Checking Out Fenway Park & Finding A Room! (MA) “DAY 329” – 5/29/11

May 31, 2011 - 11:00 am - (MA) “DAY 329” - Week 48 (47) - State 45

I gotta start by writing I’m getting real burnt out on writing.  At this moment (Tuesday, 11 am) it’s 80 degrees out and I’m stuck in a dingy Motel 6 writing my daily post. (Which I’m getting kicked out of by the way at 1 pm.)  Ahhh!!!

Sunday 5/29
If you read my last post, you’d know I sleep in my car last night, so when I woke this morning at 7:30 am with the sun beating on me after just 4 hours of so-so sleep, I wasn’t in the best of moods. 🙁

The only good thing was that I was sleeping outside Marriott Hotel and I’m sure they serve a continental breakfast, so maybe I can get a meal in me before I start my day. (They also should have a nice clean bathroom for me to use to freshen up.)

What To Do Now?
After eating breakfast, reading the paper, and getting my act together it was almost 9 am.  What do I do now?  I have nowhere to stay and nobody to hang with.  Plus, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and since most people have BBQ’s today and hang out with friends, I’m pretty much screwed!

Knowing my options (none), I sat in my car and was deciding on going to a nearby beach (which would be packed and expensive) or into the city of Boston to do whatever (it’s also expensive).  I changed my mind on this a few times but ended up deciding to go into Boston and check out Fenway Park.

Fenway Park (Red Sox Baseball Stadium)
Everyday at Fenway Park they offer stadium tours for $12 a person and the website said the best days to go are days that the Red Sox don’t play. (That’s because the tours are shorter on game day.)  So, that’s why I went here today, no game and a tour.

Anyway, my plan was to try and find a way in for free or I wasn’t gonna see the tour.  At this point in my journey I need the $12 more than I need a Red Sox tour of their stadium. (It’s not much more than you’d see if you watch a game the way I do, going all over the place.)

Trying To Get A Free Ticket
So, after finding a great parking spot (for free) right outside of Fenway, I walked over to the tour entrance and tried to talk my way in.  But, after I talked with a security guard and he said he couldn’t do anything because they have cameras, he sent me over to the Pro Shop where they sell the tickets.

Red Sox Team Store
The Red Sox team store was directly across the street from the tour entrance so a few seconds later I was in line to buy a ticket for the tour. (I wasn’t gonna buy a ticket though  as I was hoping to talk my way in from here as well.)

After another friendly conversation, I was told she couldn’t do anything and the price was $12.  Now, $12 isn’t a bad price but like I said, I can use that $12 to eat and the outside of this stadium has enough things for to see to kill an hour or two.  So, I’ll give myself my own free tour of Fenway Park from the outside.

Seeing Some Statues
When I drove around the ballpark looking for a parking spot ($35 on game day), I noticed a few statues on one side of the stadium so that’s where I walked to to start my own Fenway Tour. (Rooster’s Fenway Tours starting next year, $5 a person.) LOL JK

Ted Williams Statue (Alone, Kinda)
Anyway, there were two separate statues.  The first was of the great Ted Williams putting a baseball hat on a little kid’s head.  Ahhh, isn’t Ted Williams so sweet! LOL  Go Yanks!

Ted Williams & Gang
The other was of Ted Williams, Bobby Doer, Johnny Pesky, and Dom DiMaggio.  Now, as you must already know, I’m not a Red Sox fan in the slightest but these guys were great ball players as well as great men. (They served our country in WW II for a total of 11 years between them.)

Since this statue was really cool I had to hop up on it and take a picture with these Red Sox Legends. 🙂  Hey, I am a baseball fan too and this is baseball almost at it’s best. (The Yankee stuff I saw a few weeks ago was the best!) 😉

Banners & Plaque’s
Once I was done getting my picture with the boys, I keep walking on the same side of the ballpark (outside) where I saw a bunch of banners representing all the Red Sox championships.  This makes me sick to my stomach! 🙁

Also on the this side of the stadium is a bunch of what I would imagine are retired Red Sox numbers.  There was Wade Boggs, Jim Rice, a few other players, as well as the other names I already mentioned.  That’s pretty cool. (Hey, I gotta give credit where credit is due.)

The Bleacher Bar
As I continued around the stadium, I then saw a bar called “The Bleacher Bar”.  This looked cool and since I’m a fan of all people who sit in the bleachers, I had to go inside and check this place out.

Of course this bar was packed wall to wall with Red Sox memorabilia, but the real cool section of this place was that one part of the wall was open (with a fence there) so you could see the whole stadium.  Really cool!

F.Y.I. - I had to take a picture in front of this fence so I asked a Red Sox if they would take a picture for me.  And, they said no problem.  Thank you!  Go Yanks! 🙂

The Green Monster
After I left the bar, I kept walking around the stadium until I was outside the Green Monster side of the ballpark.  I’ve always thought the Green Monster was a really interesting aspect of Fenway so it’s cool to see what it looks like even if it’s from the outside. 😉

There was more stuff that I saw as I walked around the stadium but it wasn’t anything that wouldn’t be outside any other ballpark across the country.  So, since it was just 1 pm, I walked to a nearby sports bar to watch some baseball.

Jerry Remy’s
The main reason I went to Jerry Remy’s wasn’t to watch baseball (although I did do that), it was to get out of the sun for a few minutes while I figured out what I would do for the rest of the day.

So, for about a half hour I sat inside the bar and thought about what my options were.  Basically, I decided I needed a place to stay after sleeping in my car again, so I found the closest hotel/motel that was reasonably priced (for me).

Motel 6 In Framingham, MA
After checking almost every option in the city of Boston, I then found a Motel 6 which was just 22 miles outside of the city for $53 a night plus tax.  Now, that’s pricey for me but the alternatives were much much more. (The next cheapest place was $78 and from there it went dramatically.)

So, after checking in and talking my room down to $45 a night from $53 (I got a single queen room instead of a single king), I sat in Motel 6 room wondering what do I do now?

F.Y.I. - It’s tough on a holiday weekends when you don’t know anybody in an area.  Like I said earlier in this post, this weekend is for BBQ’s at people houses, not huge events at bars or whatnot.

O’Connel’s Pub
Still, I had to do something, so I found the nearest and coolest bar to where I was staying.  I’m not sure that it was the coolest but some of the people I spoke to said it was good bar to hang out at.

Anyway, I got there and the place was as dead as I thought it would be. (There were only a few people at the bar watching TV.)  So, instead of just leaving, I ordered some 35 cent wings before I went back to my room for the rest of the day.

Hanging In My Room
It was around 6 pm when I got back to my room and for the rest of the night all I did was sit in my room writing while I watched TV.  I didn’t mind, I was really tired anyway from crashing in my car last night and need a good night’s sleep.  So, around 11 pm, I feel asleep in my room.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Great tour of Fenway from the outside. Maybe tomorrow we get the inside view.

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