An Ice Storm in Dallas & A Hockey Game! (TX) “DAY 212” – 2/1/11

February 3, 2011 - 6:50 am - (TX) “DAY 213” - Week 31 - State 28

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Before I start writing about my daily adventure, I have to do a “Back To Future” style post again because February 1st (my today) was my one of my niece’s birthday (Olivia). (left: youngest girl)

Olivia is a beautiful little girl who as my Mom says... takes no prisoners.  What she means buy that is... she is so cute and adorable that she can get whatever she wants from people.  Kinda like me except she’s cute and adorable. 🙂  So, although you are to young to read my site... Happy Birthday Liv!

On To My Tuesday - 2/1/11
I woke up this morning around 11 am which isn’t that late considering I didn’t finish writing until after 4 am last night.  The crazy thing is... the weather out here has gone haywire!

Yes!  I’m in Dallas and it’s freezing out!  It’s in the single digits and the roads are completely covered in a sheet of ice.  I had never seen an ice storm before, but I have now and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Ice everywhere!

Deciding On Where I’m Staying
Now, I have a decision to make.  I don’t have anywhere to stay tonight and I have to be out of my Motel 6 room at 12:30 pm.  The problem... the roads are so bad I almost got into an accident driving across the street for lunch at Whataburger. (I slide through a stop sign and into a major road.)  Whew!

After my near miss accident while driving less than a mile, I decided that whatever the price, I would have to stay at the Motel 6 again tonight ($46).  So, after paying for another night, I bunkered down in my room for the day and got to writing.

It’s 6 pm... What To Do?
By the time 6 pm rolled around, I was going stir-crazy in my room.  So, I looked out my door to check the weather and it was the same... Ice everywhere!  Damn!  Still though, I wanted to do something so I checked the internet to see what I could get into tonight.

After realizing the Dallas Stars had a hockey game at AA arena (7:30 pm, same place the Mavs play), I decided that’s what I’m going to do tonight.  As always, I don’t have ticket but that shouldn’t be a problem as I always find a way! 😉

Driving To The Arena - Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks
I don’t have any pictures of the drive because it was that bad out.  But, the fastest my car was driving was 30 mph and that was to fast because I almost slide through a red light at one point. (Nobody was on the road, so it wasn’t that scary.)

Parking & Running To The Gate
Even though it was just 7 miles from the Motel to the stadium, it took me over 40 minutes to get there.  There was no traffic, it was just that bad out!  Anyway, after parking in the same garage I did yesterday (Hard Rock parking garage), I ran the 3 blocks all the way to the Arena because it was so cold out.

The problem... I wasn’t the only one running, everybody was.  So, finding a ticket is gonna be tough because nobody is lingering around outside, they are all running right to the gate as quickly possible to escape the cold.

Finding A Ticket
I guess I didn’t think this situation through because there is nobody outside of the stadium to find a ticket from.  There isn’t even any scalpers out.  It’s just to cold and the roads are just that bad!  Ahhh!

With no other options available to me, I hit the ticket window to see what their cheapest ticket was.  Luckily for me, I still have my college ID (from Kean U.) because they had student admission prices available up to one hour before the game. (An upper level ticket is just $10.)

F.Y.I. - As you all know by now, I usually get into the all the games I attend for free but the truth is, I have no problem paying up to $20 for a ticket.  That’s my ceiling for any game (even the Super Bowl, well maybe $50 for that game ;)).  So, $20 is my ceiling and $10 is a price I would pay gladly . 🙂

As I was paying for my ticket at the window, I took a photo of the guy handing it to me and because I did that... he gave me a gift card to Chipotle for a free lunch.  Really, he said that since I took his picture, he’s giving me the gift card.  Thanks pal! (My ticket is only $5 now, kinda.) 😉

Entering AA Arena
Now, since I was just here last night for the Mavs game, I didn’t have to explore the venue as I already know the lay of the land here in Dallas.  Still, I did a little walking around to see if anything was different from last night. (It was a little different as there were more hockey signs hanging in the arena hallways but that’s it.)

Finding A Seat
The best thing about going to a game where the weather is this bad is that if you’re one of the brave few who ventured to the stadium... you can almost sit anywhere you want!

It should be obvious but it’s because nobody is here!  So, after scanning the arena, I choose what I though was the best seat in the house.  Right on the glass, center ice!  Oh yeah! 🙂

Taking My Seat
Now, getting to the glass wasn’t that hard at all as most of the security wasn’t even there. (I guess they called out of work.)  So, even before they sung the National Anthem, I was seated on the glass ready to watch my first hockey game of the trip.

National Anthem Or Better Said... Anthems
For the first time on my trip, I heard duel National Anthems before the game started.  First, they sung the Canadian National Anthem complete with the Canadian Flag as well as graphics about Canada on the big screen (scoreboard).

As soon as they finished O’Canada, My home blah, blah, blah blah,... the singer went directly into our National Anthem.  The cool thing about our Anthem was when the singer said the word Stars, the whole crowd would yell, STARS!, really cool! 🙂

My Seat
Now, even though I have been in the media and have had many press passes in my life, I have never sat on the glass for a hockey game before.  Man, this is so cool!  Every picture I took was an amazing photo because it was happening right in front of me.  Unreal!

Also, in my opinion, hockey is the best sport to watch live compared to on TV.  For some reason, the game comes to life so much more when you are in the arena and then add in the fact that I’m on the glass... and I’m sitting in hockey heaven right now! 🙂

Getting Kicked Out Of My Seat
Like I said, the stadium was more than half-empty, but still, people were coming in one by one throughout the first period.  This sucked for me because about 5 minutes into the first period, the guy who’s seat I was in showed up and obviously asked me to move.  Damn!

Rather than moving to my actual seat, I just slide down a few chairs as I continued to watch the hockey game on the glass.  The problem now... I was sitting right next to somebody who looked like they always sat there, so would know it wasn’t my seat.

Meeting Louisa
The person sitting next to me now was attractive older lady who was way into the game.  She was yelling at the glass calling the players ladies when they made a bad play.  LOL

Also, since I was now directly seated next to somebody, we would be sharing an arm rest as well as some space. (It’s tight at the glass.)  Less than a minute after my move to this seat, I said to the lady next to me, “Hey, you look like you sit all the time.  I have never sat on the glass before and this isn’t my seat.

She looked back at me and said, “ I know because that’s my seat you’re sitting in!”  Ahhh!  I immediately said to her, “I’ll move, I’m sorry.”  But she said, “No, you don’t have to, just don’t take my arm rest, as she smiled.” 😉

After that, I knew I was next to real cool lady, so I started talking to her about life/whatever.  So, I introduced myself and told her what I was doing.  She then told me her name was Louisa but by the the end of the first of the period, she was Louie to me!  (We were friends by then.) 🙂

Finding Out Who She Was
Seriously, and I truly mean this, talking with Louisa during the game was the most fun I had had with anybody I sat next to at a game during my whole trip!  She was a wealth of knowledge about hockey as well as having a great sense of humor!

Realizing she was extremely knowledgeable about the game, I asked her what she did for a living expecting to hear something with sports.  But what she told me, I wasn’t expecting to hear.

Take a guess who I’m sitting next to???  I’m sitting next to an owner of the team!  Yes, I’m sitting in an owner’s seat!  Unreal!  As she told me this, she showed me her Stanley Cup Championship ring from 1999. (She’s a minority owner.)

Wearing Her Stanley Cup Championship Ring
As she showed me the ring, she must have saw my eyes light up because she immediately took it off and told me I could try it on.  Oh yeah!  This is so cool, I’m sitting in an owner’s seat, wearing a Stanley Cup Ring, while sitting on the glass watching two first place hockey teams compete!  Am I dreaming! 🙂

Louisa Goes A Step Further
I don’t remember exactly when this happened but sometime during the game, Louie actually gave me the ticket to the seat ($300 face) so I could move freely throughout the Arena and still get back to my owner’s seat on the glass!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

People are so amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Actual Game - 1st & 2nd Periods
As I told you earlier in the post, every single picture I took from this seat was a great photo.  You are so close to the action that if you put your drink on the rail in front of you, you are gonna be wearing it in no time! (That’s because when they check somebody into the glass, your drink feels the hit and will spill on you. This is a rookie mistake!) 😉

Anyway, unfortunately for the Stars fans, Vancouver has had Dallas’s number all season long winning all three games they have played this season.  And tonight was no different as the Canucks dominated the 2nd period of the game which lead to a 3-1 lead. (The 1st period was scoreless.)

Ice Girls
During the period intermissions and also during long commercial breaks, a bunch of hot girls on skates come onto the ice and clean up all the ice shaving from the arena.  I guess since they don’t have cheerleaders, this is there chance for the men in the arena to let their jaw’s drop at the sexy and graceful women who skate around the rink.

They were all good looking but there was one blonde girl who I just fell in love with!  In case you read this, my number is 555-555-5555, just kidding.  She won’t see my site! 😉  I wish had more to write about this because I have a lot of great pictures of the girls cleaning up the ice, but I don’t have anything else to say so... that’s it I guess. 🙂

Oh yeah, I don’t think it’s as cool as I did when I was kid, but during intermission they also cleaned the ice with the normal devise they use at every arena, a Zamboni.  I used to love watching this machine work but after seeing the ice girls... I hate the Zamboni! 😉

The 3rd Period
The 3rd period was exciting to watch but only because I was sitting so close to the action.  That’s because the Canucks never looked back after the 2nd and even increased their lead to 4-1 sometime during the last 20 minutes.

Still, it was a great game to watch although it would have been better if the Stars would have won or at least made it close in the end.  None-the-less, I love watching pro-hockey live as I really enjoy the pace and speed of the game.

Meeting More People
Also, during the last period, a bunch of fans did as I did and moved down to the glass. (It was real easy at this point as many of the people in attendance left early because of the weather, so glass seats around the arena were opening up.)

Because of what I just explained, my new neighbor (on the other side) was a couple of pretty girls.  The girl right next to me (Alexia) was super hot but as I found out... she was dating one of the players for the Stars.  Shocker!  A super hot girl with an athlete.

Anyway, after making some introductions between the women on either side of me, Louisa, myself, Alexia, and her friend took a picture.  (Louisa is so well versed in everything, she actual rented a house to Alexia’s boyfriend on the team a few years ago.)  What a small world!

A Picture With The Coach Of Vancouver
Other than the girls I met at the glass, I also met a guy named Kyle who snuck into the section.  He was a regular guy (just like me) and during one of the intermissions I asked him to take a picture of me with the coach.

It wasn’t a real picture with him because the coach didn’t know it was happening.  Let me explain, I was so close to the ice that when the coaches walked off the ice, they walked right past me.

So, I stood next to the glass (with my shoulder pressing up against it) and when the coach pasted by me, Kyle snapped a pic. (He was a little early and late with the photos but it still was cool.)  Thanks Kyle!

Things I Left Out During The Course Of Evening

I usually write everything in the order it happened but in this case, I have to go back to tell you about a few other things that occurred during the evening.  The first thing I forgot was that during the game, Louisa caught a $5 Chilis gift certificate and gave it to me.  Thanks for everything Louie!

And, during the game sometime, I went to the concession stand to get some food when I met a real hot but married Canadian girl who was in town for the game.  We talked for AAAAA-while (LOL ;)) about how you can only get 2 beers at a time here in America at sports events.

This bother’d her so much, it was obviously she was a Canadian. 😉  Anyway, since I wasn’t drinking, I stood there with her while she ordered 4 beers instead of the 2 she would have been able to obtain.  Hey, I do what I can. 🙂

Leaving American Airlines Arena
Being I stayed until the very end of the game (10:00 pm-ish) , by the time I got outside, it was even colder and more frozen than when I walked in.  It was so iced over, that I saw people sliding down the walkway from the stadium exit to the street.

Then, when I got to the street, it wasn’t any better than the walkway I was just on.  This whole city is one big sheet of ice right now.  It is a unreal sight!  I have never seen anything like this before and I grew up in NJ where it snows every year.

Driving Home - Motel 6
The ride that took 45 minutes on the way in (just 7 miles), took even longer on the way home and... less people were on the road.  It was just so icy, that it wasn’t worth driving much faster than 20 mph for most of the way.

I got back to my room around mid-night and after talking with Jeremy, I watching some TV until I passed out on my bed with my laptop open from writing/uploading pictures around 3-4 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Owners & General Managers?? I’m impressed with the people that you’ve been hanging out with lately. And I thought it would be all down hill after your interaction with The President. Tell Mark Cuban I said hello when you hang with him later.

  2. bennervous says:

    What a great night….how cool to meet yet another owner! Also, I totally agree with you about watching hockey live. I say the same thing all the time that hockey is the best sport when comparing to watching on TV…and for those out there who are not hockey fans, I say go to a game and that’ll change their mind. BTW, I think basketball is second when it comes to the difference between watching on TV vs. live. (Of course, I am only talking about the sport aspect…as the whole tailgating scene in football is hard to beat).
    Do me a favor, when you get into the Superbowl, text me so I can look for you as I watch!

  3. DAD says:

    Kudo’s to Olivia on her 5th B-Day. Awesome post.
    Your all about Long Shots and today was a good one. Yesterday you get your face painted and today, you sit on the glass, with a very attractive woman,Louisa, who just happens to be one of the owners. She’s wearing a Championship ring and you two are now best buds. Give me a break!!!Did you tell her your Dad like’s hockey and pretty woman? LOL
    Sounds like your making the best of bad weather.
    Go Steelers !!!!!!!

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