Another Day In Brian Head… (Utah) “DAY 159” – 12/10/12

December 11, 2010 - 12:45 am - (Utah) “DAY 159”

I woke up this morning at 7 am and since it was so early, I watched the sunrise. (Is this what people do in the am?) 😉  It was a pretty nice view as it must have snowed a little last night because the ground was covered with fresh powder.

Anyway, I was scheduled to leave today as my 4 day/3 night work vacation was over.  But, before I left, I went down to the Grande Lodge to thank Tim for dinner last night.

The Grande Lodge
I arrived at Tim’s office shortly after 9 am and after speaking with him, he asked me if I wanted to stay another night (in the Grande Lodge, not the condo).

I jumped at the chance because the Grande Lodge is the hub of Brian Head and it will make my article more thorough as well as easier to write.  Like I said yesterday, Tim is a real cool guy with a great personality, you can tell why he is GM of the property.

Now, since I wasn’t leaving, I had to get my stuff from my old room (a property over) (Cedar Breaks) and bring it to my new room at the Grande Lodge.

My New Room Is Sweet Too!
My new room at the Grande Lodge isn’t a 3 bedroom condo but I think it’s just as nice. And... for one person, it might even be better.  It has a huge flat screen TV over the fireplace, a fridge, microwave, and of course... a comfortable king size bed.  Nice!

Exploring The Grande Lodge
For most of the day, I did everything the Grande Lodge had to offer (except use the spa they had, it cost money ;)).  I used there fitness center, did laundry in the guest facility, checked out the pool as well as the outdoor hot tub, and ended my day at the bar they had (The Lift Bar & Patio).

I could write more about my day in detail but truthfully... I didn’t do anything to exciting.  Although the Lodge’s facilities are top of the line (everything is new), it is early in the season and there isn’t many people here.

So, for the most part, I just made sure I did my job and checked out everything they had offer.  (Obviously, I want to write an informative and thorough article.)  Anyway, around 10 pm, I was getting tired so I went back to my room and called it a night.

The Room
When I got back to my room, all I did for the rest of the night was write, watch TV, and talk on the phone with my cousin J.T. and then Jeremy.  It was great talking with my cousin because I haven’t really talked to him much since I stayed with him in Michigan.  Get’em Rooster!

Well... I wish there was a more exciting story to write like... while I was in Utah, I got so drunk that I had sex with female Yeti who’s now pregnant.  And... she’s already asking for child support too!   Ahhh, not child support! LOL 🙂

But, that didn’t happen, so I hope the truth was good enough for today. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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