Leaving Chicago… Heading To Milwaukee! (IL-WI) “DAY 44” – 8/17/10

August 17, 2010 - 11:28 am - (IL - WI) “DAY 44”

I woke up this morning (9 am) and only had to do one thing before I left Chicago, write “DAY 43”.   Unfortunately for me, I did a lot on Monday so it took me over 5 hours to write, upload pics, and finally post my story.


It was around 3 pm when I finally got all my stuff out of Toby’s place.  Thanks again bro!

As you may be aware by now, my next stop is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Originally, I wasn’t planning on going there.  This was mainly because I didn’t know anybody in Wisconsin and since I didn’t have a place to stay... I picked a city (with a casino) that was closer to Minnesota (next state).

RB, Me "Rooster", Curt

But while I was Chicago, I spoke with one of my best friends (Curt) from Arizona who told me a mutual friend of ours (John Riccio) had moved to Milwaukee.

F.Y.I. - Curt and I did radio shows together for many years and during that time, is when Riccio and I hung out on numerous occasions.  He was always a real cool guy and I’m excited to spend a week with him.

Riggs, Curt, RB, Nick Lowery, Me "Rooster"

Anyway, Curt had spoke to Riccio and mentioned I was going to Wisconsin but didn’t have a place to stay.  Riccio immediately offered up his place and told Curt that I should call him.  PEOPLE ARE GREAT!

Long story short... too late 🙂 , I’m staying with him for the week.

The drive form Chicago to Milwaukee isn’t a far one, it’s just a hour and half northwest (more north) but it took me a little over 2 hours (traffic and construction).   As I was pulling into town, I could see I wasn’t in Chicago anymore.

Milwaukee on first glance is a very old city.  All or most of the buildings are made from red brick and they look run down from the outside.  But... I’m a blue collar guy so this might be my kinda city.  We’ll see...

My New Place - Thanks Riccio!
I pulled up to Riccio’s at 5 pm, he lives in an old warehouse that was turned into nice apartments (the inside is much nicer than the out).  He lives there with his girlfriend Tyffany but she’s in NY for the week, so I won’t be meeting her.

Anyway, I was hungry (hadn’t eaten all day) and Riccio was too, so he took me to a popular taco joint in the heart of Milwaukee called Conejita’s.  Apparently, many famous people have eaten there because on the wall in front me, was a picture of Cheech Martin.  “Up in Smoke” still rules!

Riccio and I ordered 4 tacos each ($4 for 4) and they were good!  After we finished, we headed out for

John Riccio

a drink at a bar (Moct) right across the street from where Riccio lives (you can see it from his window).

The bar was modern and very spacious.  It was early, so the only people there were Riccio, I, and the employees/owners.

They were very cool people and offered to buy me a drink but I wasn’t drinking, so I declined (another night guys but thank you!).  I stayed for almost an hour anyway and shot the shit with them.

Nebe, Me "Rooster", Semi, Zoran

One thing you realize as you travel across the USA is that there are cool people everywhere and Milwaukee is no different!

It was now around 8 pm, time to find a poker game.  So, I headed back to Riccio’s to find the nearest casino on my computer, while he stayed at the bar.

Before I left -7/2/10

F.Y.I - My funds are getting low and I need to get back to work (poker) or my trip will be over soon.  Even if I lose, that’s OK... because at this rate, I will be broke in a few weeks anyway and my goal isn’t to make it to North Dakota... it’s to make it around the whole USA!

The casino (Potawatomi Bingo Casino) is less than 2 miles from his place, NICE!  The website says it has a big poker room with over 20 tables.  Let’s get to work!

I headed down there (5 minutes away) and after getting my players card, I found my way to the poker room.

The room was nice and they was a lot people playing.  I tried to get into a 1-2 NL game but there was a list, so instead of just waiting... I sat in a 3-6 limit -Texas Hold’em game.

F.Y.I. - When I lived in Arizona (1998- 2005), I always played 3-6 limit, so I’m aware of the style of play (very loose and lots of chasing).

I bought in $100 (standard buy) and the first hand I got was (10, 9) off-suit.  I called for $3 and folded after the flop came, I hit nothing.  That’s been my M.O. for this trip so far, I HIT NOTHING EVER!

I played for over an hour in this game and only won one hand.  And... as usual, I wouldn’t even have won a hand I didn’t play!  That’s how dead my cards have been.

Anyway, I had lost most of my $100, when I was finally called into a 1-2 NL game.  The problem... I didn’t have enough money left to buy in (I had $18), so I hit the ATM and took out $300.

I sat down at my new table and bought in for $118 (the $18 I had left plus another $100.).  The first hand I got was pocket Q’s (Q, Q).  Nice, finally... a good starting hand!  I raised the pot to $12 and got 5 callers.

The flop... (A, 6, 3) off-suit.  With 5 callers, I knew somebody had a Ace, so I checked.  Somebody bet behind me and there was a caller, so I folded.  The better won with (A, K).

The very next hand, I got (A, J) of clubs.  I again raised to $12, this time, I only got 3 callers.  The flop... (A, 4, 3) - all spades.  The guy in first position bet $12, I smooth called as did the guy behind me.

The turn... 5 of diamonds.  The better checked, so I bet $45 into the pot.  The guy behind me pushed ALL IN as the other guy folded.

I only had $41 left, so even though I thought I was behind, I called anyway hoping he was on a flush draw.  He wasn’t... he had (2, 6)!  Come on!  2 F&%king 6!  He had a straight and won the hand.

I was on super tilt, so I got up, left the room, and went back to Riccio’s down $200.

My Mind Set At This Point
I am currently, slightly under $1000 for my trip and to be honest... I feel like it’s over for me.  I can’t win a hand to save my life and I am about to head off into the Midwest at the end of the week with nowhere to stay and knowing nobody!

I am as mentally weak as I can be right now.  I’m feeling like a failure who will be home in weeks with nothing at all!  No money, no girl, no where to stay, NOTHING!

I feel so low, that if somebody offered me $10 bucks to give’em a hand job, I’d consider it, but I’m so ugly... not even a drunk gay dude wants me to give him a hand release! 🙂 JUST KIDDING!  But that’s how bad I feel on the inside!

Poker Again
Not wanting to man-whore, I decided the only way to get my mind right was to go back to the poker room and attempt to lift my spirits or... sink myself into a bottomless abyss of misery and despair.

When I got there (midnight), there wasn’t a 1-2 NL game going.  The only games they had were real high limit or real low limit (2-4 limit, 3-6 limit, or 30-60 limit, 3-5 NL).  I wasn’t gonna waste any more money in the 3-6 limit game (lesson learned), so I watched the 3-5 NL game to see how it was playing.

It was a wild crazy game.  Every hand I watched had over $400 in the pot.  Initial raises were at lowest... $20 but usually more, and the turn bet was over $75 every time.

I knew if I played in this game, I would be committed to the river if I called the flop, that’s how the betting was going.  That’s because I only had $200 left to buy in with (table min.).

I wasn’t gonna play because that’s the smart move, but like I told you, my mind is F&%KED right now and I don’t care anymore.  So, I bought in for my last $200 (on me) and sat down.

My first hand... pocket Q’s (Q,Q) and I’m in late position.  I raised to $25 and got 2 callers.  The flop... (7, 7, 2).  The guy in first position lead out with a $45 bet, I didn’t care and pushed ALL IN!  Screw it, if he has the 7... then fine, that’s my life anyway!

I pushed to quickly and he folded but hey... I WON A HAND!  This is how it feels! 🙂  I only played 15 or so hands after that and didn’t even call one of them.  Like I said, the table was playing crazy and almost every hand, there was a huge raise at some point  (almost my whole stack).

I was up $100 and decided to leave on a positive note.  Even though I was still down a $100 on the day, at least I wasn’t thinking about jumping into Lake Michigan with cement shoes on anymore.

Like the old man agent said in the movie “Jerry Maguire”, Roll with the punches... tomorrow is another day...  That’s the motto I have to remember!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    You lost with pocket Qs to 2-6. Don’t worry…you’ll get better. Everyone is pulling for you to make it for the whole trip. In the words of Rob Schneider, YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Beth says:

    Staying with Riccio is great – but I LOVE that he took you to Conejito’s. One of the best places around for cheap mexican.

  3. dave says:

    Who is this? And how do I know you?

  4. Cousin Michael says:

    Keep your chin up…things will brighten…beats working full time…although the thought of you as a man-whore is quite interesting!

  5. dave says:

    Thanks Mick!

  6. dave says:

    It was good! Are you a friend John’s?


  7. dave says:

    Thanks Ron! I truly appreciate the moral booster!


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