Attempting To Snowboard! (Utah) “DAY 157” – 12/8/10

December 9, 2010 - 12:21 pm - (Utah) “DAY 157”

Today, I woke up so early that sun wasn’t even out yet!  What is happening to me? 😉

Anyway, I has a lot of things to do, so I showered and then got to work.  I had pictures to upload, student loans to defer, a ticket to take care of (Ahhh!), and... I had to be on the slopes at 10 am for a snowboarding lesson.

I did as much as I could but before I knew it, it was almost 10 am, so I got on my winter cloths and headed out to meet up with one of the PR people for the resort (Melanie).  On my way to my car, I saw a employee carrying a deer head downstairs.  Not something you see everyday! 😉

Meeting Melanie
I met Melanie at the Navajo Lodge in front of the Kids Camp Registration area.  (Kids Camp is a program where kids get to learn how to ski and all that cool stuff.)  Melanie was a very nice person as she gave me my passes (lift, rentals, lessons) and showed me around the facility.

Getting My Equipment
After giving me a quick tour, Melanie brought me over to the area where I would get my boots and snowboard.  I got fitted for my boots and then the guys there gave me a snowboard.

They asked me if I was goofy or regular?  Duh?  Goofy for sure! 😉

Seriously though, goofy is a snowboard term for how you would stand on the board (which foot goes forward).   I was goofy or at least I thought so, but as it turns out... I am regular (I didn’t find that out until I was on the mountain).

Meeting My Instructor (Dustin)
As I have already told you, everything was free and included in that, was a personal instructor for the day.  Sweet!  And... I need it, I’m not very good at anything in the snow, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, or ice fishing.  It’s just not my thing. 🙁

Anyway, Dustin was a real chill dude as he has snowboarded most of his life and instructed here for the last 7 years.  Also, he was born and raised in the area so he knew everything about the resort and the mountain.  Nice!

Learning The Basics
Let me tell you this... snowboarding looks much easier than it is!  It looks so easy when they (snowboarders) are flying around the mountain effortlessly while coasting to the bottom, but as I found out first hand... it is very hard and painful! 😉

F.Y.I. - I am not a skier and never have been.  When I was 14 or so, I went skiing with my Dad and a few childhood friends (who skied).  I was an athlete, so I thought I would be awesome and would immediately ski the K-12 (“Better Off Dead”) without even as much as a lesson.

The outcome of that incident was... after getting to the top of the hardest trail they had, I flew down the hill and couldn’t stop until I crashed violently (near the top). 🙁

Realizing, I was bad... I threw my skies into the woods and walked down the mountain!  I didn’t ski again for almost 10 years.  (When I would go skiing after that, I would do a few runs and then usually just hang in the lodge.) 🙂

Back to today, so there I was taking my first every lesson with Dustin.  Luckily, it was a one on one lesson because... I am still very bad on the snow.  I was good at gliding when I was up on the board but just like when I was 14, I couldn't stop to save my life! 🙁

After 2 hours of teaching me the basics (how to get onto your board, how to stop, glide, etc..) it was lunchtime and I was happy about it because I was already feeling sore.

F.Y.I. - I’m using muscles I have never used.  Not to mention, I’ve been slacking on working out, so I’m still in pretty bad shape. 🙁  Plus, I’m also concerned with my shoulder which I had surgery on a little over a year ago.

For lunch, Melanie took me over to the snack area they have for people who are skiing.  It’s your basic lunch room type food (burgers, chicken fingers, etc..), so I got a bacon cheeseburger and fries.  Again, it was comped but that's part of the pay for this gig. 🙂

Back To the Slopes Or... Not
Truthfully, I could already feel how sore I was gonna be tomorrow, so I told Dustin I was done for the day and headed back to my room to relax.  Plus, I wasn’t gonna become good today so it just wasn’t worth the risk of getting injured.

None-the-less, I did have a great time and Dustin was a good teacher.  Thank you Dustin for being so patient with me.  I know I can be a handful when I’m frustrated and not good at something.  Just ask any girlfriend I’ve had after we've had sex!  LOL JK 😉

The Rest Of My Day
For the rest of the day, I basically stayed in the condo and worked on the all the stuff I had to get done.  But around 5 pm, I drove down to the supermarket to get some dinner.  (I have a full kitchen, so I got a steak, pasta, and some sides for under $12.)  Sweet!

After that, all I did was watch TV, write, and eat the dinner I made.  The steak was as good as can be but the pasta was well... so so.  I forgot to set a timer and over cooked it by about 5 minutes.  Ahhh!

Again, I went to bed relatively early (around midnight) as I had to be up at 9 am to meet up with Jon.  Jon is the head of the PR department here at Brian Head and the actual guy who Curt set this trip up with.  I can’t be late. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Nothing broken, nothing lost and a workout.
    Nice job. Enjoy the hot tub or sauna.

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