Charity Work & Traveling To Kline’s In Wilmington, NC! (SC-NC) “DAY 265” – 3/26/11

March 28, 2011 - 12:47 pm - (SC-NC) “DAY 265” - Week 38 - State 34

Today, my plan was to get up early and do some charity work.  Then, I’m leaving Myrtle Beach and heading to Wilmington, NC where my friend Scott (who has come down to here twice to have lunch with me) invited me to stay with him and his family for the day.  Nice!

So, I got up around 9 am and before I left to go to Street Reach, I packed up most of my things from my room here at the Sea Echo.  Billy (the owner) is awesome and told me I don’t have to be out at any specific time, but I told him I’d out by 2 pm anyway. (That’s plenty of time to get some things done.) 🙂

Street Reach
If you read my last post, you’d know I was already at Street Reach yesterday. (Street Reach is a shelter in Myrtle Beach).  But when I got here, they told me their was nothing for me to do and asked if I could come back this morning.

So that’s why I’m here on a day when I’m traveling, have to be out of my hotel room, and a bunch of other things.  The truth is... I genuinely don’t mind because the days that I do charity work, I feel great about myself and what I’ve accomplished! 🙂

My Job For The Day
I didn’t know what I was gonna be doing when I got here, but again... I really don’t care as I can do anything for a few hours that helps out other people. 🙂 (I’m not a Saint or anything like that, but I have found out that I really enjoy volunteering my time.)

Shoveling A Garden
So, after signing in, I met Chris and that’s who I was working with today.  Chris is just a normal kid in college who takes time out of his regular day to volunteer a bunch.  I know because I asked him and also... everybody there knew him. 😉

Anyway, it was at this point that I found out what I was going be doing today.  My job... to help Chris dig out a space where the garden they have will be expanded. (It’s a already about 10 yards long but we have to dig another 10-15 yards worth of space.)

Digging, Digging, & More Digging
The ground we were digging out wasn’t soft at all and Chris told me there is a machine we should be using that would make this much easier.  But... the shelter is waiting on it to be donated (it might be coming in soon), so in the meantime, we have to do it the old-fashioned way... with our own muscle!

Working with Chris was fun as we talked almost the whole time about our respective lives.  I told him about my journey and he told me about what he wanted out of life. (He loves golfing and works on a course maintaining the landscape. That’s why he’s helping out with the garden, it’s his thing!) 🙂

Time flies when your working hard and enjoying what you’re doing, so before I even realized it, it was after 1 pm and it was time for me to go. (I had to be out of my room and I also had to get some writing done before I left Myrtle.)

Back To The Sea Echo
When I got back to the Sea Echo, the first thing I did was pack the rest of my things into the Rooster mobile.  Then, I handed my key to Billy (the Owner) as I thanked and said good-bye to him. (He was so cool and accommodating to me.  Thanks again Billy!)

Now, even though I was all checked out by 2 pm, I sat in front of the motel so I could use the Wi-Fi to post my “DAY 264”.  It took me awhile to finish, but by 3:30 pm I was on the road and headed to my friend Scott Kline’s who lives in Wilmington, N.C.

Traveling To North Carolina
The ride to Wilmington was far at all (less than 2 hours), but it wasn’t the best drive either because I again had to drive through every small town along the way.

The reason I don’t like doing that is because the highway I was on (Highway 17) would keep slowing up as we entered a town, so I had to constantly be mindful of fast I was going.  (These are speed traps through and through as I always see people pulled over in these gaps.)

Besides that one nuisance, the drive was easy as I arrived near Scott’s home in the expected amount of time.  I say near because I drove around his neighborhood before I actually went to his home. (It was a nice complex and I wanted to check it out.)

Scott’s House
I arrived at Scott’s at 5:30 pm and when I got to his door, he was right there waiting me.  Nice! 🙂  His home is very nice and after giving me a quick tour, he introduced me to his parents and his son Banks. (I’ve never met them before (his parents) as Scott and I were college friends at WVU and his son is 2 so the same goes for him.)

F.Y.I. - His parents are from Charleston, WV and are down for the weekend because Scott’s wife (who’s pregnant again) is away for the weekend doing something.  She will get back sometime tonight after 10 pm. (I’ve never met her either.)

Anyway, after we hung out with his parents and son for a little while, Scott took me for a ride around the area before we had dinner at his place. (Scott bought surf and turf for everybody tonight.  It wasn’t specifically for me as this was the dinner he planned for parents before he invited me down for the night. I just got lucky I guess.) 🙂

Scott Show’s Me The Shore Area
I don’t remember the name of the city, but Scott drove us 10 minutes toward the Atlantic Ocean to a small town where the houses were huge!  Each house was bigger than the next, for real.

I wouldn’t want to live here but I wouldn’t mind my house looking like any of these.  I really like the wrap around porches that line each level of the homes in this area.  I don’t know why, it just looks way cool to me. 🙂

One Of Michael Jordan’s Mom’s Homes

As Scott was showing me all these amazing homes near the water, he pointed out to me Michael Jordan’s Mom’s place.  Jordan grew up not far from here and this is one of the houses he bought his Mom. (I’m assuming she has a bunch of places.  Hey, he’s Michael Jordan, she must have more than one!) 😉

Dinner With The Kline’s
When we got back to his place, Scott and his Mom immediately started cooking the dinner Scott had bought for all of us.  I asked if I could help out but they said I was guest and should just relax and watch TV while they made our meal.

Around 7 pm, dinner was served and it was great!  My favorite meal it steak and potatoes and tonight I ate filet mignon, a baked sweet potato, and huge crab legs.  It doesn’t get any better than this for me!  Thanks Scott and family! 🙂

Watching Basketball At Sam’s (Scott’s Friend’s Home)
After dinner ended, Scott and I hopped in his golf cart and drove around the block to his friend Sam’s house to watch the NCAA tournament game that was on (UNC vs. Kentucky).

During this time, we had a few beers, talked about whatever, and watched Kentucky beat Chapel Hill (76-69) right here in North Carolina .  The thing is... this section of N.C. hates the Tar Heels for the most part, so the Wilmington area was probably happy they got knocked out. (That’s what I was told.)

Back To Scott’s For The Night
It was 10 pm when we left Sam’s place because Scott’s wife (Amy) was almost home from her trip. (Again, I don’t where she was.)  Anyway, while we waited for her to get home, Scott, I, and his Dad watched the UFC event that was on Spike tonight. (It wasn’t bad.)

Amy Gets Home
When Scott’s wife got in from her trip, we all (her, him, his parents) sat in the living room and talked for awhile. (It was all the usual get to know each other stuff.)  Then, around midnight or maybe even before, they called it a night as I stayed downstairs and wrote my daily post.  (I went to bed around 2 am.)

Summing Up My Week
This past week in South Carolina was perfect for me at this point in my trip.  I was able to relax, enjoy the weather, start working out, and I even made some money while I was in town (playing poker).

Also, Myrtle Beach is a great city with a lot to do for tourists.  But, I don’t think I could live here as they have no pro sports teams and no major college program.  Well... they do have a single A baseball team (Rangers affiliate) and Coastal Carolina University but you get the point.

That being said though, if I ever get the chance to go away for a real vacation (who knows what will happen next in life)... this will probably be the first place I come back to! 🙂

My Radio Interview From Miami Is Airing Today!
Although I just posted my day, I just found out after opening my email that the radio interview I did in Miami (at the Miami Rescue Mission) is on today somewhere. Below is the email and info I just read. (It's in quotes and italics.) 🙂

"Mr. Dave “Rooster” Bierstein,
Thank you for being a special guest on our radio program. Your interview on the radio will be on the air on Monday, March 28, 2011 on WHIM 1080 AM "Life Changers" radio show from 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM.

You can also listen to the live broadcast via this hyperlink: 1080 AM The Answer and click ‘listen live.’ You can forward this email to your friends and family or compose your own email with the provided hyperlink and show's date and time so they are able to hear your radio interview first hand!"

Check it out if you have time. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Sounds like a full day. I’m heading to the radio station and see if I can get a feed on your interview.
    Talk to you later.

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