Another Day Of Rain, Another Day Of Poker! (NH-ME) “DAY 320” – 5/20/11

May 23, 2011 - 12:55 pm - (NH-ME) “DAY 320” - Week 47 - State 43

I woke up this morning to more rain.  Ahhh!  Rain, rain, go away come back to New Hampshire another day.  That’s what I wish would happen but as it stands... it’s rain today and rain all weekend.  This is terrible considering NH, ME, and VT are all outdoor states and without the sun or a true love for the outdoors, there isn’t much to do.

Hanging With Amy, Scott, & The Dogs
If you read my 3 posts in 1 a few days ago, you’d remember that Amy (the girl who invited me to stay here) left for D.C. for the week (work) and just got home late last night.  So, this morning I just sat around and BS’d with her and Scott when they took breaks from working at home.

During this time, Amy was going stir crazy from not being outdoors for the whole week so she kept wanting to go to beach or whatever.  But, it was so nasty out that not even the dogs wanted to go outside to play. (They decided to take a nap on the couch.) 🙂

So, with nothing else to do I decided to head back down to Hampton Falls for the night to play some poker again.  Hey, I like the room, I like the people, and they always have a lot of games running even if the cash games can only play as high as 2-4 limit. (They also have tournaments running ever few hours that can payout pretty nice.)

Hanging Out In Maine
As I have written already in a previous post, to get to a lot of places in NH (in this area) you have to drive through Maine in order to get there.  So, since I wanted to see a little more of Maine than I already have, I stopped off in a city called South Berwick to take a look around.

I wish there was something interesting to write but really all I did was walk around in a rainy mist for an hour or so before I realized... what am I doing?  I’m not shopping, I’m not getting anything to eat, and it’s terrible out, time to drive to The Poker Room in Hampton Falls. 🙂

The Poker Room
I arrived at the poker room slightly before 5:30 pm which was perfect timing because at that time there was a $80 poker tournament about to begin.  Nice!  That’s the tourney I was hoping to make it to on time anyway.

F.Y.I. - Currently (meaning this past Friday), I have $160 in my wallet and another $200 in my bank account.  So basically what I’m saying is... this is do or die poker time!

Tournament 1 - 5:30 pm
Here’s the need to knows: $80 entry fee, 10K in tourney chips, 20 minute blinds, no re-buys or add-ons, 41 people entered, and the top 5 paid.  The first thing I will mention is that I didn’t have Rooster card protector with me because I must have left it somewhere. Damn!  Where’s Rooster? LOL 😉

So, since I didn’t have the Rooster with me, I went to option B... The Mighty Rhino!  I have used the Rhino before and I think he even won in Iowa or it was the billy goat, I’m not sure.  Either way, it was time for the Rhino to step up and make it happen!

F.Y.I. - While I was playing people were calling me Rhino and I had no idea who they were talking to. LOL  I’m so used to being the Rooster, that Rhino meant nothing.

Also, I found out that my Rooster chip protector was in the Dover Poker room as I must have left it there last night. (A lady at the table who I played with me last night let me know.)  Thank you! 🙂

Playing Good Poker
For the whole tournament I played as good as poker I could.  Yes, I probably could have stole a few more hands from position but I didn’t need to as the whole time I had a better than average chip stack.

I wish I could be more detailed about this tournament but all I have done since Friday is hang out in Maine and play poker, so this tournament except my last hand is already faded.  Since I remember my last hand, I’ll just get to the end of this tournament for me.

Getting Knocked Out With 16 People Left
There was 2 tables left and 8 players at each.  I was in the big blind and had about 18K in chips (blinds were 1000-2000).  I was dealt (9,6) of hearts and nobody raised my blind. There were 4 callers.  The flop... 7,5,4 with two hearts.  A great flop for me!  I have the nut straight draw and a flush draw.

I check to see what happens and the guy to my left bets 3,000.  There is one caller so I just smooth call because I don’t have anything yet and why put my self at risk with 9 high.  The turn... Q of hearts.  Bam, I hit the flush although I wanted the straight.

I thought for a second about what I should do and then pushed All-in. (I didn’t want another heart to hit and higher flush win.)  Well... it didn’t matter because I was insta called by the original better who had (A,8) of hearts.  I was dead and get knocked out in 16th place.

Damn!  Of all hands, I get a hand like that in the blinds where nobody raised me pre-flop.  Ahhh!  Anwyay, I took the beat in stride as I walked away from the table with my head down wondering what I was gonna do next.?

The Situation
No, not Mike “The Situation” from the “Jersey Shore”, my situation an it wasn’t good.  There I was with $67 in my wallet and not much in the bank. Ahhh!  What do I do?  To play in 2-4 limit game is like throwing money away and playing in another tourney put the odds way against me. (You have to place high to make any money.)

So, I sat in my car a few minutes deciding on whether or not I should just leave and at least have some spare change in wallet.  But then, the gambling mind took over and said what’s $67 anyway.  How far will that get me?  So, I walked back into “The Poker Room” and bought into the last tournament of the day (a $60 turbo tourney).

Tournament 2 - 9:00 pm
Here’s the need to knows: $60 entry fee, 4K in tourney chips, 10 minute blinds, no re-buys or add-ons, 21 people entered, and the top 3 paid.  OK, with just $7 left in my wallet and not much more in the bank, this was the must win of must win tournaments so far on this trip.  Come on Rhino!

Again, I’m not going to go into all the details of all the hands I played because it’s just long poker talk (although I do remember this tournament well).  So, I’ll just to the nitty gritty of the night for me.

4 People Left... Top 3 paid
Just like I did in the first tournament, I played really good poker all tournament long.  The problem... with just 4 people left and only 3 places paid, I was 4th in chips and was dominated by the other 3 players.  Ahhh!  I’m gonna finish 4th and have played all night to win nothing.  Not only that, after eating and gas, I’d be down $168.  Oh no!

Negotiating A Chop For The Bubble
For non-poker players this whole statement above could be confusing, so I’ll explain quickly.  A chop is when poker players in a tournament divi up the money in the pool.  Since it’s their money they can choose to distribute it how they want.  Thus giving the bubble (last player before cashing) some of the prize pool if they want.

After a lot of talking, the other 3 players agreed (everybody has to agree) to give whoever took 4th place their $60 entry fee back.  Whew!  That was tough but it was nice of the other players to be so generous.  At least they thought! 😉

The Tournament Continues On
A few hands after the chop I was in the big blind and the blinds were 2,000-4,000.  I had (9,2) off suit and somebody raised me All-In.  I know I should have probably called (pot odds) but I folded so I could wait on my next hand because it had be better than that and I still needed to win it.

I next hand I was All-In with just the little money I had to post.  And... I won the hand!  Nice, I quadrupled up!  For the next few rounds I kept surviving while the chip leader was stealing almost every blind.

Finally, one of the players got frustrated with that and pushed All-In on the chip leader.  Well... he got called and got knocked out in 4th place.  I had only 2,300 in chips front of me when this happened!  What a gift!  With that knockout, I was now guaranteed 3rd place which was $177 after the bubble money was paid.

The Final 3
Now that I was in the top 3 I was super relieved because no matter what I would at least break even for the whole day.  Nice! 🙂  Knowing that, the next hand I pushed All-in and won.  The next hand after that, I pushed and won.  Awesome!

At this point, I now have slightly more chips than the guy who was in 2nd when he pushes All-In on me from the big blind (I was in the little).  With nothing to lose, I called him with (Q,2) suited.

Well, I was dominated as he had pocket jacks (J,J).  The flop... K, 10, 6.  The turn... 2. (I’m still way behind.)  The magic river... Q!  I rivered him and knocked him out of the tournament!  Woo Hoo!  I’m getting 2nd place money at least.

The Final 2
Somehow someway, there I was heads up with the chip leader.  So, with nothing to lose I asked him if he wanted to chop the pot 50-50.  I said it in jest as he had me dominated by at least 5-1.  So, we played on.  Two hands and two wins later... I was now just a 10-20K away from his stack.

Again, I asked him (Bob I think) if he wanted to chop and he said yes.  Woo Hoo!  I just went from not placing and having $7 in my wallet to having over $345 on my person (after tip out). F&%K Ya!  I needed this big time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Calling It A Night
Relieved that I know had some money, I hopped in the Rooster mobile and drove the 30 minute ride back to Amy and Scott’s to crash out for the night.  The whole way home I was singing and happy whereas if I had lost, I would have been on the brink of doom.  Crazy how things change in a few hours.

Anyway, when I got back to the house it was after 2 am and since Amy and Scott, I quietly slipped into the guest room and passed out with a smile on my face from ear to ear. I’m back baby, I’m back! 🙂  Oh yeah, you go Rhino!  Nice job!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ragan Gutierrez says:

    Hey Dave,
    i have truly enjoyed your daily updates and pictures this last week while you were in NH! Scott, and Kelly are my brother and sister! It has been so great to see all the current pictures and know what is going on up there every day! You give out way more info than they do on the phone! So thank you for keeping me up to date with my family! Also, I live very close to where you were in Washington PA, so, I just saw you in the local paper! Bizarre!
    hope to meet someday.

  2. Dad says:

    Good job, Rhino. Keep it up.

  3. Matt says:

    sweet win man glad to head you took one down. You deserve it.

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