Attempting Charity Work & The Bars! (SC) “DAY 264” – 3/25/11

March 26, 2011 - 10:45 pm - (SC) “DAY 264” - Week 38 - State 34

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning is go to the office to pay for another  night at the Sea Echo.  I have already paid for 4 days but I’m staying one more.

Even though I won last night and my room is only $28.25 after tax, I asked Billy if he could give me an even better deal for tonight. (I checked my bills and all the money I won is already gone, that’s including the $50 of gas I put in my car last night.)

Billy is a real cool guy and said he would let me stay for whatever amount I could afford to give him. (I paid $15 which is what I had left from the $302.)  People are so amazing all over this country! (Right: Billy's bird played catch with him with a rope. The bird is tossing it back.) 🙂

Sea Echo Plug
If anybody is considering coming to Myrtle Beach anytime on vacation, look up the Sea Echo for a room.  This place is clean, the rooms are affordable, it’s quit, the neighborhood is safe, it’s just a block from the beach, and Billy is a great guy!  Thanks for everything! 🙂

Charity Work
Now that my room was squared away for the night, it was time to do some charity work in South Carolina for an organization called Street Reach. (I don’t know exactly, but I think Street Reach helps the homeless and more in the Myrtle Beach area.)

Street Reach

I called Street Reach at 10 am this morning and they told me to stop by to help out sometime in the mid-afternoon.  So, around 3:30 pm I headed over there and walked in to see what I could do.

I showed up when I was suppose to and signed in, but after waiting for a few minutes for something to do, Dorie (lady working the front desk) came over to me and told me there nothing left for me today.  (She told me a bunch of volunteers showed up today and everything was already done.)

But, before I left, she said I could come back tomorrow and help out in the morning.  Perfect!  I can still do some and good before I leave for North Carolina sometime Saturday afternoon. (I’m staying at Scott’s house for a night before I head to Raleigh for my N.C. week.)

Getting A Haircut
Since the back of my neck looked like a rat trap, I searched for the nearest barbershop where I could get an affordable haircut.  The place I found... Supercuts.  The price wasn’t the best ($13), but I did need a haircut and I was there so I waited for my turn.

A Funny Story (Kinda)
The girl who cut my hair was real cool and did a good job, but... there was a funny situation as she was finishing up my haircut.  I’ll explain.  She was almost done when I spotted one lone grey hair on the side of my head.  This grey hair was driving me nuts so I old her to rip it out.

She thought I was joking at first but then realized I was serious and started pulling out every hair but the one that was grey.  She wasn’t trying to miss or at least I don’t think so. (I guess it’s like picking a needle out of a hay stack.)

Anyway, after 30 pulled hairs ;), she finally got it out.  She said that was only time she ever had to do that on her chair!  Plus, I had a guy who was waiting taking pictures with my camera as she ripped hair after hair out.  It was a funny scene! 🙂

Broadway At The Beach
Now that I had a fresh haircut, I went home to change and then hit the bars for the night.  I’ve already been to the Broadway At The Beach area, but it was such a cool environment that I decided I would go back there for last night in town.

As I pulled in the parking lot, I could tell tonight was much busier than Wednesday night when I was here because I almost every parking spot was taken.  It took me a few minutes to find a spot and when I did it was in the furthest row from the bars.

Choosing A Bar To Go To
Iv’e already written about this area but I’ll explain again for the people who didn’t read my “DAY 262”.  The area of the mall on the lake (that’s the best way to describe “Broadway on the Beach”) that I’m going to is called Celebrity Square.

Basically, it’s a ton of bars lined up next to each other in a section of the mall (that’s how I refer to this place).  There are all kinds of bars to choose from.  There is a Senor Frogs, A Fat Tuesday, A Dueling Piano Bar, Malibu’s Surf Bar, and a bunch more.

Since my finances are getting low, I went to a bar that didn’t have a cover charge.  That bar was the same bar I went to on Wednesday.  I still don’t know the name of it but it a karaoke sports bar that supports WVU. (I found out the owner is WVU alumni.) 🙂

Karaoke Sports Bar
On top on there being no cover here, this bar always has $1.50 Bud Light drafts.  Nice! That’s a price even I can afford.  Even though I don’t like beer to much, I bellied up to the bar and ordered a draft. (Hey, the price is right!) 😉

I know I just wrote I choose this bar because it was free to get in, but the truth is... this is my kind of bar anyway.  They have karaoke all night long, sports on numerous TV’s everywhere, and it’s a WVU bar.  What more could I ask for?

Drunk People Singing Is Entertaining
When I was here two days again, everybody that sang was real good.  Ya know, the karaoke pro-type.  Well tonight was the exact opposite as everybody who sang was trashed and sounded like a dying squirrel. (I’m not sure what that sounds like but I’d assume it wouldn’t sound to pleasant.) 😉

I can’t begin to recount everybody who sang, but I do remember one older lady who sang the song from “Ghost”.  Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch a long... da da da da.  Anyway, she was good or bad, I’m not sure.  Either way, it made me laugh! 🙂

Calling It A Night
I only stayed out until 1 am even though the bars are open til 2 or 3.  I guess I’m getting old. 😉  But more likely, it was because I can’t spend that much money and I’ve already had a full day today.  Still... I can’t help but feel old leaving before the lights come on.

Back To The Sea Echo
I fought eating fast food on the way home and made it back to the Sea Echo just as fat as I was before I left.  Nice, some will power. Hungry and tired, I went to bed almost as soon as I laid my head on a pillow.  Not bad, another day down as my 100 days left countdown will begin after tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Nice haircut. Which will the Rooster loose more of, before his return, weight or hair?
    Let’s hear from you the readers !!!!!

  2. dave says:

    I sure hope it’s weight!

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