Charity Work & Diner With Ocho Cinco! (FL) “DAY 250” – 3/11/11

March 13, 2011 - 1:30 pm - (FL) “DAY 250” - Week 36 - State 32

Even though I went to bed late last night, I got up this morning around 9 am so I could be showered, dressed, and ready to do some actual volunteer work today by 10 am.

Finding A Parking Spot
Since I was at the Miami Rescue Mission for a few hours yesterday (learning about what they do), finding the right building today was very easy for me as I knew where to go.  Also, the people who I was working with knew I was coming as well.  I’m all set. 🙂

The problem... there wasn’t any parking near the where I was helping out this morning.  It wasn’t a big deal but none-the-less, it is annoying driving around the same block for 10 minutes looking for a place to park.

Volunteering At The Miami Rescue Mission (MRM)
My job for the day was suppose to be helping out in the kitchen, but after getting there and realizing they had enough people working in that area, I walked over to the food warehouse to see if I was needed there.

The Food Warehouse
The MRM gets food donated to them all day long as they not only feed their whole facility, but they also send food to the other charitable organizations in the area who need extra meals.  Like I said yesterday, this place is run very efficiently. 🙂

Anyway, my job for the day was to help out Nate (who’s in charge here) with whatever he needed me to do.  Basically, my job was to sort through all the food they had and then place it in the appropriate section of the warehouse.

Working With Nate

Although we sorted through and stacked a lot of different items, the one that I took pictures of is when we had to put away countless cases of Sunny Delight in the walk-in cooler.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard, but Sunny D gets heavy after 30 or so cases. 😉

After working in the walk-in for a hour or longer, the next thing I did was sort a bunch of different cuts of meat. (I had to put all the hot dogs together, the chicken, the hams, etc... on different trays so it could be used for dinner tonight.)  Not hard at all.

I could write a play by play of everything I did while I was there but as you can already tell, I just did whatever I was asked to until it was time for me to go.  It was great working with you Nate! 🙂 (Left: Me and Nate)

Then, sometime in the afternoon after my shift was over, I headed to Casey Angel’s office (radio guy I met yesterday) to see if he still wanted to do an interview with me.

Radio Interview With Casey Angel
I got to Casey’s office/studio and as soon as I walked in, he was ready to do a interview with me.  Ah, he is a man of his word. Nice! 🙂  The interview was going to be 9 minutes long and the airing date is still undetermined (he’ll let me know when it airs).

So, after signing away my life and taking a few pictures with Casey for his wall (he has pictures of all the people he has interviewed in studio on his wall), it was time for me to tell my tale to his 250,000 listens.  Well... whenever it airs. 😉

The Actual Interview
It’s hard to tell when your the one doing the talking but I feel like I did a much better interview this time than I have in the past.  Maybe it was because I was in studio or because I got to know Casey a little yesterday, but when I was finished, I felt like I nailed this one.  🙂

After I was done, I thanked Casey and his sound engineer for having me on and then left the MRM for the day.  Also, I would like to thank everybody I met there as well, as I had a great experience working with the whole MRM family.  Good luck and if I’m ever back in Miami, you’ll see me again!  Thank you!  🙂

Back To Goran’s To Write
As I was writing/posting my “DAY 249”, I noticed a message that was sent to me from a old childhood friend (John Braun).  It said that Chad Ocho Cinco (NFL WR for the Bengals and reality TV star) was buying dinner for the first 100 people who met him at a restaurant in Miami.  Huh?  That’s interesting.

Checking Into John’s Message
Since I’m up for anything, especially when it’s free and involving sports, I called the Crab House (3:30 pm) to see if Chad’s tweet (that’s how John heard) was actually for real and how it was working.

The lady I spoke with said that it was for real, then added that all you had to do was come down to the Crab House and be one of the first 100 people there (just as the tweet mentioned).  The last thing she told me was there would be a line everybody would waiting in out front until Ocho Cinco arrived around 7 pm.

Leaving For The Crab House
Since I had nothing else to do and nowhere to be, I decided to immediately leave for the  Crab House (10 minutes away).  I did call G first to see if wanted to go with me but he is deathly allergic to shell fish, so he didn’t even want to be in the building and said he’ll just meet up with me after.

Arriving At The Crab House
I got to the Crab House around 4 pm and to my surprise, the place wasn't packed at all.   There was nobody in a line outside and the place looked like every other restaurant does at 4pm on Friday (kinda dead waiting for the dinner crowd to arrive).

I’m The 1st One There
After taking in the outside of the restaurant, I walked inside to the host stand where I said, “I’m here to let Chad buy me dinner, what’s the deal?”  The hostess (Sandy) just laughed as she told me I was the first one here.  Nice!  I’m #1!  I’m #1!  I’m #1!  LOL

I’m just messing around, I didn’t care if I was #1, I just wanted to apart of what I thought would be a fun interesting evening.  None-the-less, it was cool to be the first one here.

Waiting At The Bar

Since there was no line to wait in yet, I told Sandy I would be at the bar having a drink until the line started to form.  She was cool with that and wrote my name down on the host stand as the first one here.

It was happy hour, so draft beer was just $2.50 a pint.  Nice, not bad! 🙂  Even though I’m not much of a drinker, it was Friday and there was college basketball on the TV, so I figured a few beers to kill the time wouldn’t be a bad idea. 😉

5 pm People Start To Arrive
It was around 5 pm when other people started to arrive for the free dinner with Chad.  But, the masses didn’t start to show up until close to 6.  So, from 5-6 pm, I hung out with the 15 or so people who had showed early like I did.

The first group of people I met was 5 or 6 girls from Old Bridge, NJ who were in town on spring break.  What a small world, Old Bridge is less then 20 minutes from where I live in NJ so the girls and I chatted about NJ and whatnot.

F.Y.I - Later in the evening these girls are part of a funny story involving Chad during dinner.  I’ll get to it in a bit. 🙂

The Line Gets Bigger Quickly
As day turned to night around 6 pm, the real crowd started to show up outside of the Crab House.  The line that had about 20 people in it started to grow rapidly every minuted that passed by now. (I’d say by 6:30 pm there were almost 100 people in line.)

Also, as it got closer to 7 pm (Chad’s arrival time) and the crowd got bigger , the atmosphere around the Crab House began to change.  What I mean is, at 4 pm it was dead and now there are 100 people out front, camera crews from the local media, as well as a bunch of pumped up fans ready to meet Chad.  Really cool!

The First 100 People Get Sat
It was now 7 pm and even though Chad hadn’t arrived yet (he called and said he’d be there in a few minutes), the hostesses started to seat the first 100 people in line. (I don’t think anybody got turned away but I wasn’t near the end of the line so I’m not sure.)

Even though I was the first one there, I wasn’t the first one sat as three people were let in before me who were acquaintance with Chad.  Still, I was placed at the head of a 30 person table right next to the three people who were let in ahead of me.  Also seated right next to them were the 6 girls from NJ.

Hanging With Danny, Genessys, & Leandro
Since Chad hadn’t arrived yet and almost all the people were sat, many people began talking with whoever was around them.  Since I’m shy, I didn’t talk to anybody.  Yeah right! 😉  Seriously, during this time I got to know Danny, Genessys, and Leandro.

F.Y.I. - This is awesome what Chad has done.  All these people who would have never been at the same dinner table are together getting to know each other and having a blast because of his generosity.  Sweet! 🙂

Anyway, the three of them were just 20 years old, yet... they had their own clothing line that they sell on-line.  Nice, you go young entrepreneurs!   Danny and Genesys seemed to be in the owners as well as dating and Dro was their artist who created the designs. (Left: One of their new shirts.)

Asking Dro To Draw Me Something
Even though this happened later in the evening after Chad arrived, I’ll tell you about it now because it flows with the last paragraph.  My whole life I have been amazed by great artists and singers, so I asked Dro if he could/would draw me something.

Dro was a real nice kid and he said no problem as he asked me what I would like him to create.  I asked him if he could draw anything and he said yes.  So, after a little thought about the evening, I asked him if he would sketch me a Bengal in honor Chad Ocho Cinco buying us dinner.

With that, I found him a red pen (that’s what I was handed) and he got to drawing the Bengal on the table cloth in front of us which happened to be covered by a thin sheet of paper.   This works out nice. 🙂 (The red pen died at some point and I found him a black one but I’ll get back to this later as it took him awhile to complete.)

Chad OchoCinco Arrives
As soon as OchoCinco and his entourage entered the Crab House, Chad gathered everybody who had come to eat with him and made us hold hands for a group prayer.

Chad’s Entertaining Pre-Dinner Prayer
It was definitely a scene as watching over 100 people try to find another person’s hand to hold in order to complete a 100 person circle was entertaining in itself, but the actual prayer was even better than that.

Paraphrasing what Chad.  Plus, everything he said, he had everybody there repeat.  Anyway, this is what the pray was:

Dear God, I want to thank you for bringing everybody here safely today for this dinner.  I also want to thank you for making us all so good looking, as you too are good looking.  He said some other stuff too, but ended with his signature phrase... Child Please! (He coined this term during a NFL HBO series he was on, Hard Knocks.)  What a character! 🙂

Dinner Is Served
After our group prayer, everybody there waited their turn for the salad and seafood buffet that Chad had bought us for dinner.  I’m not sure what Chad ate but the crowd had the buffet.  The food wasn’t bad but nobody was there for the food (even broke ass me), they were there for the show!

OchoCinco Does His Thing Around The Room
As most of the room was eating or getting food, Chad was walking around talking with everybody, talking pictures, and even trying to play match maker with the people in attendance.  Let me explain as this was hysterical!

Chad Is Funny!
Like I said, Chad was cool with everybody who was there.  He didn’t seem to care if you were white, black, Asian, Spanish, or whatever, if you were there... you were one of his people!  Such a great guy regardless of what some sports reporters like to say during the season.

Anyway, the 6 black girls who there from NJ (who I had met earlier) were dying to meet Chad or one of his muscular black friends and hang out with them later.  Trust me, I know from over hearing them talk before the event. 😉

F.Y.I. - I only mention the color of the people I’m talking about because that’s what makes this so funny.  Because as you already know from 250 days of writing, I don’t care what color you are as long as you are cool. 🙂

Moving on, Chad finally reached the girls on his walk around the room (who were super excited to meet him), but when he got there... he dropped a bombshell on them!

After speaking with the girls for a second (who were hoping for some flirting from Chad, I know there were), he decided to put them on the spot.  Chad walked away real quick and when he came back over, he had 6 of the whitest guys you could ever see with him.

Chad’s Proposal To All 12 Of Them
For the whole room to see and hear, Chad announced that these 6 white guys had to get the numbers of the 6 hot black girls who were sitting in front of me.  He then added that if the guys didn’t a number, they would have to pay for their own dinner.

The girls didn’t seem to happy, so Chad then added, that if the girls didn’t give up the digits that they too would have to pay for their own dinner.  Honestly, from where I was sitting, I could see the disappointment in the girls faces as they now had to talk to 6 whites guys who they normally wouldn’t say two words to. LOL  Chad is great!

Back To The Picture By Dro
From the time I had asked Dro to draw me a picture, he worked non-stop at making this an awesome piece of artwork.  His ability to draw from memory was amazing as he also added in a few details that made the picture very special (he added the # 85, a football, and few other things.)

When the drawing was completely finished, Genessys walked to Chad and asked him to stop over and check it out.  I’m not a autograph hound, but this something I had to get him to sign.

So, after Chad marveled at the picture, I asked him if he would sign it for me and he did, no questions asked.  Thank you Dro and Chad, this picture will be on my wall forever! 🙂

Leaving The Event
It was after 9 pm by now and the event was dying down, so I said good-bye to everybody I had met, thanked Chad again for a diner as well a fun evening, and left the Crab Shack to go meet up with G at his place.

My Thoughts on Chad Ocho Cinco
There is a lot a could write about Chad, but I will make it simple, short, and sweet.  If every athlete, singer, actor, etc... was more like Chad Ocho Cinco, the world would be a better place!  Thanks again Chad!  Good luck next season and stay healthy!

Goran’s For The Night
When I got back to G’s, he was sleeping on the couch.  So instead of waking him up, I just hung out and watched some TV.  G did wake up around 11 pm, but neither of us wanted to go out, so we rented a movie (The Social Network) on Direct TV and stayed in for the night. (A great flick!)

I know... staying in on a Friday night in Miami, but tomorrow is G’s birthday kinda (it’’s Sunday but Saturday night turns into Sunday), so we both know we will have a long one tomorrow.

Lastly, to John Braun: Thank you for the heads up.  Your advice made for a great day! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. John says:

    Dave…glad you got the message in time and got in! Looks like you had a blast. And..thanks for the plug for my novel!

  2. Dad says:

    Once again, you didn’t memtion to the women from Old Bridge that Dad lives in the area?
    Great read and pictures. Talk to you soon.

  3. Ryan says:

    good story

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