Another NFL Sunday With The Boys! (AZ) “DAY 147” – 11/28/10

November 30, 2010 - 9:52 am - (AZ) “DAY 147”

I woke up this morning around 10 am, just in time to get ready to go to the bar to watch Sunday NFL football.  Like last Sunday, I’m going to BW3 to hang out with some friends and after I’m going to Fox Sports Grill to check out Curt’s radio show.  Got it! 🙂

BW3 (Bar)
I arrived at the bar a little late (it’s 25 min. from where I’m staying) and immediately opened up my laptop to start writing “DAY 145 &146”.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

Mike Lebers
While I was doing that, I was happy to see an old friend of mine from Clark, NJ (Mike Lebers).  Lebs and I have known each other since we were real young.  We played little league baseball together and since both of us were good, we played a lot of ball.

Then, as adults, both of us randomly moved out to AZ (me for ?, Lebs for work).  So, we started hanging out again, mostly on weekend during football/baseball games, etc...  Hey, two Jersey guys in AZ... what do ya expect. 😉

Bottom line, Lebs is a great dude and never bothers anybody.  He’s one of the few people that I know, that everybody likes (well... except for his wife ;), Just Kidding, I don’t even know his wife).  He’s easygoing, fun to be around, generous, and an all-in-all good person!   You da man Lebs!

Watching The Games
While I was writing, Lebs, RB, Jason, and one of his friends watched the games and kept me posted on when I should start cheering for the Steelers. (When I am writing, I really don’t notice anything around me.)

This was as normal a Sunday of watching football as I have had yet on my trip, good friends, good atmosphere, good wings... What else can a man ask for? OK, OK,  there’s one more thing... a back rub! LOL  I know, a bunch of hot girls would be great too! 🙂

By the time the late games started (2 pm AZ time), it was only Lebs, RB, and I left.  Again, we bullshitted and watched the games as normal friends do, nothing to crazy except when we routed on our teams. (Steelers won in OT 19-16.) Woo Hoo!

Leb’s Donates To The Rooster!
Sometime before the late games ended, Lebers reached deep into Grampa’s old wallet and handed little grandson Rooster a parting gift to help me out on my trip.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it Mike, I actually need it, and it lifted my spirits in general!

Thank You! 🙂  Also, RB and Lebs bought my lunch and soda for the day. Thanks again!

As the games were winding down, Lebs and RB mentioned they were going to the Cardinals Monday Night Football on well... Monday.  I told them if I was still in town, I would meet them there, tailgate, and figure out a way to get in to the game. 😉

It was after 5 pm and that’s when Curt’s radio show (with Deniro & Kwamie) started, so I said my good byes to RB and Lebs but told them I was 95% going to see them tomorrow for the MNF game.  (So it wasn’t the long good bye, it was I’ll see ya tomorrow good bye.)

Fox Sports Grill - Radio Show
By the time I actually got to Fox Sports, the radio show was almost over.  That’s OK with me because then I get to hang out with friends (Curt and Deniro).  If they were still on air, well they are working and can’t do much else. 😉

While Curt, Deniro, and I talked about the day in football or whatever Kwamie just sat there and texted away like a madman.  I’ve only met him twice now (last week and this week) but both times... he text’d as much as Forrest Gump ran. LOL  F.Y.I.- Kwamie is Kwamie Lassiter, Ex- Pro-Bowl Safety for the AZ Cardinals.

Then, an attractive girl walked up and was looking for... Deniro? 😉  Yes, she was. LOL  Her name was France.  Hey, an Asian girl from Minnesota named France... what’s weird with that? 🙂  (I must be butter right now... cause I’m on a roll!) 🙂

I only hung out there for a few more minutes because I still had writing to do.  Ahhh!  I gathered the guys and took a few more pictures of us because well... that’s what I do now.  I take pictures of everything!

F.Y.I. - I can’t wait for the year to end so I can smash my camera to pieces! 🙂 I hate taking pictures.  In my life, prior to this trip, I never carried around a camera.  The only pictures I had of me and what I did was if somebody else took’em.

Back To Mike’s
When I got to Mike’s, he was on the couch relaxing because he had work in the morning.  So, I opened my laptop and started writing again but that didn’t last long because Mike’s ex-girl Erin called and asked Mike for a ride (it was her birthday). (Mike and Erin - Bottom left)

Off To Erin’s
F.Y.I. -
I didn’t have to go but Mike doesn’t ask much of me, so when he asked if I’d take the ride with him, I said yes even though I still had a lot of work to do.  Ahhh! (At this point in the day, I had already been writing for 12 hours on and off.) 🙁

Anyway, we got to Erin’s to give her a ride to bar with her friends for her birthday but... what I didn’t know is that she was already trashed from a whole day’s worth of drinking! 🙂 LOL  (right: Erin saying hi! lol)

So basically, what I thought was gonna be stop and drop turned out to be a drunken disaster of a process.  Truthfully, I didn’t mind at all.  I thought it was funny, heck we’ve all been trashed on our birthday before!

Plus, I’ve met Erin in the past and she is a real cool girl who I’ve never seen this wasted before, so it’s a birthday pass as far as I’m concerned! 😉

After an hour or so of dilly-dallying around, Mike and I left Erin’s without even taking her and her friends to the bar.  (We tried to but it just wasn’t happening in a timely manner so we left and probably did her a favor in the process.) 😉

Happy Birthday Erin!  See ya next time I’m in town and hopefully your neighbor too! 😉 (Right and left: Erin's next door neighbor.)  She was pretty hot! 🙂  Call me... 😉 LOL

Back to Mike’s for Good
We eventually got back to Mike’s place sometime after 11 pm and he went to bed as I kept writing.  I finally finished my Friday and Saturday post around 2 am and went to bed.

I knew Monday was gonna be busy because I was getting my car repaired (or at least scheduled to be) and I was going to the Cardinals Monday Night Football game.  It should be fun but who knows about the car yet?  Ahhhh!

Thanks for reading!


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