Back To Work! (MI) “DAY 22” – 7/26/10

July 27, 10:26 am - (MI) “DAY 22”
Today was my first normal day in a long time.  What I mean by “normal day” is...  a day I would have had if I was still in New Jersey.  Maybe it’s because I’m with my cousin and that brings a certain level of comfort... a feeling of home.  Or maybe I’m just getting used to being on the road.

Either way, it was nice to have (what I would consider) a normal day!

After I wrote day “DAY 21”, J.T. and I hung out for a bit before he had to go class (1:30pm).  I had a few hours to myself before my cuz would be home (5 pm-ish) so I got some things done I would normally do on a Monday.

The first thing I did was make fliers for J.T. and post them all over his apartment complex.  My Uncle Mickey (his father) asked me to help him sell all his furniture because J.T.’s leaving Michigan in 2 weeks to go home (NJ) to complete law school at Seton Hall U.

He has a couch and bed to sell, anyone who’s interested... let me know!  I got your back big Mick! I’m doing what I can :).

Still fat but getting better!

After that, I went for a jog.  My first workout ever in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It wasn’t that hot out but it was humid and streets around here are all hills.  I ran for a little over 2 miles and it was challenging.  The good news... I made it and I feel like I’m finally starting to get into better shape.

Now, I just have to start adding more weight training to the mix and my old physique should be back in no time!

It’s been another week on the road so I checked my weight at a “Curves -for women” down the street and I weighed 203 lbs.

When I got back to J.T’s, I did my laundry, took a shower, and watched TV.  It was nice to sit down on a couch and watch TV like I have for the past 35 years.  I checked “On Demand” (he has Comcast) and watched episode 1 of the new season of Big Brother, what a great show!

F.Y.I. - Big Brother is partially why I took this trip to begin with.  Let me explain, I auditioned for this season of BB in New York City (April -2010).  The first audition was a bulk audition at a Yonkers Raceway.  After I left, I didn’t feel like I did that good but I got a call back anyway for a 2cd interview in Manhattan.

Two days later is when they wanted to see me, so I went back for the next phase.  This part of the process is a one on one interview with a casting director for the show.  I didn’t know it at the time but I was sitting with the HEAD casting director of BB (Tedd R. Schermerhorn), since season 2.

I had a great interview, I killed it!  Sometimes you’re just on and I was on that day.  Everything was going perfect until the last question he asked... “What is this show Forever Eden you were on, I don’t know what it is?”  Oh no! Not Eden!

I responded with the truth... it was a reality show on FOX that aired about 7 years ago.  It didn’t air fully because it got cancelled, but it did air in it’s entirety on Fox Reality Channel a few times.

He looked me right in the eye and said “ That’s bad Dave (Rooster)!  Big Brother doesn’t want anybody who was on another reality show on a different network.”  He then said that I was one of the best auditions he had seen in NY and would do what he could to get me on.

Long story short... TO LATE!  I got an email on May 11th letting me know I didn’t get cast for the show.

It was only hours after that email that I came up with the idea for this trip.  Days later... It was a full fledged idea ready to be undertaken.  Now, here I am.

Back to “Day 22”

Before I finished watching episode one of the show I should have been cast on :), I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until J.T. got home (5:30pm).  He made us a steak dinner complete with sides and everything.  Thanks Tuck!

After that, it was time to go to work!  It has been almost a week since I last played poker and I have to make money.  I’m under the $2000 I started with and I need to get some of that back.

There are a few casinos in the area but we decided to go MGM Grand in Detroit (40 min away).  Before I got to the casino, I asked J.T. if he wanted to stop on 8 mile and rap for a bit but he declined, so we just went straight to gamble. 🙂

MGM (Detroit) was very nice and looked like any Atlantic City casino on the inside.  The poker room however was very small with only a few running tables.

None-the-less, it was the nicest room I may have ever been in.  It was a real flashy place for a poker room, much different than the rooms I have seen lately.

Anyway, I bought in for $160 and the first hand I got was 10, 9 - off suit, nothing hit the flop and I folded.  I played for the next 3 hours floating around even, up $40... down $40.  This continued all night.

Forgot her name and Me "Rooster"

Meanwhile, my cousin was playing blackjack with money he didn’t have.  Oh No!  We kept in contact the whole night though texts, phone calls, and occasionally we would meet up in person to discuss how the night was going.

You the man Mick!

His night, up until around midnight was a disaster!  He lost all his money and had nothing!  He then called his older brother (Mickey) and told him what was going on.  Mickey is a great guy with a good job and sent his baby brother some money to continue on his gambling quest.

I thought it would have been bad idea but as it turned out... It was the beginning of an empire my younger cousin would soon build!

We’ll get back to J.T. in a second.  After we met up, I went back to poker room and continued playing.  I didn’t get many hands all night and the table was playing slow (meaning no big pots).

Me "Rooster" and J.T.

It was around 2 am (I was down a little) when J.T. texted me to say he was doing well.

I took another break and went looking for him.  When I found him... he had over $800 in chips on the table!  Nice!  I told him I was ready to leave and call it night.  Since he was finally up, he agreed.

While J.T. went to the bathroom and cashed his chips, I went back to the poker room to play a few more hands and cash out myself.

One more please!

During this time, I got pocket A’s (A, A).  I raised pre-flop to $12.  I got a few callers and the guy in last position raised me back to $30.  Perfect!  The pot was already over $70, so I pushed all in.  The gentleman called with Q’s (Q,Q).  My hand held up and I won a big pot.

I knew I needed to meet J.T., so I cashed out with $315. (up $155).  Nice!  Exactly what I needed, a positive outing.

I met back up with J.T. and we left for home.  He was trashed :),  so I drove.  On the way, we got


McDonald’s.  It was only 3am but they were serving breakfast.  I have been to McDonald’s all around the country and they never serve breakfast until earliest, 5:30 am. (just thought it was a interesting tid bit of info.)

We celebrated our victories as we scarfed down bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits.  It was great until J.T. started to throw up in the bathroom (4am)!  I’m sure it tasted better going down!

Hit it us A-rod!Baseball
Since I’m in the Detroit, Michigan area, the baseball game I was forced to watch on TV while I was playing poker was the Tigers vs. Tampa Bay D-Rays.  It was another stroke of luck because I got to see baseball history as D-Rays pitcher Matt Garza threw Tampa Bay’s fist no-hitter in team history!

Tonight (Tuesday), my cousin and I are headed to Progressive Field in Cleveland to watch the Yanks play and potentially catch A-Rod’s 600th home run.  We have seats in the left field bleachers!  Wish us luck!!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mindy says:

    David- It’s so funny you auditioned for Big Brother because I never miss it and my mom and I were talking about how perfect you would be on BB and that your trip reminds us of it. BTW- Macky says if you want to stop by for some chicken in Denver- come over.

  2. dave says:

    I just might. I’ll you know when I’m area. Thanks.

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