A Weed Store & A Rockies Game! (CO) “DAY 86” – 9/28/10


September 29, 2010 - 10:14 am - (CO) "DAY 86"

I woke up this morning while Sadie was getting ready for work (8 am).  While she did was she does to get ready, we bull shitted for an hour or so about well... nothing and everything... Then Sadie headed off to work for the whole day, I wouldn't see her again until sometime after 10 pm.  🙁

It was 9 am now, so I started to write.  I got finished with everything I needed to do by noon.  I'm glad I got done early in the day because it was 91 degrees in Denver today (a record high).  I put on some shorts and just sat in Sadie's backyard for a few hours.

Hanging Out With Pat

Bill and Pat

I was suppose to hang out with Pat today (12-4 pm) but I guess he must have been busy because when I text him around noon, he just responded that he was in a meeting.  I didn't hear from him again and I didn't want to bother him so... I never did catch up with Pat in person.  I guess I'll have to see him in 6 weeks when I return to Denver for real. 🙂

Rocky Mountain High

It was about 2 pm when I decided I would go check out the weed store in downtown Denver.  It is just amazing to me (coming from NJ) that there is weed stores in the downtown area of Denver or that there is even WEED stores period.  I am not against them but I can't believe they actually exist.

Last night, I met Cory who runs one them (Rocky Mountain High) and he told me to come down to his store so he could give me a donation.  I wasn't sure what that meant and I really didn't care, he wanted to help out and that was awesome enough! 🙂

I arrived at the store and from the sign you could definitely tell what kind of store it was.  What I mean is... is isn't hidden or in an alley or anything like that.  It was a weed store and you could tell right away.  Crazy!

I entered the store and as I pulled out my camera to take some pictures, I was told I couldn't.  I was allowed to take one picture of a blackboard with prices on it but that was it.  I'm OK with that and I do understand... you can't have pictures of Mary Jane posted on the internet with your stores name on it.

Took a quick pic..

I was given a tour of facility but wasn't allowed to touch, buy, sample, etc... any of their products.  I understand... you need a doctor's prescription in order to attain anything they sell.  I was told that 70% of all the marijuana they sell is grown with-in a few miles, that is one of the laws.  I'm not sure why except to maybe prevent it from being imported and exported.?

Alex, Cory, Me "Rooster"

The only bad part of the tour was after Cory spoke to the owners of the establishment about donating money to me (he was just a manager), they said they couldn't donate to me but wished me luck on my journey.  That's OK, it was cool enough just to get a tour of the facility.  Thank you!

Sadie's Place

After leaving Sampson's (Half-Baked reference), I went back to Sadie's.  When I got there, I text her and asked if Coors Field was close (where the Rockies play).  Sadie text me back that it was and that her roommate (Ali) was going to the game.  Nice!  I asked Sadie to see if she had an extra ticket and if I could ride to the stadium with her.  Sadie said she's let me know.


A few minutes later, Sadie text me and told me that I could ride there with her (Ali) but that she didn't have an extra ticket. That's cool, I was planning on making it happen for a ticket anyway.

Plus, I checked the Rockies website and they sell one for just $4 (Rock Pile seats) .  I'll just buy that if I have to and walk right down to row 1 anyway. 😉

Ali got home at 6 pm and we waited for her friend Stephanie to show up so we could leave together (there was mad traffic out there, a major road was closed).  Stephanie arrived at 6:30 and Sadie even stopped home to say hi while she changed for her 7 pm obligation.

The game started at 6:40 pm but we are only 5 miles away, so we're not going to be that late. 😉  The traffic was bad and it did take us a little longer than expected but we were out of the car at 7 pm.

Ali, Stephanie, Me "Rooster"

Finding A Ticket

As the three of us were walking to the stadium, I stopped to talk with a scalper to see what the prices would be now that the game had already started.  The girls kept walking ahead, they already had tickets.  Anyway, I negotiated with him on a $50 ticket.  He was trying to sell it for $20 and I wanted to pay $10.  This went on for a few minutes...

Steph and Ali.. Ticktes!

Finally, he showed me that the seat was right on the Dodgers dugout (visiting team).  I could rest my elbows on top of the dugout. 🙂  I kept negotiating and we finally agreed on $15.  I had just paid the man and got the ticket (he was giving me $5 change) when Stephanie came running toward us (in high heels) yelling not to buy the ticket!

Me "Rooster" and Steph

Ahhh.... I had just given the guy the money a second before she showed!  I looked at the scalper and he handed me back my money as I gave him back the ticket.  Thanks dude for not being a scumbag! 🙂

What happened was... as Stephanie and Ali were walking a guy asked them if they needed tickets and handed them a pair for free.  She knew I needed one, so she accepted it and then ran back to where I was to make sure I didn't pay for one.  How f$%king cool is that!  I just met Stephanie 15 minutes ago and she just ran at least a block in high heals to save me money!$  Thank you so much!

Coors Field

Although all 3 of us had tickets now, we still split up because the girls had to got theirs from somewhere else.  Plus, they knew a guy that was gonna get them into a luxury box and he didn't have an extra pass.  That's was cool with me because I watch a baseball unlike most people do.  I'm all over the place! 🙂  But for the loyal readers... you already know that! 😉

As I was standing out in front of the stadium taking a picture of a statue they had, I overheard a girl on her cell phone telling a friend he needed to go buy a ticket.  I immediately turned around and offered

Thanks Kayla!

her the extra ticket I now had.  She looked surprised and asked how much?  I told her I just got the 2 tickets and then explained to her my story.

I told her I would give it to her, but if she wanted to give me $5 so I could buy a hot dog, that would be great!  She took out her wallet and handed me $10.  Nice!  I can have a soda too! 🙂 How about that... I went from spending $15 to making $10 in five minutes!  Woo Hoo!

Rockies vs. Dodgers

By the time I actually entered the stadium it was the bottom of the 2cd inning.  Not bad, there is still a lot of game left.  The first thing I did was walk the entire the stadium to see where I wanted to sit.  My seat in was somewhere in the upper deck but as we already know... that doesn't mean that's where I'm sitting! 😉

During my stroll around the stadium, I saw all that Coors Field had to offer.  The first place I stopped was guest services.  They will tell what's there and sometimes even give you a gift.  They were helpful and told me to get a Helton Burger as well as handing me a Coors Field pin.  Thanks!

Then, I got a free Rockies t-shirt for filling out some form.  I don't care, I have no home for them to send anything to anyway! 😉 Ahhh.. send to the rock behind the dumpster in Wyoming.... lol 🙂

Mascot Time

After that,  I noticed a sign that said I could meet the mascot, get a picture, and even have him sign an autograph for me.  I'm in!  So I got in line with the other children  😉 while I waited for my turn to meet Dinger!  I was the only adult in line without a child. LOL

After waiting for 10 minutes or so, it was mine time to meet... a dinosaur?  Well... I guess Barney's purple costume that kids love was the inspiration for Colorado choosing a

Covering my NY logo!

purple dinosaur named Dinger as their mascot.  It does work because the little girl in front of me kissed him on the nose as she was leaving!  So cute! 🙂

I was next, so it went from cute to disturbing in a mili-second! 😉  I took a picture with him and then had the Barney wannabe sign my ticket.  Thank you Dinger but so far... you are the weirdest most out of place mascot so far!  But the kids love you so... you're OK in my book!

Stadium Food & My First Seat

Before I decided on a seat, I got a footlong hot dog and ate it in line at Helton's Burgers while I ordered a burger combo meal.  In total, all the food I got was $18.

So basically, this game cost me $8 for everything!  Sweet!   Helton's Burgers was located in the outfield, so my first seat was in left center field (last row, seat 1).

Missing Another Ball!!!

I was seated in the last row of left center and I had just finished my burger combo.  There was a pitching chance going on and I could see that Dodger's center fielder Matt Kemp was looking to throw a ball he was warming up with into the stands.  I don't know... I could just tell.

So I left my seat, walked down about 20 rows, and waited to see what he would do.  I was standing in

Near Spideykid

the aisle, when he launched it right in the area where I was standing (about 10 feet to my left).  I jumped onto the bleachers as I made my way through people to where the ball would land.  I reached out my left hand between another guy's arms and.... the other guy came down with it!

Now, in my defense... he was in his seat when he caught it and I trecked all the way down from the last row of the section to get that close.  None-the-less, I missed another ball inches!  My last chance ay a baseball this season!  A few minutes later, I went back to guy who caught it to take a picture with the ball, but he gave to a little kid who was at his 1st game.  Nice!

So... I found the little kid who he gave the ball to and asked him if I could take a picture with it.  The younger said OK, I guess (he didn't say anything actually :)) but I still took the ball and got my picture taken with it.  His father said it was OK, I'm not a monster! 😉

Watching The Rest Of The Game

The Rockies were down most of the game had a late 7th inning rally to tie the score at 6-6.  During that stretch, they hit a few home runs and the scoreboard was real cool when that happened.

Also, the Colorado fans are great!  They are completely into the game and love their Rockies!  It was cool to see it is such baseball town after only having a team since 1993.  Nice!

At some point during the game the whole stadium sings a song that runs across the scoreboard.  It was really cool as the whole play sang it together!  I don't remember the tune but it went like this.... Hey baby, I wanna know, if you will be my girl... ooohhh aaahhh, Heeey... etc...

At some point, I moved seats to 10 rows behind home plate on the 3rd base side.  It was a great view of the game as I watched the Rockies almost make a come back.  The Rockies have two of baseball's best players in Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez but it wasn't enough as they lost 9-7.

As the game was ending, I met back up with the girls (Ali and Steph).  They had work early in the morning, so we left in the 9th inning and went home.  I had awesome time and it was very nice stadium with great fans!  Thanks girls for the ride and tickets!

Sadie's (Well... Ali's) 🙂

We got back around 10 pm and Ali went right to bed.  Sadie got a home from her long day about 30 minutes later.  We hung out outside and just talked like good friends do. 🙂  Then, we decided where I would go in Wyoming.  After discussing it and looking through internet, we decided I would go to Teton Village.

Teton Village has a National Park, a Hostel, and is 15 minutes from Jackson Hole ( a real cool place) as well just an hour south of  Yellowstone National Park.  Plus... it's the closest place to Denver in Wyoming that I want to go to, 9 hours away.  🙁


It's 12:42 pm and I'm just finishing writing my post.  I don't think I'm leaving today now.  The ride is to long, I'm not packed or showered yet, The Hostel won't let me in after 10:30 pm, and I need to hit the casino here in Denver to try and build my funds up!   OK... I just decided as I write this... one more day in Denver! 🙂

It actually works out perfect now.  One, I now have a 3 day vacation from my trip and a 3 day vacation feels right, 2 days feels rushed.  Who goes away for just 2 days... even a weekend trip is 3 days long. 🙂

Two, now my next three weeks on the road will all cut be evenly by one day.  So, I will spend just 6 days in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  Perfect, it works out!  That's all for today.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Once again, sounds like a great day.
    Can you and I switch places? Pretty please!!!

    Love Dad

  2. Brian Meltzer says:


    is that the song they were playing?

    I have seen you dad twice at family function over past month, We talk about you as we area both reading this daily.

  3. Shonda says:

    Hi! I was behind you as you went through Fort Collins on North College (Hwy 287) around noon today. Good luck on your adventure; sounds like fun! 🙂

  4. dave says:

    Thank you! That is so cool you checked it out! 🙂

  5. dave says:

    Yes it was.. real cool! Everybody sang along!

  6. Gene says:

    Shonda is so randomly awesome!

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