Another Nice Day, Another Baseball Game! (AL) “DAY 231” – 2/20/11

February 21, 2011 - 11:15 am - (AL) “DAY 231” - Week 34-ish - State 31

The first thing I did today after I woke up was checked my email.  I’m glad I did because in my email was a message from Jeremy titled “Your New Plans”.  I thought he was messing around and then... I opened it up.

New Plans Are Possible
Inside the message was a link to  Once I opened the link, it was a contest looking to give one lucky fan the job of a lifetime!  And the crazy thing is... everything they said they are looking for in the description... is ME!

Now, I know what the odds are of winning a bulk interview (essentially), but to be honest... I truly believe that I have a chance of getting this job.  Again, the job description was so me... I’m actually excited about a 1,000,000 - 1 shot! 🙂

Another Gorgeous Day
After all I got done calling everybody I knew (that would care), I stepped outside to see it was another beautiful day out!  That’s perfect because I was planning to go see South Alabama play the final game of their 3 game series against UT-Martin today at 1 pm.  Nice! 🙂

South Alabama vs. UT-Martin
Since I was just at this stadium (Stanky Field) yesterday and already wrote about the appealing features, today I will just write about finding a ticket/parking, the game, people I met, and what I did throughout.  Got it. 🙂

Like I’ve said, I was here yesterday and met a bunch of people during that time, so if those people are working today... I’m all good for free parking and a free ticket. 🙂

First up... parking.  When I got to the VIP/media lot, I was happy to see it was Josh working the entrance.  Nice! (Yesterday, I met Josh and he let me into the lot after the 4th inning.)

So, after talking with Josh about everything other than parking (he was a cool guy), I parked the Rooster Mobile and headed to the ticket window to try and get another comped ticket for today’s game.  Thanks Josh!

Finding A Ticket
Tickets for college baseball games are very inexpensive ($5 adult), but we all know I don’t have a lot of money, so... every dollar saved... is a dollar that helps me get another day further in this wild journey! 😉

Anyway, after talking with the ticket booth people again, they gave me a comped ticket and told me they would go check out the site.  Thank you all!  Let’s go Jag’s!

Entering The Ballpark & Finding A Seat
As I told you yesterday, finding a seat at a college baseball game in mid-February isn’t very hard to do.  The place is only 1/4 full, so you can pick your favorite seat for the most part.

F.Y.I. - For some reason, I like watching baseball games from the 3rd or 1st base line’s as opposed to directly behind the plate.  I know home plate seats are generally more expensive and you can see the movement of the pitchers pitches, but I still prefer the side view of the game.

Anyway, today I again choose to be on the 1st base side almost all the way to the top. (I can get a better view from the top as opposed to field level.)  Once I got my stuff all situated, it was time to watch baseball while I caught up on my writing.

Writing The Whole Game
The great thing about the pace of baseball is you can do other things while the game is going on.  Yes, you do miss some of the wonderful idiosyncrasies of the game but for the most part, you can hear the ping of the bat (aluminum) and see every play made. (You do miss some strike-outs.) 🙁

The 1st Inning - Talking With Some Jag Fans

During the 1st inning of play, I got to talking with the people around me about the Jaguars’s baseball program to try and get a better idea of how the team was gonna be this year.

F.Y.I.- All I know is what I saw yesterday and they lost 3-1... Or... so I thought (I left in the bottom of 9th with S.AL down 3-1). 😉  (Right: Yesterday's scoreboard.)

So I said to the guy a few rows away from me, heck, it’s always tough to lose early in the season to a mediocre team like you guys did yesterday.  I then said, “I was here for yesterday’s game and although they didn’t look bad... they didn’t look sharp either.”

The guy (Rick) looked at me confused and said, “You obviously didn’t stay until the end because the Jag’s came back to win 4-3!”  Are you kidding me!  Ahhh!  I missed a 9th inning comeback!  He then said jokingly (paraphrased), I must have taken your seat because I didn’t get here until the bottom of the 9th (he was at the AU basketball game).

Damn!  I haven’t left one game early this entire year on my own accord (at a Phoenix Suns game I did because the guy who drove (Tony D.) wanted to bounce early).  Ahhh!  That’s what I get for skipping out on the bottom of the 9th. 🙁

The Actual Game
Even though the final score yesterday was 4-3, it was basically a pitcher’s duel (for college).  Well, if yesterday’s game was a pitcher’s duel than today’s game was a pitchers nightmare!

I say that because they were a ton of runs scored today as UT jumped out on South Alabama 8-2 by the end of the 4th inning.  But, in the bottom of the 6th, the Jag’s came all the way back and scored 7 runs to take a 9-8 lead!  Woo hoo!

The crazy thing about this comeback was, the guy who made fun of me for leaving early yesterday, almost left early today as they were down 6 runs in the 6th inning.  He then said, the only reason he didn’t leave was because of our conversation in the 1st. LOL 🙂

Meeting More Fans
During the 7th inning stretch, a guy (Jay) wearing Yankee gear walked over to me and asked me where I was from.  He did this because I too am wearing my Yankee jersey at the game (the same one I have worn at every game I have been to in the past 231 days).  Well, I have a Jeter and A-Rod (same style). 😉

Anyway, Jay is from New Jersey and grew up in Hillside (where my father did) and then went to college at Kean (where I just graduated from).  So crazy! 🙂  He knew everything about where I was raised and graduated college.  What a small world! 🙂  Take care Jay and good luck in life!

The Jag’s Use A Rooster Call! LOL 🙂
I forgot to mention this yesterday (I can’t believe I forgot to mention this), but the Jag’s, for some reason, use a Rooster Call all the time throughout the game when the announcer’s booth wants a rally to happen!

They did this at least 5 or 6 times throughout the course of the game and each time... it brought a huge smile to my face!  Seriously, every time I heard the “Cock-a-doodle-doo” blast through the stadium, I had to laugh to myself on the inside! 🙂

The Rest Of A Great Game
After South Alabama came all the way back from down 8-2 to take a 9-8 lead (bottom 6th), the very next inning... the Skyhawks scored 2 runs to take the lead back 10-9.  Then, for the next 2 1/2 innings, the score remained the same as the Jag’s took their last at bats down one run.

Bottom Of The 9th
Even though I’m routing for the Jaguar’s to win, I really don’t care because I’ve already seen a truly exciting baseball game.  But, a comeback win in back-to-back days would be an even better way to leave the stadium.

I don’t remember the exact scenario that happened, but what I do remember is that UT made a few errors in the bottom of the 9th.

Then, after a hard hit grounder bounced off the 3rd baseman’s glove and into the OF... the Jag’s scored the winning run completing back to back come from behind W’s!  Unreal and so exciting!

Post Game Celebrations & Post Game Defeat
As soon as the winning run crossed the plate, the whole South Alabama team rushed the field and went crazy!  What an awesome sight of pure enjoyment!  Just watching this makes me feel more alive! 🙂

But on the other side, the losing team looks as if they just got kicked square in the nuts! (Pardon my French but that best describes it.) 😉  I did feel for the Skyhawk’s closer because although he didn’t pitch great, he did enough to get the save, but his team’s fielding errors killed him.

Making It Happen
As I was sitting in the stands packing up my things, I decided that instead of rushing out of here and going to well... nowhere (I have nowhere to stay again).  I would try to get on the field and get a picture with the whole Jaguar Baseball team that has entertained me for the last 2 days.

So, I walked over to left field area where many people were waiting for the players to leave the field.  But when I got there, I just walked right onto the field and asked around until I found somebody who worked with the University.

Meeting Charlie
After talking with one other fellow, I eventually met Charlie.  As it turned out, Charlie was exactly the person I was looking for as he was the PR person for the baseball team.  Sweet!

Charlie was an awesome guy and by the time I was done telling him my story, he said, “No problem Rooster, when they (the players) go to the dugout after the coaches chat, you can get a picture with as many of them as you can get.”

Rooster & The South Alabama Jaguar Baseball Team
The problem... there always is one... I don’t have anybody to take the picture for me.  Ahhh!  So, I waked over to the area where all the people were waiting and asked a nice looking family if anybody would help me out.

I don’t remember their names (sorry), but after a quick discussion, a Mother and daughter (maybe niece) came over to help me. 🙂  Thank you so much girls!

Now that I had my camera crew ready, it was time to rustle up some Jaguar’s! 😉  Luckily for me, the girls taking the picture were related to the starting 2nd baseman, so he got a bunch of players together for me in order to get a great picture!  Thank you!

He did a great job because before I knew it, I was sitting in the middle of almost the whole team!  After the picture, I thanked all the guys, congratulated them on two exciting victories, and wished them well on the season as well as staying healthy!  Thanks guys!

What To Do Now?
It was now 4:30-ish and I had nowhere to go and nowhere to be.  But, it was still gorgeous out so I really didn’t care (70 degrees with a light breeze). 🙂  So, I decided to find a Starbucks and post what I had just written during the game.

A few miles from Stanky Field was the nearest Starbucks.  So I drove there, took out my laptop out, and posted outside on the patio for a hour or so. (It actually was relaxing to sit outside on this wonderful day even though I’m technically working.) 😉

Once I was finished posting “DAY 229”, I again had to decide what to do.  Since I hadn’t eaten yet, I searched my GPS for the nearest Chili’s and decided I’d have dinner there because I still have some GC’s from my score in AZ.

The problem... there always is... when I got to Chili’s, they were closed.  Not closed, like not open... but the store itself had been shut down.  Damn GPS! (Lesson learned, called the number for the restaurant before you drive there from now on.)

Being that Chili’s was closed and it was starting to get dark, I had to come up with a new plan.  The plan now... find somewhere that I can stay for a few days.  Eating will just have to wait.

Motel 6 (A Different One In Mobile)
The only good thing about driving to the closed down Chili’s was that it was less than 2 miles from the nearest Motel 6.  I’d like to say “Nice” but it’s really not that nice, it just didn’t suck to bad. 😉

Negotiating A Better Deal
This Motel 6 was only $36 a night ($41 after tax), but since I needed a play to stay for few days, I had to work out a better deal than that.  After talking with the lady at the front desk, I eventually got to speaking with a manger for the property.

The guy who runs this Motel 6 was a very nice professional guy and when it was all said and done... he gave me an offer I just couldn’t refuse. (I’d tell you but then... you know what happens.) 😉

My Motel 6 Room
My Motel 6 room was like every other Motel 6 room I stayed in.  Not to bad... not to good.  The truth is, it was just fine with me.  I have a clean bed, I have a place to write, and I have cable TV (I’m simple like that).

Getting Some Food
After settling in, I wrote in my room until 8 pm when I re-realized I was hungry again.  Since I have this room for the next 3 days, I went to the grocery store to buy some food for the time I’ll be here.

Since I can’t get anything that needs refrigerating, I just picked up some granola bars, banana’s, water, etc...  It’s not the way I want to eat but hey... it’s cheap and not deep fried! 😉

Back To My Room For Night
When I got back to my room, I ate some food, watched TV, and continued on writing.  The problem... once I finished my “DAY 230” (Saturday), I realized my internet connection isn’t working in this room so I can’t post it to my website.  Ahhh!

For the next 30-45 minutes, I went to a few different rooms (front desk gave me 3 different room keys) trying to find a room they had available that had an internet signal.  Well, none did, so after wasting almost an hour of my time and changing rooms needlessly, I still don’t have an internet connection.

F.Y.I. - It’s 1:30 pm on Monday as I write this and I still don’t have internet.  So, when I get done writing this, I’m heading to a Starbucks to get my post up.

Calling It A Night

After playing musical rooms, I was so beat, that when I got into my new room (changed rooms because I got a signal for second but then it went away), I just laid on the bed and fell asleep while watching the movie “Posse” on HBO.  Not bad, but not good either.

Oh yeah, tomorrow I have to fill out my on-line application for the MLB job that I will hopefully be getting soon. (I wanted to do that tonight but without any internet, it just wasn’t possible.)  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:


    I want to wish u luck with the MLB gig, but if u get that job, then that would mean the end of this trip — wouldn’t it?

    One thing in this post that made me really LOL…you said: “(It actually was relaxing to sit outside on this wonderful day even though I’m technically working.)” Dave — I beg to differ with you — you are NOT technically working. I think we have totally different definitions of what working is. I get it that it’t not easy doing what you are doing, and that it SEEMS like work at times, but I would switch MY technically working for YOUR technically working any day! (Don’t you have to get paid for working?)

    One last thought: I wonder if anyone who saw your Roostermobile in the parking lot thought that it has something to do with the Rooster call at the game. Hmmmmm.

    Have fun!

  2. bennervous says:

    D’oh….I should’ve read what I typed. I typed it’t instead of it’s in my post above. Ahhh… a little typo. Well, if I learned anything from you by reading your website, I should know not to let typos bother me. LOL. We miss you at the club. Later.

  3. DAD says:

    My kind of day.
    You know how much I loved coaching little league. Sitting in the sun, listening to the sounds of the game and fans, plus the smells around the park. AHHHH!!!! Thanks for bringing me back.
    I too prefer the line seats rather than behind home.

  4. dave says:

    Very funny. 🙂 But, from what you wrote, I think you misinterpreted my statement made in the post (or I didn’t write it clear enough). I didn’t think I was working because I was at a baseball game for my journey… I was working because for the 3 hours I was there, I was writing non-stop for 2 1/2 hours of it. And in my opinion, a writer is working as hard and anybody else in any job while they are writing. Just because my scenery was a college baseball game instead of a desk in a office building, means I make the best of it.

    That’s all. But I did think you line about having to make to $$$ was LOL! You da man Ron! Tell all at the club hey for me.

  5. bennervous says:

    How could i be da man when u da man?

    No response to my issue that if you were to get this baseball job, would that mean the end of your journey?

    No “real” job is worth getting in the way of this amazing trip.

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