Charity Work & Then Poker! (NE) “DAY 81” – 9/23/10

September 24, 2010 - 1:54 am - (NE) “DAY 81”

I woke up this morning in Busey’s house (Kevin).  I was first awoken at 7 am by Cory and Mitch who were leaving for work/school.  (I didn’t mind, just telling you my day. :))  Then, I was awoken again by Kevin around 8:30 am who also leaving for school.

Dan, Mike, Kevin

I was finally woken for good when Kevin’s roommates Dan and Mike got up around 9:30 am.  I was OK with everything, I was just happy not to be in my car again! 🙂

I hung out with Dan and Mike for a few hours as I uploaded pictures from the “Slash” concert.  They were real cool guys and just like many of the people I have met, I felt like we were already friends for awhile by the time I left.

It was around 1 pm when I left their house and headed to the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel.  I have a room for the night but for the first time... it’s not fully comped!  Instead of the room being $109., it’s $59.99 for the night.

I talked to the casino host and by the time I check out, it may be cheaper or even free.  Plus, I have $35 in comp dollars, so even if the room is $60, I’ll only have to pay $25 out of my pocket.  Not bad.

Hotel Room
I got to the hotel around 1:30 pm and was settled in my room by 2 pm.  I had to work fast writing my post because I had charity work at 4 pm at the Micah House.  I had a lot to write but finished by 3:45 pm, just enough time to take a quick shower and head to Micah House.

Charity Work
I got to the Micah House slightly after 4 pm.  I was a little late because my GPS sucks in this area.  Inow it is taking me way out of my way when I drive in Council Bluffs.

They look calm! 😉

Anyway, I had already worked at the Micah House so I was familiar with how things worked.  The first thing they had me so was help watch a bunch of kids (over 20)!

Now... kids aren’t my strong suit.  Not that I don’t like kids... but I just don’t how to act around kids.  I haven’t had any kids and for most of my life, I haven’t had much contact with young children.

Adam, Matt, Sophia, Olivia

Well... except for my brothers kids and even then... I never even held one of them as a baby.

F.Y.I.- That’s not because I don’t love my nieces and nephews but because they are so fragile at that age and I don’t want to be the guy that does something wrong.  It’s not that special for me to hold a kid and if something went wrong... the risk isn’t worth the reward!  😉

Anyway, I helped with the kids for about 20 minutes before I had enough and walked out to find something else to do.  I am just not that comfortable around kids and didn’t know what I was doing or how to act.

The kids were running around like maniacs play shooting each other... I didn’t know what to do... tell them to stop, play with them, or ???  So I bounced!  The people I was helping didn’t mind, they actually thought it was funny! 🙂

Filling Laundry Detergent
Watching the kids wasn't my strong suit but filling laundry detergent... well that’s right in my wheel house! 😉   Seriously, it has to be done and I did last week, so at least I knew what I was doing.  🙂

Deanna and Me "Rooster"

Kitchen Work
After I finished that, I headed to kitchen to work with Deanna again.  She’s the girl who runs the kitchen Monday thru Friday at the Micah House.  She is real nice and is actually a pretty good cook too.

She made lasagna tonight for dinner and had never made it before but it tasted good.  Not bad for the first time ever making a new dish.  🙂  (I was the ginny pig.)

Dinner started at 5:30 pm and we served over 40 people.  The people we served were friendly and gracious.  We worked the line until about 6:15 pm and then we shut it down.

I genuinely enjoyed helping out at the Micah House for the two shifts I put in over the past 2 weeks.  Everybody there, I enjoyed being around, from the workers to the guests.  Thank you for having me!  Sorry I missed ya Jessica, but thank you for all help too!  🙂

I got back to the Hotel around 6:30 and planned on entering the 7 pm $70 NL Hold’em Bounty poker tournament at the Horseshoe.  I had 30 minutes until started so I set the alarm on my phone for 6:45pm and lied down to tale a quick power nap.

I must have either sleep through my alarm or set it wrong because I woke at 6:58pm.  I rushed down to the poker room and when I got there... I was to late!  The tournament was already full.  (They only take the first 100 people.)  Damn!

Diamond Club
I didn’t feel like playing in a cash game, so I headed to the Diamond Lounge (John-Harrah’s host gave me a pass for the rest of my stay at the Horseshoe).  Thank you pal!

Anyway, I went to Diamond Lounge to have some dinner and relax for a minute.  The spread was just fine.  They had plenty of desserts, soup, salad, and the main course was beef stew.  I love beef stew, so it was perfect for me!

I ate a few plates of food, then headed back to my room to regroup from my nap.  I was still a little hazy in the head!

Poker Again
I relaxed in the room as I watched two episodes of the “Jersey Shore”.  Yes... I like that show! 🙂  When the second episode ended, I headed back to the poker room to play in a 1-3 NL cash game.

Found the Billy Goat! 🙁

When I got back, there was list.  So I waited for about 20 minutes, then I was sat in a 1-3 NL game.  I bought in for $140 and a few hands later I had nothing.  I called a ALL IN bet with a nut flush draw, straight draw, and I didn’t know it... but I even had 2 over cards I could have won with.

But... I’m not lucky... and none of my cards hit as the guy won with pocket deuces (2, 2).  I bought in for another $100 and in a few hands, I was ALL IN again.  This time I had (K, J) of hearts and the flop was (A, A, K).  The pot was $60, so I bet ALL IN $48.  I got called and thought I was doomed by an Ace.  🙁

I wasn’t as the guy flopped over (Q, 10) off suit.  Nice!  The only card he can win with is a Jack and I have one.  The turn... blank.  The river... you already know it... JACK!  For real... I know knew it wasn’t my night, so I left the poker room down $240.

On my way out of the casino, I took out a $100 and played a few hands of blackjack.  I won $40 real quick and left table, cutting my loses to just $200 on the day.   A win is a win and I’ll take any win I get in blackjack!

Hotel Room
I am currently writing this post in my room tonight so when I kicked out of the room tomorrow morning, I’m not rushing around packing, writing, and posting.  I hate that feeling!

I guess that’s it for Thursday, “DAY 81”.

Thanks for reading!


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