Charity Work, Stroud’s, & Playing Poker! (MO) “DAY 187” – 1/7/11

January 9, 2011 - 4:45 pm - (MO) “DAY 187” - Week 27 - State 25

While I was sleeping this morning, I was woken by my cell phone around 9 am and although I did wake up... I didn’t wake up. 😉  (I didn’t know then, but the call was from a charity organization I called yesterday and left a message with.)

Setting Up Charity Work

Anyway, I did eventually get up around 11 am and checked my phone.  Since I didn’t recognize the number, I called it back and dun... dun... dun... it was the Union City Mission (charity organization).

After speaking with a nice lady on the phone (forgot her name, hey I just woke up ;)), I found out that I could do charity work today at the Union City Mission.  The problem... they didn’t have kitchen work for me to do so my job for the day would be painting and... I’m not very handy at all!

Still, I told them I wanted to help and I’m able bodied, so I said I’ll just try to do my best. 🙂  She said that would be fine and told me to come down there as soon as I could because they were only working until 3 pm.  Nice!  I told her I’d be there by noon.

Changing Rooms Again

Even though I had charity to get to, the first thing I had to do was to change rooms for the night.  I was doing this in case Ryan and Brian came down for the night from Kansas.

F.Y.I. - I invited them to come down yesterday if they wanted (1:15 min. drive) and if they decided to, I wanted to have an extra bed for them to sleep in. (I was in a King room and switched to a double queen.)

Anyway, after going to the front desk and exchanging keys, I was in my new double room right next door to where I just was.  (I was in room 115, now I’m in 113, Nice!) All I did was settle in and then headed out to do some good for the community. 🙂

Union City Mission
I arrived at the Union City Mission a little late (12:15 pm) and after signing in and getting a pass for the day, some guy (forgot his name) walked down into the basement where I would be painting for the day.

When I got to the guy’s office who I would be working for today, he asked me where my equipment was?  Huh???  He said, you’re a painter right? I responded, no, I’ve actually never painted and I’m very handy at all but I’m here to help, so whatever you need I’ll try to do.

Immediately, he knew I wasn’t the guy he was looking for (he was right) and told me he’ll find me something else to do that suits my skill set better.  I was hoping his was gonna bring to a couch and TV but... he brought me upstairs to an office where a lady named Donna was working.

My Job For The Day
The guy I was with introduced me to Donna and asked her if she needed help with anything.  At first she had to think but then said yes, I have something he can help with.  He can help unwrap Christmas.

What?  Doesn’t she mean pack up X-mas (lights, tree, etc..).  I just thought she mis-spoke and followed her to top floor where the storage area was.

Unwrapping X-Mas
Now, I thought she mis-spoke when she said I was gonna unwrap but she didn’t and my job for the day was to unwrap as many presents as I could.  Yes, unwrapping presents!  Woo Hoo!   I may technically be a man but when it comes to unwrapping presents... I’m still a big kid at heart! 🙂

My Actual Job
Yes, I did get unwrap presents all day but they weren’t toys or anything like that, every present I opened had either, underwear, socks, hats, or gloves, etc... in it.  It was a child’s worst nightmare!

Imagine a kid looking into a box filled with presents and after each present he opens... underwear, socks, underwear, socks, oh nice gloves, underwear, socks.  You get the picture. 😉

Moving on, my real job was to sort out everything I opened and organize them on shelves or in boxes.  So, I had to put the medium underwear with all the medium underwear, socks with the socks, so on and so forth.

It’s crazy, but even thought I knew what was gonna be in the next wrapped present, I was still always hoping it would be something else when I opened it.  I guess that’s the big kid in me! 😉

Anyway, I worked in the attic by myself until close to 3 pm. (I had a walkie talkie incase I needed anything.)  Right before I left, Donna came back up to check on me and see what I accomplished when I asked her if I could have one of the KC Royal’s hat’s (I unwrapped 50 of them.)

She was real nice and said no problem.  She even thanked me for asking.  Are you serious, I may not be religious but I’m not stealing from a Church.  I’d be struck dead right there on the street before I even got back to my car. 😉

Leaving For The Day
After I unwrapped all I could and closed up the attic closets, I thanked everybody I had met and headed out to my car.  On my short walk to the Rooster mobile, I got to see the people I was helping as there were many homeless people out in the street (on a real cold day).

I didn’t say anything to anybody but it made me feel good that I may have played a little hand in helping these guys get some new warm cloths later.  I’m not a hero by any means but still... it makes me feel good inside to know that I do what I can even though I have nothing myself! 🙂

Back To Harrah’s
When I got back to Harrah’s, the only thing I had on my mind was getting back the money I lost this week playing blackjack ($230)!   Basically, when I got here Sunday night I took out $300 for the week/month (if it will last) and currently, I have $60 in my wallet. 🙁  Not what I had hoped for! 🙁

Poker Room
I got to the poker room and put my name on the list for a 1-2 NL game (7 ahead of me).   It didn’t take that long and I bought in for my $60. The bad thing about having just $60 is... you have just $60 but the good thing is... if you have a hand you’ll probably get paid off because you only $60.

Anyway, luckily for me the latter happened and I doubled up my 3rd hand at the table with (A,J) of hearts.  I hit a Johnny on the flop and pushed All-In.  I got called by a lesser Jack and won the hand.  Nice!  I’m already over $130. (Picture left: Sorry it's not hearts but I'm to busy.)

I continued to play for another hour or so and during that time, I didn’t lose a hand.  I didn’t win another big one, but I did pick up a few small pots along the way and when I got up from the table around 6 pm, I had $231 in chips to cash out.  Woo Hoo!

Dinner At Stroud’s (pan fried chicken)
Since I won some money back, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner at Stroud’s Oak Ridge Manor.  This is the first place I went to during my “Rooster vs. Food” outing but I didn’t get to eat there because they were closed.  Now, I gonna get to try their famous chicken.

When I arrived at Stroud’s, I was immediately greeted at the door by a guy named Mike.  (I didn’t know it then but this guy is the owner.)  He was super cool and walked me over to the bar (that’s where I wanted to sit).

Eating At The Bar
I was the only person at the bar when I arrived and immediately got to talking to with Mike about whatever (my trip, this place, etc..).  After Mike walked away, I met Joe (the bartender) who was a real nice man.  (Joe made me feel welcome as he took my order.)

Anyway, since I was at a place that supposedly had great pan fried chicken (they did), I order the 4 piece piece fried chicken dinner (mash, green beans, and cinnamon rolls for sides).  It wasn’t that expensive but it wasn’t cheap either ($16 plus tax). 😉

While I was waiting for my dinner, I found out that Mike was owner of Stroud’s and has been for the last 33 years.  That’s real cool that he’s here on a Friday night and from what I saw, he talked with everybody and knew most of his guests by name. 🙂

It wasn’t just him either because the Joe bartender also knew everybody by name and wished them well as they would walk by the bar to leave. This place has a real down-home feel to it.  (Is down-home even an expression?)

Since I found out Mike was the owner, I asked him if he would take a picture with me and as I expected (from what I already had seen), he said no problem.   Thanks Mike and the food was great too! 🙂

Dinner Time
When my food came out to the bar, I thought it was for somebody else because there was so much food there.  This meal should be eaten by two people.  Either way, I wasn’t about to complain and did my best to eat it all.  (I got about half-way through and took the rest to go.)

After I finished eating, I was sitting at bar talking with a few waitresses who were cashing out.  (I actually met 4 different girls/women who worked where but I only got the names if the two of them, Ryley & Annie.)  I spoke to the girls about my journey and handed each of them a Rooster card.  Nice meeting you all! 🙂

My time at Stroud’s was over so I said good-bye everybody I just met and headed back to Harrah’s so I could play more poker.  After eating dinner, I have $200 in my wallet and I hope to get back to $300 before I leave in the morning.

Harrah’s - Poker Again
When I got back to Harrah’s, I put my leftovers in my room, talked with Jeremy on the phone for a little while, then headed back to poker room to earn an honest living! 😉

I had more money this time, so when I got back into a 1-2 NL game, I bought in for $130.  Now, I wound up winning another $140 by the time I got up and I played real good poker, but I mis-played one hand and it may have cost me $230.

Poorly Played Hand!  Ahhh!
Here’s the hand.  I had pocket 8‘s (8,8) in middle position and somebody in early position raised it to $14.  There was a caller before me, so I smooth called the bet and waited for a flop (there were 3 callers).

The flop... (4,3,3) with two hearts, the better checked and when it got to me, I bet $17 into the pot.  (A feeler bet, if I get raised, I can still throw it away.)  Everybody folded to the chip leader at our table (he had $700+ on the table and was playing aggressive) and after a quick thought, he made the call.

The turn... 8!  F&$K ya!  I have a full house and I know I’m good.  The chip leader checked to me and then I made my mistake.  I bet when I should have checked!  I bet because I thought he would come over the top but he didn’t and folded.

He then showed pocket 6’s and said if I would have checked, he would have bet hard on the river and if a 6 would have hit... I would have doubled up!  Instead, I took down a $60 pot and left a few hands later up for my trip!  I already told you, but I won another $140.

Calling It A Night
It was 3:30 am and tomorrow when I get up, I have nowhere to go and nowhere to stay, again!  Ahhh!  It’s the hardest part of my trip!  Still, I don’t worry about things until I have to and since I still have 9 hours of comfort, I’m just gonna enjoy it and be happy I’m up for the week!

Technically I’m down for the week if I include my room fees which totaled at $245 for the 5 days (tax, $35 room, and internet fees ($11 a day).  But after all I did, KU game, Chiefs game, 3 different restaurants, and 5 nights at Harrah’s, and regular expenses etc... to be down just $190 for the week... ain’t to bad! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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