Back In The Swing Of Things! (Pun Intended & Only Kinda) – (FL) “DAY 237” – 2/26/11

February 28, 2011 - 12:16 pm - (FL) “DAY 237” - Week 34 - State 32

I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and another perfect day.  Florida is real nice in February! 🙂  But my problem... my back was still hurting although it did feel better than yesterday (Friday).  That’s a good thing I guess because I was in real bad shape for the past 24 hours.

Pat & Toby Show Up
It was a little before noon when I grabbed my phone and walked outside of Pat’s house to call Pat.  I did this because his place is a cell phone’s worst enemy, no service or messages at all!

Anyway, as the phone was ringing, Pat and Toby pulled up in a jeep with the roof off.  They said, “Come on Rooster, we’re going to the beach and then a festival.”  Even though I’m still feeling some lower back pain, how can I argue.  It 80+ degrees and I’m in Florida! 🙂

Driving To The Beach
The ride from Pat’s house to the beach isn’t far (5-10 miles) but the traffic was exactly what you would expect on a perfect Saturday in February, jam packed!  For us it wasn’t that bad as we were in a Jeep with the top down and the doors off!  Not a bad beach mobile. 😉

F.Y.I. - I love the smell of the ocean and the beach as pull up close to the sand.  Maybe it reminds of Jersey or maybe it’s just something I like, but none-the-less, it’s awesome to me every time I first arrive in a beach town.

GulfShore Bar & Grill
The first place we went to was the GulfShore Bar which was located right on the beach.  A perfect set-up. 🙂  Pat and Toby don’t mind having a few cocktails, so we bellied up to the bar and ordered a beer.  I got one too, hey the beer might help my back. 😉

F.Y.I. - Toby has lived in Fort Myers for 22 years and seems to know everybody.  I guess we are running his route today that he done for years.  Or... at least one of his routes that he does through town because every bartender/waitress knows his name.  Toby!

Hitting The Beach
The beach was packed today with young people, old people, skinny people, fat people (me as an example), and well... everybody and anybody.  Anyway, our plan was just to walk along the beach while enjoying the scenery until we got to the next bar we were going to.

Meeting Two Hot Girls
Since my back was still shakey at best, I was a few steps behind Pat and Toby as we walked down the beach to our next destination.  As I was walking, I spotted two half naked girls getting a full body tan at my feet. Nice!  I love Florida. 🙂

Now, I do realize at this moment that I’m old, fat, alone, while holding a camera on the beach. That isn’t to creepy is it?  Well, I though it was ;), so instead of standing there like a lunatic, I plopped down next to them and started a conversation.

F.Y.I. - As I was talking with the girls, a guy walked over to me and said, “Man, every guy around here has been wanting to do that all day!”

Anyway, we talked about my journey and as I was leaving, I asked the girls if I could take a picture (or 3) of their great bodies for my website.  They said no problem, but not to use their names as they waved good-bye.  You got it girls!  Thanks for the great photo op! 🙂

Beach Games... Hey It’s Almost Spring Break Time
After my happy encounter with a few hotties, I spotted Toby a few yards away watching a “Strongest Man On The Beach Contest” (it was followed by a “Strongest Woman On The Beach Contest” which is what drew Toby there.)

Pat wasn’t next to him and as I looked around, I then saw Pat lying on the beach getting a tan with his shirt on! 😉 LOL (No, that isn’t Pat but Toby and I did make fun of him that it was.) LOL

I don’t remember who won the contests, but what I do remember is feeling old and out of shape again.  This was exactly the kind of stuff I would have entered when I was younger or even just pre-shoulder surgery (33 years old).  But now, I’ve realized these days are long behind me. 🙁

F.Y.I. - Even if I got back in shape and was strong again, it wouldn’t ever be worth hurting myself because I decided to hold up a bucket full of sand for drunk people to cheer on!  But boy... I did used to love it! 🙂

Hooters On The Beach

After finding a guy strong enough to help Pat off the beach (LOL, JK), the three of us (Me, Pat, Toby) went to Hooters which was located 20 yards off the beach.  Again, Toby knew everybody there but after one drink, we left the beach for another bar.

Lazy Daze

I’m not sure why we stopped at the Lazy Daze because it was dead and off the beaten the path.  I still don’t know why but while we were there, the guys had another drink before we left for Toby’s place so we could change cars. (The Jeep had to go back.)

Toby’s Place
I’m not sure exactly what Toby does but he must do it well because he lives in a real nice complex and also has a few real nice toys as well. (I saw 3 motorcycles and I know he has a big boat too.)

Anyway, after changing cars, we were off to a Greek Festival that was taking place in town a few miles away.  Incase you’re wondering, it’s about 3 pm by now.

Greek Festival
On our walk up to the entrance of the Festival, I thought I spotted Marty McFly because there before me was “Back To The Future’s” famous car, a Delroean. (It’s still a real sharp car.)

Anyway, after traveling through time, we arrived at the entrance way where we found out it was $5 to get in.  Before I even realized it, Pat paid the $5 fee for me to get in.  Thanks Pat! 🙂

Checking Out The Greek Fest

This festival had the same things everything festival I have been to so far has had (although it’s been some time now since my last festival, winter’s over baby!).  There was music, shopping, food, games, rides, and even a raffle for a Lexus.  Oh yeah, this festival also sold lamb by the whole. 🙂

Meeting Up With Toby’s Daughter

After aimlessly walking around for a little while, we met up with Toby oldest daughter. (I would assume that is why we went here to begin with although... a festival is a festival is a festival.) 🙂

Toby’s daughter seemed like a real sharp girl as the four of us talked about whatever at a table somewhere in the festival.  A half hour or so passed before Toby’s daughter left because she had work to go to.  Nice meeting you!

Checking Out The Rest Of Fair

The last thing we did before we left the Greek fest was to check out the rides and games a little further than the quick walk through we did when we arrived.  The wasn’t a full blown carnival atmosphere but it wasn’t that bad either.  You could still find a decent prize to win as well a unsafe carnie ride to go on. 😉 LOL

F.Y.I. - I don’t have kids so maybe I’m just out with times since I was a kid but it was $3 or $5 to play a carnie game for a prize.  Wow!  That’s a lot of money for a game rigged for you to lose at.

Now I know why Austin Powers never trusted Carnie Folk besides the fact that they have small hands and smell of cabbage. LOL 🙂

Leaving the Greek Fest & Back To Pat’s

By the time we left the Greek Fest it was close to 5 pm and by now... my back was exhausted from a long day on my feet, so I told the guys I had to head back to Pat’s place.

F.Y.I. - Not to even mention how sunburn I turned to be later that night.  I look like I’m wearing a reverse tank top, I’m so burned! 🙁

When we got to Pat’s, Pat too decided he had a long day as he said good-bye to Toby and headed inside for a nap.  While Pat napped, I posted my Thursday and Friday before I too, fell victim to the couch.

Going To A Bar Nearby

Sometime before 10 pm, Pat and I had gotten our acts together enough to head to a local bar nearby to watch the UFC fights that were on tonight.  We are both fans of MMA so this was a perfect low-key evening for me since my back was still acting up.

The cool thing about this bar other than the fact that there was no cover charge for the fights, was that it was a Steeler Bar!  Steeler Nation is everywhere!  They even had a WVU banner on the wall as well.  Nice! 🙂

UFC #?
Pat and I were so beat up from the sun that we didn’t even have a one drink while we watched the fights (we ate some food).  Anyway, the card wasn’t bad but the main event between Penn and Fitch didn’t live up to the hype.  It was a good fight don’t get me wrong, but it just wasn’t a “Main Event” type fight to me.

Calling It A Night
After the last swing fight ended (fights that are on after the main event if they have time), Pat and I went back to his place for the rest of the night (sometime around 1 am).  I didn’t stay up long as my back was still in pain, so as soon as I laid down, I fell asleep.  Nice!  I need a good night’s rest.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I love the beach and all it’s well tanned women.
    Great photo’s, but couldn’t you get them to roll
    over baby !!!!!!!!

  2. Wayne Manuel says:

    Dave!! You’re in Florida bro!? How long you here for? I’m near Orlando. Hit me up on Facebook.


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