Another Day in Gary… (IN) “DAY 32” – 8/5/10

August 6, 2010 - 3:39 am - (IN) “DAY 33”

View of Lake Michigan from Poker Room

I woke up this morning and had to decide whether or not I was gonna spend the rest of the week here in Gary, at the Majestic or travel south 3 hours south to Indianapolis.  Although I’d like to see Indy, Gary is just 25 miles from Chicago (next stop) and I had a good enough time yesterday to want to stay.

Now, I had to shell out some money for the hotel room (two more nights).  I figured I’d keep the room until Saturday and leave for Chi-town after midnight (technically Sunday).  For three nights at the Majestic Hotel, it cost me $135.  I paid $55 on a credit card and $80. cash.

It’s not that bad considering it’s almost an all-inclusive deal.  I say that because all my meals (and drinks) have been comped and I haven’t spent any money other than on my room.

After I got the room, I walked over to the casino (about a 5 min walk although it is kinda attached).  The first thing I did, was go over the players club area to see if there was any deals going on that day.


While I was on line, I started talking with an older nice man (Phil).  He was a regular and told me Thursday was free buffet day.  Nice!  All you has to do was get the comp from the players club (I was already in line).

My turn came and when I asked about the free buffet the lady responded that I didn’t qualify, it was only for members with a certain number of hours logged.  Phil wouldn’t stand for it as he argued in my behalf as I stood at the counter.  The lady actually asked if we were together, he got so emphatic for me.

Despite his efforts, I didn’t get the comp for the buffet so I left for the poker room to play some cards.  Thanks for trying Phil... good luck!

It was 3:30 pm when I got sat at a table (no wait), I bought in for $140.  My first hand was (K, 10) off-suit.  The flop came with blanks and I folded.  The table was playing friendly although big pots were happening, I just had to wait my turn.

About 2 hours went by and I was down to $60.  I got involved in a hand where I had an open straight draw, after the turn everybody checked so I (uncharacteristically) pushed ALL in with nothing.  I got called by a guy with 2 pair and I hit the river!  Nice, I finally sucked out on somebody.

The rest of my time was back and forth from there, up $30, down $20.  It was 7 pm when I asked the poker host if I could get a comp for the buffet (still trying - Phil would be proud ;)).  He agreed, so I left the table up $6 and went to eat for the first time of the day.

I love buffets because of the wide variety of food they generally offer and as soon as you walk in... you can start eating.  One of my best friends loves it because you can have dessert during every course :).  The buffet has something for everybody!   Did I just become “The Buffet Pitch Man”? 🙂  I am fat at heart I guess...

Yes.. I'm fat!

I was hungry, so I ate a little bit of everything.  I had steak, roast beef, shrimp, chicken, etc... you name it... I ate it.  The buffet was very good,  not great.  So I packed up some food in napkins and took it back to my room incase I wanted a snack for later.

I know I am trying to loose weight but at this point... It’s about survival.  I have to eat when there is food and at a buffet well... there is a lot of food! 🙂

I scarfed down so much, in such a short time, that I was in a food coma and had to take a nap.  I crashed like a slumbering bear just before winter... fast asleep!

Poker Again
When I woke up, it was midnight.  Luckily the poker room is 24 hours, so I took a shower and went back down to gamble!  (Sounds like a normal person’s morning except it’s 12 am :).)

Anyway, I bought in for the same amount as before, $140.  I was seated at a short table (7 players) and the play was tight, except for one guy.  I waited until I got a OK hand and tried to take some chips from him.

Unfortunately for me, the one time he actually had a hand was against me.  I had (K, 10), he had (A, 10), the flop came (A, A, 10).  He checked, I bet, he went ALL IN for $25 more, I called and obviously lost.  Man, I haven’t had a lucky run of cards yet, I’ve grinded for every dollar I’ve won.

I never recovered from that hand as I was down to less than $40.  I kept playing and tried to make comeback, but I lost the rest of my chips with a pair of A’s to two pair.

It was now 3 am, time to call it night, so I asked the floor person for another food comp and got $10 for the sandwich shop.  On the day, I lost $134 but got all my meals paid for as well as a discounted room rate ($10 off each day).

I’d rather win, but it all adds up.  I have to eat, I need a place to sleep so even though I lost... it doesn’t hurt that bad.

I have to be up in less than 4 hours to do my volunteer work in Hammond, Indiana.  I haven’t looked into much (I never do, I just go) but I think it’s another soup kitchen.  I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

15-16 yrs old! The good old day... Abs!

As I stated above, I haven’t done much working out these past few days, I’ve been in survival mode :).  But I have walked back and forth to the casino countless times (1/4 mile each way) so maybe I’m burning some calories.  Also, tonight while typing this post, I did 100 push-ups (slacked on the 100 sit-ups :().  It is 5 am...

I haven’t gone out much other than to the casino’s poker room so... against my normal routine, I sent out some feelers on a dating website (  I’ve received some responses, we’ll see what happens.

I’m apprehensive about it as I’m sure the girls are too.  I prefer the good old-fashioned way... I ask a girl out in person... she say no or stands me up! 🙂  At least it’s consistent!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Kesshann says:

    I’ve got a killer workout for you while on the road. If you stick with it I guarantee that you’ll see results in no time.

  2. bennervous says:


    I haven’t missed ANY of your blog from Day ONE, and I think I just read the funniest line that you have written to date:
    “I packed up some food in napkins and took it back to my room incase I wanted a snack for later.”
    Are you kidding me?? Make sure you get some sugar packets and Sweet n Lows too — you never know when you will need it.
    If you lose at poker, you can open a stand on the street selling a variety of things you got for “free” — Sweet n Lows, Sugar, Ketchup, Napkins, etc.
    Keep up the great trip and the great blog. We miss you at the club. Well, actually, to me, you are the 2nd most missed person there — Bruce is the first.


  3. dave says:

    Thanks Brother… I’ll check it out!

  4. dave says:

    Thank you Ron for being with me from the beginning! I know it and appreciate it! The stand is already in the works… I’ve been saving packets since Delaware for my grabd opening in Wisconsin! lol

    And I miss all you guys at the club, even the fat smelly guy, that nobody knows except for Mike. LOL


  5. bennervous says:

    We figured out who the fat smelly guy (FSG, for short) is. He came in with his his Father. Funniest thing ever cuz we had the father at our table betting $4 into $50 pots and then getting surprised when someone else draws out on him. Also, string betting and everything else. It was great. I told him it was real nice playing with him (because I want him to keep coming to the club).
    Then last week, Mike was doing his perfect impressions of FSG and he came in later, sitting at the second table. Every time he said something at the second table, we would yell out to Mike (who was dealing at his table) something like “enough with your impressions already!” Good times.

  6. G says:

    Drive 2 blocks & get charged for felony eluding & evading for 2 blocks for a Subway sub! Yes I said 2 fucking blocks! $5 dollar don’t sound to cheap now after you pay your lawyer! Anyway Dave in Miami we have a lot of fucking places to play poker. Now I got to register my cars in company names.

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