Camping In The Woods With The Boys! (NC) “DAY 271” – 4/1/11

April 2, 2011 - 5:12 pm - (NC) “DAY 271” - Week 39 - State 35

This morning I didn’t have time to get my head of the pillow before I was reminded we’re going camping today by Wulf! (He’s super pumped to camp this weekend with is son and friends.)  Me... ehh.

F.Y.I. - I’m not an outdoors man by any means and do not like to camp, hunt, fish, or anything that involves the wilderness for the most part.  Although... I do love watching nature and animal shows on the Discovery channel. 😉

But, since it’s camping with a great friend and other cool people, I’m down to go for the weekend. (Although, I am bringing my own car in case I can’t take it anymore and have to bounce.) 😉

Leaving For The Woods (10:00 am)
We were up and out of Wulf’s house by 10 am because he wanted to make sure we got a great camp site.  I tried to tell him we would be the only one’s there because it’s cold out and it has rained for the past 2 days.  None-the-less, he was fired up so we left early and headed to Elvis’s to pick up his sons.

F.Y.I. -
Elvis is one of Wulf’s best friends and that’s who he’s going camping with this weekend.  Well... Elvis and 3 out of his 4 sons.  One of his boys isn’t going for some reason.  Probably the same reason I’d want to stay home, it’s the wilderness!  😉

Getting The Boys
Like I said, I was driving too, so I followed Wulf to Elvis’s house to pick up his sons (Wes- 18, Dillon-15, and Wyatt-6). (Elvis is meeting us later because he’s working today first.)  (Right: His boys, Jake -blonde hair, and Me)

Anyway, when we got there I said hi to Becky as she packed up her boys to hit the road.  (Becky is Elvis’s wife who I’ve met a few times and went to the hockey game with on Wednesday with the Wulf’s.)  Now that we were all loaded up, it time to drive to campsite.

Jordan Lake State Recreational Area
The ride to Jordan Lake isn’t a far one as it’s just a short 40 minutes drive from Wulf’s house.  Not bad if I have to pulled a hammy and leave early. 😉  Seriously though, it wasn’t a bad ride at all even though I was driving alone.  But hey... I’m used to that already. 😉

The actual camping area was a little drive from the registration booth (nobody was there), but it didn’t matter as the signs along the gravel road told you where to go to find the camp grounds.

Unloading The Car At Our Campsite
Where we parked was the closest spot we could get, but it was still a 1/4 mile or so from where we would be setting up camp.  Needless to say, we had a lot of stuff to carry before we could do that, so Wulf handed out things to all the boys and myself as we trecked through the forest to our camping area.

It’s Wyatt’s Birthday Today!
As we were unloading the car, I was alerted it was Wyatt’s Birthday today.  Obviously, I couldn’t have known this, but it now makes more sense why we going camping on a cold and rainy weekend. (What I’m saying is that this getaway has planned for awhile.)  And... Happy Birthday Wyatt! (He’s 6 today.)

Setting Up Camp
Since we were the first and only ones there, we had our choice of any campsite the grounds had to offer. (There were a lot.)  So, after walking around and looking for the best one, we made choose one about 50 yards from the lake.  (It's a nice set-up.) 🙂

Picking a good location is the easy part as I found out, because the next phase in a camping excursion is the most work.  And that’s... setting up the tents, the chairs, the coolers, etc...

Wulf, Wes, & I Set Up A Tent
Now, even though I haven’t camped many times in my life, I do remember the the times I did and what I always hated (the 2 or 3 times) was setting the tents.  I guess hate this because I’m not very handy or good at these types of things.

Anyway, it wasn’t bad at all this time around for a few reasons. 1.) This tent is new and as I found out it very easy to set-up. 2.) Wulf was in charge and I was just a gopher. 3.) There were three of us setting up together.

None-the-less, I did help out and when it was all finished... this tent was the mac daddy of the forrest!  It was a 6 person tent with a full garage and it even had another area that we didn’t attach because it was already big enough for just Wulf, his son Jake, and I.

Elvis’s Boys Set Up Their Tent
After we finished out tent, Wes left our team and went over to help his younger brother Dillon set up their tent. (Wes is the oldest, Dillon middle, Wyatt is the youngest and Jake’s age.) Got it. 🙂

I thought it was cool to watch the two brothers set up a tent together without their father around (Elvis is showing up later).  They even included their youngest brother as not to exclude him and was even very patient with him.  They are all good brothers. 🙂

Getting A Fire Started
Now that our campsite was set-up, the next and most important thing to do (at least in my mind) was to get a fire going.  For one, it was cold out as the wind was real bad and two... fire is everything on a camping trip. 🙂

Since I enjoy starting a camp fire (I found that out at the Hostel In The Forrest In Georgia), I took the lead on this project for the whole day and night.  The problem... this site has many rules, one of which is you can’t gather and use wood on the property.  You have to buy it from them.

But, since it was cold out and their was nobody there to buy any from, I convinced Wulf we wouldn’t get into any trouble from the Park Ranger and started to gather wood. (The Ranger did show up at 7 pm and said it was OK.)

Elvis Arrives
Is was mid-afternoon when Elvis showed up for the weekend.  Once he was there (we were waiting on him to arrive), we got to doing whatever people do in the woods.

F.Y.I. - Elvis is a real cool guy who has most of same interests as I do.  It makes sense because we are both good friends with Wulf and he’s a good judge of character as well as being one. 😉

One of the reasons everybody here likes camping (except for me) is because they get to fish.  Wulf, Elvis, and all the boys have numerous poles, their own tackle boxes, and are very excited to fish all weekend long.

F.Y.I. - I have never enjoyed fishing and have only fished a handful of times my whole life.  I just actually caught my first fish (by myself) last year at my friend Monkey’s house. I’m still not a fan.

Fishing With Dillon

None-the-less, I’m here and there is nothing else to do, so I grabbed a pole and went to the area where Dillon was fishing.  Wulf, Elvis, and the other boys were fishing closer to camp and since I didn’t want two 6 year olds picking on me, I walked over to where Dillon was fishing by himself.

Dillon is a real nice big kid as at just 15 years old, he’s like 6’0, 200 lbs.  A football player in the making. (His dad Elvis played for N.C. State and two years in the pro’s back in the 90’s.)

Anyway, since my fishing skills are non-existent, I asked Dillon to show me how to do everything necessary in order to thrown a line into the water.  Dillon was more than helpful as he taught all the basics of fishing. (He didn’t pick on me either.) 🙂

After learning what I needed to know, Dillon and I fished in the lake for about 30 minutes before we picked up our poles and headed back to where the fire was. I’m not a fisherman but they all said it was to windy to fish then and I didn’t care, I hate fishing anyway.

A Dude Arrives On A Boat
It was about 6:30 pm and everybody was just relaxing around the fire (eating and whatnot), when a guy on a boat pulled up and docked right where we were camping.

We thought he was the Park Ranger with our firewood (the site was suppose to provide it), but as it turned out it was another camper (Rick) who was looking for companionship.  And as we found out... a fire to warm up by. (He was cold and couldn’t start a fire where he was because of the wind.)

Taking A Boat Ride With Rick
Since we couldn’t catch any fish and Rick caught a whole bunch, I thought we all should go out on bis boat and try fishing where he caught he his but Wulf and Elvis didn’t feel the same vibe I did. (They were cautious because they each have a 6 year old with them.)

Since fishing wasn’t gonna happen, I asked Rick if he would give me a ride around the lake (or as I found out, the huge reservoir) in his boat.  He was more than happy to, so he hopped in started up the engine.  As we were about to leave, Elvis’s two older boys hopped in the boat with me for the ride.

The reservoir was so big it seemed like a lake, but Rick told us it was just a huge rese as he had lived and fished here for 15 years.  Since he was a local, he gave us the tour of the area by water, and showed us all the highlights of the lake (rese).  I guess the highlight was a huge dam that’s man-made.

Sunset Was Cool
When we got back from riding around the lake, it almost night-time as the sun was setting over the water.  I’ve seen many nice sunsets on this trip and this was one of them.

I guess this is part of what people like about camping although I still find it boring.  Seriously, the sunset lasts for 15 minutes and then it’s over.  What do you do for the remaining 23 hours 45 minutes. 😉

Talking By The Fire
I know what you do... you talk with your friends and laugh by the fire all night while having a few adult beverages. 🙂  That’s why camping is fun for me.  The thing is... I can do this anywhere, I don’t have to be in the middle of the woods at night in order to laugh and BS with some friends.

None-the-less, I did enjoy myself for the whole day and night as I do only get to hang out with Wulf every so often.  So, if it’s in the woods with his friends and family, then that’s just fine by me because laughing with Wulf is priceless! 🙂

Sleeping In The Woods
The young kids went to bed around 10 pm, the middle kids and Elvis went to bed around 11:30 pm, Wulf went bed after midnight, and I stayed up by myself watching the fire until sometime around 2 am.  I’m just a night owl, I can’t help it.

I finally went to bed in the tent and realized I didn’t have a pillow.  Ahh!  So I took off my sweatshirt and used that, but what I didn’t realize is that now I was gonna be cold all night long.  That’s camping in the woods I guess. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Good friends and family. You fishing put’s a smile on my face. Your cold and they’re wearing shorts.

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