Baseball Season Begins & Hanging With Wulf! (NC) “DAY 270” – 3/31/11

April 2, 2011 - 3:40 pm - (NC) “DAY 270” - Week 39 - State 35

I woke today and all I could think about was... It’s Opening Day!  I love baseball season!  Luckily for me the Yanks are playing today and since Direct TV’s MLB Baseball package is free for the first week of the season, I won’t miss a pitch. 🙂

Writing & Watching The Yanks
An hour before the game started (Yanks vs. Tigers), I got myself all set up in Wulf’s upstairs rec room and started writing.  I had a lot of writing to do since I was 2 days behind and then add in the fact that I’m hungover again... and this isn’t to much fun. 🙁

But, at least the Yankee’s are playing today so I’m happy about that.  So, for the entire game I wrote and posted and my Tuesday night out with A.J. in Raleigh. Other than that, all I was able to accomplish was uploading and naming the 283 pictures I took at the Hurricane game last night.

I’m just so hungover that if I looked at a computer screen any longer... I was gonna get sick because my head was pounding. 🙁  The game ended around 4 pm with the Yanks winning 5-3 and then went downstairs to see what Wulf was up to.

Wulf & The Fam
Wulf was a little under the weather himself as his day ended earlier than he usually does.  Still, he was ready go out again tonight so he could show me around town and his neighborhood.  I didn’t mind but I was still feeling really crappy, so I wasn’t gonna have one drink.

Ping-Pong At Admiral’s House

The Admiral is one of Wulf’s neighbor’s who lives just two doors down.  So around 6 pm we left Wulf’s place and headed over there to play ping-pong for awhile before we headed out to a bar for some food and whatnot.

F.Y.I. - Wulf nicknamed his neighbor “The Admiral” when he moved here 6 years ago and it has stuck as most of Wulf’s nicknames do.  He’s got a gift. 😉  Also, Elvis (real name Eric) is coming over to hang out as well.  Wulf’s named him too. LOL

Anyway, I was feeling so shitty that for the whole time I was at Admiral’s, I didn’t even play any pong.  The reason is simple... I didn’t want to move and I definitely didn’t want to have to focus my mind on a white ball moving real fast.  No bueno! 😉

Going To A Bar
After an hour or so of pong, the four of us left Admiral’s place to head to a local bar a few miles away.  We’re not planning on staying out late as everybody but me has kids, a family, and a job to deal with in the morning, so by 9 pm I already know we are bouncing.  Nice!  I can’t put in another full night of partying.

Playing Pool With The Guys

After we got settled in at the bar, we found an open pool table and played doubles the rest of the time we were there. (This is way more my speed right now, as pool is a very leisurely game compared to the speed of pong.)

Each game we played was Wulf & Me vs. Admiral & Elvis.  I wish I could say we didn’t get skunked, but my pool performance was weak at best as we lost every game we played against them.  Sorry Wulf, my bad! 😉

Eating Dinner
While we were playing, we ordered some bar food and by the time we finished eating, my hangover was starting to go away.  The only problem... it was now about time to go home for the night.  Oh well!  I’m OK with that too, I can use an easy evening. 😉

The Trivia Guy
One of the positive’s about leaving early was that about 30 minutes before we bounced, a guy with a monotone voice came on the mic at the bar and started doing some bar trivia.  It wasn’t good, but Elvis couldn’t take it as he bashed him the whole time we were there.  It was funny! 🙂

Crashing Early-ish
Wulf and I got back to his place sometime before 10 pm and since we are going camping tomorrow morning for the weekend, we called it an early night and crashed sometime around midnight.

Yeah, I’m camping again.  Ahhh!  Way out of my element.  But at least I’m going with Wulf and his best friend Elvis (as well as their kids), so it should be a good time even though I’m gonna have to rough it.

This Just Happened 4/3/11
This morning (Sunday) I got a email from a college friend (Josh) from Kean U. telling me that an article he wrote on my journey is up on his company’s website.  Thanks Josh!

Check it out if you have time:

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Camping again,who are you becoming?
    Have fun and be safe.

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