Christmas Day At Pat’s House! (CO) “DAY 175” – 12/25/10

December 27, 2010 - 3:29 pm - (CO) “DAY 175” - Week 25 - State 23

When I woke up today it was Christmas morning so I ran downstairs to tree to see if Santa left me any presents! 😉  Then I realized I was Jewish, 35 yrs old, and bad this year... so maybe I wouldn’t get anything. 🙁  LOL

Seriously though, I woke up and was so happy to be somewhere on X-Mas day.  Pat is kind enough to let me stay here which is a Chicken Claus miracle!  🙂

The Plan For The Day
The master plan for X-Mas day was as follows.  Basically, we were gonna be staying at Pat’s house all day with his father (Bill) and son (Larkin).  Three generations of Nelly’s in one room should be something to see. 😉

Pat’s son Larkin is just about 3 years old, so this is obviously gonna be his day.  Nice!  I’ll get to experience the joy of Christmas through a 3 year’s old eyes today.  This experience wouldn’t start until 12 pm-ish because that’s when he son was being dropped off.  (Larkin always says cheese when you take his picture.) LOL

Larkin & Bill Arrive
Sometime after 12 pm both Bill and Larkin arrived so Christmas was on!  For the next 3 hours or so, Larkin ran around like the happiest kid in the world as he opened present after present!

Present Time
Larkin got some Eagles cloths (blah) that he didn’t like ;), but other than that... it seemed like a child wonderland was being built right in front us with all cool presents Larkin received from Santa this year.  (He must have been good!) 🙂

F.Y.I. - For all the parents out there that buy their kids real cool presents for the holidays, here is some advice.  Remember that every car track, train set, or item that needs building is gonna be built by you, so have your foreman hat ready! 😉

Anyway, Larkin, Pat, and Bill exchanged presents, built landscapes, and played on the floor until it was time for dinner.  Oh yeah, at some point, one of Pat’s other friends Ed, stopped by to celebrate X-Mas with the Neely clan.  (He was a cool guy.)

Christmas Dinner
Tonight’s Christmas dinner was made exclusively by Pat somehow.  I saw somehow because he was so busy today playing with Larkin, building presents, and dealing with his Jewish house guest that I didn’t see him in the kitchen once.

But somehow, he got it all done because at 5:00 pm we headed to the dining room where there was full spread on the table for everybody to eat.  Pat made an Italian style chicken with veggies and rice.  It was perfect for me because I’m a picky eater and I liked everything he was serving. 🙂

But, my favorite part of the meal was dessert!  For dessert Pat had gotten pumpkin pie (Larkin likes pumpkin pie) but again... that works out for me too because I love pumpkin pie!  I’ve always wondered, how do pumpkins taste so good?  They don’t look that tasty.  Just a thought.

The Rest of The Night
After dinner was over, the rest of the night was much like the beginning of the day (playing with presents on the floor) except for the fact we had football on the TV instead of NBA basketball.  (The Cowboys lost to the AZ Cardinals by 1 point on a last second field goal.)

Sometime after the game ended, Larkin went to sleep so Pat and I just hung out in the living room watching TV.  We watched whatever while we talked about fantasy football and football pools (suicide pool I’m in).  We were deciding which team I should pick.

Calling It A Day
It was getting kinda late (after midnight) so we called it a day and hit the rack.  I knew I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow because I was going to Bronco game in the morning (2 pm kick-off, no ticket yet) and after that I was going to Denver Nugget basketball game (6 pm tip-off).

I’m excited for tomorrow’s events and super happy I had such a great Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.  And... for that, I have nobody to thank but Pat! (Well... maybe Monkey too for the connect! ;))  So again, Thank you Pat for making my holiday special as well as enjoyable!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Nice, Dave. Glad you were with “family.” Xmas eve and Xmas — those Nelly’s are good people…its easy to tell.

    One thing I forgot to mention about Parx Casino in Philly area — real good lookin cocktail waitresses. Strange thing is that they charge for any alcoholic beverages at the table…not that it matters to me because I don’t drink when playing.

  2. DAD says:

    Another great day with your new road family the Neily’s. They are all about giving. That’s what your about too. Glad you had a great Xmas.
    I know what else you did, but I’ll keep it to myself
    until your next post.

  3. Big Brother Adam says:

    HO HO HO!! Merry Christmakah little brother! at times you’ve been upset about being 2 or 3 days behind on your posts…well I’m sorry to say that I’ve been 10 days behind (ugh) and spent the past two days in a wheresrooster marathon (much like when A Christmas Story is on for 24 hrs) reading full or partial posts whenever I was able to sneak away for a few minutes here and there.

    I almost resorted to bringing my laptop into the bathroom but I also have a book to finish, so you lost out on that decision 🙂

    So now I’m all caught up – and thank goodness I am because I’m still telling people you’re having fun in Utah! Great week in NM (you should post the link to the site when your article goes up) and an even better time in Co so far. For these people to open their homes and holiday to you is really remarkable!

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately but now that I’m caught up, I’ll stay with you daily for the rest of the trip…Almost 6 Months!!! that’s just amazing because if there were bets placed on how long you’d be on the road, I think a lot of people would’ve lost their money by now! I’m proud of you – keep it up.

    On the family side…Olivia told me yesterday when she saw the website that she really misses you. Matt got Madden11 for Wii and is already talking smack about when he can beat you down on the electronic football field. Sophia also talks about how much she misses you and wishes you could be here to watch her play basketball and softball when the spring comes.

    So on this Christmas Day post, I’ll say this to you, oh “son of my father” (remember that from spring break in Cancun?) – I think when this journey is over, the brother I saw leave over the summer will not be the person I see on July 4th, 2011 when you return. You’ve experienced a lot of different people and places, done a lot of work with people less fortunate, and been the recipient of so many “random acts of kindness” from people you never knew that I’m just thankful there are people like that in the world (I’d have to review 170 days of posts to mention all fo them because there was a “kindness event” happening almost every day).

    So while it will be nice for you to take a deep breath and not have to be 100% Rooster 24/7 as you’ve been on the road, I want you to take everything you’ve learned and build on it for the rest of your life. Keep up the charity work; continue to “pay it forward” (you’re living proof of that phrase), and remember all of the unselfish things people have done for you anytime a decision to “Jump In” or “Back Out” presents itself.

    Blood Family: So as each game, recital, chorus & band concert, & birthday comes around, you’ve got three little ones that would just light up to see you in the stands, on the bleachers, and in the audience cheering them on. I know they can’t wait and neither can I!

    Sorry folks for the loooong post! but when you’re 10 days behind and haven’t contributed much lately, this is what you get.

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas and hope you have a safe/happy New Year. I’ll speak with you soon…

    btw: your Hanukkah present is in the mail (and by mail, I mean paypal account). Later-Ad

  4. DAD says:

    Nice to see I have 2 son’s with writing talent.
    Very nice words and acknowledgement from big brother.
    Joy, what’s up with you? Forgot how to type??

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