Another Day of Charity Work and I Stayed In My First Hostel! (MN) “DAY 53” – 8/26/10

August 27, 2010 - 12:35 pm - (MN) “DAY 53”

I woke up this morning in the front seat of my car after 2 hours of sleep.  It was 10 am.  I picked a parking spot in front of Starbucks (free-wifi), so I could finish “DAY 52’s” post before I headed off to the hostel.  And... because it looked like a safe place to sleep in your car. 🙂

It took me over two hours to finish it up and post it which was perfect because I had time  to kill (Hostel check-in was at 1 pm - not before).  So, at least I’m at Starbucks in air conditioning while I wait. 🙂

F.Y.I - One thing about not having a place to stay is... you have use to public restrooms.  I’m not a big fan and never have been.  I only use a public bathroom (deuce) when I absolutely have to.   I had to today and luckily Starbucks had a clean nice bathroom.  (I always double cover the seat! :))

Anyway, now that you know a bear does shit in the woods (Starbucks and well... Rooster) 🙂  I’ll move on...

I got to the Hostel at 12:37 pm and didn’t know what to expect.  I have never stayed at a Hostel before, I have only saw the movie.  Hope it’s not like that!  Well... on second thought... the guy did live and he hooked up with multiple smoking hot chicks...

Ahhh... I guess either way is good... 😉

I was greeted at the door by Charlie (he works and lives there).  He showed me around, told me the rules (don’t eat other people’s food, be respectful, etc...), and then brought me to the area where I would be sleeping.

The whole place is basically set up somewhere between a Frat House and Dorm Room (at college).  I love it!  There are people everywhere and I am people person... perfect!


Also, most of the people here are also traveling and don’t know anybody either, so everybody is real friendly and easy to talk to (not that I have that problem :)).

The first person I met was Dave.  He was sitting in the living room on his laptop.  We started talking as he told me he actually lived in Minnesota (in-between places) and was staying here while he looked for new one (he’s been here a month).

Rich's Girl, Rich, Dave

He knew everybody and gave me a low down on the house, people, city, etc... Really cool guy!  Eventually, we went out back and hung out with a few other people.

One guy was named Rich.  He stopped by with his girlfriend (forgot her name), he lived here for a month (not to long ago) and still comes by all the time to hang out the guys who still live here.  He was like any of my friends from around the country.  A funny dude!

Charity Work
It was almost 4 pm and my volunteer shift started at 4:15 pm (People Serving People), so I had to head off to do some good! 🙂  (They told me they hang out on the porch all night and drink so they’d still be there when I get back.  Nice!)

I arrived on time and as I approached there were already a bunch of people waiting outside for dinner.  It was cool place.  They had a children's playground out front as well as many service for needy people on the inside.

I walked in and had to go through a security check point to enter, complete with a metal detector.  This is a first... but I guess... better safe than sorry. 🙂


As soon I got to the kitchen area, I was put to work.  The doors opened at 4:30pm, so we were getting everything set up (cafeteria style) to serve.  Working right next to me was a 16 year old girl named Shirley.

She had been volunteering all day because... she had to!  Evidently, she beat up a girl who talked to much shit... to the wrong girl.  She was real nice though.  ( She told me to say that or else I was

Me 'Rooster"

next... ;))

Really... she was cool and Hell... I’ve been there.  Sometimes people get what’s coming to them.  Hopefully though, she’s learning her lesson because when you turn 18... you don’t get community service... you get a prison tattoo and a girlfriend named Birtha!  Be good Shirley!

Breanna and Me "Rooster"

On the other side of me was a awesome girl name Breanna.  You can tell she volunteers here a lot because everybody knew her.  She had a great personality and was upbeat, friendly, and caring.  She talked to almost every person we served.  A super cool chick!

I should have asked her out but a pretty girl, who is cool, and does charity work... must be taken!

People Serving People is a organization that it what it says it is... people serving people.  On this night (might be all the time) we only served families with children.  And we served a lot of them.

We must have made close to 200 meals in the 2 hours I worked there.  It was busy, a non-stop line of people.  The great thing was... there was plenty of food to hand out an nobody was left without a full plate and some people even got seconds (if they asked).


One of the guys that worked there was named Myron.  He helped out wherever was needed as we talked for bit about what I was doing.  He wished me luck and tanked me for my help.  No... thank you Myron (and Tony)!  You’re here all the time and I’m just a one stop pony.  (Did I use that phrase right?  Sounds good either way! :))

I left after helping clean up around 6:30 pm.  Oh and I worked with Valerie too, can’t forget you Val.  Good luck in life!

Hostel Time
When I got back to the hostel everybody was still outside bull shitting and drinking.  Some of the faces changed but who cares... everybody was cool!

I wanted to go to the State Fair today but that ship has sailed, I’ll go tomorrow (it runs for 12 days).  And... I also wanted to make it to the casino (Running Aces) for the seafood buffet (I had a free buffer coupon from playing yesterday).  But.. that didn’t happen either.


What did happen was I sat on the back porch with a bunch of cool people and drank some beers while we all told “our story” and laughed. 🙂  I really did laugh a lot, there were some funny people and hilarious things said out there.  Nice!

One person who surprised me was Charlie (guy who works there), when you first meet him he seems like he’s a mean serious guy but when you hang out with him... he is a riot!  Seriously, I would have never guessed it but he’s a real fun dude and I’m glad I picked this Hostel.

I don’t drink much beer (prefer shots), but I went to store and bought a 12 pack of Natural Lite for everybody to drink.  It’s the thought that counts! 😉

Most of the people stayed out back until midnight and then packed it up.  The cool thing is... it’s a Hostel... when people leave, new people show up!  I love hostels!

None-the-less, I too left around 12 to head to the casino.  I was tired and probably should have just went to sleep and got a good night’s sleep.  (I did only get 2 hours of car sleep yesterday.)  But the gambling itch took over... so I scratched!

I arrived at 1 am and was immediately sat into a 2-60 spread limit game (Texas Hold’em).  The table had a lot chips on it and usually after midnight... poker games in the casino are looser, meaning people are playing wild or chasing lost money!

I bought in for $143 and my very first hand was pocket Jack’s (J, J).  I raised to $14.  I got one caller and then the big blind pushed ALL IN ($43).   I re-raised to $93 to push out the other player and be heads up.  It worked as we were mono y mono.

He flipped over his cards and had (A, Q) off-suit.  The flop... of course.. (A, 10, 3).  The turn and river didn’t help me as I lost my first hand.  Damn!  I have to win coin-flips sometimes... don’t I ?

It was between midnight and 2 am so I ordered the $2 breakfast.  The way this night has started, I figured I better order the breakfast before I can’t afford $2. 😉

I was right, because I eventually did get busted for my whole buy-in.  I got pocket K’s twice in a matter of 5 hands and lost both time.  The first one is what hurt though.

I had Kings’s (K, K) and the guy who stacked me (but $18) had (J, 8) off-suit.  He hit a jack on the flop and then tuned a 8.  So lucky!  But that’s poker!  Then, I got K’s again and pushed ALL IN $18.


I was called by two people and of course the flop had a Ace on it.  One of the guys had (A,J) and I lost.  I didn’t re-buy and headed back to the hostel (30 minute drive).  I ended the day down $143 (but I did have breakfast!) 🙁


There is a rabbit (wild) that must live on the property.  I have seen him at least 10 times since I’ve been here.  I really have seen him that much because I’m parked out front and keep going back and forth to my car (I leave my stuff out there).

Anyway, he isn’t scared of me at all and lets me get right next to him.  Freaky!  So, I figured we were cool and took a few pictures of my new pet.  I call him Dudley! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Great post. I LOL’d at the picture from Hostel on the banner. Perfect!

    Also great about your posts is finding spelling and other errors. I’ll admit I am a geek like that, but they amuse me. When you turn this into a book, maybe I will edit. The only problem there is that you have to synthesize info (i.e., be brief rather than rambling) and I am so NOT good at that!

    One little note, when you type 8 followed by a closed parentheses, like this 8) it converts to a sunglasses-wearing emoticon. I suggest putting a space between the 8 and the closed parentheses, like this 8 )

  2. Dad says:

    Son, you need a woman.
    Leave Peter Rabbit aka Dudley alone.

  3. Big Brother Adam says:

    It’s like reading a TV Show…as you go through your hands I’m just reading quicker to see what happens, and when it doesn’t come out well, I start yelling at the computer screen…time to get a winning streak going.

    and btw…it’s “One Trick Pony” which is when a person does the same thing in the same situation where you come to expect it. Like playing H-O-R-S-E with someone who only shoots from behind the backboard – they’re a one trick pony. You are anything but that.

    Maybe I’ll be your editor! good luck these next few weeks. it could get lonely so make sure you stick to the card playing gameplan…and NO BLACKJACK!!!

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