Coast To Coast! Traveling To Seattle, WA! (MT-WA) “DAY 103” – 10/15/10


October 16, 2010 - 12:57 pm - (MT - WA) “DAY 103”

For the 3rd straight day... I woke on the couch in Batman’s/Sam’s place.  And... for the 3rd straight day... I woke up to “Batman Smash”.  (He runs in the room and does “The Hulk” thing but yells... Batman SMASH!)

Oh yeah, and also for the third straight day (although he moved into his new place 3 days ago), Brandon was on the other couch in the living room.  He didn’t leave Brenden’s with us last night???  I don’t how he got here.  Funny shit! 🙂

The three of us hung out in the living room as I was writing my daily post.  Batman kept busting my balls about my two finger typing skills and said he’d help out by typing if I dictated it to him.

This only lasted for a page or so as he was so hung over... he quit his new position in Rooster INC.!


Damn you Batman!  During this time, Sam woke up (she worked from 3am - 8am) and joined in on our clowning around.

F.Y.I. - After hanging with Batman for a few days and hearing all his “Robot Talk” (he keeps referencing robots and whatnot, all the time)... I think he may have built Sam.?  She is super hot and sexy... her personality is awesome... and she is driven, classy, and smart...

Huh?  She must be a robot built by a man... So... Nice job on the woman Robot Batman! 🙂

Packing Up To Leave For Seattle, WA
The drive from Missoula, MT to Kent (Seattle), Wa is almost 8 hours (470 miles) so I have to get out of town as fast as I can.  The problem... I don’t want to leave!  I’m having to much fun with my new friends and 4 days in Montana just isn’t enough! 🙁

Who would have thought I wouldn’t want to leave to Montana when truthfully... on the drive here, I thought about skipping it completely at least twice because I wanted to get to Seattle already.


Inside My Mind - Oh No!
F.Y.I. - Seattle will be the first place in 8 weeks where I have a friend to stay with (CASEY JAMES!).  It’s been very hard to wake up everyday for over 2 months and not know anybody and not have a place to stay.

Not to mention, for those 60+ days... I had to be the best person I could be everyday.  Not that I was somebody I wasn’t because I just don’t have that bone in me ;), but I had to be A+ Rooster everyday.  (Did I just 3rd person myself.. oh no! ;))

Ya know what I mean?... Who wants to be around a boring or tired or not in the mood person???  Nobody!  If you want to meet new people, who you hope will instantly want to be friends with you, and invite you into their circle then you have to be on your A game all the time.

So basically what I’m trying to get across is... I don’t think anybody is at there best for that many days in a row and trying be my best for that long has been trying on my mind, body, and well... mind.  I don’t think my soul has been bothered. 😉

Out Of My Mind - Thank God! 🙂
Back to where I was, so at that point (driving from Boise to Montana), I didn’t even want to go have go through another week of being A+ Rooster


when Seattle was so close and I could just be me (meaning relaxed) for a few days.

Then, to get to Montana and within 5 minutes... to have met one of the coolest people (Batman) I could have is just amazing!  (I actually passed the casino Batman worked in before doubling back to go in, it was the first one I entered but I had passed at least 5 other casinos before I “Doubled Back” to go to his.)  I don’t why???

Crazy how one decision can change your life (even if just for a few days) :)!

I have said this before but I truly mean it... if I took the Montana crew I just hung out for 4 days and placed them in with my NJ friends... nobody would would even notice.  They would hang out like they


knew each other for years.  Well... except Batman, he is a nut job!  “Scoot-Scoot!” 😉

Good Bye Montana Friends (Batman, Brandon, Sam, Brenden, & Others)

I’ll start with Brenden who I hung out with the least but really enjoyed being around.  Brenden: Like I just said, I only got know you a little bit but... you are a funny dude! (Batman didn’t lie in yesterday’s post ;))  And... you made me feel


welcome in your place at every late night get together.  Thanks bro!

Sam: Sam... you already know how highly I think of you as a person, forget about how hot you are and that you could have been a bitch for the whole time and I still wouldn’t have cared. 😉

But seriously, if you ever want to talk or you’re just looking for some NJ advice... my phone is open to you 24-7! 🙂  And obviously... if you’re ever in NJ (or wherever I’m living), you always have a place to crash!  “Creeper free!” 😉  subliminal message... date Brandon!  🙂


Brandon: From the moment I met you, when I first helped you move into your new place, I would have never thought I would have been no further from you than 5 feet for the next 4 days. LOL

I say that in jest because we hung out everyday (all day) and then every night... he slept on the couch next to me in Batman’s living room (2 separate couches.) 🙂  I was never more than 10 feet from Brandon except for when he went to work (1 day).

So Brandon, after being chained to you for 4 days... you’re a great guy who I am lucky to call a friend.  You are a laid back chill dude and I wish you nothing but the best in life!  Not to mention, you’re the only I person I know who takes a perfect picture every time!


Batman: Where do I begin with this maniac??? 🙂  You instantly took me into your group of friends, you made me feel welcome, you brought me into your home, you showed me around town, the only thing you didn’t do was give me a happy ending and for that... we are both happy! 🙂

I don’t know what to say... except for the rest of your life you will always have a friend in the Rooster!  (Ah.. 3rd person again... I’m creating a monster!)  I THANK YOU and you already know this... but... “Batman SMASH!”  Be good bro!

Finally Leaving Montana
Then, like I did everyday after we woke up, I dove Brandon back to his place so he could shower/take his dog out and I could post my day (good internet connection).  (I showered there too, everyday).

When I finished getting my act together (shower, pack, post), I realized I left my computer cord at Batman’s.  Ahhh... he lives 20 minutes in the opposite direction of Seattle!  So me and Brandon headed back to Batman’s before I actually left.  These guys are so cool!

It was 5:30 pm (mountain time), when I finally pulled out of town and left for Seattle (Kent), WA.

Although the drive was long (8 hrs), it wasn’t that bad because half of it I spent listening to Yankee-Ranger baseball play-off game.  If you don’t know... the Yanks won in dramatic fashion after trailing 5-0.  Awesome! 🙂

I was cruising along perfectly and was just 19 minutes from Casey’s place when there was a traffic jam.  It’s 11:30 pm on a desolate mountain road... what is going on here?

After just sitting there for over an hour, Casey found out it was a bad accident and the road was closed for now (we were on the cell phone).

Anyway, he gave me alternate directions which added another 45 minutes to drive when I was just 19 minutes away!  I eventually arrived at his place after 1am.  With the time change (West Coast Time Now), it took me about 10 hours!

Casey, Lisa, Brokklyn, Cat, Dog

Casey’s House (Kent, Wa)
When I got to Casey’s, everybody was up waiting for me.  How cool!  Waiting up was his wife Lisa, Lisa’s daughter Brooklyn, Casey, a dog and cat.

Brooklyn went to sleep right after I arrived (it was late) and I almost ate a cake she baked for a party.  (It was sitting on the kitchen table and it looked good! :)) Casey caught me eyeing it up and said...”No, No Rooster!” 😉

F.Y.I. - Casey is one of my best friend’s from Arizona.  We (me, him, Cooper) lived together is the same place for over 3 years and have been friends even longer.

Happily Married!

Needless to say, when you live with somebody for 3 years... you know them pretty well and for the whole time I have known Casey James Fitch we have never even gotten into an argument except for how bad his Seattle Pro sports teams are! 😉

Anyway, we hung out for a little while but it was late, so he showed me to my room for the next 10 days.  (I’m staying here until my birthday which is October 25th, so I’m here for 10 days instead of 7.)

I’m thrilled to be here with Casey and his family and know my time in Washington State will be awesome and relaxing all at the same time! Nice! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sorry it took you so long to get out of Montana but
    I know you had a good time.Your stories and guest writer were awesome.Good job guys!!!!!
    Today I saw the kids. Matt played flag football.He hada very strong run sweep right.
    Olivia told me she reads your stories all the time.
    She cracks me up, she’s so smart.
    Glad to hear you arrived safely in Kent WA. Casey and family waiting up was a nice bonus.
    Talk to you Sunday.

  2. Josh says:

    Gonna be hitting up a Seahawks game while you’re in Seattle, Rooster?

  3. dave says:

    You know it! Next Sunday!

  4. Josh says:

    Jealous as all hell, haha. Now listen, I know you’ve got strong Arizona ties, but if you’re not pulling for the Seahawks next week, I’m gonna be MAJORLY disappointed.

    Get some good pictures out in the crowd (I’m sure you will), it’s one of the most intense crowd experiences in the NFL, I’ve heard. Hopefully I FINALLY make it out there next year, after being a fan for almost 15 years now and never actually going to Seattle.

    Congrats again on making it this far, looking forward to more stories.

  5. dave says:

    Thanks Josh… Will do!

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