Another Busy Day in The City! (NY) “DAY 348” – 6/17/11

June 19, 2011- 10:02 pm - (NY) “DAY 348” - Week 50 - State 48

I woke up today (Friday) and this first thing I had to do was move my car.  I’m already mentioned in past posts but parking NYC is a bitch.  Either you have to pay buku bucks at a parking garage (a cheap one is $13 for the first half-hour and then up) or you have to be real lucky and find one of the few street spots available.

So, knowing my financial situation, you know what route I have to choose. 😉  The street my car is on (58 St. and 1st Ave-ish) is alternate side of the street parking where you have to move your car on Mon and Thur or Tues and Fri.  I’m on the Tues and Fri side so that’s why I’m out here.

Getting A Parking Spot
Anyway, when I got to the street I asked a local who was moving his car what the deal was and he said everybody just double parks their car on the other side of the street and right after the street sweeper goes past, you rush to get back into a spot.

Then, depending on when this happens, you have to sit in your car until 11;30 am when it is actually legal to park your car there. (If you leave car and a cop walks by you’ll get a ticket. I’m not sure how much they are but they are not cheap.)

So, at 10:10 am the street sweeper went by and then I sat in my car writing on my laptop until 11:30 am when it was OK to leave my spot. I gotta tell ya, it might seem like a lot of work and time to find a spot, but I was as lucky as could be to have such an easy parking week. 🙂

Walking To A Museum
Now that my car was safe from ticketing for the next few days, I was off to the American Museum of Natural History.  I choose to go to this museum because it’s one of coolest places you can imagine museum-wise.  Also, it’s basically free as they accept donations for your entry fee. (There are expected prices but it’s not mandatory.)

The walk to the museum is about 3 miles and since I have to walk back, I’ll be doing a lot of walking today.  I mean a lot of walking because that’s just the distance to and from the museum let alone all the walking I’ll be doing in between those two walks.  Hey, maybe I’ll even lose a few lbs. 😉

Arriving At Central Park
In order to get to the museum (the way I went), I had to travel right through the middle of Central Park.  The park in the summer time is a an awesome place as there are people everywhere doing all kinds of things.  It’s definitely a one of kind place.

Getting Shakespeare In The Park Tickets
Then, as I was making my way toward the museum, I spotted a theater in the middle of the park.  So, me being me, I stopped at the ticket booth to see what was going on and how I could be apart of it.

After a quick conversation, I found out that they were giving out free tickets to Shakespeare in the park so I got two of them.  This is basically a free series of plays that are performed in the park during the summer and the tickets are given out on a first come basis. (The show is cancelled if it’s raining out. It might rain tonight.) 🙁

Arriving At The Museum
Once I left the park, it was only a block or two further to where the museum was.  Nice!  I don’t think I could have walked outside in the heat any further without it being a little annoying. (I was getting sticky and sweaty.)

The American Museum of Natural History
When I finally got to the front of the American Museum of Natural History, I was greeted by huge statue of Theodore Roosevelt (our 26th President).  He was on a horse just like how he was in that stupid Ben Stiller museum movie but it’s much cooler in person.

Getting A Ticket
As I already mentioned you needed a ticket to get in, but since the price of admission was whatever you could afford to donate, I gave what I could afford and walked into to see the amazing exhibits. (I donated some change I had in pocket. Hey, it’s probably more of a percentage of my net worth than anybody else donated.) 😉

Also, in the ticketing area of the museum, there were a few dinosaurs pieced together from their archeological remains.  I gotta say, it’s wild to think these massive animals once walked the earth for many years and are now gone.  Really cool!

Seeing Some Real Cool Stuff
Now, if you’ve never been to this museum before it’s hard to begin to describe it all because there are 4 levels of exhibits and on each level there is so much information on everything.  There is anything and everything you could imagine in this building.  It’s amazing!

I Can’t Describe It All
As I was just explaining, I won’t even try to tell you about this whole place because it wouldn’t do it justice.  This is just one of things in life you have to see yourself to understand how vast and cool it was.  Plus, I’m still so far behind in my writing, I can’t take all the time it would take to write it appropriately.

Dinosaurs Are Cool
Even though I won’t give you the whole rundown of all that was offered, I still will talk about all the dinosaurs that had pieced to together in their dinosaur exhibit.   They had a T-Rex and a bunch of other species. (T-Rex is the only name I remember.)

But, there were also numerous species of oceanic type dinosaurs. (I don’t know what ocean dinosaurs are called so that’s how I’ll refer to them.)  Anyway, I enjoyed all that I saw and after looking at everything they offered in this area, I headed to the space exhibit which was right by the exit door.

Leaving The Museum
So, after checking out some of the real cool things they showed about space, I left the museum so I could walk back to Jonah’s for the evening. (It rained cats and dogs while I was inside so the tickets I have for Shakespeare in the park later are probably useless.)

Walking Back To Jonah’s
The walk back to Jonah’s felt much longer than it did on the way there.  I guess my legs were tired from walking all day long. (I probably covered over 2-3 miles just walking around inside the museum. Yes, it was that big inside.)

Hanging With Jonah
When I finally got back to Jonah’s place it was after 7 pm and I was whooped!  I really was tired from all the walking I had done.  So, for the next few hours, I just sat down in the apartment and started to upload/name pictures from my Thursday and Friday (today).

Then, sometime after 11 pm Jonah finally got home from work.  I say finally because he went to work on Thursday morning and this is the first time I have seen him since.  Wow!  That’s a lot of work.

Calling It A Night
So, even though we hung out for a few hours watching TV with another friend of Jonah’s who stopped by (Barry), it wasn’t a crazy evening at all as I was asleep by 1 am. (1 am could be late for some people, but 1 am in NY on a Friday night is way early.)

So, that was my day.  I know tomorrow will be another long one because Jonah is off from work and he wants to show me around the city. (He didn’t know his work week would be so hectic, so he said Saturday he give me the grand tour of NYC from a local’s point of view.)  Nice! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    great museum. also try the Guggenheim on 5th ave.

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