Charity Work, A Concert, & Meeting Ricky Robinson! (WVU-NJ) – (ID) “DAY 96” – 10/8/10

October 9, 2010 - 11:55 am - (ID) “DAY 96”

I got into the Hostel last night after midnight and by the time I finished doing all things I had to do, it was after 2 am before I fell asleep.  I only mention that because I had to be up at 7:30 am in order to get to my charity work on time.  🙂

F.Y.I. - Wendy set it up for me and the early morning shift was all they had available.  Also, since I’m leaving Boise on Monday, I needed to get it in before the weekend.  Thanks Wendy for making it happen!

Charity Work
I must have sleep through my alarm because I woke up on my own, a little after 8:30 am.  I was now gonna be late but being late is better than not helping at all, so I got ready and headed down to the Corpus Christie House.

I arrived around 9:30 am (20 minutes away).  Not bad, I was only an hour late. 😉  As soon as I arrived, I walked to the kitchen area where I met Mike, Gerald, and forgot his name, Damn!

There were really cool and helpful guys as they showed me around and introduced me to everything there (guests and things they do for them).  There is a lot of interesting good people who need help!

Anyway, at the Corpus House people are allowed to do laundry, get food, use the computer, relax, make friends, use the phone, mail, etc...  And while I was there, there was a grad school dentist on hand to check all the people’s teeth for free.  This place is very functional! 🙂

Meeting Megan
After getting the tour and helping out for a bit, I went to the office to meet Megan.


She's the girl who spoke to Wendy on the phone and set this up for me.  Megan's a awesome person who is working as a full-time volunteer.

F.Y.I. - She works the whole week and doesn’t get paid, all she gets is room, board, and a little money for food.  I guess she does get some money, but not much at all.  She is doing this through

Megan, Nicole, Shannon, Kirsten

some organization and currently... she lives with 6 other girls who are doing the same thing.

I mention all this because, Megan offered me a ticket to a concert later (Gaelic Storm).  She had a few extra because 2 or 3 of roommates were sick and couldn’t go.  I happily accepted it as I had nothing planned for later and Megan seemed real cool! 🙂


The Founder - Henry
While we were talking, the founder of the Corpus Christie House (Henry) walked in and asked Megan to try a Starbucks drink they had just got in.  F.Y.I. - The Idaho food bank sends them all kinds of donated food twice a week, in this shipment they got some Starbucks drinks.

I didn’t know it was the founder at the time and when Megan went to drink right out of the can he had just drank from... I thought WOW... She really is dedicated to the cause.  She treats everybody like family, she isn’t scared of anything!  Really... I wanted to slap the can right out of her hand! 🙂

Right after I had that thought, Megan said,”Rooster, that’s Henry.  He‘s the founder of the Corpus Christie House.”  Whew!  That makes much more sense!  😉  I spoke with Henry for a bit and he was a great guy (from Brooklyn originally).  Thanks for letting me help out!

Helping Out
I stayed from 9:30 am to a little after 11:30 am doing whatever was needed.  I helped out in the kitchen, talked to many guests, and even hung out with a dog for a bit.  The dog was somebodies, but they were in the hospital, so the Mike was looking out for him/her (didn’t check) ;).

Right before I left, I hung out with a 11 yr old kid who was showing me his Pop-Warner football team on the computer.  He was the quarterback and his team was undefeated!  Nice!  You go Kaleb!  Good luck tomorrow (Saturday) in your game!

I had a great experience at the Corpus Christie House and I was happy that I made it there, even if I was a little late. 😉  Good luck to everybody there and if I’m ever back in town... you’ll see me again!  Thanks!

Since I got up and went right to do charity work, I still had to write “DAY 95”.  So I went back to the Hostel, sat down in the living room, and banged it out.  While I was writing, I looked out the window and saw a bunch of chickens running around.  Nice!  there must be a rooster out there somewhere. 😉

I finished writing, then got ready for the night.  It was 5 pm and the concert started at 8:30 pm, so I had some time to kill.  Since I hadn’t eaten all day, I went to get some food before the show.

PF Chang’s
I’m staying in Nampa which is 12 miles from Boise, so I headed down toward where the concert was to get some food (in Boise).  Right around the corner from where I would be seeing Gaelic Storm was a PF Chang’s (there was a lot bar/restaurants in that area of the city).

I went to Chang’s to get some lettuce wraps.  I used to eat them all the time when I lived in AZ, so it was nice to have a dinner I was looking forward to.  I stayed at Chang’s and watched most of the Rutger’s football game while I had dinner and waited for the concert to start.

Knitting Factory Concert House - “Gaelic Storm”
The show started at 8:30 pm but the doors opened at 7:30pm.  I was meeting Megan and her girlfriends there sometime before it started, they were running late, Women... 😉 JK.

Kirsten got cut out!

I arrived at the show around 8:15 pm and by the time I got settled in, Megan text me and told me she was there.  Nice!  I met up them (Megan and her roommates) and got a drink before the show started.

Gaelic Storm

Now, I had never heard of Gaelic Storm before, never heard any of their music, and obviously never seen them live so... I had very low expectations for the show and the time I would have.  I did deduce they were a Irish Band or at least played Irish music.

None-the-less, I was with a group of cool girls who were big fans, so I figured it would be at least... alright ;).  The Knitting Factory is a venue that holds about 600 people but I’d say only 300 - 400 were in attendance.  A small but rowdy crowd! 🙂

The band came on and the whole place went nuts for them.  The cheer was much louder than i expected as the whole crowd was real pumped to see them perform.  At this point, I didn’t know what all the excitement was for.

But... as they started to play, I slowly but surely began to find out.  This band ROCKS!  For never hearing their music and not knowing any of their songs, I had the best time I have ever had at any concert!  For real!

They were (all 5 of them) great musicians and even better performers!  I’m telling you, each and every song... they made you laugh, smile, dance, and sing along even if you didn’t know the words before the song started!

It was a show that Dave Matthews (who I saw about a month ago) could seriously learn from!  I mean that!  I love Dave’s music and his musicians were top notch but these guys were just as good and put on a much better show!

A Wild Coincidence - Man The World Is Small
The band had been playing for a hour and half straight and since I was dancing (jumping around ;), I needed some air so I went to front door to catch my breath.

When I got to the exit door, I asked the bouncer if I could get back in if I left for a minute.  He told me, there was no re-entry but then asked me why I was wearing WVU shirt.  I told him I went to WVU for 4 years from 1992-1996 (28 credits).

He looked at me and said, “I went to WVU from 1990-1994 and played basketball there.”

After the Show, Ricky and Gaelic Storm

I then said to him, "Yeah... the best basketball player on that team was Ricky Robinson from Roselle, NJ.”

He looked at me and said, “I’m Ricky Robinson!”  No F$%King way!  How crazy is that!  I watched him play basketball in high school (he played against my H.S.) and then watched him for 2 years at WVU where he played in the Coliseum.

15-16 years old me

He really was the best basketball player I had seen live up until that point in my life (except when I was young kid and went to Knicks).  But as a young adult, he was the man and that’s why I remembered his name.  So cool!

We spoke at the front door for awhile bull shitting about WVU and NJ.  Really, this is so wild to be talking to a guy who lives with-in 10 miles of where I grew up in NJ and went to WVU while I was there...  Forget about the fact that he was a star B-Ball player who I enjoyed watching!

He had to get back to work and I wanted to watch the rest of the show, so we exchanged numbers and I think we are gonna watch football on Sunday at his place.  It was awesome finally meeting you Ricky after 20+ years of knowing about you! 🙂  Talk to  ya Sunday!

Back To The Concert
After that, I was even having a better time.  This night has been awesome!  Thanks Megan for bringing me to the concert and showing me a good time!

Anyway, we continued dancing, singing, and laughing up until the last second that Gaelic Storm played.  They were amazing!  I will never pass up a Gaelic Storm show if they are coming to the town I am in!  It was that good.  🙂

This was the best concert I have ever seen where I didn’t know a song and never heard of the band before.  It even ranks up in the top of my all time concerts and that list includes... The Dead, Pink Floyd, Metallica, just to name a few.  That’s how much fun I had!

Gaelic Storm, The Girls. Ricky Robinson

After The Show
Gaelic Storm are such cool regular people, that after the show, they stayed with the crowd, signed autographs, and took pictures until everybody... including themselves got kicked out for closing.

Before we got booted, myself and the girls hung out with them (The Band), had a drink, and talked for at least 20 minutes.  I spent most of the time talking with the drummer (Ryan Lacey).  He was a regular dude, the kind of guy I would be friends with.

It was time to go, so we (me and the girls) left and headed to the Irish bar next door.

Irish Bar
It was after midnight by now as we sat down at a table and already started to reminisce  about the show and how the girls got a great picture with one of their favorite bands.

Me "Rooster", Ryan, Nicole, Steve, Megan

As we were talking... who walks in but... Ryan the drummer and the lead guitarist/vocalist Steve.  I approached them and started talking again and before you knew it, we were all hanging out at the same table drinking’em back.

We all laughed and talked until about 1 am when they had to leave.  It was so cool meeting the band after I truly enjoyed their show!  Sometimes it just works out. 😉

I said good-bye to Megan and her friends, then headed home for the Hostel.  Before I left the bar though, I met a group of people on the patio and hung out with them for awhile.  Nice meeting all of you!

What started out as day where I was tired and run down, ended in one of the best day’s of my trip!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Ricky Robinson?!?! For your loyal readers, quick RR story…the basketball in my HS had some tough years when we went to school. In my senior year, frustration set in about the way the team was coached so we staged a “bag” night. If we got down by 20 pts (which happened), about 20 of us put paper bags over our heads to show our disappointment (e.g. Saints).

    Also that year, we were playing Roselle HS and with 4 minutes to go and losing 85 – 35, we starting rooting for RR & his team to put up 100pts – which they did. Even though it was against us, it was pretty impressive to watch a HS team put up 100 in a 32 minute game. And Ricky Robinson was one of the best in the state!

    Good Memory…and what are the chances this would happen in Idaho?! Hang in there.

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