Charity Work, Then A Date… Karma is Real! (VA) “DAY 12” – 7/16/10

July 17, 2010 - 3:48 am - (VA) “DAY 12”

Charity Work

I got up this morning at 7 am after going to bed at 4:30 am.  Why would a fat lazy guy like me do such a thing when I’m basically on a year vacation? Well... because I had be at “D.C Central Kitchen” by 9am for my charity volunteer shift which was from 9 - noon.

D.C. Central Kitchen is located in the heart of D.C. and Kim told me driving there during morning rush hour would take me well over an hour when it’s just 15 miles away.  So I took her advice to heart and decided to ride the Metro (train system) to my volunteer work.

Kim had to be at work by 8am, so she drove me to train station in order to save me a few bucks (Thanks Kim) :).  The Metro cost me $5 dollars each way although it should have only cost me $5.50.  I didn’t understand how their system worked so I bought a ticket each way when I didn’t have to. Live and learn...

Anyway, the train was packed with people going into work.  Who knew this many people were up at 8am?  I sure didn’t, the only time I’m awake at 8 am is when I’m up from the night before. 🙂 The metro was clean and filled with good looking women.  This is where they are...huh?

After a 45 minute train ride and a 3 block walk, I arrived at D.C Central Kitchen ready to help in anyway I could.  I was hoping I could help out by taking a nap but that wasn’t in the itinerary. 😉

F.Y.I - In order to work there you had to wear long pants and closed toe shoes.  I tell you this because it was over 100 degrees today (heat index) and I was dressed like it was winter in Jersey.

So after a brief introduction to how they do things, a man named Jesse spoke to us about his story and how he wound up at the D.C Central Kitchen.  Jesse was a drug addict who was in and out of prison.  As he got older he realized his mistakes and wanted to make a change in his life.  This is where D.C Central Kitchen comes into they play.


D.C. Central Kitchen has a program where recovering drug addicts and ex-cons get a second chance at making a difference.  They must complete a course over a period of time and if they graduate (which Jesse was doing next week) they get a paid job working in the kitchen.

The great thing is, not only are these individuals getting their own lives back on track, they are helping others in the process!

After Jesse spoke to us, they brought us into the kitchen where we met Dorothy.  Dorothy was older women who everybody knew and was treated like a Mom.  She got us washed up and placed in the area where we would be working.

Me "Rooster" and Shaunea

She put me and a girl named Shaunea (who was also volunteering just for the good of it) at the potato station.  Basically, we were to peel potatoes until we could peel no more.

When I finished with the potatoes, I helped out cutting peppers.  At this point, I was so tired, sweaty, and hungover that I was falling apart on the inside, luckily my shift was just about over.

So I thanked Carolyn (coordinator) for making it possible and bought a T-shirt.  The shirt cost $15 but most of the money went back to the cause, so it was a win win for me :).

Blurry, Sorry! Carolyn and Me "Rooster"

Now it was time to get back to Kim’s so I could change out these hot cloths and take a nap!  Back to the Metro... After buying another ticket (I didn’t have to), I got back to Kim’s stop around 1pm.  Kim was still working so I had to take a cab back to her place.

Funny Story

This is when I met Sultan (originally from Afghanistan), my cab driver.  He was a nice guy with a big-ass fetish!  I didn’t know this until halfway home from the train station.

I Love Big Asses!

I was sitting in the back of the cab with my eyes closed when I heard “ Man , look at that ass!”.  I immediately woke up and looked through the window to get a peek.

In front of the cab was a larger women riding a bike with her butt in the air.  He obviously didn’t see it that way cause he was all fired up while I was trying to hold down my breakfast!  He then stated “ Her but is right in my nose... it’s so close.”  I laughed aloud as we talked the rest of the way back to Kim’s.

It’s always funny to me when a older dude still thinks like a teenager even if his taste is questionable!

The cab ride was $12.00, so it cost me $37.00 to work for 3 hours today (I got a t-shirt though).  It was well worth it because it makes me feel good on the inside even when my insides are dying from alcohol! 🙂

I was finally home and couldn’t wait to go inside to cool off, change, and take a nap.  The problem... cause there always is one, the door was locked with 2 bolts and I only had the key to one of them.  Kim’s boyfriend locked the bottom lock after we left in the morning (he didn’t know).

So there I was standing outside Kim’s in 100 degree heat and she wasn’t gonna be home for another 2 hours, F%$K!  I only had one choice at this point, break into KIm’s!  I scanned the scene and realized I could climb the balcony and get in through that door (I left it unlocked, by chance).

Fifteen years ago, I would have climbed that balcony like a monkey but age has taken it toll as I’m not as flexible or strong as I used to be (shoulder surgery).  Thank God I just lost 15 lbs or I would have never made it.  I would have fell 20 feet onto my back where I would have said “ Help, I’ve fallen and get up!” except I wouldn’t have had the beeper around my neck to call for help! LOL

I finally got into Kim’s but instead of napping, I decided to go to the pool and work on my tan.  A good tan always make you look better, my Mom always says.  And God knows I need all the help I can get.


After tanning, I finally got to take the nap I was needing all day.  I woke up at 7:30pm to a text from the girl (Michelle) I hung out with last night asking me what I was up to.  Cha-Ching!  It’s Roostertime!

A few texts later, we decided we would go out for dinner and drinks.  My first date of the trip!  The problem was (there always is), she has a boyfriend and made it clear it wasn’t a date but two friends hanging out.


It doesn’t matter, it’s a date and I’ll take it! 🙂 So I got into shower, cleaned up, and put on my Sunday’s best (jeans and a button down! JK ha ha!).

But as always, another problem arose... I couldn’t find my belt.  I looked in every bag, my car, and all over Kim’s but I couldn’t find it.  Last week, that wouldn’t have been a problem but since I lost 15 lbs, the jeans I have practically fall off me when I walk.  Really, they fall right to the ground after 5 steps.

When Michelle arrived, looking great by the way, I told her my problem, so we went to Walmart so I could buy a belt.  What a great first date, I’m taking to her Walmart!  Actually,  she was real cool with it and helped me pick one out.  I could tell she was enjoying herself so I decided to get new jeans while we were at it.

After Walmart (what a player I am.. LOL), we went to a sports bar called The Bungalow?.  It was a cool place with a bunch of pool tables and dart boards.  We ate a late dinner and then played some darts.

Me "Rooster" and Michelle

It was getting late and I knew I had to try something desperate so I dug into my “Seinfeld” bad of tricks and asked her if she wanted to make a bet on a dart game.  If I won, she had to give me a kiss, if she won I had to give her a kiss. (The episode where a guy makes a dumb bet with Elaine to get a dinner date... he wins even when he loses!)

Oh Yeah!

She’s obviously not a Seinfeld fan as she accepted the wager.  Nice!  We played a competitive game but I won on the last throw. (Picture to left).  We stayed until the bar closed and then she took me home (Kim’s).

We chatted in the car outside of Kim’s for awhile.  I can tell we both like each other (on some level) but she’s not a one night (weekend) type of girl and I’m not staying in D.C.  None-the-less, I think we’re gonna see each other Sunday for brunch before I leave.

P.S. - It was a date, I paid for the tab! 🙂

Tomorrow, well... later today I am going to the Orioles game at Camden Yards.

(It’s 6:45 am, that’s how long this takes to write when you go out drinking!)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    What’s right is right. You paid, it’s a date> She cute too. By the way, no wise cracks about old guys looking at fat butts, you’ll know better when you reach that age! Kapish!!

  2. Mike says:

    Dave- you are doing great with the charity work. The adventure itself is awesome but the charity work really adds another dimension to the whole trip. I love reading your blog every day. Looking forward to more.

    Have fun!I know u will.

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Mike, it does feel good! 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    She was cute. You may need to circle back here eventually…

  5. Michelle says:

    I was taught a valuable lesson: never engage in “dumb” bets. Haha…Good times. 🙂
    You are 1-0, mister; next tab’s on me! What was that crazy running story in the dead of heat without water, while I was sipping on my nice and refreshing bloody mary?? Despite heresay, you are NOT a camel. Kim should have installed Lojack on you.

    Take care of yourself!

  6. dave says:

    Very funny Michelle! 🙂 And remember if you take me out and pay… It would be our second date! Be Good!


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