Charity Work, Traveling, Poker, & The Bars! (WV) “DAY 292” – 4/22/11

April 25, 2011 - 2:30 pm - (WV-PA) “DAY 292” - Week 43 - State 39

Let me tell you... waking up with a hangover is never fun and it’s even worse when you have to be out of your room 20 minutes.  That’s how my morning started today, lucky me.

So I took a quick shower, gathered all my things, and headed out of the Econo Lodge so I could do some charity work in Morgantown. (Yesterday, I called a homeless shelter a few blocks off campus to see if I could help out today (Friday).  They said to just come on down and they’ll see what they can find for me to do.

The good thing about having charity work to do today is that I’m almost mentally shot.  That doesn’t make sense, so let me explain.  Every time this year I have done charity work, I’ve left feeling great and ready to tackle the world.  So, since I’m a little down, I’m  hoping volunteering today will make me feel the same as it has in the past.  Got it, good.

The Bartlett House
The Bartlett House was only a few miles from the hotel, so 5 minutes of driving later, I was there and looking for a parking spot (it was 1 pm-ish).   After finding a spot in the rain (it’s a rainy dreary day), I walked to front of the shelter and buzzed myself in. (Well, I hit the buzzer and the desk guy let me in.)

F.Y.I. - This shelter can house up to 80+ people a night but they usually aren’t filled to capacity.  So generally, they have about 50 people on the premises any given day.

Filling Out Paperwork
Once I got to the office and met the guy who was working the front desk (forgot his name), he gave me some paperwork to fill out so I could volunteer here this afternoon. (This is standard as almost every place I have helped out makes you fill out some forms.)

My Job For The Day
The whole time I was waiting to find out what I was gonna be doing today, all I was thinking about was what I would be doing after I was done.  What I mean is, I have nowhere to stay tonight, it’s raining out, and over the past two days at WVU, I’ve realized I’m old.  So, I have to come up with a plan and quick.

While all this was running through my mind, the front desk guy came back and told me I could clean a wall that they were painting soon. (I guess it had to be washed before they put on a fresh coat.)

So, for however long it took me, I stood in the foyer area trying to get the whole area clean.  It wasn’t a hard job but since I’m not super tall, the top of the wall was a little challenging.

Leaving The Shelter
After I was finished with the wall, I went back inside to see if they had anything else for me to do.  They did, but it wasn’t anything I was good at.  They needed somebody to re-fold all the sheets, blankets, and etc.. they had in their linen closet.

I didn’t mind helping them out, but this closet (although a little messy) looked way better than any closet I have ever had (I’m not a good folder).  So, since there’s no way I can do a better job than this, I just told them it’s not my forte and thanked them for letting me help out a little today.

Deciding What To Do
The problem now... even though I did some good today, I still don’t feel any better as I think I’m finally just tired of being on the road.  I’m not thinking about quitting or anything like that, but I am exhausted and need a break from the daily grind that is my life.

As I was thinking about my next move, I was driving around Morgantown looking for something to do when I realized that the campus was dead!  Nobody was anywhere as it looked like a ghost town.

Huh?  Ahhh!  It’s Easter weekend, so all the students bailed to head home for the holidays.  This happened as well when I went to school here, but I just didn’t realize it was Easter Sunday this weekend until right now.  Now what do I do?

Traveling To The Meadows
So, there I was sitting in my car, in the rain, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Then, I checked my GPS and saw there was casino 43 miles from where I was (The Meadows).  It’s in Pennsylvania, but who cares right now, I’m sitting a ghost town.

Like I said, the ride wasn’t far and in less than an hour, I was at a casino that I stopped at 280+ days ago (I didn’t play here though).   The Meadows, which is in Washington, PA is also where a bunch of my old college friends are.  Nice!  I might even be able to hook up with some of them tonight.

Calling Matt
As I was parking my car, I called Matt to see what he was up to tonight. (Matt and I have been friends for 18 years.)  He said he was busy, but that he’d call the other guys I know and see what they were up to for me.  He also said I could crash at his house tonight whenever I done gambling/partying or whatever I got myself into.  Thanks Matt, you’re the man! 🙂

The Poker Room
Knowing I had place to crash tonight put my mind as ease, so now it was time for poker.  The poker room here at the Meadows is a nice big room.  But the best part is, since this is Steeler Country, there are Steeler Jersey’s on the walls around the room. (There is also some Penguin’s stuff, but nothing for the Pirates.) 😉

Playing 1-2 NL
With the donation money I recently received (Thanks Gram and Uncle Mick), I know have over $450 of life money to make things happen with.  Get’em Rooster! LOL (My cousin JT always says that to me when we talk.) 😉

Anyway, since there were no higher stakes limit games to play in (they only had 2-4 limit), I grabbed a $120 in chips and sat down in 1-2 NL game.  Long story short, I played good poker, won a few hands, and by the time 6:45 pm rolled around, I was up over $100.  Nice!

The reason I know the exact time is because there was a $50, 7 pm, big stack poker tournament that started in 15 minutes.  Huh?  Should I play in that?

After a few more cash hands, I decided I should go after a big payday while risking only some of winnings. (No matter what, I’m leaving here up at least $65 now.)  Nice! 🙂

F.Y.I. - While I was playing cash and before the tourney started, I spoke with BJ (another old college friend) and he told me he was gonna be at Frankie I’s bar tonight.  He told me to go there after the tourney ended.  I have something fun to do now as well. Sweet!

Poker Tournament
The need to knows: $50 buy in, 12,000 in starting chips, 90 people entered, top 7 paid, 12 minute blinds, no re-buys or add-ons.   Now that you know the details, I’ll tell how you how I did.

Again, I go on and on about each and every hand I played but I’ll just get to the point.  I played good for the first hour and had more than the average chip stack when we got to the first break.

After the break, the blinds were increasing rapidly, so I started to play a little more aggressively in order to keep my stack at average or better.  This was working just fine until I got caught in a hand with a lucky player.

Getting Knocked Out
With about 20K in chips and (A,K) in my hand, I raised the pot pre-flop to 4 times the big blind (3,200).   One played pushed All-In with 7,500 in chips and another player (chip leader at the table) called.  I followed suit and just called.

The flop... K, 8, 5 (3 suit). Not wanting to get run down by anything, I pushed All-in.  The chips leader thought for a second and then called.  He had (9,7) suited.  Huh?  I was happy at that point as I’m way ahead.  But then the river hit (a 6 of spades) and I was eliminated in 40th place.

Although I was disappointed I didn’t win that hand (which would have made me table chip leader), I know that’s how $50 tournaments are and left the casino to meet up with my friends at the bar.

Frankie I’s Bar
The bar I’m going to is owned by Frankie who I know through Matt. (We were in the same Fantasy baseball league for a couple of years.)  Anyway, Frankie is a real cool guy and talked about opening this bar a few years ago on the fantasy website.

My point is, it’s cool to get to finally see the bar I knew he was working hard on getting off the ground.  Well... he did a great job because this place was packed with people and had a cool feel to it. (It was very open with high ceilings, I like that.) 🙂

BJ & The Homovich Brothers
My friend who I was going to meet at the bar (although it was great to see “The I” too) was B.J.  B.J. and have I have been friends since our freshman year at WVU and has remained friends every since. (We have kept in touch over the years.)

The thing about B.J. is that I don’t think I have ever bad time when hanging out with him.  He’s just one of those people that I always laugh and have fun with no matter what.  B.J.’s the man!

Hanging out with B.J. was the Homovich brothers.  These are some of my friends friend’s who I have known for many years even though they didn’t go to WVU. (I have been to Washington, PA many times over the years.)

Anyway, the oldest brother is known as Dog, the middle brother is Rabbit, and the youngest brother (who I just met tonight) is called Squirrel.  As I mentioned, I just met Squirrel, but Rabbit and Dog are cool guys who always have a good time as well.

Hanging At Bar
It was Friday night, I was with friends, it was singles night at the I’s, and I was up $65 on the day.  What more could I ask for?. 🙂  So, for the next few hours, we hung out at the bar, laughed about everything, and had a few drinks.  Hey, it’s nice to be around a group of friends. 🙂

Leaving For The Key Stone Club
Sometime after midnight, we left Frankie’s bar and went to another place in the center of town called the Key Stone Club. (Thanks for everything Frankie, your bar is kick-ass!)

This bar was more of a local late night hangout and the atmosphere wasn’t as good, so I stopped drinking from this point on.  We stayed here until right before closing and as we leaving, Rabbit asked me if I wanted to go to the casino with him.  I said sure.  Heck, what else I am doing. 😉

Back To The Meadows With Rabbit
I could try and get into the dynamics of the Rabbit, but that’s like trying to explain an enigma wrapped in a riddle.  LOL  Seriously though, he looks like he could be one of the Baldwin brothers and trust me... the women notice it. (He had a super hot chick throw herself at him tonight.)  Not bad Rabbit, not bad.

Playing Blackjack
Anyway, the plan was for us to play blackjack together until we either won some money or... until we were broke. (I wasn’t playing with my own money as Rabbit gave me $100 to play with.)  Thanks Rabbit!

We played for a few hours and although I did well, Rabbit didn’t do as good.  So, as I won, I just kept handing over chips back to Rabbit.  Hey, it was his money I was playing with anyway.

This site isn’t Where’s Rabbit, so all I’ll say is we didn’t win and left the casino around 4:30 am. (I did pay Rabbit back the $100 he gave me before we left. I wasn’t losing tonight as my hands were the lucky ones.)  Figures, even on a night where I win at blackjack, I don’t leave up.) 😉

Sleeping At Matt’s House
After dropping Rabbit off at his place, I arrived at Matt’s house (which is on a huge farm) around 5 am.  Now, Matt told me to just come into his house as he left a door open for me.  But, it was late, and since I knew his whole family was sleeping (especially his 17 month old son), I decided it was best to crash in my car until he gets up in the morning.

I actually don’t mind sleeping in my car, the part that bothers me is where I’m at when I’m sleeping in my car.  So, since I’m in my friend’s driveway, on a nice farm, I don’t mind at all.  Zzzzzzzzz.....

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    You playing blackjack is like giving matches to
    a 5 year old. Glad you didn’t get burned !!!
    You look much better than you sounded early that day.
    I’m glad you decided on Wash. PA.

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