seem to be still be happy and in-love.

Hey, that must be tough after 20 years of being together.  Girls I have dated... generally hate me after just a few weeks! 😉  Seriously though, it was real cool to be in Mike and Donna’s home here in Allen, Texas!

From what I could tell, Mike must have been cooking dinner all day because there was a huge pot of homemade meatballs with sausage on the stove.  Oh yeah!  I haven’t talked with Mike in awhile but I do know that he is a very good cook, so I know dinner will be great. (To Ron (NJ): Real Italian food!)

F.Y.I. - Mike used to be a natural body builder back in the day, so he knows everything about nutrition.  Then, in his adult life, he has worked in restaurant business as well getting certified in everything fitness and nutrition.  So reiterating, dinner should be great!

It was 6 pm-ish when we all sat down to eat and... I was right!  Dinner was great as I ate a huge plate of pasta and meatballs and then, later in the night, I ate another huge plate of the same.  Yummy!!!

After we finished dinner, the plan was to go over to one of Mike’s (and Donna’s) friends house for the evening.  We choose this because, 1.) Their friends lived close and the weather was still awful. 2.) They were Steeler fan’s and having a party. 3.) It’s what people with families do. 🙂

Steve’s House (Friday Night Steeler Party)
The ride wasn’t bad as Steve lived in the same neighborhood as Mike (a few blocks), so we got there in just under 5 minutes.  Then, when we walked in, it was a Steeler party and the owner of the house (Steve) was wearing the same Steeler t-shirt I was!  Oh Yeah!  I already like this place! 🙂

Now, this was a Steeler party but it was a family friendly Steeler party because there were tons of kids running around all over the place.  I don’t mind, I’m not much of drinker anyway.  Again, just setting the scene.

Meeting Everybody
Just because it was family friendly doesn’t mean it was boring because I had a great time with everybody there.  Not a person I met wasn’t interested or supportive in my adventure.  People are so cool everywhere, it still amazes me every single day. 🙂

As I worked my way around the room, I made sure to try and get a picture with everybody.  The best way to do that was to get some group pictures.  The first one I got was with all the girls (women) who were there.

F.Y.I. - It’s the only picture I have of Donna where she isn’t like Dr. Claw from “Inspector Gadget”.  She wouldn’t allow me to take a picture of her and when I asked her to take a picture with all her Texas friends, she was stuck and let one slide!  Look out now Donna, Inspector Gadget knows your face! LOL

The next pictures I got was with all the boys.  I don’t remember everybody’s name but I do know that most of the people there were Steeler fans.  Nice!  Let’s go Pittsburgh!

More happened throughout the night but sometime around 11 pm, everybody started to head home, so Mike’s family and I did the same.  This is the part where the family party takes shape.  It ends real early for us single home-less types. 😉

Calling It A Night
When we (me and Mike’s family) got back home, Mike and Donna put the kids to bed, and then Mike and I hung out on the couch for awhile shooting the shit.  This lasted for about an hour until Mike was tired and had to call it a night.

I stayed up until almost to 4 am getting work done on my laptop.  Ahhh!  I’ve said it before but this (my trip) isn’t just fun and games.  I always have a lot of work to do!

But... today was a great day as I made new friends (The DeShan's) and caught up with old ones (Mike and Donna)!  And that's why I have no problem doing what I do day-in and day-out with nothing because in reality... I have everything! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    The ranch looks great. Sounds like Texas and snow,
    don’t mix well.

  2. Mike says:

    Guess rooster did not get in suoerbowl we.would have heard by now

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