Charity Work Then… My Demise! (IN) “DAY 33”

August 7, 2010 - 3:09 am - (IN) “DAY 33”

I finally got to bed at 6 am and normally that wouldn’t be a problem but... I had to be up at 8 am to make it to my charity shift on time (9 am - 2 pm).  Today, I am volunteering at Saint Joseph’s Church in Hammond, Indiana.  (Monday-Friday they serve meals to the needy)

Me "Rooster and Gloria

Now, I want to give back but not sleeping sucks!  Anyway, I didn’t mean to, but I slept right through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 9 am.  Then, the key to my room didn’t work so I had to straighten that out and before I knew it... it was 10 am.

So, I called the lady who set up my volunteer shift (Gloria) and told her I was running late.  She was very nice and said it was OK to get there when I could.  I arrived before 11 am but missed the prep work portion of the day. (pics are blurry, a 15 year old id took them for me.)

Me "Rooster" and Darlene

I was still in time to serve some food and clean up afterwards.  Now, my job for the day was bartender.  Well... not a real bartender but Darlene and myself did serve drinks to the people who ate, they just didn’t have any alcohol in them.  (blue punch, water, milk, and coffee).

This place was very well run and everybody there was friendly and helpful.  They really seemed to enjoy to helping others.  There were over 10 volunteers helping out and each day (Mon. - Fri.), a different crew of people are there.

Another real cool thing they did at this soup kitchen compared to the others I worked at so far was... when lunch was finished the leftover food was packed up and given to the people who were still there. (A lot of places don’t do that because they isn’t enough for all and fights happen.)

I finished my shift around 2 pm and headed back to the Majestic Star to play poker.  Now, the casino was 5 miles from where I was but the highway was closed, so my GPS couldn’t figure out how to get back.  What should have taken 10 minutes tops, took me over an hour!  So frustrating!

View from Poker Room

It was 3:30 pm when I got seated at a table.  It was around 4pm when I got up with nothing.  Let me explain.  I bought in for $140. (my standard buy-in), and the first hand I got was (7, 8) clubs.  I called for $2 as did the whole table, then the big blind raised to $17.  Three people called ahead of me so I did as well.  The flop.. (A, K, 6) all off suit.  I folded, I never get lucky!

Another View

A few hands later, I had (Q, J) of hearts and called a small raise ($10), the guy in the button then bumped it to $35, 2 people called so I was priced in.  The flop (A, 10, 6) with two hearts, I was first to act and pushed ALL IN ($60) with a royal flush and straight draw.  I got called and of course... why would I hit a card... no heart or King came and I lost.

This next part, I am truly embarrassed to write about.  It actually makes me physically sick, so I will make it short.

I then went to play blackjack. Oh no!!!  Yes, I went against my golden rule and bought in for $160.  I am not kidding, when I say I lost every single hand I played.  It wasn’t because I played bad or hit when I shouldn’t. If I had 18, they had 19.  If I had 20, they pulled a 5 card 21.

It was so unreal, the dealer even apologized!  I honestly lost 10 hands in a row ( 2 pushes).  It was as if God himself was telling me... ARE YOU STUPID or SOMETHING!!!  I got up after that and nauseously walked back to my room.  Before I left, I asked for a comped room but the pit boss game me a buffet comp for 2 instead. (I’ll take it. :()

Me "Rooster", Bessy, Daughter

I went to the buffet again but this time I had enough of a comp for 2, so I looked for somebody in line that was paying cash and asked them... (no I didn’t ask them for money) if they wanted a free buffet.

It was a nice older women named Bessy.  She could have been my Grandma so it made me feel good even though I was feeling very bad at this moment.

I ate like an animal again, except this time I tried to eat only healthy food (fruit, fish, and beef).  I had 4 plates of food but didn’t leave with any napkin filled treats for later ;).

Poker Again
I went back to my room to refocus and relax for a bit.  I looked over my finances (which is dwindling) and decided to play in a tournament later in stead of a cash game.

Ron, a friend of mine from NJ, gave me a $120 donation to play in poker tourny (we are partners if I win).  I was gonna play on Saturday (tomorrow) but since I’m leaving for Lollapalooza then (Chicago), I decided to play in the Friday event.  

Also I needed to play with somebodies else’s money.  Losing my own was getting me angry!  And you won’t like me when I’m angry....

The tournament was $130 buy-in and there were 40 people registered.  I played great poker all tournament.  I was making the right calls and the right folds.  I was in the poker zone, nice!  

Over 3 hours later, there was just 15 people left.  I was about 7 or 8 in chip count (right in the middle).  I got pocket K’s (K,K), so I raised to 5,000 chips (5 times the big blind).  I got called y an older gentleman I was playing for hours.  I knew he was a good player so I put him on Ace - something.

The flop... (Q, 3, 2) off-suit.  A perfect flop for me, I pushed ALL IN.  He had me covered and insta called me with (A, Q) of clubs.  That’s exactly what I wanted so far... I am massively ahead right now.  The turn.. 4 spades and then... ARE YOU KIDDING ME... 5 of hearts!!!  He got runner, runner,  a low straight!!

Come on!  F%^K!  Why!  I was so dejected I could barely get up off the table and walk back to my room.  None-the-less, I asked for another food comp and got a sandwich and chips from the deli.  Gotta get some back somehow.

It was now around midnight and I didn’t know what to do so I called Ron (poker buddy NJ) and apologized for losing his donation while also venting about the bad beats I have been taking.  He was playing in our regular Friday game so he could only talk for a bit as he got involved in a big hand while we were on the phone.  (Did you win that hand?).

Poker Again...
I gathered my thoughts and went back down to play one last time (I’m leaving in the morning for Chicago).  I bought in for $130 this time (changing it up).  All I wanted to do was win something back.

The table I was at was friendly and I was starting to know the players there.  At least 3 of guys there I had played with and talked to already.  One guy (Peter), I hadn’t played with was sitting to my right


and had a lot of chip.  He had a very up beat demeanor and made me smile even though I was depressed.  Thanks Pete!

Anyway, I played for 2 hours and didn’t see much action.  I can not get a big hand when somebody else has one.  As I said in Michigan, my timing is off by just a little.  Despite all that, I still won back $50.  It was good enough so I called it night and headed to my room.

On the day between blackjack and poker, I lost $380. ($90 in cash games, $130 in tournament money, $160 in blackjack.

Since I’m in Gary, In I get all the Chicago news and what not.  I realized yesterday morning (Thursday) that Lollapalooza was in Chicago for the weekend.  I knew that where’s I wanted to go but I didn’t have a place to crash until Sunday.

My luck must have changed a little because one of y best friends from NJ (The Monkey) called me and

Monkey, Rooster, Dr., Tyra

told a college buddy of his (Keith) lived in Chi-town and said I could stay with him a few days.  Perfect!

I called Keith and he said it would be cool if I came through.  He was also thinking about going to the concert as well.  Nice!  I have a partner in crime for the weekend!

That’s about it.  I’m going pack up my car and head off to my next city/state.  You should know by now... CHICAGO here I come! Thanks Monk!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    400 dollar loss for the day so you are going to reward yourself with a concert that sounds great for the depleting bankroll… seems like you need to go grind some poker out.

  2. dave says:

    If you think I’m paying to get in… then you haven’t been reading… 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    duuude, sorry to hear about all these bad beats. keep your head up buddy, keep pushin with the best hand and eventually you will come out on top. oh and STAY AWAY from black jack lol.

  4. dave says:

    Thanks brother! And it is good advice!

  5. bennervous says:


    I felt bad that you were apologizing for losing the tourney. As you know, while there is skill involved, luck does play a role sometimes. When I gave you the buy in, I wanted you to win but I was counting it as spent money anyway so that I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t make a return on it. So, you played KK and got beat by runner-runner straight. That’s OK. You will get better. 😉

    As for the hand…maybe you gave me some luck when you called. I don’t remember the specifics of the hand, but it was something like this: I was around the cut-off, I believe and there was a $12 raiser and 2 callers, when I look down at QQ (off-suit — ha ha), and I pushed AI for my last $80 or $90. I got a loose call from the BB who was AI with his call for $60 and 2 other callers (the original 2 callers, but i dont think the original raiser). Something like that. I dont even remember anymore, but I think one of them was AI too, so there was no more action. Well, me and 3 others and all I am hoping NOT to see was a K or an A figuring I am dead if they come up. I dont even remember what happened on the F, T or R, but my QQ held up and I almost quad’d up. Sweet. Red bird for Mike, and I am back in the game. (If any of the guys at the table have a different recollection of the hand, please post it. It is kind of a blur to me now.
    Moderate winning session (+$295) as I was down before that hand. (Also was aided by Jon Jon betting $125 into me on the turn in a hand in which he had nothing, and all I called him with was top pair. That is almost the reverse of what happened when I tried an even bigger semi-bluff on him the prior week. He still has the better of me.)
    I will check with Lamar on Friday to see if he was good on his pledge. Let me know if you know sooner.
    Sorry about not being able to talk, but I totally didnt want my hand to be DQ’d for being on the phone…with YOU of all people. The guys were happy to hear from you.
    Better luck at the tables. Stay away from BJ. Why would you play against the house?? Look at their house and look at yours. Who do you think wins in the long run? C’mon, Dave…you are disappointing me in that respect. I think if I read that you played BJ again in your blog, I might just give up on reading it!!
    Good luck!

  6. bennervous says:

    Reading my post above makes me realize why I don’t tweet

  7. Great blog! much appreciated.

    Sent via Blackberry

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