An Old Friend Surprises Me & Writing! (SC) “DAY 261” – 3/22/11

March 24, 2011 - 12:30 pm - (SC) “DAY 261” - Week 38 - State 34

Either I got lucky this week or Myrtle Beach is beautiful in late March because it’s 78 degrees out and the rest week (which I just checked on the weather channel) looks to be similar.  Nice! 🙂

Because it’s so nice, I brought my computer to a table the Sea Echo has out front (also that’s where I can get Wi-Fi) so I could start writing while I got a tan. I have to get a good tan because there’s nothing worse than white fat!  Tanned fat looked so much better for some reason. 😉

Working Out
As I sat there worrying about how white and fat I was, I decided to get up and kill two birds with one stone.  Time to jog with my shirt off and scare away the ladies. (Sometimes there are necessary evil’s in getting in shape.) 😉

An Old College Friend Calls (WVU)
While I was in my room getting ready to leave and workout (putting on my sneakers, etc.), I realized I had missed a call from somebody.  So, I called back the number and it was Scott Kline. LOL  🙂

Kline lived across the hall from me my 3rd year (can’t say junior year ;)) at WVU. (He was roommates with David who I just saw in Miami for a day two weeks ago.)  (Right: David in Miami)

Anyway, Kline has been following my journey and when he realized I was in South Carolina, he gave me a call because he lives less than an hour away.  We talked for a little bit and then he said he was gonna come down and take me to lunch. People are so amazing, thanks Kline!

Back To Working Out
I had some time before he was gonna arrive, so I hit the streets near the ocean and got to running!  My legs were so sore from running last night that each step felt like I was carrying a piano on my back.  Getting back into shape just plain sucks! 🙁  Damn you fat belly!

Even though each step was worse than the last, I kept on pushing forward because the music I was listening to on my Ipod was firing me up. (I listen to all kinds of music but today I needed the Rocky 4 soundtrack to make it through.)  Yeah... I pulled out the big guns today! 🙂

Kline Shows Up
It was almost perfect timing as by the time I was done showering (etc.), Scott was at my door ready to take me lunch somewhere in town.  It is so wild to see Kline at my door because I haven’t seen or talked to him many years.

The thing is... he looks exactly the same.  He was always a big country boy who looked like Bob’s Big Boy and today he’s still a big country boy who looks like Bob’s Big Boy. (Sorry buddy. Hey, at least you don't like the Pillsbury Doughboy as I do.) 🙂
As I was getting ready after my brutal 2 mile jog, Scott was telling me how he just ran half marathon.  Wow!  He was always a very good athlete, but to be 6’2 230 lbs and run a half marathon at our age... is impressive!  Nice job brother!

Dagwood’s Sandwich Shop
A few blocks from where I’m staying is a sandwich called Dagwoods that Scott has eaten countless times in his life. (He lived in Myrtle Beach for 4 or 5 years not to long ago.)   So after telling me how good the food was there, we decided that’s where we have lunch.

Ordering Our Lunch
After entering Dagwood’s, we approached the ordering counter where Scott told me to get anything I wanted because he’s buying.  Thanks Again Bro!  (He ordered a chicken sandwich and I got a hot corned beef sandwich.)  The sandwich was good but it wasn’t as good the ones I get in Jersey.  Still, not bad. 🙂

Catching Up
Anyway, for the next a hour or so, we caught up on life and whatnot. (Scott definitely reads my site because he knew a lot about some of the stuff I’ve done).  So cool!

It great hanging with Kline, but he lives a real life with a wife, kids, and a job, so after we finished eating he had to get back to his family for the evening.  But before he brought me back to the Sea Echo, he gave me a quick tour of town and where I should go.  Perfect, I now know where I am and all the cool places in town. 🙂

Scott Donates To The Rooster’s Trip
On top of buying me lunch (which was more than generous as he drove all the way down here from N.C. just to buy it for me), Scott even did more.  As I was getting out of his car, he gave a some money so I could go out one night on him while I was in Myrtle Beach.

F.Y.I. - He didn’t want his picture taken while donating to me as he said it was no big deal and he was more than happy to contribute to my wild adventure.  He also didn’t want me to disclose the amount.  Thank you so much Scott! 🙂

The Rest Of My Day
I didn’t think this was gonna be the rest of my night, but after Scott dropped me off, I took a nap and when I woke up, I proceeded to write a post to my most loyal reader who happens to bust my balls any chance he can get.

Writing For The Rest Of The Night
The response I wrote to Mike took me a bunch of hours because I didn’t have any pictures to add to a story that didn’t really exist.  So, I had to go through 24,000 + pictures so my long post would be better to read. (Without pictures, it doesn’t look as good.)

Also, the internet connection I have isn’t the fastest, so each picture (50+ of them) took a minute or more to upload.  And that doesn’t even count the time it took me to find each picture I was looking for. (My picture organization on my computer has changed many times during this year so it’s hard to find pics during the first four months.)

By the time I was finished, it was after 1 am and my day had passed me by.  Honestly, I didn’t mind as I got through another day without spending any money.  But that will be the last time I write a specific post to Mike.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Rooster has many quiet followers, but not me.
    How could you eat corned beef anywhere but home?
    Can Harold’s be far away??????

  2. Larry says:

    The way I see it, a day on the beach writing the odds for Rooster’s Sports Book and Casino is a day well spent! I know you will be done your trek before the end of the baseball season, but I am still up for our annual smack talk following the odds posting! So get to it already!!!!!

  3. tom buckley says:

    how many shots?

  4. Gene says:


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