Another Rainy Day, Another Poker Tournament! (NH-ME) “DAY 322” – 5/22/11

May 25, 2011 - 7:00 am - (NH-ME) “DAY 322” - Week 47 - State 43

I woke up today and there was only thing I was gonna be doing all day long... Yep, you guessed it, play poker!  There are a few reasons why: 1.) The Poker Room in Hampton Falls is a great room and all the people I have met there have been awesome so I’m having fun.

2.) It’s still raining out as I have only seen one half-sunny day since I’ve been in the NH/ME area so outdoor activities are out.  3.) I’ve been winning baby!  Woo Hoo! 🙂

So, after talking with Amy and Scott for a little bit about what each of us doing for the day, I left for “The Poker Room”. (I told them I would back late tonight after I got done playing and would be leaving in the morning. Amy is also leaving tomorrow at 3:30 am to go back to D.C. for work. What a crazy commute!)

$50 NL Hold’em Tournament - 1 pm
The need to knows: $50 entry fee, 12K in starting chips, no re-buys or add-ons, 20 minute blinds,  146 people entered, top 15 paid.  I said it yesterday so I’ll say it again, since the Rhino got me the win two days in a row, I can’t go back to the Rooster and had to ride the hot hand.  So... Let’s Go Rhino Again! 😉

Playing For Hours
I knew when this tournament started that it would take a long time to get to the end of it and the good thing was... I was right.  The Rhino is a poker God! LOL  Seriously though, I again played real good poker all day long and 6 hours later... I was 1 of 20 people still left standing in the tournament.

The good thing about making it this far is that I’m real close to the money.  The bad thing is... is that I’m so close to the money and I’ve played for so many hours that I’m playing real scared so I get knocked out.

Also, at this point in the tournament, I’m not bad in chips as I was in the top half or so left.  Still, I played scared and let a bunch of hands pay me by while the next few players were eliminated and I made the money.  Woo Hoo!  Kinda.

The Payouts
The payouts for this tournament weren’t bad at the top but near the bottom there were almost not worth the time it took to get that far (about 7 hours).  The board is in picture to the right but for example, 1st was $1,620 while 15th was just $70.  A huge difference.

Trying To Negotiate Chop
For the second day in a row I was at the same table with Jay and for the second day in a row Jay was one of the chip leaders in the tournament. (He’s obviously a real good player.)

And for the second day in row he (Jay) started negotiations for a 12 player chop. (There were negotiations for many chops but this one to me made sense.)  Anyway, I was way on board for this chop and tried getting the other table to agree to $400+ payout per person. (Equal to almost 5th place money per man.)

Well, a few players at the other table didn’t agree to it and it only takes to end a deal, so the chop was off. (Our whole table was way on board for the chop as we all had equal chips.  Well, except for Jay. Nobody was a short stacked.)

F.Y.I. - Nobody has to chop and when somebody pays their $50 (just as I did), they can decide to do whatever they want.  That being said, I really wanted to chop this tournament and make some guaranteed money!

The Final Table
Knowing I know had to make it far in this tournament in order to make some big money (at least for me), I played real tight (but aggressive when I had to) so I could keep up with the blinds which were getting huge.  This strategy worked as I made it to the final table.  Nice!

My Tournament Ends
By the time I got to the final table, the blinds were 15,000 - 30,000 so almost any hand played by anybody other than the two chip leaders was basically an All-In.  The worst part was when they re-dealt for the button I was in the big blind. (I had 65K in chips left.)

So, with a real bad hand in the big blind I got pushed almost All-In by the other short stack that had only 60K in chips.  I had to call (in my opinion) and lost a coin flip to an better worse hand.  The very next hand I was All-In with the little blind and got knocked out in 9th place.  Damn! 🙁

On the bright side, I didn’t lose and I did make $70 after tipping out the dealer, but I hate being that close to winning a huge score.  Damn! Damn! Damn!  I need play better when I get that close before I get that close. (I needed to be stealing pots right before the bubble.)

Back To Amy & Scott’s - 10 pm-ish
Even though I won money, I didn’t want to play any more poker and left “The Poker Room” right after I got eliminated from the tournament.  Damn, it still stings a little. 😉

Anyway, when I got back to Amy and Scott’s house they were still awake.  Nice!  I’ll get to say good-bye to Amy before she leaves for D.C. in the morning.  So, while we were talking I mentioned to Scott that I could drive Amy to the bus stop at 3:30 am and he could sleep in.

It wasn’t a big deal to me as I was gonna be awake writing anyway and I’m not night owl.  So, if I give Scott one Monday off from waking up in the middle of the night, I’m all for it.

Driving Amy To Bus 3:15 am
I wasn’t sure what day to put this in because it’s technically Monday, but since I didn’t sleep, I’ll just write it in this post.  At 3:00 am-ish Amy got up and 5 minutes later we were out the door and en route to the bus station which was 10 minutes away.

During the ride I thanked Amy for all that she had done for me and reminded her that she has a friend in the Rooster forever.  Really, what can say.  She remembered from 300+ days ago and let me stay at her place for 10 days.  People are awesome and Amy is one them! 🙂  Thank you again!

Finally Falling Asleep
After dropping Amy off and saying good-bye, I went back to her (and Scott’s place) and finished a little more writing before I finally passed out around 6 am in the guest room.

It was a long day and tomorrow will be even longer as I’m leaving for Vermont with nowhere to go.  But... there’s only 6 weeks left and poker has been good, so who really cares.  Something will turn up, it always does. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Excellent ending for the 10 days with Amy & Scott.
    Another small win with the Rhino, but a Jackpot
    with your new friends A & S.
    Enjoy Vermont.

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