A UNLV Football Game & Gambling! (Vegas) “DAY 132” – 11/13/10

November 14, 2010 - 2:28 pm - (Las Vegas) “DAY 132”

Scott and I woke up this morning early because well... we had the most low key night you could have ever had in Vegas (while you still had money in your pocket)!

We were both so tired from our respective drives (his from AZ, mine from CA) that each of us passed out around mid-night.  Scott woke up first and must have been full of energy because he did a quick workout in the room while I was at best... still hazy.

F.Y.I. - Scott and I have known each other for about 10 years now (wow it’s been a long time now).  And while we both lived in AZ, we were announcers for a Mixed Martial show called “Rage In The Cage” (amongst other jobs).

Since then, Scott has continued on in this business as a salesman (of sponsorships), manager, and trainer (mitts and whatnot).  He works out regularly (6 times a week) with Joe “Diesel” Riggs as well as other top fighters.

Betting College Football
Before I knew it, it was almost 9 am.  Time for college football on the West coast. 🙁 (I hate 9 am football and 10 am for pro’s isn’t any better!)  Anyway, I went downstairs and bet $50 on G.T. as well as $50 parlay (G.T. and W.V.U).

I won WVU and lost G.T. so I lost a $100.  Ahhhh!  I hate when I can’t get it right.  But as I told you a few days ago... I love sports betting and never ever wind up winning when it’s all said and done.  It’s my cryptonite (along with blackjack) ;).

Slot Tournament
During this time, Scott was involved in a 2 day (3 session) slot tournament.  It’s a free tourney that they give to players who have players cards.  Scott was also given the a room free (comped) for the weekend, so that’s why he’s here other than... It’s Vegas Baby! 🙂

I watched Scott compete in the slot tourney as all he had to do was press the button as fast as he could and hope he hit some good spins.   Each round was only 7 minutes so it didn’t take to much time and it was very exciting!  (Scott’s times were at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm.)

Hotel Room - Writing & Relaxing
After I lost my early bets, I bet another $50 three team parlay to see if I could make it happen while I was up in my room writing “Day 131” (I lost).  I got finished around 5 pm and got ready for the beginning of our evening.

Basically, Scott and I wanted to accomplish a few things this evening.  I wanted to go to the UNLV football game (7 pm) and Scott wanted to see the Pacquiao fight (9 pm-ish).  But both of us wanted to gamble, drink, and have blast so it’s all good baby!  It’s Vegas! 🙂

Donation - Thank You Mike!
During this time, a poker buddy from back home (Mike), heard that I lost my bag of cloths, etc... so he called me and said he wanted to donate some money to me. (Mike told me before I left, he would donate when I needed it most and having no underwear... well :)).

Anyway, he didn’t want to use Paypal so my Mom met him in Linden and he handed it to her for me.  Thanks for taking the ride Mom and...THANK YOU Mike!  Keep up the good poker! 🙂

UNLV Football Game - Finding A Tailgate Party
On our drive to the game (we were in Scott’s new Tahoe), Scott couldn’t understand how we were going there without anything yet... expected EVERYTHING to happen.  I assured him how awesome people were and that since I started this trip, it always worked out!

He still didn’t get it but soon enough he would see first hand how it happens! 😉  After parking for free a few blocks from the tailgating area, Scott and I talked about if anybody was even going to be here to find a tailgate.

F.Y.I. - This game is between two smaller D-1 schools who combined have a total of 3 wins (Wyoming 2-8, UNLV 1-8).  So, both factors suggest that nobody could be here.

I haven’t even thought about having this problem as I’ve been to major D-1 powerhouses Nebraska and Boise St. as well as competitive Pac-Ten schools like U. of Washington or Oregon St.  These places were insane as tailgates were everywhere!

Finding The Tailgate
So here it is, Saturday night in Vegas, and here we are, walking into a half-empty Sam Boyd Stadium parking lot with no tickets to see a game that we can’t help but wonder why anybody would really want to see.

Within moments of walking in the lot, after glancing to the left, I spotted a Runnin' Rebel Hearse, that’s right a Runnin' Rebel Hearse, complete with a keg-filled coffin and some partying pall “Ball” bearers, “Ball Bearers”... because it’s college football and we’re doing it Vegas Style Baby! 🙂

As you all know, I am not a tailgate crasher so the first thing I did was find the people who’s tailgate it was.  The first person I met was Tom (it was partially his tailgate along with a bunch of other guys).

Anyway, I explained to Tom what I was doing there and that I’ve been on the road for over 130 days on just 2 grand.  Tom and Ankur (Ankur was standing there with us while we talked) immediately welcomed me in as they gathered more of there of friends around to hear my tale.

But, before they even they did that... they made sure that Scott and I each had a cold beer in our hand.  Nice!  People are so cool! 🙂  They also told told us to have whatever food we wanted.  Thank you all!

One of the guys they brought over to meet us was Matt.  Matt is a transplanted New Yorker who has been at this tailgate since they started it 8 years ago (I think).  He was super cool but then again... everybody at this tailgate was super cool!

I’m not just saying that either.  If I didn’t know any better... I would have thought that Scott and I would had known these bunch of maniacs for years.  All of us just got along real well.

F.Y.I. - Although, this tailgate party was a bunch of people’s... I believe the “Land Mark” Hearse was owned by Dave. (To the right is a picture if him, his wife, and kid.)  The Hearse kicks ass and thank you for letting us party at your one-of-a-kind Hearse tailgate!

Finding A Ticket
After that, somebody asked us if we had tickets yet.  I responded that we didn’t and seconds later... Tom handed us two $30 tickets!  Thank you so much guys!  I really do appreciate it! 🙂

Now, mind you, all this stuff I just wrote happened in under 15 minutes (or less).  We went from not knowing anybody, not having a ticket, as well as party favors to having a whole new group of friends, tickets to the game, all the food we can eat, and all the beer we could drink!

Scott was amazed!  He couldn’t believe that it was happening just as I said it would.  I told him that people in the country kick ass and we would not only find a tailgate but make a bunch of new friends in the process.  We did that... and more! 😉

For the next hour, Scott and I talked with Ankur, Tom, Matt, and sporadically... Dave.  Basically... we did it “Wang Chung” style.  Everybody have fun tonight... everybody Wang Chung tonight!  And that’s what we did... we Wang Chunged!

F.Y.I. - I don’t what made me think of that except that one favorite episodes of Cheers is when Frazier shows up at a bachelor party at the bar and says...

“I was listening to a rock and roll station on the way over here, ya know, to put me in the mood.  There was a passage in one of those tribal songs that I feel... well is the keynote to this evening.  EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT, EVERYBODY WANG CHUNG TONIGHT!”  LOL 🙂

We partied with our new friends until just about kick-off and all of us headed in to the game.  They were so cool that they even told us where they were sitting and to join them even though out tickets were elsewhere in the stadium.

Entering The Game
The Hearse tailgating area was about 100 yards from stadium, so we didn’t have to far to go once we decided to head in.  Scott and I walked in with Matt and Ankur as we talked about what I have done in all the stadiums I have been to (mascots, getting on the field, etc..).

That’s when Ankur told me that they don’t let people on the field here in Vegas, that’s it’s near impossible.  He then added that getting my picture with the mascot and cheerleaders probably wouldn’t happen as well.

I just looked at him, smiled and said, “You’ll see!” 🙂

Our Seats
I’m not exactly sure where our seats were supposed to be but we sat in section 131, two rows from the field.  It wasn’t that big of a deal because the stadium was less than half-filled and you could basically sit anywhere you wanted.

None-the-less, the stadium was nice but nothing like the big college stadiums I have been to so far on my trip.  Seated behind Scott and I were 4 hot girls (Keaton, Chelsea, Carrie, Carly) that went to UNLV (I assume).

During the entire time I was seated there, the girls and I spoke about my journey.  At first, I think they thought I was some creepy old homeless traveler and by the time the game ended... they knew I was some creepy old homeless traveler! LOL JK

No... by half-time (which is when Scott and I left), the girls and I were laughing it up and having a good ole time!  They were real cool and they even made something happen to me that hasn’t happened on this trip yet (at a game).?  But it happens later... so hang on! 😉

Trying To Get On The Field - Mascot/Cheerleaders
The first quarter was close to ending when I decided to make my move to get some stuff done.  (Scott told me to do my thing while he stayed in the seats.)   I looked over the stadium and immediately saw where I could make it all happen! 😉

Far End Zone
I walked to the far end zone of the stadium and without any resistance... got right to the front row and sat down.  Seated to the left of me was the band, so I got my picture with them after they played a touchdown tune!  You rock UNLV band!

I choose this seat because there were stairs right there leading onto the field and the security guy (although nice, I’m sure) was a real old guy who didn’t seem to be to interested in chasing anybody around. 😉

Also in this corner of the stadium was the mascot, the cheerleaders, and the dance team!  I just struck stadium picture gold in one seat change! 🙂  I was like a kid in a candy store and didn’t know what to tackle first.

Mascot Time Or Not
The first picture I got was with the mascot (The Hey Reb, I think).  After making eye contact with him while he was doing his mascot thing, he called me down to the field and took a photo with me.  Thanks Rebel mascot!

After realizing that nobody cared that I just walked right onto the field... it was on.  I then got my picture taken with 2 cheerleaders followed by 2 dance team members.  Sweet!

I could have stayed on the field and walked all the back to where I was originally seated but then I wouldn’t have been able to get back to my seat (no walkway over there).  Plus, I didn’t want to get tossed out of the game and... I already accomplished my goals! 🙂

Back To My Original Seat With Scott & Something New Happens
When I got back to the seat, I was excited to have gotten on the field so I called over to the tailgate guys (one section over) and told them what I did.  They wanted to see it for themselves so I walked over and showed them.  They loved it and passed my camera around while laughing!

I finally got back to my first seat to relax and bull shit with Scott when next thing I know... I’m on the big screen with the hot girls behind me.  The camera guy wanted them (obviously) but got me as well. 😉  This happened not once, but twice during the game.

F.Y.I. - I know I was also on TV because one of the girls behind me got a call from her friend’s at home telling her that they had just seen her.   Super Cool!  Thanks girls for being hot! 😉

Oh yeah... the actual game.  UNLV was leading at halftime 21-13 and I knew they would win the game in the end because... every college football game I have been too... the home team has won (and covered the spread). 🙂

Leaving The Stadium
It was almost 9 pm when Scott and I decided to leave the stadium so we could go watch the boxing match between Pacquiao and Margarito.  As I was leaving, I said good-bye to the Hearse guys and re-thanked them for showing us a great time in Sin City!

If I ever come back... Let me re-phrase that... when I come back to Vegas, if there is a UNLV football game, I will see you guys again, except this time... I will bring a keg with me (Hearse coffin style)! 🙂

The Fight
By the time Scott and I eventually got back to the hotel (we got lost), the fight was already in the 7th round and it wasn’t being shown at our casino.  Ahhh!  So we hopped back in the car and headed out to find the fight.

After driving around the strip (in traffic) looking for a sports bar or anywhere that the had the fight, we heard over the radio that Pacquiao had won the fight easily, dominating all 12 rounds.

Back To The Sahara
Instead of staying on the main strip and hitting the town, Scott and I headed back to the Sahara where we hung out and gambled until the wee hours of the morning.  (I mostly watched Scott play blackjack, I lost $25).

Sometime around 5 am is when I finally fell asleep after uploading 185 pictures from the day.  My life is a a lot of fun but believe it or not... it’s a lot of work too! 🙁

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    WOW!!!! I’m still laughing from Ankur’s remarks
    and challenge. All I can say Son, is Ankur doesn’t just didn’t know yet!!!

    Great read. Great Hearst (Aunt Lauren would be proud)
    and as always great people everywhere.

    Try a Nascar event when your in AZ>

  2. Matt says:


    You will always be welcome in Vegas, great to meet you and Scott. Hopefully next time you’ll be earlier in the season when the tailgate is really hoppin !!!!! Safe travels !!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Haha nice post dude..Always makin it happen!

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