An Icy Day In Dallas! What’s Goin On Here? (TX) “DAY 213” – 2/2/11

February 4, 2011 - 1:00 pm - (TX) “DAY 213” - Week 31 - State 28

I woke up this morning close to check out time and when I looked outside... the streets were still a sheet of ice.  Since I don’t have Wi-fi in my room anymore (it’s $2.99 per 24 hours and my time already expired) and I don’t have a room for tonight, I left for Starbucks to get my posting done while I weighed my options.

While I was warming up my car, I spoke on the phone with Todd (Curt’s from AZ and Scott from TX's best friend from childhood).  Through them, I have known Todd myself for about 10 years.  Todd and I have gone on at least 5 group vacations together over the years.

Anyway, Todd is from the Dallas area so he said he’d meet me at Starbucks after he got done working and take to me to lunch or something. (We didn’t discuss what we were gonna do to much.)

I got to Starbucks at noon and kept writing until 2 pm when they closed early because of the weather outside.  Yes, it is that bad here in Dallas (weather-wise).  Because they were closing early, they gave free pastries to who ever was there.  Nice! 🙂

Backing up a little, around 1:30 pm, Todd showed up, so while I kept writing until we got thrown out, Todd did some work on his laptop.  During this time, we decided to go get some lunch at Humperdinks (a sports bar nearby).

Humperdinks was a very big Texas sports bar.  As soon as I walked in, I saw a huge Dallas Cowboys helmet hanging in the middle of the bar.  Ahhh!  Sickening!  Go Steelers! 🙂

None-the-less, Todd and I saddled up to the bar and ordered some lunch.  Seated next to us (at the bar) were two real cool guys.  One guy was named Gary and he played OT at Texas back in the day (1977-81, I think).  The other gentleman was named Jimmy. (Left: Jimmy and Gary)

Anyway, the four of us talked about sports and my journey until our lunch arrived. (The guys left while we were eating.)  Nice talking with you!  While we were eating, Todd realized I had nowhere to stay, so he told me I could stay at his parents house in the country (35 miles north of Dallas).

F.Y.I. - Scott from Houston had called Todd parent’s while I was still in Houston to see if I could stay with them.  They said no problem.  I was gonna head up there Tuesday but the weather was so bad, it was just safer to pay $45 for my room again.

Driving To Todd’s Parents - McKinney, TX
As I keep on saying, the roads were terrible out here.  Even the highways are covered in ice.  I’ll try to explain this, the highway roads went ice, no ice, ice, no ice across all 4 lanes.

So, if you were in a lane is was kinda safe, but when you had to change lanes, you were driving across ice.  My car slide sideways at one point and almost spun completely in a circle.  Whew!  Close call!

Anyway, during this time, Todd called me on the phone (I was following him) and told me we were just stay gonna at his place because the roads were so bad and he lived closer than his parents did.  Nice!  Not that I didn’t want to stay with his parents but again... the roads were that bad!

Arriving At Todd’s House
The reason I was staying at Todd’s parents instead of Todd’s to begin with was because Todd’s wife Kelli wasn’t to keen on the idea of having somebody she never met stay in her house (as well as somebody Todd has never talked about either).  Completely understandable.

But then she saw the weather outside and decided she would roll the dice on me. (She called Todd and told him just to bring me there during the ride.)

Meeting Kelli
When I walked in, I met Kelli and after talking to her for a little bit, I could tell she was already at ease with her decision to let me stay.

Actually, I know she was comfortable because she kept telling me how amazing my journey was and that she was more than happy to be able to help me out.  Thanks Kelli!  Well... and Todd too! 🙂

Besides just letting me stay there, Todd and Kelli put together an awesome dinner for me.  They made steak and potatoes.  Perfect!  They didn’t know it, but that it is my favorite meal.  Meat and potatoes!  Oh yeah! 🙂

During dinner, we kept talking about my journey and Kelli just couldn’t believe what I was doing and how far I had come.  Also, the charity work I have done throughout my trip really seemed to impress to her.  Like I told her and Todd, I’m just trying to do good and make people smile! 🙂

Kelli Helps Me Further
I tell ya... it’s crazy how life works sometimes because here I am at Todd and Kelli’s by chance and... Kelli was majorly on the fence about even having me in her home, but then... Kelli offers to help me out with my journey!  People are so awesome!

Let me explain.  Kelli works in radio and long story short... she thinks she can get me on multiple syndicated radio shows throughout the country through her radio contacts.  Are you kidding me!?  This is so awesome!  This is exactly what I asked for in my post a few days ago, unreal!

So... summing this up.  I went from not knowing where I was gonna stay, to being helped out in every which which way I could have hoped for.  I had a great dinner, I had a warm comfortable place to sleep, and the best part of all... I may have just gotten some national exposure!  🙂 🙂 🙂  Thank you for just wanting to help Kelli!

An Early Night
About 9 pm, Todd and I sat in the living room and watched some TV but before I knew it and I’m not sure when, I passed out on the couch cold.  I must have been tired because I didn’t hear my phone ring when Jeremy (Cali) called me as he does every night.

Well, that was my day.  Tomorrow, I think I am staying at my friend Mike’s (NJ).  I’m not sure yet, so I’ll just have to play it by ear.  But... tomorrow, I am certain I am starting my Super Bowl week.  I’m hitting whatever I can as I try to find my ticket to the big game! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    When is the last time you played poker… this trip is cool don’t get me wrong but you have lost focus from your original plan.. your trip would be over if you did not win suicide pool… you were suppose to have 2 bank accounts one the emergency aka the donations the other, the poker account. Also what finding a job if you lost that day at casino, what about a free gym membership for the week oh and what about finding a date for saturday. What happened to that. Oh and I feel you could do more charity work too.

  2. DAD says:

    Once again your charm has won over a strangers heart.
    Kelli won’t regret or ever forget the Rooster !!!!

  3. dave says:

    For starters… the plan was to make it while doing everything. That was also before I knew what the trip was gonna take just to survive. That being said… I played poker the whole week I was in Oklahoma. Texas has no legal gambling and I’ve heard the poker rooms in Dallas are hard to find and dangerous for outsiders.

    Secondly, Yes, the money was separate until there was no money left. Then it got pooled together. Finding a job was if I was broke and/or needed/wanted to continue the journey. I haven’t needed to do that yet. Girls, I meet girls all the time but finding a good girl to date me each week has proved difficult, yet I still am always trying to meet a quality woman. Unfortunately for me, many women I have met and wouldn’t date me then… would date me now after getting to know me. I know this because they have texted me and told me.

    Charity work… you are right. I can always do more charity work!


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