A Sunday Of Writing & Family Time! (TX) “DAY 210” – 1/30/11

February 1, 2011 - 9:26 am - (TX) “DAY 210” - Week 30 - State 28

For the most part... today (Sunday) is my last day at Scott’s house.  I’m leaving here tomorrow morning for Dallas after I get my car fixed in the AM (belt problems).

Alright, let’s get to my Sunday.  I knew that since I didn’t get any writing done this weekend, I would be doing nothing but writing/uploading picture all day.  So, after getting my act together, I hit the kitchen table and started writing.

After getting most of my day written, I headed to Starbucks to post it on my website. (The internet connection there is much faster so uploading pictures takes half the time as it would as Scott’s place.)   I stayed at Starbucks until almost 4 pm and then went back to the house.

Dinner Time
Every night this week, there was some sort of big dinner with a bunch of leftovers.  So for tonight’s dinner, it was leftover night.  That’s perfect for me, I love leftovers.  For some reason, certain foods taste even better the day after.

Fighting With The Boys
After dinner ended, the boys and I went to the den area to play some football.  (Well, we were fighting around the room with a football in hand.)  Basically, if you had the ball, you were getting your ass kicked! 😉

Ethan (15 yr old) thought he was the man but after beating on him for 20 minutes with Blitz as my enforcer, he gave the ball up!  Then, Blitz tried holding onto the ball and we had trouble getting it from him until Rob (14 yr old) joined the battle and gave us enough man power to muscle it away from a 6 year old. 😉

During the horsing around, Chasity was taking pictures for me, but she must have got fired up because when the ball hit the ground, she grabbed it.  Oh no!  Hey, rules are rules, so the boys jumped her and got the ball back after a minute or two. (Not bad Chas!) 😉

The game ended after I got the ball and told them they’d never get it back from me.  Well... only part of that last statement was true.  The game did end but it was after they beat me up and took the ball back! 😉  (I really do have bruises all over my arms!) LOL

Movie Time For The Rest Of The Night
After working up a sweat fighting with the boys, Scott told me I had to see one of his favorite movies (King Arthur).  I have seen a lot of movies but somehow I had never seen this one, huh?

Anyway, most of the family joined us in the living room to watch the movie.  Seated next to me though was Blitz.  Blitz sat next to me because I had donuts and well... Blitz wanted some donuts.

Luckily for me, Blitz likes chocolate donuts better than powered ones, so we had no problems as I gave him the chocolate bag while I ate the powered bag.  Nice!  Cheers Blitz! LOL 😉

I stayed up and watched the whole movie but everybody else fell asleep sometime during the flick.  That was OK with me because the movie was real good.  Scott said it was almost as good “Braveheart”, I’d say it was a real good movie. 😉

Scott’s Family
Everything you just read is what happened today, but what I will write now is my good-byes to the family.  Normally I would do this tomorrow after I left, but since it’s Tuesday morning right now as I write this and I know what a wild Monday I had... I’m gonna do it now.

Ethan, Rob, & Blitz
I can honestly say that by the end of the week , I had become friends with all three boys.  The cool thing is... they are all different and have different personalities.  I’ll start with the oldest boy, Ethan.

Ethan is a great kid with a big heart.  He helps out around the house whenever needed (even if he can’t take a toilet seat off). LOL 😉  Also, he has a good sense of humor as everybody picks on him in the house (out of love), but he takes it in stride as he is always smiling! 🙂  You the man E!

Rob on the other hand is never smiling even though I think he is happy and fighting the smile. 🙂  It took a little longer to get to know Rob but after football practice and beating on him while wrestling around, Rob and I became boys!  I did have to force a smile out of him though! 😉  Keep working hard Rob, you’re a real good athlete!

Blitz is something else.  This is one of the biggest and strongest 6 year olds out there in America right now.  He really is.  Blitz is great athlete, he is smart, and he even was crafty enough to sucker punch me in the face and give me a fat lip!  You’ll get your’s when you’re older Blitz!

The Girls - Chasity, Becca, Courtney
For the girls, I’ll start with Courtney because she didn’t live in the house although I met and hung out with her a few times.  Courtney was a very sweet girl and although I didn’t get to know her as well as the other girls, she still was awesome! 🙂 (left: Courtney. right: Becca, Julie, Chas, Lynn)

Becca is Scott’s youngest girl and man... she is smart!  The thing about Becca is when you are talking to her, you forget you are talking to a 13 year old.  I wouldn't be surprised if one day in the future, I’m calling Becca for a job when she is an adult! 😉

Chasity is the last kid who lives in the house and she is also 13.  Chas and me bonded early in my stay and she is a really cool girl.  Chas helped me cook, she took pictures for me, and we even just pal’d around and the house while I was writing.  What a kick ass kid!  And... your hair looks fine! 😉

Oh yeah, I didn’t get it until Monday morning but Chasity and Becca bought me a present as a going away gift.  They wanted to buy me a Texas t-shirt but they couldn’t find one, so they got me a bottle of cologne instead!  Thank you so much girls!  🙂

Lynn & Julie

Lynn is Scott’s sister and she kinda lives at the house.  Anyway, Lynn was very cool but she was also sick for most of the week.  So, as she told me, I didn’t get to meet the real Lynn as she just wasn’t herself most of the time I was there.  I hope you’re feeling better!

Lastly, other than Scott, is his wife Julie.  Julie is freaking awesome!  She is funny, caring, a hard worker, thoughtful, and well... she puts up with Scott so she must be special! LOL

Seriously though, I really got along with Julie and not just because she was married to Scott.  She was real easy going, got a joke, and knew how to have fun even while running a house 9 or 10 or more!  You are amazing Julie, I don’t know how you do it!

I’ve already written a lot about Scott throughout the week but I’ll write a little more because he deserves it for being such a great man!  When I write that he is great man, it has nothing to do what he did for me although he was more then generous and accommodating for the week I was here.

I say that Scott is great man because of the family he has and how he runs his home.  I”ll never be able understand how it’s possible to provide for a family of 12 (with grand kids), run your own business, volunteer coach youth teams, while still having a smile on your face.?  It is amazing to see in person.

Then, I show up and he still does all that (written above) while showing me around town and staying out until 2 am a few nights this past week!  Scott is the true modern sense of a Renaissance man.  (At least, the South Florida redneck version!) JK LOL

Thank You To The Whole Family
I’ve already written a book but I still want to let the whole house know... I had a great time with everybody there and by the time I left, I honestly felt like part of family! 🙂

I could expand on that but to feel that comfortable around a family I just met (other than Scott) shows how wonderful you all are as individuals and as a group.  Thank you for everything and you all will be missed by the Rooster! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Nice tribute to a great family.
    I know all your readers are feelin it !!!!!!!

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