Changing Hotels, Finishing My Nascar Sheet, & A Poker Tourney! (Vegas) “DAY 152” – 12/3/10

December 4, 2010 - 1:18 pm - (Vegas) “DAY 152”

When I woke up this morning (9 am), I had a lot to do just to get settled in because I had to change rooms today (Flamingo to Imperial Palace).  You wouldn’t think it would be that hard, being the Imperial Palace is right across the street but... it was. 😉

I just have a lot of stuff and now I have a lot of loose stuff since I lost my bag in California that held all my socks and underwear (I need to buy a new bag).

Anyway, I wrote until 11 am and then left my room to go check into the Imperial palace before I checked out of the Flamingo (late check out, noon).

Imperial Palace Check-in
I tell ya, one thing that all Hotels need to improve on is the amount of people they having checking people in.  It took almost 45 minutes in line before I got my comped room for the weekend.  Ahhh!  But... Nice!

It took so long, I got back to my room (at the Flamingo) just in time to check out.  Then, instead of getting a bell hop to help me, I carried all my stuff by myself to my car.  What a pain in the ass!  Never again! 🙂

Imperial Room
Now, my new room isn’t bad but I was just spoiled by my old friend (Jim) with the room he got me at the Flamingo.  He got me a suite of some-sort and this room is well... very regular (yet nice).

The biggest difference between the rooms other than everything... 😉 is the view.  My old room had a beautiful view of the pool area and the city.  My new room has a beautiful view of a dirty roof and a parking garage! LOL 🙂  Hey, beggar's can’t be choosers!

Anyway, I settled in and kept writing until about 4 pm.  Then, once I was finished, I went back to strip to finish my Nascar sheet (checklist) so I could my get a Nascar Championship Series (Vegas) commemorative poker chip.

Nascar Sheet
Now, there were 10 stops you had to hit before you got the poker chip and I already did 6 of them.  Two of them were relatively close but the other two were on the opposite ends of the strip (the furthest points in each direction, Welcome to Vegas sign and Fremont St.).

My plan was to walk the first two and then get my car to hit the last two.  First on my list was the car at Harrah’s.  I got there and as I did at every stop, I took a picture of the car and then one of me and the car.  Sweet!

Then, I approached the guy working there and asked him to stamp my checklist so I could move forward with my list.  He stamped it and then handed me a poker chip. What?  I still had 3 left to complete.

I asked him if he made a mistake and he told me they were closing up the exhibit on the strip at 6 pm and figured I couldn’t get to them all in time (it was 5:30pm).  Basically, he was being cool! 🙂  Before I left, he even gave 3 more.  Thanks bro.

Fashion Show
Even though I just 4 poker chips and could have stopped there, I was having fun and still wanted to get more poker chips. (They can be great X-Mas stocking stuffer's for Nascar fans.)

When I got to the car in front of Fashion Show, the area was all but packed up except for the car.  I asked the guy working there if he would take a picture of me and the car and he said yes.  Then I asked him for a stamp and he said, “it’s all put away, sorry pal.”

Then, he told me the same thing the last guy did, the exhibit is over at 6 pm.  Still, I asked him if he had poker chips left, being I wouldn’t make it to the last two stops.  He looked at me for a second, then went to the trunk of the Nascar car and got me some.

He didn’t just get me a few... he got me a bunch!  Probably, like 10 or more.  Since he hooked me up, I took another of the me and the car except this time... I had this guy in it with me.  Thanks a lot pal!  Happy Holidays! 🙂

Flamingo & Bally’s
Now, although I had already been to the Flamingo and Bally’s Nascar stops, I figured if the other two stops gave me chips, maybe these would as well.  I was right but they weren’t nearly as generous with the poker chips as the last two guys were.

Still, I got to see a few more real cool cars (again) and I did get another 4 chips total for my efforts.  It was 7:20 pm at this point and I wanted to bet some college football games so I headed back to the Imperial to place my wagers.

Sports Betting
When I got the betting window, I only 5 minutes left before the Miami, OH vs. N. Illinios game went off the board.  Ahhh!  I forgot, I had no money on me and had to hit the ATM.  I rushed to a ATM and got back to the window just in time to be a $50 two team parlay (Miami, OH +18.5, Fresno St. + 5.5).

I didn’t like either game and didn’t no anything about the match-ups, but I wanted to gamble on football and these two teams are as good as any! 😉  I must have had a good intuition because Miami, OH won the first game outright, no points needed!

The second game started after the first and now I only needed for Fresno St. to not lose by more than 5 points.  Sweet!  Let’s go Bulldogs!  I watched the first half of the game and it looked real good for me as Fresno was ahead 19-10.

Poker Tournament
At 8 pm was a $40 poker tournament downstairs at the poker room here in the Imperial.  I could still watch the game and I get to play some poker.  Sweet!  Not to mention, it’s not a big buy-in so I can’t get hurt if I lose. 😉

The need to knows; it was a $40 buy-in with one re-buy and one add-on ($10 each), 23 people entered, regular blind increases, 3000 starting chips, and 3 places were paid.  And of course, regular poker room rules apply.

1st Hour
For most of the first hour I didn’t play many hands.  Hey, I wasn’t getting playable cards.  So to pass the time, I talked with the table about my journey and what I have been doing.  For the most part, I talked with the 2 guys, one on either side of me.

Seated to my left, was a real cool guy from Mississippi named “The White Tiger”.  (Hey, I call myself Rooster so what can I say.) 😉  And seated to my right, was a another great dude from Baltimore (Paul, he’s a Ravens fan but I gave him a pass). (right: "The White Tiger")

Anyway, like I said, I talked to them the whole time and it paid off because Paul’s wife (Wanda) works at a casino in Tunica, Mississippi and he said she would hook me up with a free room if/when I get there in bunch of weeks.  Thank you so much White Tiger and Wanda!  You will see me again! 🙂

Before the first hour ended, I did double up with pocket 9’s (9,9) against (A,K) suited.  We were both All-In pre-flop and my hand held.  Whew, I actually won a race! 🙂

2nd Hour
Before, the second hour started you were able to re-buy and get your add-on ($20 total), that’s if you didn’t you your re-buy already.  I didn’t, so I bought both and added 3,000 chips to my stack.  Nice!

The good thing about the second hour is, when somebody gets knocked out, they really get knocked out, no more second chances.  As always, I was playing tight but with 6,000 chips and 300-600 blinds... I wasn’t that safe as I needed to win a hand.

The next hand I played, I lost half my stack with (A,K) to pocket 10’s (10,10).  I never hit and his hand held.  I was almost down to felt when I got (K,Q) in the little blind.  One person raised more than I had, so I called and figured it was now or never.

The raiser had pocket 7’s (7,7), nice!  It’s a coin flip, I’m not dominated.  The flop came with a Queen and he never hit a 7, so I doubled up!  🙂  A few hands later, I doubled up again with (A,K) of clubs against pocket 10’s (10,10).

The funny thing was... it was the same guy who beat my (A,K) with pocket 10’s (10,10) before but this time, I hit a Ace on the river and took him out.  Nice, I won 3 coin flips in a row, I may have chance at winning this thing now. 🙂

3rd Hour - Final Table
When the 3rd hour started there were 12 people left, so only two people had to get eliminated before we were at the final table.  It happened quickly, as before I knew it, we were at the final table with 9 people left.

The blinds were big and small chip stacks were small, so in a matter of minutes were down to 5 people left.  Out of the 5 people left, I was next to go as I had just 5,000 chips left.  The other 4 people had well over 20K each.

Negotiating A Chop
Then, to my surprise... the chip leader (by 30K or more) offered a 5 way chop to the table.  What?  No way this is happening, it’s like a miracle from above. 🙂 (Only 3 places were getting paid, this is a unreal; in my favor!)

His buddy at the table agreed, I agreed in a second, then my friend Paul who I talked to all night said, “ Sorry Rooster, but I can’t agree to the chop.”  Then, the guy to his right also said he didn’t want to chop.  The chop was over.  Damn! 🙁  (left: Paul on end of table, purple shirt.)

Final 5
Now, I’m the small stack by far and I’m probably going home with nothing but like they say... a chip and a chair!  So, the very first hand after the failed chop negotiation, the chip leader called an All-In by his buddy and knocked him out (pocket Q’s beat pocket 10’s).

There were four people so I suggested a bubble payout for 4th place but the two guys who said no, said no again.  Come’on people!  The next hand I was in was the big blind and I got pocket 9’s (9,9).  I only had 5 K, so I pushed ALL-In and got 2 callers.

My 9’s held and now I had some chips.  Ah haaaa!  I now negotiated a bubble pay out of $45 successfully after having some chips. 🙂  Perfect, at least I won’t lose anything if I take 4th (I’m still small stack).  The very next hand, I doubled up again through the chip leader and now I was 2nd in chips at the table (not by much though).

Final Chop Offer
In just two hands, I went from... the outhouse to the White House... to eating in cheap joints to talking to Joint Chief’s, from eating jalapenos to meeting with the Philippino’s... hip hop, ya don’t stop, rocking to the bang bang buggie to beat!  (“In Living Color” skit). LOL 🙂

Anyway, I offered a 4 way chop to the table now that I was in a good chip position and now... the two guys who refused... accepted as they were the two low stacks at the table.  I didn’t mind, I would have chopped when I had 5K and I’ll chop now.  No biggie.

The payout per person was $235 each and before we all got paid, I took a picture with the 4 equal winners (Damien, Paul, Carl and Me “Rooster”).  Nice playing with guys!  Good luck!

Oh yeah, Fresno St. held on to win 27-25, so I hit my parlay too!  Cha-ching!  It has turned out to be a great day of gambling as I won a poker tourney and hit a 2 team parlay!  Sweet!

Back To the Room
I went back to the room to relish in my gambling achievements when I checked my and saw a message from Matt (from Vegas, UNLV tailgate).  First, he busted my balls for not contacting him when I got back to town but then he told me about 5 K Santa Claus charity run on Saturday. (left: Matt, Tom, Me)

Matt was a real cool dude, so I trusted his suggestion and looked into it on the internet.  He wasn’t lying... on Saturday morning at 10 am is 5 K charity run where everybody dresses as Santa Claus!  Are you F&$King kidding me? LOL 🙂

I now knew this is what I’m doing tomorrow even though... I’m fat, out of shape, and raised Jewish! (I don’t believe in religion anymore or ever for that matter, I just believe that you do good and good things will happen.) 🙂

Since it was 1 am and I had to get down there early to register at 8am, I got some food (for energy) and then called it a night.  This run works out great, it’s a big event, it helps my fitness goals, and it’s for a charitable cause ($45 entry fee for charity).  Hopefully I wake up! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like it was a great day from start to finish.
    You deserved a good day.

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