Back In The Swing Of Things! (NY) “DAY 347” – 6/16/11

June 19, 2011 - 7:50 pm - (NY) “DAY 347” - Week 50 - State 48

I did so much today that just thinking about trying to recapture it all is taking a lot of time, so I’m gonna be briefer than I normally would because I’m a few days behind on my writing.

Starting My Day
I woke up early this morning (Thursday) and immediately got to thinking about what I could do in the city.  There are so many different options to choose from it’s hard to even known where to begin. (Concerts, Sports, Musicals, Plays, Museums, Art Shows, the list could on and on and on...)

Checking Stubhub
Since I knew the Yankee’s had a day baseball game, I started there.  So, I checked Stubhub and saw tickets were selling for as low as .77 cents.  Wow!  Now, that’s a price even I could afford.  So, without hesitation I bought a single for the game.

F.Y.I. - It wound up costing $10.77 with the fees and I paid for it on my credit card I just paid down with the donations I received last week.  There isn’t much credit left on the card but must have had at least $11 because it went through. 🙂

Walking To Broadway
It was only 10 am when I bought the ticket so I still had 2 hours or so to kill before I took the subway to the game.  Now what to do?  Then, because I was thinking ahead, I decided to walk to where Dave Letterman does his show on Broadway and see if I could get free tickets to see it live.  Nice!

The Late Show with Dave Letterman
The walk to where they film Letterman was about a mile or so (on Broadway and 53rd I think), but when I got there I was unhappy to find out that they were closed as they have different hours during the summer. (They only film Mon-Wed right now.)  Ahhhh!

It’s not a big deal because you’re not even guaranteed tickets if you show up but it still would have been cool to have even of had a chance to see Letterman live. (I’ve always thought he was funny.)  Plus, I was hoping to talk to anybody about my story and see if lightning would strike, but that didn’t happen either.

Walking Around Broadway
Now, since I was on Broadway already, I figured I’d walk around for little bit before I hopped on the subway to the game.  In case you’re not familiar with Broadway, it is a very busy street in the city especially in this area (42nd-55th-ish).  Also, this is where a lot the musicals and big Broadway plays are shown.  It’s real cool to see. 🙂

Taking The Subway
One of the cool things about New York is the subway system.  The only problem... it can be a little confusing if you’re not used to riding it.  So, I called my cousin and he told which train to take and where to pick it up at (the D-train from 52nd and Broadway). Nice!

In case you’re not familiar with how the subway works, it’s basically an underground train that runs throughout the entire city stopping off almost anywhere you want if know where you’re going.  Also, it only costs $2.50 per trip and I was lucky enough to get a card from somebody that already had $5 on it.  Perfect! 🙂

Arriving In The Bronx
The ride on the subway was smooth and easy as I arrived in the Bronx about 45 minutes before the game started.  This is much easier than driving in, not to mention it’s so much cheaper. (Parking is $35 per car.)

After getting out of the subway and onto the street I got my bearings and realized I was standing outside of where the old Yankee Stadium used to be.  Memories... (The old stadium is/was just one block down from where the new is.)

Getting Food For The Game
Since I don’t have enough money to buy stadium food (to pricey), I did the next best thing and brought my own food into the game with me. (Yankee stadium will let you bring in as much food and water as you like. They just check the bags.) 🙂

So, I went and bought some water from a guy who sold me with his sign. (Hey, it made sense.) 😉 Then, after that I went to the Dollar Store and bought some candy and Pringles.  My whole food total was $3.  Perfect!

Entering The Stadium
Now, normally I would go into the stadium and all it has to offer a fan but since I already did this for Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago, I won’t go through all of it again.  But, what I will say is that every time I go to Yankee Stadium it is a great time even if they lose. (Although that does put a damper on it.) 😉

Picking My Seat
Once I was in the stadium I had a decision to make... where do I sit? (As you know if you’ve been following me, I usually sit almost anywhere I want to at any sporting event.) 😉

The Bleachers
So, after thinking about it for a second, I decided to go sit in the Bleachers which is where I used to sit when I was younger and drunker.  The Bleachers aren’t like that anymore (drunken-wise) but sitting there it is still the most fun you can have at any major league baseball game.

Not to mention, I got a front for seat.  Yes, it was a few rows from the outfield wall but it was still the front row of the right field bleachers. (I got this seat because for some reason the first two seats of the row were under water.  It was just your feet, but nobody wanted to sit there so I did. 🙂

The Bleacher Creatures
The reason the Bleachers is best place to watch a game is because of the fans that sit there.  Now, most of the bleacher seats these days do have the regular fan in it, but there is still core of fans called the “Bleacher Creatures” that go to almost every game and sit in the same seats in the bleachers every night.

It’s these fans that make the bleachers so special.  They have numerous chants that the rest of the stadium doesn’t use, one of which is...” Box Seats Sucks!  Box Seats Sucks!”.  Then, the thing the “Bleacher Creatures” are most well known for is “Roll Call”.

Roll Call
I could go into the whole roll call thing from beginning to end but instead I just found a  link to a Yankee’s roll call from the bleachers complete with the “Box Seats Sucks” chant. (This isn’t the game I went to but it will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.)  It is awesome!

Nick Swisher
Now, although all the Yankee players seem to enjoy “Roll Call” I feel that Nick Swisher embraces it the most.  For one, he plays in right field which home to the Bleacher Creatures.  And two, he when he gets introduced he gives a shout out to the “Bleacher Creatures”.  You go Swish! 🙂

The New York Yankees vs. The Texas Rangers
I gotta say of all the games I seen this year, this one might have been the best one. (The Knicks vs. Thunder in Oklahoma City was also really good as well as both South Alabama baseball games I saw. Although I left one of them early.)

Anyway, this game was fast paced, well played, and the weather was perfect all afternoon. (It started to get hot around the 4th inning, but then it cooled off soon after and turned out to be a perfect day for baseball.) 🙂

Rather than getting into all the details, I’ll just skip to the 9th inning when the best closer in baseball history was called into game in order to keep to it tied. (It was 2-2 after 8 inning of play.)

Mo Comes In
Going to a Yankee game and sitting in the right field bleachers is really cool enough, but going to a Yankee game and getting to see Marino Rivera (Mo) pitch is even better. (Hey, he’s the best ever at his position and he’s getting older so you never know when it’s the last time you’ll get to see him pitch live.)

Anyway, the good news was... that Mo pitched two scoreless innings.  The bad news... the Yankee’s didn’t score a run to win the game for him in either the 9th or 10th innings.

Extra Innings
As I just told you, this game went into extra innings so you know what means... Free Baseball! 🙂  Woo hoo!  And since I had nowhere to be I didn’t care if they played 100 innings if the Yankees won.  Heck, I’d a preferred a 27 inning game so I could have seen baseball history. (I think 26 innings is longest game ever.)

The Yankees Win! Theeeee Yankees Win!
Since anybody who follows baseball already knows the outcome the game, I’ll just say the same thing Yankees radio announcer John Sterling does after Yankee victory... The Yankees Win!  Theeeeeeeee Yankees Win!  LOL 🙂  (The Yanks won 3-2 in the 12th on a Brett Gardner single.)

Not Getting On The Big Screen 🙁
Although this happened sometime around the 7th inning, I didn’t get on the big screen at this game although I was close. (I’ve been on at least 5 big screens this year, probably more.)

Anyway, the camera guy was right next to me filming the police officer who was stationed two feet from where I sat. (The officer and I talked all game long. I even knew his girlfriend was the lady cop stationed one section over.  Ahhhh, police in love!) 😉

So, after he filmed the officer for a clip during the singing of “God Bless America”, I asked him to put me on the big screen.  This approach didn’t work as he put everybody in the whole section on the screen except for me.  Really funny, damn you cameraman!  😉

The Last Person Left
After the game ended with a Yankees win, I stayed in the stands until I was the last person left in the bleachers.  Heck, I had nowhere else to be and I was listening to Frank. (After every home game they play “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra until the crowd is gone.)

Hanging With My Cousin
Once I had finally finished singing along with Frank (I sang the song a bunch of times), I hopped back on the subway and headed to Jonah’s place.  My plan now was to meet up with my cousin and do whatever.  We didn’t plan that much. 😉

Walking To Dinner
Around 7 pm my cousin met me at Jonah’s place and after talking Yankee baseball, we decided what to do next.  Since we were both hungry, my cousin told me he’d buy me dinner anywhere I wanted to eat (within reason).  No $50 steaks for the Rooster. 😉

Seriously though, my cousin told me he’d take wherever I wanted and since I love a good corned beef sandwich, we headed to one of NY’s most famous restaurants... The Carnegie Deli!  Woo Hoo! 🙂

Carnegie Deli
For those of you who have never heard of this Deli, it’s basically the best place to get a corned beef or pastrami sandwich in the city and the sandwiches are huge! (Katz Deli in Brooklyn is pretty good too.)

Anyway, everybody and anybody who has been to NYC has eaten here and they have all the pictures to prove it. (On every wall in the whole restaurant are pictures of famous people who have eaten here at some point.)  It’s pretty cool.

Food To-Go
The thing about eating here is that you almost always have to get doggie bag when you leave because the amount of food they serve you is just to much for one person who isn’t a competitive eater. (My sandwich probably had over 2 lbs of meat on it.)  So, after packing up, we left the deli and walked around the city to burn some calories.

Central Park At Night
It was sometime after 9 pm when we decided to walk toward Central Park just so I check it out at nighttime.  Also, it was toward where both Jonah and my cousin live so it wasn’t out of the way.

Like I said, it was dark out so we just walked along side the west side of the park until we reached a huge cube in the middle of the city.  Yes, it’s true, I found where the Apple geniuses were born.  It’s right here in this cube in the middle of NYC. 😉

The Apple Store (Kinda)
Seriously though, this was the Apple hub in New York.  I’m not sure what goes on here or if anything goes on here because tonight it was walled off for some special event. (I don’t know what they were doing there but I knew we couldn’t get real close.)

Calling It A Night
By now it was after 11 pm and since I had already had a long day of walking around the city and my cousin had work again in the morning, we parted ways and each walked to our respective pads for the night.

When I got back to Jonah’s around midnight, I shocked to see that Jonah wasn’t home yet. (He left for work at 9 am and still isn’t home, that’s a 15 hour day and he’s still not home yet.)  Wow!  He’s a real hard worked who obviously cares about what he does.  There is no replacing hard work!  You go Jonah!

So, after waiting up for him until 1 am-ish, I passed out on his couch for the night.  I had a great day today and it brought me back to how this trip had been going for most the year until I hit the proverbial wall a few weeks ago in the Rhode Island/Connecticut area.  It’s nice to be back! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I like when your busy and all over the place.
    Keep on Rooster. Finish strong !!!!!

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